Episode Summaries


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Ep 1 - "Pilot"
Introduction to Kevin, his family, friends and teachers. News of Brian Cooper's death. Kevin and Winnie's first kiss, at Harper's Woods.

Ep 2 - "Swingers"
Brian's funeral. Mr. Culip draws "the female reproductive system" in sex-ed class. Kevin and Paul get the book "Everything you wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask". Kevin and Winnie go to the park, and end up on the swings.

Ep 3 - "My Father's Office"
Kevin wants to learn more about his father, and goes to NORCOM with him. He comes home as frustrated as Jack.

Ep 4 - "Angel"
Kevin turns his family against Karen's boyfriend, Louis. Louis and Jack argue about the Vietnam and Korean wars. Karen leaves with Louis, but Karen returns after she finds out Louis is sleeping with another girl.

Ep 5 - "The Phone Call"
Kevin struggles with the anxiety of calling Lisa Berlini, "a really cute 12-year-old girl", contrasted with the courage of the astronauts orbiting the moon.

Ep 6 - "Dance With Me"
After Lisa agrees to go to the dance with Kevin, she is invited to the dance by Brad, and accepts. Kevin asks Winnie to the dance, but she has already committed to Kirk. Kevin and Paul go stag, and Paul and Carla end up together. Kevin and Winnie finally get one slow dance.

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Ep 7 - "Heart of Darkness"
When Winnie "ascends like an angel into junior high heaven" with Kirk and his group, Kevin and Paul counter by hanging out with another "cool" kid, Gary. Kevin has nightmares about a cave, and after smoking and drinking around a campfire, he reluctantly explores a storm drain with Paul and Gary. Kevin's nightmares end, and he and Paul patch it up with Winnie.

Ep 8 - "Our Miss White"
Kevin has a crush on his teacher, Miss White, who talks him into being in the play she wrote. Kevin resents Jack getting chummy with her. Kevin nearly starts crying on stage, but pulls it off, and Jack is very proud.

Ep 9 - "Christmas"
Jack is in his holiday "slump". Kevin must find the perfect gift for Winnie. When he goes to the Cooper's to deliver it, he learns Winnie has gone to visit relatives. Kevin is disappointed until he opens the present from Winnie.

Ep 10 - "Steady as She Goes"
Winnie is going steady with Kirk, so in retaliation, Kevin asks Becky to go steady. He never really enjoys her company because he still likes Winnie. Later, Carla tells him Becky has broken up with him. After seeing Kirk and Winnie kissing, Kevin tells Becky he doesn't like Winnie anymore. Becky is still a little hurt because he ignored her, but allows him to walk her home when she misses her bus.

Ep 11 - "Just Between You and Me...and Kirk and Paul and Carla and Becky"
Kirk asks Kevin to find out if Winnie still likes Kirk. Kevin reluctantly agrees to help, and again ignores Becky in the process. He later realizes his mistake with Becky, and tells her they have to break up. Becky is not pleased and slugs him. Kevin is determined to know if Winnie still likes him. She is confused by all the attention she has been getting, and does not know.

Ep 12 - "Pottery Will Get You Nowhere"
Kevin's parents argue in front of the family for the first time, about Norma's pottery class, Jack's Pepsi, and his favorite cup. They patch it up eventually.

Ep 13 - "Coda"
Kevin reluctantly takes piano lessons. He wants to quit, but gets talked into practicing more, and plays well. He chokes during the dress-rehearsal, and gives it all up before the recital.

Ep 14 - "Hiroshima, Mon Frere"
Kevin and Wayne have had enough of each other. Wayne sucks Kevin and Paul's hamster experiment into the vacuum. Kevin tells Wayne he's "pathetic" and no one likes him, including Angela, who stands up Wayne. Later, Kevin and Wayne patch it up.

Ep 15 - "Loosiers"
Paul is not good at basketball, and gets picked last. Kevin tries to get the teams reorganized to help him out, resulting in Kevin being a captain. He picks Paul and all the other bad players. They still play badly, but at least have fun, especially after Paul hits Mr. Cutlip with the ball, making him cough up a jellybean.

Ep 16 - "Walk Out"
Kevin is elected to the student council, which organizes a walk-out protest again the war. When the time comes, Kevin gets up to start the walk-out, but ends up going to the restroom. Everyone else heads outdoors.

Ep 17 - "Nemesis"
Kevin makes fun of people behind their back. He takes care of Winnie when she gets the flu. Becky tells everyone what Kevin has said about them. After Winnie finds out what Kevin said about her, she visits Kevin when he is sick, and tells him off.

Ep 18 - "Fate"
Kevin runs amok of Eddie Pinetti, Winnie's new boyfriend, who is a bully. Eventually, Kevin gets beaten up by Eddie, and Winnie forgives him for the things he said.

Ep 19 - "Birthday Boy"
Kevin and Paul have their birthday parties scheduled for the same day, and Kevin is upset because Paul's bar mitzvah seems more important. Kevin gets invited to dinner at the Pfeiffer's, and learns about family tradition. Kevin has a boring birthday party, then goes to Paul's party and has a great time.

Ep 20 - "Brightwing"
Karen gets Kevin to help her ditch school, and he hangs out with her and her hippie friends. Karen runs away from home, but Jack and Norma go out to find her, and bring her back.

Ep 21 - "Square Dance"
Kevin is paired up with the outcast strange girl, Margaret. He sort of likes her as a friend, but is embarrassed to be seen around her. He treats her badly, then is publicly humiliated by her, and wishes he could just forget it all.

Ep 22 - "Whose Woods Are These?"
Kevin, Paul and Winnie are upset when they find out Harper's Woods, including the tree with their initials, is going to be torn down to make room for a mall. After not being able to stop the impending destruction, Kevin frustratedly tells Paul and Winnie "it doesn't matter". They play a last game of "Tag" in the woods. At the new mall, their initials are scratched in the cement pathway.

Ep 23 - "How I'm Spending My Summer Vacation"
Kevin is looking forward to summer with Paul and Winnie. Unfortunately, Paul goes on vacation with his family. Kevin wants to know why Winnie is so on-and-off about him. At the Cooper's party, Winnie tells him her parents are separating, and she must go away with her mother. At first upset, Kevin later realizes he is pretty lucky in life.

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Ep 24 - "Summer Song"
Kevin meets Teri at Ocean City, during the annual Arnold vacation. They spend some time together and kiss on the beach. Winnie returns from Maine, after a summer fling with a lifeguard.

Ep 25 - "Math Class"
Kevin has trouble in math, and tries to understand his math teacher, Mr. Collins.

Ep 26 - "Wayne on Wheels"
Wayne gets his drivers license, and Kevin wants Wayne to drive him to the mall to meet a girl. Later, they nearly get in a serious accident, and have to face Jack about it.

Ep 27 - "Mom Wars"
Kevin tries to assert independence from the former center of his universe - mom, by playing tackle football. After injuring his hand, Norma lets Kevin take care of himself, and he realizes "it's not easy to tie a bandage with one hand. Sooner or later, though - you learn."

Ep 28 - "On the Spot"
The school is going to perform the play "Our Town". Winnie gets the part of Emily, while Kevin "helps" Paul with the spotlight to get out of gym class. Winnie struggles during the play, and Kevin imagines that he is helping her by shining the spotlight on her. Winnie finishes the play and everyone gets an ovation. The Cooper's reconcile, and Mr. Cooper moves back home.

Ep 29 - "Odd Man Out"
Kevin and Paul fall out, and find new friends. Kevin hangs out with Doug Porter, while Paul hangs out with Brady Ryland. After Paul witnesses Kevin crash a model airplane, some of the tension between them is de-fused, and they get back together.

Ep 30 - "The Family Car"
The old family car is becoming increasingly unreliable. Jack is reluctant to give up trying to fix it, although the family views him as cheap. Norma convinces Jack to "let it go", and Jack finally buys a new car.

Ep 31 - "The Pimple"
Kevin gets a zit just before friends of the family visit - including a cute girl, Gina. He is embarrassed to meet her, but gets over it after he sees she has a zit, too.

Ep 32 - "Math Class Squared"
Kevin gets caught up in a cheating ring in math. He thinks Mr. Collins is unaware of the cheating, and implies that something is going on. Mr. Collins knows exactly what is up, and asks Kevin if he has had enough - knowing that the cheaters will ultimately fail.

Ep 33 - "Rock 'n Roll"
Kevin meets Larry Beeman who convinces him to join his (non-existent) band. They practice and practice, but still sound bad. Just as they are about to play their first gig at Amy Ermin's party, the band is - mercifully for us - shut down.

Ep 34 - "Don't You Know Anything About Women?"
Kevin goes to the dance with Linda "as friends", while hoping to dance with Susan. Kevin pays too much attention to Susan and hurts Linda's feelings. Susan is now with Donald Wallach, and Linda goes to find Steve Padway. After breaking up, Paul and Carla get together again. Kevin realizes that finding the perfect partner in life is not easy.

Ep 35 - "The Powers That Be"
Grampa Arnold comes to visit, and brings Kevin a puppy. Jack resents his father's presence and little nit-pickings. The dog is a nuisance, and Kevin wants to return it, thinking it caused the problem between the men. Jack convinces Kevin to keep the dog because the family needs it to bring them together.

Ep 36 - "She, My Friend, and I"
Carla dumps Paul, and Kevin fixes him up with Winnie to take his mind off Carla. Kevin regrets it when he believes they might actually like each other. After three dates, Winnie dumps Paul, and Paul tells Kevin that Winnie likes someone else, implying it is Kevin. Kevin is really excited, and tells Winnie what Paul said. Winnie slams the door in his face.

Ep 37 - "St. Valentine's Day Massacre"
The kids make valentines in class. Kevin thinks they are stupid, until Paul gives one to Carla and they get back together. Kevin makes a valentine for Winnie, but his designated messenger puts it in Becky's locker by mistake and Becky thinks it is for her. Later, after Kevin gets the valentine back from Becky, she tries to run him down with her bike. Kevin finally gives his mangled valentine to Winnie, and they become a couple, as do Becky and Hobson.

Ep 38 - "The Tree House"
After prompting from Norma, Kevin reluctantly builds a treehouse with Jack. They are both affected by the bosomy neighbor, and decide not to finish the treehouse (although Hobson offers to build it for him, and will bring binoculars). Norma is upset with Jack after she realizes he was ogling the neighbor.

Ep 39 - "Glee Club"
Kevin is part of the glee club's Spring Sing at school, guided by a wacky new teacher. The guys screw up during the performance, and the teacher walks off in shock.

Ep 40 - "Night Out"
Kevin and Winnie reluctantly agree to go to Robbie Hudson's make-out party. When they get their turn in the make-out room, they are both nervous, and Winnie runs off. Kevin is a disappointed and goes home. Winnie stops by later that night and asks Kevin to come out. They go to the park and talk about the bad time at the party, and Winnie finally kisses him.

Ep 41 - "Faith"
Kevin must write his obituary for class. Paul writes a book-length paper about himself. Norma loses all the tax records, and is worried about Jack's reaction. She is also concerned about the astronauts in space who may not get back to earth. Kevin expects a big argument between his parents, but they end up reminiscing, while figuring out their taxes.

Ep 42 - "The Unnatural"
Kevin gets a lucky hit at baseball practice, and decides to try out. He is not very good, and thinks the coach keeps him on because Jack saved the coach's life in Korea. The coach finally cuts him from the team during a practice. In a fantasy, Kevin hits a big-game homer while Jack and Winnie watch.

Ep 43 - "Goodbye"
Mr. Collins convinces Kevin to do extra studying for math, but Kevin feels betrayed when Mr. Collins has to miss some study sessions, and intentionally fails the mid-term test. Mr. Collins dies suddenly over the weekend, but has prepared a replacement test for Kevin to take. Kevin finds new repect for Mr. Collins, and does well on the test.

Ep 44 - "Cocoa and Sympathy"
Paul shows a friendly interest in Norma, which Kevin resents. He feels Norma spends too much time with him, while neglecting her family. Norma encourages Paul to go out and find somebody. She still makes cocoa, but it is for Kevin, not Paul.

Ep 45 - "Daddy's Little Girl"
Karen is turning eighteen and asserts her independence. She wants to travel, and not go to college, causing stress with Jack. Jack finally adjusts to the idea, and gives her his old dufflebag.

Ep 46 - "Moving"
Kevin believes Jack is going to sell the house and they will move away from Winnie. Kevin tells Winnie the bad news, but she takes it pretty well. Later, she tells him she is moving - in three weeks. They are both upset, but Kevin decides he can ride his bike the four miles to her new house.

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Ep 47 - "Growing Up"
Wayne's new girfriend, Angela, eats everything in sight, and no one else really likes her. Kevin is excited to meet bosomy Mimi "The Stick" at the NORCOM family picnic, until he finds out her father got promoted over Jack. Kevin plays baseball with the grown-ups, and hits Jack in the head with the ball. Karen goes off to college.

Ep 48 - "Ninth-Grade Man"
Winnie is nervous about being the new girl in school. Kevin repeatedly misses his "think-about-Winnie promise" due to Madeline, the new girl and classmate at his school. Kevin has "locker problems" with Tony Barbella and Becky. Becky blames Kevin for Craig dumping her and going to military school. Becky and Kevin compete on the running track, and when Kevin celebrates his victory, Becky slugs him again. Madeline gives Kevin a gentle kiss on the lips "for being nice to her". Kevin and Winnie meet at the Pizza Barn, and both seem glad the day is over. When Madeline silently approaches, then passes him in the Pizza Barn, Kevin is a bit worried.

Ep 49 - "The Journey"
Kevin and the gang try to crash a girls' slumber party, armed with a dwindling supply of beer. They see about 2 seconds worth of girls in pajamas, then are chased away by the father.

Ep 50 - "Cost of Living"
Kevin's allowance doesn't go as far as it used to, so he takes a job as a golf caddy. He ends up caddying for Jack's boss, and finds new repect for his father, who intentionally loses.

Ep 51 - "It's a Mad, Mad, Madeline World"
Kevin and Madeline are "coincidentally" paired for French homework - cooking. Kevin accidently leaves the ID bracelet Winnie gave him at Madeline's house. Madeline finally returns it in the nick of time.

Ep 52 - "Little Debbie"
Paul's sister Debbie asks Kevin to take her to her Cotillion. Kevin reluctantly agrees, and has an OK time.

Ep 53 - "The Ties That Bind"
Jack is promoted at work, but must go away on business during Thanksgiving.

Ep 54 - "The Sixth Man"
Kevin thinks Paul is terrible at basketball, and kibbutzes about him with Coach Cutlip.

Ep 55 - "A Very Cutlip Christmas"
Kevin discovers Mr. Cutlip works in the mall as "Santa Claus". Mr. Cutlip is embarrassed, and bribes Kevin to swear him to secrecy.

Ep 56 - "The Candidate"
Kevin is nominated for student council president, and must debate Becky. He obtains a copy of her nomination speech, but decides not to use it himself. He resigns, and Paul is nominated in his place.

Ep 57 - "Heartbreak"
On a museum field trip, Madeline still has her eye on Kevin. Kevin senses something is wrong between himself and Winnie. Later, Winnie sees Kevin with Madeline, and runs off. In the parking lot, she tells Kevin she has found someone new, and tearfully breaks up with him.

Ep 58 - "Denial"
Kevin tries to get over Winnie by having Paul throw a party, and takes Madeline as his date. Kevin is mean and nasty to Winnie and hurts her feelings. Winnie runs off, and Kevin is upset with himself. When Madeline tells Kevin she is glad Kevin and Winnie broke up, Kevin tells her to "get lost!". Later, he goes to Winnie's house, where they chat.

Ep 59 - "Who's Aunt Rose?"
Grampa Arnold arrives with the news of the death of Aunt Rose. Friction continues between Jack and Grampa Arnold, but at the funeral service, Kevin learns more about the meaning of "family" unity.

Ep 60 - "Courage"
Kevin has his first cavity, and developes a crush on the dental assistant, Miss Hasenfuss. On Kevin's advice, she overcomes her fears and goes back to school.

Ep 61 - "Buster"
Buster is a barking nuisance, and finally runs away. The family unites to go out and find him. Kevin has to decide if Buster will get "fixed", and then the whole family goes with Buster to the veterinarian.

Ep 62 - "Road Trip"
At Norma's insistence, Kevin and Jack must go shopping for a suit for Kevin - together! Jack's stubbornness gets them lost, and they argue. Eventually, they return tired, dirty, and suitless - then decide to temporarily avoid Norma by going for pie.

Ep 63 - "When Worlds Collide"
Norma gets an office job at Kevin's school, and starts driving him to school, which embarrasses him. After Kevin gets more embarrassment in the form of "Yoo-hoo! Kevin!" during a fire drill, he wants Norma to ignore him, which she reluctantly does. Norma ultimately gets fired, and subsequently enrolls at River Community College, which gains her new respect from Kevin.

Ep 64 - "Separate Rooms"
Kevin and Wayne fight over Karen's room - first, who's gonna move into it, then, who's not gonna move into it.

Ep 65 - "The Yearbook"
Kevin "helps" the yearbook committee with unkind picture captions. After getting in trouble with Mr. Diperna, Kevin realizes he was a jerk.

Ep 66 - "The Accident"
Winnie is having emotional problems, gets in with an older crowd, and breaks her leg in a car accident. Kevin comes to see her, but her parents tell him to leave. Kevin sneaks back to see her, anyway. They whisper "I love you" through her window.

Ep 67 - "The House That Jack Built"
Karen tells the Arnold's she is going to share a house with a roommate to cut expenses at college. The Arnold's visit the house to spruce up the place, and discover Michael, Karen's roommate. Jack is angry about the living arrangements, and takes the Arnold's back home, only to find a leaky basement.

Ep 68 - "Graduation"
Kevin and Paul fall out when Kevin learns Paul has decided to go to a prep school. Kevin teases Paul, and finally slugs him in class. Paul gives an emotional graduation speech at school, and Kevin realizes he was a jerk. Winnie gets the cast taken off her leg.

Ep 69 - "Looking Back"
Clips from past episodes.

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Ep 70 - "The Lake"
During a vacation at the lake, Kevin rebels against Jack's authority. Kevin meets Cara, and has a good time. Paul has his condom handy, but is afraid of Cara's friend Lori. Kevin and Cara are both sad that Kevin has to leave, and make out at the drive-in.

Ep 71 - "Day One"
Kevin's first experiences of senior high school. He gets on Mr. Bottner's bad side, and gets humiliated by him in front of the class. Wayne and Wart give Kevin "the boosh" in the toilet. Kevin's "nuisance" friend, Stuart, comes to the rescue in Mr. Bottner's class.

Ep 72 - "The Hardware Store"
Kevin gets a boring job at the hardware store, run by "Old Man" Harris, a gruff but principled man. Kevin quits to get a job "flipping hamburgers and watching the girls walk by" at the mall (a job he quits a month later - "and no one cared".)

Ep 73 - "Frank and Denise"
Kevin gets caught up in the troubles of Denise "The Grease" and Frank "The Stank", which stem from the mistaken belief she is pregnant.

Ep 74 - "Full Moon Rising"
Ricky gets his driver's license, and Kevin breaks a date with Cindy to go cruising with the gang. Kevin runs into Cindy at a burger joint, where his friends embarrass both of them. On the way home, Purdle moons Kevin's parents.

Ep 75 - "Triangle"
Kevin and Wayne's girlfriend, Sandy, develop an interest in each other. At a dance, Kevin breaks it off out of kinship toward Wayne, but Sandy dumps Wayne in favor of Kevin, anyway. Kevin decides to hang out with Wayne, and Sandy eventually goes off with another guy.

Ep 76 - "Soccer"
Kevin joins the rag-tag soccer team, and tries to motivate the do-nothing coach to take charge, but is only marginally successfully. They finally unite as a team, but get creamed anyway.

Ep 77 - "Dinner Out"
Michael joins the whole Arnold family to celebrate Jack's birthday at a restaurant. After an emotionally-strained dinner, Karen and Jack end up arguing, but patch it up later that night.

Ep 78 - "Christmas Party"
The Arnold's throw the annual Christmas party, but the kids are not interested. All of Kevin's friends have other plans. After the Arnold's catch Mr. Ermin smoking marijuana in the basement, Jack sends Kevin and Wayne to the store. They return expecting the worst, but Jack and Norma are sharing a cozy moment on the couch.

Ep 79 - "Pfeiffer's Fortune"
Mr. Pfeiffer's investment pays off, causing friction between the two families. While the two families celebrate the Pfeiffer's success at the country club, Mr. Pfeiffer learns he has lost everything. Later Kevin realizes Paul feels bad for his own father.

Ep 80 - "Road Test"
After Kevin panics and flees from his driving test, he lies to his family that he got his license. Late at night, he sneaks out to practice parallel parking, which he failed in class. Jack catches him, then teaches Kevin how to park.

Ep 81 - "Grandpa's Car"
Grampa Arnold is becoming a really bad driver, and gets his license revoked. Kevin is supposed to drive Albert home, but Albert takes over a couple blocks down the road. Albert nearly causes an accident, and finally realizes he should not drive anymore. He decides to sell his car to Kevin for one dollar.

Ep 82 - "Kodachrome"
The new hippie teacher's radical teaching style and "pass/fail" grading system make school officials uneasy, and she is ultimately pulled from class. She decides to leave rather than fight the system.

Ep 83 - "Private Butthead"
Wayne feels he is being picked on by Jack, so he and Wart enlist in the Army, but Wayne is disqualified because of psoriasis. Wart goes off to the Army and is sent to Vietnam.

Ep 84 - "Of Mastodons and Men"
Kevin sees Julie for awhile, but thinks she is too "civilized" (as is her entire family) and leaves in the middle of dinner, instead of announcing that they are going steady as Julie planned. He sees her father a few days later, and feels sympathy for him, but doesn't regret his decision to break it off with Julie.

Ep 85 - "Double Double Date"
Kevin and Inga, and Winnie and Matt, double date. Both Kevin and Winnie are disappointed with their own boring dates, so they drive off to the point "to talk", leaving Inga and Matt to fend for themselves. And that's what Kevin and Winnie do - talk - after deciding they are uncertain about getting back together.

Ep 86 - "Hero"
Kevin has found a hero in Bobby, the school's basketball star. After the McKinley team loses the championship, Kevin tries to cheer up Bobby, who tells Kevin he doesn't understand. Jack overhears the conversation, and later tells Kevin it not easy to be a hero. Kevin sees Jack in a new light.

Ep 87 - "Lunch Stories"
During lunch at school, Wayne tries to find out Maniac's real name. Winnie talks Kevin into donating blood. Kevin is cajoled into sneaking off with new "friends" to see the X-rated movie, "The Devil in Miss Jones". They are accosted by Dr. Valenti at the last minute, but get a reprieve from punishment when Winnie has them all donate blood.

Ep 88 - "Carnal Knowledge"
Kevin wants to sneak in with friends to see "Carnal Knowledge". Paul has sex with a friend of his family. Kevin gets upset about it, until he realizes that it really doesn't affect Kevin and Paul's relationship.

Ep 89 - "The Lost Weekend"
Jack and Norma go away for the weekend, and Kevin is talked into having a party which keeps getting bigger and bigger. His parents come back early and find the disaster, but Wayne takes the blame, so Kevin washes his car in exchange.

Ep 90 - "Stormy Weather"
Karen moves back home, and Jack and the boys go to get her things from Michael's house. They find out Karen is mad because Michael asked her to marry him. Michael camps out on the Arnold yard in the rain until Karen and Michael make up. We are told Karen subsequently asks Michael to get married.

Ep 91 - "The Wedding"
Karen and Michael get married. The Arnold's find out the couple is going to move to Alaska where Michael has found a good job.

Ep 92 - "Back to the Lake"
Kevin gets a job with Paul at Chong's Chinese Restaurant - chopping onions. Kevin finds Cara's old Christmas card and decides to locate her, taking Paul with him. When Kevin finds her, she is a bit remote - turns out she has a boyfriend. They part as friends, and Kevin hurries home to Winnie.

Ep 93 - "Broken Hearts and Burgers"
Kevin has a (fairly) innocent conversation with a pretty waitress, which causes Winnie to get frosty. Many Winnie clips from past episodes, as well as family and friend clips. Kevin tries to explain to Winnie that she was, and is, the only girl for him. Winnie shuts him up with a big liplock in the parking lot.

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Ep 94 - "Homecoming"
Wart comes home from the Vietnam war, seemingly more mature and together. He goes to the homecoming game with Wayne and Kevin, but breaks down after hearing anti-war remarks. Kevin finally steals the other team's owl mascot, but, after finding Wart sitting in the bleachers in his underwear, lets it go free.

Ep 95 - "Fishing"
Jack, Wayne and Kevin go on their last fishing trip together - a disaster. They eventually burn down the tent and argue, then decide to stick it out another day.

Ep 96 - "Scenes from a Wedding"
The Arnold's go to the wedding for Jack's boss's daughter. Kevin gets drunk trying to hook up with a bridesmaid, Linda, and ultimately barfs on her. Later, Kevin is impressed with the groom's speech about love and how they waited to have sex, until Wayne tells Kevin he "did it" with the bride - at a wedding.

Ep 97 - "Sex and Economics"
Kevin wants extra money, and answers Miss Farmer's ad for work. He ends up spending his own money to finish painting her house, which she sells in mid-job.

Ep 98 - "Politics as Usual"
Winnie and Kevin get caught up in supporting McGovern for president. Kevin gets jealous over the lead campaigner, Mike, who seems to have caught Winnie's attention. After McGovern loses, Mike is non-chalant about it, and Winnie is disappointed by that, though Kevin hopes for the best in the next election.

Ep 99 - "White Lies"
Kevin and Winnie fall asleep watching "The Big Sleep" on TV. In the locker room, Kevin implies they "did it". The word spreads to Winnie, who is understandably upset. Kevin makes a bad attempt to patch it up, but Winnie says they can't go back to the way it was.

Ep 100 - "Wayne and Bonnie"
Wayne is happy and nice to everyone after he gets a new girlfriend, Bonnie, who is twenty three years old, divorced, and has a baby. Wayne moves in with her over Jack and Norma's objection. Kevin makes another apology to Winnie, and she accepts.

Ep 101 - "Kevin Delivers"
Kevin busy is delivering Chinese food, and thinks he will miss his date with Winnie. After a horrible night of deliveries and competitive pranks with the pizza delivery guy, Kevin is sent to an empty park, where Winnie meets him.

Ep 102 - "The Test"
The pressure of the upcoming SAT test is getting to Kevin and friends. Jack quits NORCOM and joins another co-worker in buying a furniture factory.

Ep 103 - "Let Nothing You Dismay"
Jack's factory-partner goes back to NORCOM. Initially, Jack can't get a loan, but Norma convinces the bank to talk to Jack again. Kevin buys Winnie an expensive sweater, and she gives him a record album - "Bread", which he hates.

Ep 104 - "New Year"
Kevin's dream of a ski-trip goes downhill when Wayne splurges on a night out for the family. Bonnie leaves Wayne and goes back to her ex-husband. Kevin and Winnie find Wayne in a laundromat, and he encourages them to share a New Year's kiss.

Ep 105 - "Alice in Autoland"
Kevin wants a new car, while Chuck and Alice are on-and-off again. On a test drive, Alice professes her love for Kevin, some of it witnessed by Chuck. Chuck blows up at Kevin and punches him, then gets back with Alice. Kevin doesn't get a new car.

Ep 106 - "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Rolling Stones"
Rumor spreads of a Rolling Stones concert, and Kevin drives the gang around to find it, unsuccessfully, in Jack's car after being banned from driving his own car due to a traffic ticket. Although Kevin dings the bumper, it all works out when Zeke, who has taken Jack and Norma square-dancing, bumps into the car later that night and takes the blame, and buys a lot of furniture.

Ep 107 - "Unpacking"
Kevin gives Jeff a hard time about Jeff's relationship with his girlfriend - she's 110 miles away. Kevin sets him up on a date, but Jeff is torn between his old girlfriend and a new girl. He asks Kevin to drive him to his old hometown, to break up with his old girlfriend. After retrieving a baseball glove from his old house, Jeff unpacks his things and organizes his new house - a two-bedroom condo, with pool.

Ep 108 - "Hulk Arnold"
Kevin reluctantly joins the wrestling team, is berated by the coach, and ultimately must wrestle the state champion.

Ep 109 - "Nose"
The new girl Hayley has a big nose, but Ricky likes her - until everyone makes comments. Ricky breaks his dance date with her, then regains his courage - too late - she ends up going with the school's quarterback.

Ep 110 - "Eclipse"
The class goes on a wacky field trip to the planetarium. Winnie and Kevin are at odds, as are Chuck and Alice. Kevin unwittingly helps Louis blow up the plumbing with a cherry bomb, ruining the elipse-watching experience.

Ep 111 - "Poker"
The gang plays poker, and discovers that Jeff is cheating. They all argue, then go for munchies, and argue some more. Later, after apparently reforming, Jeff folds during the final hand rather than being caught with 5 kings, and lets Randy win a big pot.

Ep 112 - "The Little Women"
The Arnold men are getting fed up with their liberated women - Winnie does well on her SAT's, and Norma gets a job as a comptroller at Micro-Electronics. Kevin decides to take Winnie bowling, where they meet Jack and Norma. They pair off as the men against the women. The guys soundly beat the girls and celebrate, but the women don't care.

Ep 113 - "Reunion"
The Arnold's visit Norma's parents, who try to fix her up with her old boyfriend, Roger. Wayne has visions of riches after learning the boys will inherit the house, while Kevin is chased through the neighborhood by the family dog. After Jack injures his back in a sack-race, Norma goes to the dance with Roger, but later returns, glad the whole thing is over.

Ep 114 - "Summer"
Kevin is fed up with his work and home life. Winnie has taken a lifeguard job at a resort for the summer, after Kevin had said they should spend some time apart finding themselves. Kevin yells at Jack, quits his job at the furniture factory, and leaves home to join Winnie.

Ep 115 - "Independence Day"
Kevin arrives at the resort, but gets a cool reception from Winnie - she's got a new boyfriend. Kevin loses his money and car in poker, and slugs Winnie's boyfriend, before leaving the resort. He hitch-hikes toward home, and gets picked up by an old couple - with Winnie in the back seat. She got fired because of Kevin. They have a big argument, but take shelter in a barn during a rain storm. They realize they won't see their dream of being together. They spend some tender time in the barn, and return home on the Fourth of July.

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11/08/03 20:43