Episode 47 - "Growing Up"


("Layla" - Derek and the Dominos plays in the background. News clips: President Nixon at a podium and smiling, and raising both arms. The lunar rover.)

That summer of 1970 my brother bought a car.

(Clip of student-protester picking up a tear-gas cannister and throwing it. Shot of some National Guard troops.)

My sister had been accepted into college.

(Shot of a fireworks display.)

And I French-kissed Winnie Cooper under the bleachers at the Fourth of July fireworks.

(Music fades out.)

Fade to
Ext. Day - Community Pool

(Close shot of Kevin looking past the camera.)

Things were changing.

(The camera pans from Kevin to Paul.)

Sometimes it seemed like the whole world was exploding with new ideas.

(Camera pans to Doug eating an ice-cream cone.)

Reaching out for new experiences.

(The camera pans to Walter.)

Seeing through new eyes.

(Shot from the guys' perspective of a girl (later identified as Marsha) on the opposite side of the pool, face-down on a chaise-lounge, reaching to untie her bikini top.)

DOUG (V/O): Wow...

(Close shot of Marsha's torso as she undoes the strap. The guys are in the background, watching.)

GUYS: Oh...

(Close shot of Marsha as she lifts her head, opens her eyes, and looks toward the guys, off-screen.)

(Shot of the guys. They quickly turn around, embarrassed.)

Adolescence. It's never a pretty sight.

(Shot of the guys.)

WALTER: She wants us...she definitely wants us!

DOUG: Definitely.

(Close shot of Paul frowning.)


(Paul looks toward Kevin, then Doug and Walter.)

PAUL: Why us?

"Why us?"

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Paul.)

The battle-cry of the 14-year-old.

(Shot of Walter, Doug and Paul.)

WALTER: OK, here's the plan.

(Walter takes some ice from Paul's cup.)

WALTER: We walk past her, casually...

(He drops the ice into his other hand.)

WALTER: And drop this on her back.

(Shot of Doug and Paul.)

DOUG: Then what?

(Shot of Walter. He nods emphatically.)

WALTER: Then we strike up a conversation!

(Close shot of Kevin looking over his shoulder.)

Things were confusing, alright.

(Shot across the pool of Marsha.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

KEVIN: Forget it, Walter. It'll never work!

(Winnie approaches, follows Kevin's glance toward the pool area, then looks at Kevin.)

WINNIE: What'll never work?

(Shot of all five, with the pool behind them. Paul, Doug and Walter act nervous.)

P, D & W: Uh...uh...

(Close shot past Kevin of Winnie looking toward the others.)

Sometimes even crazy.

P, D & W: Uh...

(Close shot of Kevin. He shakes his head.)

KEVIN: Nothing.

Still, I wasn't crazy. Just...

(Close shot past Kevin of Winnie. She smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

In love.

KEVIN: Can I walk you home?

(Close shot past Kevin of Winnie. She smiles.)

WINNIE: Sure...(Smiles.)

Fade to
Ext. Day - Winnie's Sidewalk

(Kevin and Winnie walk toward the camera, with Kevin's bike between them. The camera moves over as they approach it.)

Winnie and I had survived the summer of long-distance romance.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking at her, as they pause in front of her house.)

In fact, her move across town had brought a new depth to our relationship.

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie smiling.)

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: Want a piece of gum?

(Wider shot of them as Kevin reaches in his pocket.)

We shared everything, now that she was wearing my ring.

(Kevin slides a stick of gum out, tears it in half, and hands it to Winnie.)

Hopes, dreams...

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin, as he unwraps his gum.)

Big plans.

KEVIN: You wanna go to a movie tomorrow night?

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie. She smiles.)

WINNIE: Sure...

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: And then after that...

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie nodding.)

WINNIE: Uh-huh...

(She smiles and puts the gum in her mouth.)

(Close shot of Kevin putting the gum in his mouth.)

(Wide shot of both of them looking at each other as the camera pulls back and up.)

Yep, these were golden moments - in a golden summer. When every day was perfect, and you knew it would go on forever.

(Sound of a loud car backfire.)

Cut to
Ext. Day - The Road

(Very close shot of the bumper and headlight of Wayne's car as it careens up the street.)

Except of course, at my own house.

(Shot from behind the car as it belches smoke.)

(Wide shot of Wayne approaching the house. Sound of a dog howling.)

(Shot through the windshield of Wayne's car. Jack is standing on the passenger side of his car, in the driveway.)

(Close shot of the bumper of Jack's car, from the side, as Wayne's car squeals to a stop 6 inches from Jack's car.)

(Shot of Wayne in his car, smiling, as he sets the parking brake.)

(Shot from Wayne's perspective of Jack frowning.)

JACK: Dammit, Wayne! The hell ya think you're doin'?

(Wayne stands up in his car, which emits a loud shuddering backfire.)

WAYNE: Driving? (Gestures.)

(Wide shot of the Arnold front lawn and cars, as Kevin rides up, just past the camera.)

JACK: Driving where?! The graveyard?!

(Close shot of Kevin as he gets off his bike, and starts to push it.)

At the Arnold house, the dog days had set in early.

JACK: The way you're drivin' makes me nuts!

Cut to
Arnold Kitchen

(Jack enters, holding his briefcase, with his jacket draped over it. The camera pulls back with him.)

NORMA (V/O): Honey?

JACK: I don't want to talk about it...

(Norma hands Jack a drink as he keeps walking.)

(Karen is thumbing though a college catalog.)

KAREN: Hey, Dad?

JACK: I don't want to hear about it..

(Jack walks past the camera.)

(Shot of Wayne opening the kitchen door and entering, looking down.)

(Close shot of Norma looking toward Wayne off-screen with concern.)

NORMA: What happened?

(Shot of Wayne pausing, as Kevin enters behind him.)

WAYNE: Beats me.

(Wide shot of Norma at the oven and Karen in the background, as Wayne walks into the shot.)

This much was clear.

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward them, and frowning.)

My family wasn't getting along.

(Shot of Karen and Wayne at an open cabinet.)

KAREN: Watch it!

WAYNE: You watch it!


(Close shot of Norma. She raise her hand, then turns toward them, off-screen.)

WAYNE (V/O): She's hogging the chips!

KAREN (V/O): I'm not hogging them.

(Close shot of Kevin watching them off-screen. He sighs.)

Even for us.

KAREN: Mom - I didn't even...

Cut to
Dining Room Table

(Close shot of a girl rapidly eating mashed potatoes.)

(Close shot of Jack watching her off-screen, and frowning.)

(Shot of the girl eating.)

Maybe that had something to do with Wayne's new girlfriend...

(Close shot of Jack frowning.)


(Close shot of Norma glancing away from Jack, then smiling toward Angela off-screen.)

NORMA: More potatoes, dear?

(Close shot of Angela looking at Norma off-screen, and smiling. She still has food in her mouth.)

ANGELA: Um, thank you, Mrs. Arnold.

(She holds her plate out.)

(Close shot past the plate of Jack frowning.)

For some reason...

(Jack looks away as Norma spoons potatoes onto Angela's plate.)

My dad seemed to resent seeing his paycheck disappear down the mouth of a total stranger.

(Close shot of Angela as she retracts her plate.)

(Shot of Kevin looking toward Angela's plate.)

The rest of us just resented her in general.

(Close shot of Karen looking toward Angela off-screen, then back to her catalog.)

(Shot across the table of Kevin, Angela, and Wayne.)


(Angela quickly butters half a roll and sticks it in her mouth.)

WAYNE: I heard you and your pals were out drooling over Marsha Millany at the pool today. Heh-heh.

(Close shot of Wayne laughing, as he takes a drink.)

Or maybe it had to do with my brother.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

KEVIN: Shut up, butthead!

(Shot across the table of Kevin, Angela, and Wayne. Angela continues to eat as Kevin and Wayne slap each other, behind her.)



Then again...

(Close shot of Karen looking down at her catalog.)

It could have been Karen.

KAREN: Well, I've finished choosing my courses for the fall semester.

(She smiles toward Norma off-screen.)

(Close shot of Norma.)

NORMA: Oh, that's wonderful, honey! What are you taking?

(Shot of Karen looking at her list.)

KAREN: Afro-American History, Hindu Philosophy...

(Close shot of Jack as he pauses in mid-fork and frowns.)

(Shot of Karen.)

KAREN: Navajo Arts, Sexual Politics...

(Shot of Jack.)

(Shot of Karen.)

KAREN (V/O): And English 101.

(Shot of Jack.)

JACK: Huh?

(Close shot of Norma glancing toward Jack off-screen.)

NORMA: Jack. (Sighs.)

(Shot of Jack. He looks at Norma off-screen.)

JACK: I'm not payin' for that.

(Shot of Karen.)

KAREN: You already did, Dad. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Jack looking toward Karen off-screen.)

(Shot past Jack of Kevin, Angela and Wayne. Angela is looking at the carrot on Jack's fork.)

ANGELA: Are you gonna eat that?

(Close shot of Jack looking at Angela off-screen, jerking his fork back, and frowning.)

Cut to
Living Room

(Wide shot of Jack, Wayne, Angela, Kevin and Buster on the couch. The camera is near the floor, and moves in slightly.)

Whatever it was, suddenly everyone in my family seemed to be in everyone else's way.

(Close shot of Kevin as he tries to get comfortable.)

And vice-versa.

KEVIN: Do we have to watch this?

(Close shot of Wayne turning to Kevin off-screen.)

WAYNE: Why? What's wrong with this?

(Close shot of Karen.)

KAREN: I hate it.

(Shot of Wayne and Angela. She is eating potato chips.)

ANGELA: I like it.

(Shot of Karen. She glances at Angela off-screen, and switches off the TV with the remote.)

(Shot of the TV picture fading out.)

(Shot of Wayne and Angela. Wayne frowns, then turns to Karen off-screen.)

WAYNE: OK...Fine - we're leavin'.

(Shot of Norma standing next to the dining room table, with laundry. She turns toward the guys and sticks her hand out.)

NORMA: Wait!

(Shot past Norma of the rest of them.)

Course, we should have seen this comin'.

(Shot of Norma. She looks back to her laundry.)

Mom had been folding laundry every night for three weeks straight.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

Even my socks had creases.

(Shot of Norma folding laundry and looking at the guys off-screen.)

NORMA: I've been thinking. We should get away! (Gestures.)

(Shot past Norma of Karen in the chair, and the couch in the background.)

ALL: Huh?

WAYNE: What?

(Close shot of Norma.)

NORMA: All of us! (Gestures.) We should...do something together. (Gestures.)

(Shot past Norma of the rest of them, as she folds laundry.)

The mind shrank at the possibilities.

(Close shot of Norma turning toward Jack.)

NORMA: Monday's Labor Day. We should go to your office picnic.

(Close shot of Jack looking incredulous.)

JACK: Huh?

(Close shot of Kevin turning toward Jack off-screen.)

(Close shot of Jack glancing off.)

NORMA (V/O): We haven't been in such a long time. We used to have such a good time there.

(Close shot of Norma smiling.)

NORMA: Remember? (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Karen.)

KAREN (V/O): Mom!

(Close shot of Karen looking toward Norma off-screen. Jack is in the background.)

KAREN: I'm leaving for college on Tuesday.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Uh...yeah, I've got a date. (Gestures.)

(Close shot of Jack. He is looking toward Norma, and nudges Wayne.)

(Close shot of Wayne.)

WAYNE: Uh...me, too.


(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

(Close shot of Norma folding laundry looking toward the guys as she folds the clothes.)

Four to one - clearly a landslide decision.

(Close shot of Norma turning to the guys off-screen, and nodding.)

NORMA: I think we'll go.

(Sound of a car horn.)

Cut to
Ext. Day - The road

(Shot through the windshield of Jack's car. Karen and Kevin are in the back seat. Wayne is driving his car erratically, behind them.)

So much for democracy.

(Shot of Wayne driving his car erratically behind Jack's.)

(Shot of Jack and Norma. Jack glances in the rear-view mirror.)

JACK: What's that idiot doin' now? (Frowns.)

(Close shot of Norma looking in the rear-view mirror.)

(Shot from the street as both cars drive past.)

(Shot past Jack of Norma looking at Wayne over her shoulder, then smiling at Jack.)

NORMA: You know, honey, I am really looking forward to this. It's been years since I've seen the old gang. (Smiles.)

JACK: Like who?

(Shot of Karen and Kevin. Karen is reading "The Harrad Experiment". Kevin is listening to Norma and Jack.)

(Close shot of Norma.)

NORMA: Well, like...Charlie Wilson, from accounting. You think he's gonna be there?

(Shot of Jack from Norma's perspective. He glances at Norma.)

JACK: He retired.

(Close shot of Norma.)

NORMA: What about Al Pinella...he had that lovely wife, Nancy.

(Shot of Jack from Norma's perspective.)

JACK: Sacked.

(Close shot of Norma frowning.)

NORMA: Ed Berwitz?

(Shot of Jack from Norma's perspective.)

JACK: Dead.

(Shot of Norma frowning, and glancing off.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

And that about covered the full range of possibilities.

(Shot of Jack from Norma's perspective.)

JACK: Detweiler'll be there, though.

(Shot of Karen and Kevin in the back seat. Karen looks up from her book.)

KAREN: Harry Detweiler? (Smiles.)

(Shot of Jack nodding.)

(Close shot of Karen and Kevin looking at each other.)

Harry Detweiler - the office clown. Big on palm-buzzers and whoopie-cushions. The one Dad had always referred to as -

KEVIN: Mr. Deadwood, huh, Dad? (Smiles.)

(Shot of Jack from Norma's perspective.)

(Jack chuckles.)

(Shot of Jack and Norma as she frowns at Kevin off-screen.)

NORMA: Kevin, that's not very nice.

(Everyone laughs. Norma looks at Jack off-screen and smiles.)

(Shot of Karen and Kevin smiling.)

KAREN: Does he still have that stupid laugh?

(Close shot of Norma smiling at Jack off-screen.)

(Shot of Jack from Norma's perspective.)

JACK: Kinda..

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

And suddenly, for the first time in weeks...

(Shot from Norma's perspective of Jack smiling.)

Dad was smiling.

(Shot of Jack and Norma smiling.)

NORMA: You remember that Christmas party when he came dressed as a reindeer?

JACK: Oh...(Chuckles.)

(Shot of Jack from Norma's perspective.)

JACK: His nose lit up!

(Shot of Karen and Kevin.)

KEVIN: Yeah, and then it caught on fire?

(Shot of all through the windshield.)

(Everyone laughs.)

And we were all laughing.

Cut to
Parking Lot

(Shot of the banner: "NORCOM Annual Picnic" with "Industry" under that. The camera pans down as Jack's car drives through the scene, and turns into a parking spot.)

(Shot from the parking spot as Jack pulls in.)

And by the time we arrived at the picnic, things had...changed!

(Close shot of Kevin smiling at Karen off-screen.)

And if an office picnic was a way of bringing us together, well...

(Close shot of Norma looking at Jack off-screen and laughing.)

(Close shot of Jack chuckling, then looking in the rear-view mirror. He's eyes get very wide.)

(Sound of screeching tires as Wayne's car collides with Jack's.)

(Jack lurches forward.)

(Close shot of Kevin lurching forward, then frowning and looking out the back window.)

(High shot as Jack opens the door, and runs to the front of Wayne's car.)

JACK: Are you crazy! Huh!

(Jack looks at the damage. Wayne scurries onto the back of his car.)

It was the very least we could do.

JACK: Look what you did!

(Wayne scurries onto the hood, then the back of his car.)

JACK: Look what you did to that car!

NORMA: Get down from there!

Fade to
Home-movies of past company picnics

(A version of "When I'm Sixty-Four" plays.)

(Clip of Jack and Norma standing behind the kids as they wave to the camera.)

There's nothin' quite as American as an office picnic. Mountains of hotdogs...

(Clip of Jack and other picnickers at a barbeque.)

Buckets of soft-drinks...

(Clip of Jack, Norma, and about 8 other people in a sack-race.)

A chance for kids to hang out with the big guys.

(Clip of 3-4 year old Kevin in a sack, as Norma trails beside him.)

(Clip of the younger Kevin ad Wayne have a sword fight with plastic baseball bats as others watch.)

It makes you proud to have a family.

(Clip of Norma tossing a ball, as Jack helps Kevin swing.)

Proud to have a dad.

(They hit a bunt to Norma. Kevie runs toward Norma and she tags him out.)

It makes you never want to leave.

(The final home-movie scene had the Arnold's sitting at a picnic table. The identical present-day scene is superimposed over it.)

("When I'm Sixty-Four ends.)

(Close shot of Jack frowning and shooing away buzzing flies.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking around, bored. He sighs.)

(Shot of Wayne and Angela. She is working on corn-on-the-cob.)

(Shot of Jack, Norma and Karen. Norma and Karen are looking at Angela off-screen.)

KAREN: Can we go home now?

(Close shot of Norma.)

NORMA: Honey! You haven't really given it a chance.

(Shot of Norma and Karen.)

KAREN: Well it's crowded, it's noisy...I hate it.

(Shot of Kevin, Wayne and Angela.)

WAYNE: Well...seeya later, suckers.

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: Where're you goin'?

(Close shot of Wayne.)

WAYNE: For a drive. (Shrugs.)

(Close shot of Jack frowning.)

JACK: Hnnn...

(Close shot of Wayne.)

WAYNE: Uh...for a walk?

(Wayne taps Angela.)

WAYNE: Come on.

ANGELA: Uh-uh-uh.

(Wayne starts to walk off. Angela joins him.)

WAYNE: Yeah, come on.

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Norma, then Jack off-screen, and sighing heavily.)

(Close shot of Norma looking off, then down.)

Somehow Mom's plan to reunite the Arnold clan wasn't exactly comin' off in a blaze of family harmony.

(Norma looks at Kevin and smiles faintly.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking off.)

(Shot the the Arnold table, and others in the background. A man looks at Jack.)

THE MAN: Hey, Arnold? You gonna play in the softball game this afternoon?

(Close shot of Jack frowning.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling excitedly.)

KEVIN: Oh, yeah! Come on, Dad - lets's play?

(Close shot of Jack looking at Kevin, then the off-screen man, and holding up his hand.)


(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: This'll be great! Maybe we'll even be on the same team.

(Shot of Jack frowning at Kevin.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

I could see us now, side-by-side on the infield...Tinker to Arnold to -

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK (V/O): What are you talkin' about?

(Kevin frowns.)

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: You'd get killed out there.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Yeah, but Dad - (gestures.)

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: Maybe next time, huh?

(Jack stands up and walks off.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

(Close shot of Norma looking at Jack off-screen, then down, then at Karen off-screen.)

(Close shot of Karen frowning at Norma off-screen.)

KAREN: Picnics are for fascists.

Cut to
The Barbeque Area

(Kevin approaches the barbeques. The camera rolls with him as looks over the food. The chef is humming to himself, with his back to the camera.)

You know you're havin' real fun when you're rootin' for which hotdog is gonna split open first.

(Kevin frowns and turns away.)

DETWEILER (V/O): Kevin? Kevin Arnold? Is that you, son?


(Shot past Kevin of Harry the cook, smiling.)

Harry Detweiler, himself - in the flesh.

(Shot of Kevin smiling and holding out his hand over the barbeque.)

KEVIN: Hi, Mr. Detweiler. How are you?

(They shake hands.)

(Harry pulls his hand back quickly.)


(Drums: "Brrrp-pish!)

(Harry's oven mitt is in Kevin's hand. Kevin forces a smile and points.)

DETWEILER: Hardly recognized you!

(Close shot of Mr. Detweiler smiling.)

DETWEILER: Been puttin' hair on that chest, huh?

(Close shot of Kevin. He nods and smiles.)

KEVIN: Y-Kinda.

Fun-ny! Maybe he'd like some hair up his nose.

(Shot of Mr. Detweiler. He pauses dramatically.)

DETWEILER: Say, you remember my daughter, don't you? - Mimi!

(Wider shot past Kevin of Mr. Detweiler looking off in the distance.)

DETWEILER: Over here! (Waves.)

(Mr. Detweiler holds his arm out and points to Kevin.)

DETWEILER: It's Kevin Ar-nold!

(Shot past Mr. Detweiler of Kevin smiling.)


(Kevin frowns and turns around.)

The only thing worse than Detweiler was his kid - Mimi the tomboy.

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Mimi off-screen. He looks pleasantly surprised.)

The one we called "The Stick".

(Swell of music as Mimi bounces over in slow-motion.)

(Close shot of Kevin watching her approach, with his mouth open.)

(Shot past Kevin as Mimi approaches him.)

MIMI: Kevin? Hi.

(Shot of Kevin looking surprised.)

KEVIN: Mimi?

(Shot past Kevin of Mimi as she nods slightly, then shrugs.)

MIMI: Do you like boating?

(Close shot of Kevin smiling, then looking at the camera and raising an eye-brow.)

Did I like boating?

(Sound of a boat horn.)

Cut to
The lake

(Wide shot of Kevin and Mimi in a rowboat.)

Admiral Arnold to my close naval associates.

(Close shot past Kevin of Mimi.)

MIMI: This is nice, isn't it? (Smiles.)

(Shot of the boat from behind Mimi.)

KEVIN: Uh...yeah - nice.

Once I figured out what these big, wooden, sticks were for.

(Shot of the boat from behind Kevin.)

MIMI: I can't believe I'm actually sitting here with Kevin Arnold!

(Closer shot past Mimi of Kevin.)


(Shot past Kevin of Mimi.)

MIMI: Well, you were always kind of...

(She glances off and takes a breath.)

MIMI: My hero.

(Kevin glances down and smiles.)

MIMI: Remember how I used to tag along after you? (Frowns.) You must have thought I was a real pest.

(Kevin frowns and shakes his head.)


KEVIN: Nah...

(Shot past Kevin of Mimi.)

MIMI: And to think that my dad said you probably wouldn't be here.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Really?

(Shot past Kevin of Mimi.)

MIMI: Well...after the promotion and all.

(Shot past Mimi of Kevin as he glances off.)

MIMI: You know.

KEVIN: Oh...that. (Smiles.) Sure. (Nods.)

(Kevin looks off in thought.)

Still, just to clarify the position...

KEVIN: What promotion?

(Shot past Kevin of Mimi.)

MIMI: The one my dad got. He's vice-president of the whole company now.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning and looking off.)

But hold on here! Detweiler?! Mr. "Dead Wood"?

(Close shot past Kevin of Mimi frowning.)

MIMI: I guess your father...(gestures)...took it pretty hard.

(Shot past Mimi of Kevin. He looks off.)

And suddenly, I didn't feel like boating anymore.

KEVIN: Uh...I think it's time we started heading back.

(Shot past Kevin of Mimi. Kevin grabs the oars, as Mimi frowns.)

MIMI: Already?

(Shot of the boat from behind Mimi, as Kevin frowns and starts to row.)

KEVIN: Uh, yeah, you know, it's getting kinda warm and, uh...

(Kevin drops an oar, which falls into the water.)

(Shot of the boat from behind Kevin, as he looks toward the water.)

(Mimi gestures with both arms.)

MIMI: We could go swimming!

KEVIN: H-here?

MIMI: Why not? (Shrugs.)

(Close shot past Mimi as Kevin looks out at the water.)

KEVIN: Well..we-we don't have our bathing suits or anything...and...and, besides -

(Kevin starts to rise to recover the oar.)

MIMI (V/O): Kevin...

(Close shot of Mimi frowning.)

MIMI: Who needs a bathing suit?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Mimi's face, then his glance drops a bit lower.)

And right at that moment I learned something.

(Close shot of Mimi's torso as she starts to lift her shirt.)

When it came to maritime operations...

KEVIN: Uh...Whoa-ohhhh...

(Wide shot of the boat as Kevin falls in the water.)

(Shot of Mimi from the half submerged camera.)

I was definitely out of my depth.

MIMI: Kevin?!

(The camera sinks under the water, with bubbling sounds.)

Cut to
Picnic Area

(Shot of a bucket with ice, bottles and cans. Kevin's legs are behind it. The camera pans up as Kevin pulls out a can of beer, and flicks the ice off the top.)

There are times in a man's life when there's only one cure for pain and humiliation.

(A man in the background approaches Kevin.)

Drown your sorrows in a cold one.

(The man pats Kevin on the shoulder and take the beer.)

MAN: Thanks, kid!

(The man walks away as Kevin watches.)

This, however, was...not one of those times.

(Kevin gets another beer. Wayne approaches the cooler and gets a beer.)

WAYNE: Outta my way, butthead.

(Shot of Wayne walking back to Angela, who is talking to a guy.)

WAYNE: Excuse me. Excuse me.

(Shot of Kevin getting another beer from the cooler.)

I felt rattled - confused. Suddenly I was seeing things in a new light.

(Kevin looks at Jack off-screen.)

(Shot of Jack and his buddies. Jack sees Kevin with a beer and perks up.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

A lot of things. Here he came. Maybe he wanted to talk - about Detweiler...the promotion. I know I did.


(Shot past Kevin of Jack.)

JACK: The hell you doin' with that?

(Jack takes the beer and turns to his friends.)

JACK: Hey! Guys! My kid the beer-drinker.

(Jack and his friends chuckle. Jack turns back to Kevin.)

JACK: You stick to ginger ale, OK? (Smiles.)

(Jack joins his buddies.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

Oh, yeah? Oh yeah?! Well take this!


(Shot of Jack and his friends in conversation. Jack pauses and turns toward Kevin.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I'm playin' in that softball game, and you're not gonna stop me!

Cut to
Softball game

(Shot from behind Kevin at the plate as the pitcher blows one past him.)

(Shot of Kevin, the catcher and the umpire. The umpire signals.)

UMPIRE: Stee-rike!

OK - so I was a little over-matched here. I didn't care.

UMPIRE: You alright, sonny?

KEVIN: Yeah. Sure - fine.

(Shot of the pitcher winding up.)

So that pitcher was the size of Utah - I was ready for anything.

JACK (V/O): Time!

(Shot of Jack signaling.)

JACK: Time!

(Jack walks toward the pitcher.)

Well, almost anything.

JACK: Lemme pitch to 'em, hah?

(The pitcher gives Jack the ball.)

JACK: Thanks.

(Wider shot of Jack lobbing a pitch.)

(Wide shot of Kevin, the catcher and the umpire, as the catcher catches the ball.)

UMPIRE: Stee-rike two!

I don't know - maybe he had his reasons. Maybe he thought he was doing me a favor.

(Shot of Jack.)

TEAM-MATE (V/O): One more, Jack! Throw one more!

(The camera pans across some team-mates.)

Or maybe he was just trying to look good for his cronies.

(Shot of Harry, Mimi, and the other Arnold's in the stands.)

DETWEILER: You call this a game? Come on...(Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

It was humiliating. And suddenly, I'd had enough - of picnics, of guys who called you sonny.

(Shot of Jack as he lobs another one.)

(Shot of Kevin, the catcher and umpire as Kevin catches the ball.)

KEVIN: Hey! What's the matter - you can't do any better than that?

(Kevin throws the ball back to Jack.)

(Shot of Jack catching it and frowning as his team-mates chatter.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: What's the matter - can't you throw a decent fast-ball?

(Shot of Jack.)

TEAM-MATES: Whoa! (Chuckles.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: What's the matter - 'fraid I'll knock it outta the park?

(Shot of Jack. More hoots from Jack's team-mates as Jack frowns and sighs.)

I was on a roll.

(Shot of Mr. Detweiler in the stands.)

DETWEILER: Hey, Jack! The kid's right! (Laughs.)

(Shot of Kevin, the catcher, and umpire.)

And then I rolled a tad too far.

KEVIN: Come on, Dad. Throw me something besides...dead wood.

(Wide shot of Jack. Sound of a steam-whistle. The camera rolls in on Jack as he frowns and groans.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking frightened.)


(Shot of Jack pitching.)

(Shot of Kevin hitting it.)

I didn't even look where I hit it - just put my head down and ran.

(Shot of Kevin's legs running, and stepping on first base.)

I rounded first...

(Shot of Kevin running.)

Flew by second...

(Another shot of Kevin running.)

And kept going.

(Close shot of third base as Kevin slides head-first.)

(Close shot of Kevin dusting himself off, and looking up.)

By the time I'd reached third, though, I was beginning to wonder - who was minding the store, here?

NORMA (V/O): Jack?

(Shot of Jack flat on his back, surrounded by Norma and team-mates.

TEAM-MATE:...I don't think so.

(Shot of Kevin looking toward Jack off-screen.)

TEAM-MATE (V/O): Come on, move, Jack.

(Shot of Jack sitting up, holding his head. Norma is frowning and looking at Kevin off-screen.)

There was only one thing to do.

(Shot of Kevin as he starts to run.)

I crossed home plate.

(Close shot of home-plate as Kevin steps on it.)

And kept going.

(Kevin runs off down the first-base line to the outfield.)

Fade to

(Wide shot of Kevin walking slowly near a wooded area. Sound of thunder in the background.)

I didn't do much the rest of that afternoon. Took a long walk...

(Kevin rubs his arm.)

Got stung by a hornet. Did some thinking. I couldn't understand what was happening. To me...

(Shot of Wayne on a rock, tossing pebbles. The lake is in the background.)

To my family.

(Closer shot of Wayne as Kevin approaches.)

KEVIN: Wayne?

(Wayne glances at Kevin, then away. Long pause.)

KEVIN: Where's Angela?

(Kevin sits next to Wayne.)

WAYNE: Shut up, butthead.

Which I guess, was Wayne's way of saying he'd been dumped.

(Wayne looks off.)

WAYNE: I can't believe it.

(Shot past Wayne of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I'm sorry.

WAYNE: Eat it. I don't get it - what did I do?

(Shot past Wayne of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Well, you -

WAYNE: You shut up, OK?

(Kevin looks forward.)


WAYNE: Nobody liked her anyway.

The aweful thing was it was true.

WAYNE: Why do these things always happen to me?

Maybe it was the cry of every kid who'd ever put on long pants. Who'd ever had his heart-broken - who'd ever been disappointed. In any event...

(Shot past Wayne of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I know what you mean. (Smiles.)

(Wayne frowns at Kevin, then smiles.)

For that one moment, I actually felt...close...to my brother.

(Wide shot of Kevin and Wayne as Jack approaches, accompanied by thunder and lightning.)

WAYNE: I'm outta here!

(Wayne runs off past Jack.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

It's funny - the thoughts that go through your head in those moments before death. I remembered Winnie. I wondered - who was gonna feed my fish?

KEVIN: Hi, Dad!

(Shot of Jack.)

As it turned out though, Dad hadn't come to kill me.

JACK: Guess you heard about Detweiler.

(Shot past Jack of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Uh...

(Shot of Jack.)

JACK: Sorry.

(Jack looks down.)

And then I realized - I guess Dad wore long pants, too.

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: It's OK, Dad.

(Close shot of Jack as he touches his bandaged forehead.)

JACK: Was a lucky shot, back there.

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Shoulda ducked.

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: Yeah...

(Wider shot of both as Jack sits, puts his head on his fists, and sighs.)

JACK: Don't ever get old, Kev.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

I wasn't sure whether he meant me, or him. I guess we both knew it didn't really matter. We didn't have a choice.

Fade to

(The Arnold's and others are singing "Goodnight Irene". We hear voices, but not synchronized with the action.)

Growing up is never easy. You hold on to things that were. You wonder what's to come. But that night, I think we knew it was time to let go of what had been, and look ahead to what would be. Other days. New days. Days to come. The thing is, we didn't have to hate each other for getting older. We just had to forgive ourselves...for growing up.

("Forever Young" Joan Baez - starts and plays through closing credits.)

"May God's blessing keep you always, may your wishes all come true"

"May you always do for others and let others do for you"

"May you build a ladder to the stars..."

Fade to
Ext. Day - Arnold Driveway

(Close shot of Jack closing the trunk of the car, containing Karen's things.)

"And climb on every rung"

(Wider shot of the car and house as Jack walks to the open driver's door and pauses. Karen stands next to the car. Kevin and Wayne stand in the background.)

JACK: Ready?

"May you stay forever young"

(Shot of Wayne and Kevin as Karen approaches them. She hugs Kevin and lifts him up.)

KEVIN: Bye, Karen.

KAREN: Bye kid. I'll miss you.

"Forever young, forever young"

(Karen moves over and hugs Wayne.)

"May you stay forever young"

(Close shot of Jack watching, and smiling.)

"May you grow up to be righteous, may you grow up to be true"

(Wide shot of the car and porch as Norma comes out the front door, carrying Karen's empty duffle-bag, as Karen is walking toward the car.)

NORMA: Karen? Honey?

(Shot past Norma of Karen at the car. She takes the duffle bag.)

KAREN: Thanks.

(She puts the bag in the front seat.)

"May you always know the truth and see the lights surrounding you"

(Karen and Norma hug.)

KAREN: I love you, Mom.

"May you always be courageous, stand upright and be strong"

(Shot of Kevin watching.)

"May you stay..."

JACK (V/O): OK. Come on.

"Forever young"

(Shot of Karen and Norma. The scene superimposes to home-movie quality.)

(Karen gets in the car. She leans out the window, smiles, and blows kisses as Jack backs out of the driveway.)

"Forever young"

(Shot of Norma, Wayne and Kevin. The camera backs up as they walk out to the street. Norma waves.)

"Forever young"

(Shot past them near the car as Jack drives off.)

(Shot of Norma, Wayne and Kevin waving at the car in the distance, off-screen. Kevin smiles.)

"Forever young"

(Long shot of the car going down the street. The camera zooms in quickly, and the focus shifts in and out.)

"May you stay..."

(The camera quickly pans down to the pavement and cuts to black.)

"Forever young"


Supporting Cast
Mimi - Soleil Moon Frye
Harry Detweiler - Rick Hurst
Angela - Meredith Scott Lynn

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