Episode 24 - "Summer Song"


(Clip shot of an astronaut's boot and footprint on the moon.)

NEIL ARMSTRONG (V/O): It's one small step for man...

("Spinning wheel - Blood, Sweat & Tears plays.)

(Clip of the lunar module orbiting the moon.)

(Clip of Neil Armstrong stepping off the lunar-lander onto the moon.)

By the end of that summer of 1969...

(Clip of a poster for "I Am Curious".)

A lot of things had changed.

(Clip of the legs of a woman walking toward the camera, wearing a white mini-skirt.)

(Clip of the legs of a woman walking away the camera, wearing a black mini-skirt.)

(Clip of a batter hitting a baseball.)

The Mets were headed for first-place.

(Clip of cheering baseball fans.)

(Clip of a concert crowd.)

(Clip of a Peter Max poster as the camera zooms in on it.)

(Shot of Richard Nixon on a stage, smiling and waving.)

Woodstock was a household word.

(Clip of a concert crowd.)

(Clip past the drummer on stage of the crowd.)

(Clip of four helicopters flying at low-level.)

(Clip of Big Bird roller-skating on Sesame Street.)

(Clip of a Boing 747 taking off.)

And Winnie Cooper's dad had moved to Chicago.

Cut to

Ext. Day - Arnold Neighborhood

(Shot of the roof of a residential neighborhood. The camera pans across them.)

And it wasn't over yet.

JACK (V/O): Is that everything?

(Shot from inside the Arnold station-wagon toward the open tail-gate, as Jack slides a suitcase inside.)

The traditional Arnold family vacation.

(Jack reaches down and slides another suitcase in the car.)

JACK: OK! Let's get started!

(Shot of the rear corner of the car and Jack as he closes the tailgate.)

What I loved about our vacations...

(The camera pans with Jack as he walks up the driveway quickly.)

Was that it always seemed to rekindle this wonderful sense of family-togetherness.

(The camera stops on Karen, who leans back against the car, frowning.)

KAREN: Do we have to do this? Dad, I'm seventeen.

(Shot of Jack looking over his shoulder as he ties a rope on the car roof.)


NORMA (V/O): Wayne?

(Close shot of Karen looking off.)

KAREN: So bourgeois.

(Shot of Jack glancing at Karen as he ties the rope.)

NORMA (V/O): Honey? Where's Wayne?

(Norma walks behind Jack, frowning, and looks in the car window.)

NORMA (V/O): Wayne?

(Shot through the side window of Norma knocking on it.)

The fact was...

(Shot past Norma's hand of Wayne and Delores kissing.)

We were starting to outgrow this annual ritual.

NORMA (V/O): Wayne!

(Shot through the side window of Norma nodding.)

NORMA: Honey? It's time for you and Delores to say goodbye, now.

(Close shot of Wayne as he turns hurriedly and rolls down the window.)

WAYNE: That's what we're doing. (Smiles.)

(Shot through the side window of Norma and Jack.)

JACK: Outta the car!

(Shot past Norma as Jack opens the car door. Karen is still leaning back against the rear of the car. Jack looks at Norma as Wayne steps out and walks off.)

My brother was a victim of bad timing.

(Delores steps out and follows Wayne.)

Two weeks before, he had met the girl of his dreams...

(Shot of Wayne frowning as he crosses his arms and leans against the car. Delores moves next to him, plays with her gum, and crosses her arms.)

Only to have her ripped away by a trip to Ocean City.

PAUL (V/O): Hey, Mr. Arnold!

(Shot of Paul near the sidewalk, wearing sunglasses. He frowns and tilts his head.)

PAUL: Sorry I'm late! (Smiles.)

(Shot from Paul's perspective as Jack glances at him.)

There were other changes, too.

(Shot of Paul smiling.)

(Close shot of Paul smiling, showing his braces.)

PAUL: I can't wait.

(Paul flips up his glasses.)

PAUL: This is gonna be great! (Nods.)

(Shot from Paul's perspective of Wayne looking at him, and Jack turning to Norma and back, grinning.)

(Shot of Wayne and Delores as he rests his elbow on her shoulder, and she blows a large bubble. He looks at Jack off-screen.)

WAYNE: I'm not comin'! (Shrugs.)

(Shot of Jack and Norma as Jack turns to Wayne off-screen.)

JACK: Want to stay home and get a haircut?

(Shot of Wayne and Delores. Wayne looks at Jack off-screen and nods.)

WAYNE: I'm comin', I'm comin'...(Frowns.)

(Shot of Jack as he gestures.)

JACK: Alright - everybody in the car.

(Norma opens the front door.)

PAUL (V/O): Um...Mr. Arnold?

(Jack looks at Paul off-screen and frowns.)

(Shot of Paul. He looks down beside him and takes a step back.)

PAUL: My suitcase?

(The camera pans down to Paul's huge suitcase.)

(Shot past Wayne and Karen of Jack as they look toward Paul off-screen. Jack frowns, then walks past the camera.)

(Wide shot from the porch of Norma reaching for a wicker basket, Wayne and Delores kissing, and Karen leaning, as Jack walks off toward Paul.)

(Shot across the hood of the car of Kevin sitting on the porch.)

I was the only one who didn't seem to care either way.

(Norma crosses the shot.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward the car off-screen, holding an open MAD magazine.)

I wasn't exactly looking forward to the trip...

(Kevin glances off.)

But, I was tired of the old neighborhood.

(Kevin frowns and closes the magazine. He reaches in his back pocket.)

And there was nothing keeping me here anymore.

(He holds up a folded letter.)

Winnie's letter had seen to that.

(Kevin unfolds the letter.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of the car.)

NORMA: Kevin, we're almost ready to go!

(Norma has a folded blanket, Wayne and Delores are kissing, and Paul is setting some small items down as Jack pushes his suitcase into the back of the car.)

(Shot of Kevin holding the letter, looking at Norma off-screen.)

KEVIN: 'Kay, mom!

(Kevin looks at the letter.)

Winnie wrote about how bored she was in Maine with her mom...

(Close shot of the letter. It has four large red ladybug drawings across the top. "July 29, 1969 - Dear Kevin, Hi. Everything's fine here. My aunt's house is right on the beach, and Mom and I are very comfortable. We've been eating lots of lobster - echh! Dad calls every day and we talk alot. I'm getting..."

About how much she looked forward to coming home. But then...

(Kevin flips the letter over.)

She'd met somebody.

"I've met somebody. His name is Chip and he's a lifeguard at the club my aunt belongs to. He's also in training to be an Olympic diver when the next Olympics come. We've been..."

(Shot of Kevin as he looks off and sighs.)

His name was Chip.

(Kevin looks at the letter.)

And he was the All-State champ of everything.

(Kevin sighs.)

She deserved it - I guess. And even though I'd never met the guy...

(Kevin frowns as he puts the letter in his pocket.)

I was pretty sure I hated him.

(Shot of Paul and Jack at the back of the car, and Wayne and Delores kissing. Jack looks toward Norma off-screen.)


(Paul walks toward the front of the car.)

JACK: Let's get started.

(Jack walks out of the shot as Wayne and Delores separate.)



(Wide shot of Kevin on the porch as he gathers his magazines.)

WAYNE (V/O): Seeya...

(Kevin looks toward the car off-screen.)


(Kevin grabs his stack of magazines, stands up, and walks toward the camera.)

Maybe a family vacation would do me some good.

JACK (V/O): Wayne! Come on...

Cut to

Ext. Day - On the Road

(Shot across the hood through the windshield of Norma, Paul and Jack in the front seat. Jack is whistling to "Sentimental Journey" on the radio.)

(Shot from Wayne's window of Wayne, Kevin and Karen. Wayne elbows Kevin.)

WAYNE: Watch it, butthead!

(Kevin looks at Wayne and frowns.)

KEVIN: Hey! What did I do? (Gestures.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Jack, Paul and Norma, as Norma and Paul look over their shoulder.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

WAYNE (V/O): You crossed the line.

(Kevin frowns and glances at Karen off-screen, then settles down in the seat.)

Course, I'd have to survive the car trip, first.

(Shot from Jack's perspective of Norma turning toward him.)

NORMA: Remember how we used to play the alphabet game? (Smiles.)

(Shot of Wayne, Kevin and Karen as they frown.)

(Shot from Norma's window as she turns forward.)

NORMA: Come on! It'll be fun.

(Paul and Jack look at each other and frown.)

NORMA: I'll go first. (Points.) There's "A", as in Danville...

(Norma looks off.)

NORMA: "B"...

(Shot of Wayne, Kevin and Karenas they frown.)

NORMA (V/O): "C"...as in block.

(Shot over Norma's shoulder as she turns toward Jack off-screen.)

NORMA: Who's next? (Smiles.)

(She looks over her shoulder.)

(Shot of Wayne, Kevin and Karen, as Karen shakes her head.)

KAREN: I don't believe this...

(Karen snaps open a newspaper.)

(Shot from Norma's window as she turns forward, smiling. Jack is whistling. Paul covers his mouth. Jack glances at Paul.)

JACK: Everything OK, pal?

(Shot from Jack's window as Jack and Norma look at Paul and frown.)

JACK: Paul?

PAUL: I-I think we better pull over.

(Shot from Kevin's viewpoint as Norma turns in her seat toward Paul, and hands him a Kleenex.)

What none of us figured on...

(Shot of Wayne, Kevin and Karen frowning.)

Was the awful reality of actually travelling with Paul.

(Shot from Kevin's viewpoint as Jack turns toward Norma, as she starts to open the door.)

JACK: Get him outta the car. Hurry up.

(Norma leans out, and Jack puts his hand on Paul's shoulder.)

JACK: Quick! Quick! Come on.

(Close shot of Kevin watching them off-screen.)

Cut to

Ext. Day - Ocean City

(The camera rolls past buildings on a commercial street. Some "Pacific Island" music plays.)

Ocean City.

(The camera passes kiosks of postcards.)

Where Mom and Dad had spent their honeymoon in 1949.

(Shot of Wayne, Kevin, and Karen looking out the windows.)

We'd grown up hearing them talk about it.

(Shot of more buildings.)

Quaint seaside bungalows...

(Wide shot as the camera pans with the car as it drives by.)

The soft drum of the surf.

Fade to

Ext. Day - Motel Parking Lot

(The camera pans with Jack walking across the motel parking lot, holding keys. A loud jack-hammer is working.)

Kind of a castaway's paradise.

(Jack approaches the car. Norma's door and the tailgate are open. Wayne stands in the back, handing luggage to Norma.)

JACK: Forty-eight bucks for two lousy rooms?

(Shot past Norma of Jack.)

JACK: What happened to this place?

(Shot past Jack of Norma as she pauses and looks at him.)

KAREN (V/O): Two rooms?

(Shot past Norma and Wayne of Karen, Kevin and Paul. Karen is sitting cross-legged, and the guys stand behind her.)

KAREN: Who am I staying with? (Frowns.)

(Shot past Karen as Wayne turns toward her.)

WAYNE: You ain't staying with me, Karen.

(Shot of Karen, Kevin and Paul.)

KAREN: I don't want to stay with you, Wayne!

(Shot past Norma of Jack. He glances down.)

WAYNE (V/O): Good! I hope you don't stay.

KAREN (V/O): Dad?

WAYNE (V/O): Why don't you go on a peace-march?

(Close shot of Kevin looking away and sighing.)

KAREN (V/O): I'm not talking to you, Wayne!

(Shot of Jack frowning slightly.)

NORMA (V/O): Alright, you two, that's enough...

(Jack turns away slowly.)

KAREN (V/O): I wish I could find somewhere else, I would be there right now...

(Shot past Karen of Wayne, Norma and Jack. Wayne and Norma unload, as Jack walks away slowly.)

WAYNE: Yeah, you would be there...

NORMA: Wayne!

WAYNE: If it was a dump...

NORMA: Wayne! I don't want any arguing, we just got here...

(Shot past Karen of Kevin and Paul.)

My best friend was witnessing just how low my family could sink.

KEVIN: Don't worry. By the time we check in, everyone will be in a great mood. (Smiles.)

Cut to

Int. Day - Motel Room

(Shot from inside the room of the door as it opens. Jack and Paul look in. The others are behind them.)

(Sound of the jack-hammer and a dripping faucet.)

(The camera pans from the window, across the beds, to a bathroom sink.)

(Shot of Jack and others at the doorway. They pause. Jack turns to Norma, then looks back at the room.)

JACK: Think I need a drink.

Cut to

Int. Evening - Motel Restaurant

(Close shot of an accordion playing "Drunken Sailor". The camera pulls back slowly across Jack, wearing a brown suit and tie. He turns toward the camera, frowning, and looks off.)

(Close shot of Kevin in a suit jacket, looking at a menu.)

(Shot of Norma looking at Jack off-screen. She wears a print dress and beads.)

NORMA: The Captain Kidd cod looks kinda fun, honey! (Smiles.)

(Shot of Jack. He frowns.)

JACK: Four bucks?

(He holds up the menu.)

JACK: For a piece of fish?!

(Jack looks off.)

(Shot across the table of Paul and Kevin. Paul looks toward the waitress off-screen, as Kevin studies the menu.)

KEVIN: Um, I think I'll have the Barnacle Bucket.

(Kevin hands the menu to the off-screen waitress.)

(Wide shot past Norma and Wayne of all. The waitress wears a pirate hat. The band is in the background. The waitress walks off.)

(Shot of Karen and Wayne.)

KAREN: This place is embarrassing.

(Shot of Norma looking at Karen off-screen.)

NORMA: Honey!

(Norma glances at Jack off-screen.)

(Shot of Karen and Wayne.)

KAREN: Well, it is...it's just so - (Frowns.)

(Shot of Jack as he pounds the table with his drink, spilling some.)

(Shot of Karen and Wayne looking at Jack off-screen.)

(Shot of Jack frowning and looking down. He gestures.)

JACK: Will you please just have fun?! This is costing a damn fortune.

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)


(Shot of Karen and Wayne. She looks down, as Wayne puts a straw in a tall drink.)

Dad's pep-talk had failed to rally the troops.

(Close shot of Kevin turning to Paul off-screen.)

My only consolation was that Paul seemed to feel better.

(The camera pans slightly as Kevin leans toward Paul.)

KEVIN: Tomorrow...we hit the beach.

(Kevin looks off dreamily, and gestures.)

KEVIN: Suntans...

(Paul looks off and smiles.)

KEVIN: Bodysurfing...

(Shot past Kevin of Paul looking off.)

PAUL: Bikinis...(Smiles.)

Cut to

Ext. Day - Windy Beach

(Shot of two bikini-clad women trotting from the water toward the camera, which pulls back as they pass the Arnold's. Wayne is in the close foreground holding binoculars. He lowers the binoculars and smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

Yep. I always had Paul.

KEVIN: Come on.

(Kevin taps Paul.)

KEVIN: Let's go.

(They set a ball and towels down, and start to head off.)

NORMA (V/O): Paul?

(They look toward Norma off-screen.)

(Wide shot past Wayne and his binoculars of Norma approaching Kevin and Paul.)

NORMA: Are you OK, honey?

(Shot past Norma of Paul.)

PAUL: Yeah. (Shrugs.) Why?

(Shot of Norma, Kevin and Paul.)

NORMA: It's your face. (Frowns.)

(Shot past Norma of Paul as he touches his cheek.)

NORMA (V/O): It looks like you got a sunburn.

(Shot of Norma, Kevin and Paul.)

KEVIN: Mom, how can he have a sunburn - we just got here!

(Close shot of Paul touching his cheek.)

Still, his face did kinda look like a petrie-dish experiment.

PAUL: Is it red?

(Shot of Norma, Kevin and Paul. Kevin and Norma nod.)

(Close shot of Paul touching his cheek.)

PAUL: And blotchy?

(Shot of Norma, Kevin and Paul. Kevin and Norma nod.)

(Close shot of Paul. He flips up his sunglasses, sighs, and shakes his head.)

PAUL: This is not good.

Cut to

Motel Bathroom

(Close shot of Paul looking at himself in the mirror, touching his face.)

PAUL: This is definitely...not good.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Paul off-screen with concern.)

KEVIN: What is it?

(Close shot of Paul looking at himself in the mirror, touching his face.)

PAUL: Fish. I must have eaten fish.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Paul off-screen.)

KEVIN: Well, what do you have to do - call an ambulance?

(Wider shot of Kevin and Paul. They lean on the counter.)

PAUL: Nah...I'll be OK.

(Paul straightens up and turns to his small kit bag.)

PAUL: I just have to stay inside for a day or two...

(Shot past Paul of Kevin.)

KEVIN: A day or two?! (Frowns.) Paul, that's the entire vacation!

How could Paul do a rotten thing like this to me?

(Shot past Kevin of Paul, as Paul puts a hand on Kevin's shoulder.)

PAUL: Thanks for thinking of me, pal. (Smiles.)

(Shot past Paul of Kevin, as Paul pats his shoulder.)

PAUL (V/O): But I'll be OK...

(Shot past Kevin of Paul.)

PAUL: Trust me! (Smiles.)

Cut to

Ext. Day - Windy Beach

(Close shot of Kevin lying on a bamboo mat. Some sand blows past him.)

WAYNE (V/O): Heck.

(Kevin looks toward Wayne off-screen.)

WAYNE (V/O): You don't even know what long is! This is not long!

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Wayne in a chair, Jack and Norma with an umbrella between them and Karen in the background.)

WAYNE: I mean...(gestures)...you should see the guy Karen was talkin' to!

(Close shot of Kevin looking at them off-screen.)

(Closer shot of Wayne, Jack and Norma. Wayne is looking through the binoculars as Jack turns toward him.)

JACK: Who was Karen talkin' to?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at them off-screen.)

NORMA (V/O): Can we please try to have a good time?

(Close shot of Norma.)

NORMA: Karen's going away to college next year - this is the last time we have to all be together.

(The camera pans as Norma looks over her shoulder toward Karen. Karen adjust her dark glasses, and frowns.)

KAREN: Why...(gestures)...are there so many flies here?

(Shot of Wayne and Jack. Wayne looks through binoculars as Jack growls and opens a newspaper.)

(Close shot of Karen as she frowns, grabs her 8-track, and stands up.)

(Close shot of Norma frowning.)

NORMA: Karen?

(Close shot of Kevin looking up at the sky and sighing. He looks toward his family off-screen, then sits up.)

(Shot past Kevin of the group, as Kevin stands up, and walks toward the camera.)

(Norma starts to settle back, then looks at Kevin and leans forward, as Kevin passes the camera.)

NORMA: Kevin? Where are you going?

KEVIN (V/O): For a walk...

(Wide shot of the sand and water as Kevin walks into the shot along the water's edge.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking off toward the water.)

I couldn't figure out what had happened to the vacations we used to take.

Fade to

(Clip of Jack in the water, lifting Kevin over his shoulders.)

When we did things...

(Jack sets Kevin down in the water. Wayne sticks out his tongue and thumbs his ears at the camera.)


(Wayne splashes water on the camera.)

(Clip of Norma running through the water to Jack, as Karen watches.)

And everybody was happy.

(Jack lifts up Norma, who stretches out.)

(Clip of Norma braiding Karen's hair, and smiling as the camera approaches. Jack's hand waves at them in front of the camera. Norma and Karen wave back.)

(Clip of Everyone around Jack, who is buried in the sand. Wayne waves at the camera, then trots over and dumps a pail of sand on Jack's head. Jack gets up, chases Wayne into the water, and picks him up.)

(Clips of all five of the Arnold's lined up, waving at the camera. They turn and walks along the beach at the water's edge. Fade to white.)

(Fade to wide shot of Kevin looking toward the water.)

But that was ages ago. I was thirteen now, and summer was almost over.

(The camera pans as a couple walking hand-in-hand heads toward the water.)

All around me, people were having fun...

(They walk behind Kevin and past the camera.)

(Close shot of Kevin watching them off-screen.)

With their boyfriends named "Chip".

(Kevin bends down.)

(Wide shot of Kevin picking up a pebble, and throwing it toward the water. He looks after it, and sighs.)

(Shot from in front of Kevin as he squats down next to a straw hat, picks it up, then stands up.)

(Shot of Kevin in profile, looking at the hat.)

TERI (V/O): Hey!

(Kevin looks up, then looks toward the camera.)

(Close shot of a pair of feet and ankles in the sand.)

("Good Vibrations" - Beach Boys plays.)


(Slow motion as the camera pans up Teri's legs.)

"I love the colorful clothes she wears"

(She has her hands tucked between her thighs. Slow-motion as the camera pans up to her, looking past the camera, smiling slightly.)

"And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair"

(Music ends.)

(Shot of Kevin frowning and pointing to his chest.)


(Close shot of Teri as she smiles.)

TERI: Yeah. (Nods.) What's your name, brown-eyes?

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Uh...Kevin.

(Close shot of Teri.)

TERI: You sure? (Smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Yeah. (Nods.)

(Close shot of Teri.)

TERI: Well, Kevin, can I ask you something?

(Shot of Kevin. He smiles and shakes his head.)

"Could" she?

(He shrugs and gestures.)

Would she!

KEVIN: Sure!

(Close shot of Teri as she nods.)

TERI: Can I have my hat?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at the hat, then smiling as he approaches the camera.)

(Shot of Teri, and Kevin approaching her.)

KEVIN: Here.

(Teri takes the hat.)

TERI: Thanks.

(Shot past Kevin of Teri smiling and looking up at him, then looking down.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

Well I guess that was that.

(Kevin looks of and licks his lips.)

Who was I kidding anyway?

(Kevin smiles and turns around.)

This girl was definitely out of my league.

TERI (V/O): Wait!

(Kevin turns back.)

(Close shot of Teri.)

TERI: I'm Teri, with an "RI". (Smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

I beg your pardon?

(He smiles and approaches.)

KEVIN: That's pretty.

(Close shot of Teri looking up at Kevin off-screen.)

TERI: How old are you?

(Close shot of Kevin glancing off.)

How old am I? Well, uh, gee. Lemme see here.

KEVIN: Fourteen.

(He looks down at Teri off-screen and smiles.)

Forgive me!

KEVIN: How old are you?

(Close shot of Teri. She smiles and tilts her head back.)

TERI: Guess.

Uh-oh. I'd heard about these feminine traps before.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

There was no right way to answer this one.

KEVIN: Well, you're...(shrugs)...too pretty to be...just fourteen. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Teri smiling.)

Then again...

TERI: I'm fifteen.

(She frowns and nods.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I was gonna guess fifteen. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Teri as she smiles and looks off.)

TERI: Sure you were.

(Shot of Kevin's leg as she brushes it with the back of her hand.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

My God, she touched my leg!

(Kevin looks at his leg.)

Was that an accident?

(Close shot of Teri. She looks next to her, then at Kevin off-screen.)

TERI: So, you want to sit down? (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Yeah!

(Kevin sits. The camera pans slightly to include Teri. Kevin smiles at her.)

My adolescent mind was spinning out of control.

(They both look forward.)

This was amazing! This was...incredible! This was...

(Teri looks at Kevin.)

(Kevin looks at Teri and smiles broadly.)

An older woman!

(Close shot of Teri looking forward and smiling.)

("Music "Good Vibrations" - Beach Boys plays.)

"I'm thinkin' 'bout good vibrations"

(She looks at Kevin off-screen and smiles.)

"She's givin' me excitations"

(Close shot of Kevin smiling at her off-screen.)

"I'm thinkin' 'bout...good vibrations"

(He looks forward, smiling.)

"She's givin' me...excitations"

(Music fades.)

Fade to

Int. Evening - Restaurant

(The accordion band is playing.)

(Close shot of Wayne noisily sucking his drink with a straw.)

(Close shot of Kevin turning and frowning at Wayne off-screen.)

(Close shot of Norma turning and looking at Wayne off-screen.)

(Close shot of Jack glancing sideways at Wayne off-screen.)

(Close shot of Wayne glancing at Jack off-screen.)

(Wide shot of all as Karen approaches and sits down, and puts a napkin in her lap.)

JACK: Where you been?


(Shot past Karen of Jack looking at her.)

JACK: From now on, I want to know where you go, when you go.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at them off-screen, then down.)

(Shot past Jack of Karen frowning at him.)

KAREN: First you tell me that I have to come on this stupid vacation.

(Shot past Karen of Jack blinking and looking off.)

KAREN (V/O): And then you tell me to have fun.

(Shot past Jack of Karen frowning at him.)

KAREN: I try to have fun! (Gestures.) And then you get mad at me all over again. (Frowns.)

(She looks toward Norma off-screen, then turns back to Jack, frowning.)

KAREN: I hate this!

(She slaps her napkin down, then stands up and walks off.)

(Close shot of Jack as he looks toward her empty seat, then glances across the table.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Jack off-screen.)

(Close shot of Jack as he looks at Norma. He looks down, then sets his drink down, then wipes his mouth with a napkin. He looks at Norma off-screen.)

JACK: I'll be right back.

(Jack looks down, and exits.)

(Shot across the table of Norma closing her eyes, then glancing toward Kevin off-screen and looking after Jack off-screen.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin fiddling with his fork.)

OK - maybe my timing wasn't the best, but -

(Kevin looks at Norma, as she loks down.)

KEVIN: Mom? Can I go to the pier?

(Shot past Kevin of Norma looking at him questioningly.)

KEVIN: I mean, tomorrow night.

(She shakes her head.)

NORMA: By yourself? (Frowns.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin as he looks at his fork, then back.)

KEVIN: No, not exactly...

(He looks off.)

(Shot past Kevin of Norma.)

NORMA: With who? (Frowns.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin as he looks at his fork.)

KEVIN: Just...Teri.

(He looks up at Norma.)

(Shot past Kevin of Norma as she frowns.)

NORMA: Who's Teri?

(Shot past Norma of Kevin looking at her.)

NORMA: Some boy you met on the beach?

(Kevin hesitates, and smiles.)

KEVIN: Not exactly.

(Shot past Kevin of Norma looking at him questioningly.)

NORMA: What do you mean?

(Shot past Norma of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Well...

(He glances between his fork and Norma.)

I didn't want Mom to think I was having some kind of illicit rendezvous.

(Shot past Kevin of Norma looking down, then back to Kevin.)

This would have to be handled delicately.

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne.)

WAYNE: Some bimbo he met on the beach! (Smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin and Norma, as Kevin frowns over his shoulder at Wayne off-screen.)

KEVIN: She's not a bimbo, Wayne!

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne.)

WAYNE: Can I have a beer, Mom. (smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Norma.)

NORMA: Wayne! Go back to the room. (Nods.)

(Wide shot of the three of them and the table.)

WAYNE: But, I - (Gestures.)


(Wayne stands, tosses his napkin down, and exits. Norma looks after him as he exits across the camera.)

(Shot past Kevin of Norma as she looks down, then at Kevin.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin as he turns toward her.)

(Shot past Kevin of Norma as she looks down again, then at Kevin.)

NORMA: You promise to be back by nine-thirty?

(Shot past Norma of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Yeah. (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Norma. She smiles faintly, looks down and nods, then looks at Kevin.)


(Close shot of Kevin looking at her off-screen.)

And we have lift-off.

(Kevin smiles and glances off.)

I was so happy I wanted to leap!

(Kevin look at Norma off-screen and smiles.)

I wanted to dance! I wanted to kiss her! Ah, what the heck.

(Kevin shrugs and starts to stand up.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin as he kisses her on the cheek.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin as he holds her shoulders and looks her in the eye.)

KEVIN: Bless you! (Smiles.)

(Kevin exits behind her.)

(Shot of Norma as she smiles happily and looks over her shoulder after Kevin off-screen. She turns forward and looks down.)

Cut to

Ext. Day - Pier

(Wide shot of Kevin on the pier, walking toward the camera. He glances around, and swings his arms while walking. Sound of a calliope in the background.)

(He pauses and smiles.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Teri sitting on a bench, facing the water. She turns toward the camera.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling at her off-screen, and walking - then trotting - past the camera.)

(Wide shot of Teri on the bench as Kevin trots past the camera up to her.)

(Close shot of Teri smiling at him as Kevin stops in front of her.)

KEVIN (V/O): Hi!


(Shot past Teri of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Hi! (Smiles.)

(Kevin looks off.)

OK, we'd exhausted that topic.

(Kevin looks back at Teri.)

(Shot past Kevin of Teri.)

TERI: So, you like bumpers cars?

(Close shot of Kevin. He shrugs.)

KEVIN: Yeah...

Cut to

Day - Amusement Park

("Wouldn't It Be Nice" - Beach Boys starts and plays throughout.)

"Wouldn't it be nice if we were older"

(Shot of them riding in a bumper car past the camera. Kevin steers, smiling.)

(Another shot of them approaching the camera. Teri takes the wheel and makes a tight U-turn.)

"Then we wouldn't have to wait so long"

(Another shot of them approaching the camera. Teri mouths "Go that way" and points. Kevin runs into the wall.)

"And wouldn't it be nice to live together"

(Cut to "the crane game" - picking a small toy with a crane. Shot through the glass of the booth as Teri mouths "That one" and points. Kevin maneuvers the crane.)

"In the kind of world where we belong"

(Cut to "Ski-Ball" - a miniature bowling-type game. Kevin and Teri are in the middle of a line-up of kids. Kevin rolls, left-handed, then Teri rolls. Kevin slaps his forehead.)

(Cut to "the crane game" again.)

"You know its gonna make it that much better"

(Kevin maneuvers the crane.)

(Cut to a shot of them talking, and walking up the boardwalk, each with cotton-candy. The camera pans with them.)

"When we can say goodnight"

It's odd.

(Teri points across Kevin.)

I'd only just met her...

"And stay together"

(Kevin looks off. Teri snatches some of his cotton-candy and smiles.)

But already it felt like I had known her for...days.

(Cut to a shot of them in the photo-booth.)

"Wouldn't it be nice if we could wake up"

(They sit side-by-side, stretching their faces with their fingers as the flash goes off. Cut to another pose - they look at each other. Flash. Cut to another shot of them looking at the camera. Flash.)

I think she felt that way, too.

"In the morning when the day is new"

(Cut to shot of the booth as Teri exits.)

"In the morning when the day is new"

(Kevin exits, smiling excitedly at the pictures.)

"And after having spent the day together"

(Cut to "the crane game".)

"Hold each other close the whole night through"

(Shot through the glass of Kevin as he looks over his shoulder, then maneuvers.)

(Cut to a shot of Kevin and Teri face-to-face on the boardwalk. Kevin has his hand behind his back.)

"Happy times together we've been spending"

(Teri covers her eyes, and Kevin holds out a stuffed animal.)

"I wish that every kiss was neverending"

(Teri uncovers her eyes, and looks surprised. She mouths "Oh, thank you", kisses Kevin on the cheek, and walks off.)

"Wouldn't it be nice"

(Kevin looks off and smiles, then gets tugged out of the shot.)

(Music ends.)

Cut to

Evening - Boardwalk

(Wide shot past a ride as they walk along the boardwalk. The camera moves in. Teri is looking at the stuffed animal.)

TERI: I think I'll name him "Brown-eyes". He's all ugly, and covered with warts - like you.

(Teri looks at Kevin, as he looks at the strip of photos.)

KEVIN: Uh, good.

TERI: Earth to Kevin...

(Teri pauses and Kevin turns around to face her.)

KEVIN: I'm here, I'm just...lookin' at the pictures.

TERI: That's all you've been doing for the last hour.

(Close shot of Kevin glancing off.)

Even at thirteen - sorry, fourteen...

(Kevin looks down at the photos.)

I knew it wouldn't be a good idea to tell her I was gloating.

(Kevin looks off and smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Teri looking at him.)

Gloating that I now had proof...

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Teri off-screen.)

That this night was real.

KEVIN: I think we look neat together.

(Shot past Kevin of Teri looking at him.)

TERI: Yeah?

(Close shot of Kevin glancing down, then at Teri off-screen.)

KEVIN: Yeah. (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Teri looking at him.)

TERI: You know, Kevin, you seem very mature for fourteen.

(Close shot of Kevin glancing off, then at Teri off-screen.)

KEVIN: And, so do you. (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Teri looking at him.)

KEVIN: For fifteen, I mean.

(She frowns and leans a little closer.)

TERI: Does that bother you?

(Close shot of Kevin looking off, then at Teri off-screen.)

KEVIN: No. Does it bother you?

(Close shot of Teri. She hesitates, then nods.)

TERI: Yeah. It really does.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

TERI (V/O): Gotcha!

(Shot past Kevin of Teri as she giggles, messes his hair, and trots away.)

(Close shot of Kevin loking after her off-screen, and smiling slightly.)

I was definitely navigating uncharted waters.

(Kevin walks past the camera.)

Cut to

Ext. Night - The Pier

(Wide shot of the the pier pilings. The camera moves sideways past the pilings. Kevin and Teri are sitting side-by-side on the sand, in the middle distance.)

TERI: Um, I love the beach.

KEVIN: Yeah, me too.

TERI: You guys come here every year?

KEVIN: Well, my parents spent their honeymoon here.

TERI: Oh really? It must be very romantic.

(Close shot from Teri's side.)

KEVIN: Yeah, I guess...

(Teri looks at him.)

(Shot from Kevin's side.)

(She looks him over.)

TERI: Do you know what I feel like doing, Brown-eyes?

(Close shot past Teri of Kevin looking at her.)

I couldn't help but wonder if what she felt like doing was what I felt like doing.

KEVIN: What...?

(Shot past Kevin of Teri as she leans over and kisses him on the cheek.)

(Shot past Teri of Kevin as she pulls away, smiling.)

TERI: That's what.

(Kevin smiles a bit self-consciously and looks away.)

(Shot past Kevin of Teri as she Teri leans closer.)

(Slow-motion shot from Teri's side as they kiss.)

(Some light music plays as the shot fades to another shot from directly in front of them as they kiss. The camera moves in slowly.)

(Fade to three shots of them kissing.)

(Slow-motion shot as they pull apart slowly. The camera pans toward Kevin slightly as he looks off slightly dazed. Teri rises out of the shot, and Kevin looks after her, then rises out of the shot.)

I was prepared to die now.

(Normal speed. Shot through the pier of Teri trotting away inthe distance as Kevin passes the camera and follows her. She slows up and puts her hands in her pockets.)

(Close shot of Teri as she looks past the camera toward the water, and Kevin approaches behind her.)

(Music ends.)

OK, I should ask her to wait for me now. Just until I get out of junior high school. Then we can get married.

KEVIN: Teri?

(She turns.)

(Shot past Kevin of Teri as she turns to face him.)

TERI: Yes, Brown-eyes?

(Shot past Teri of Kevin as he wrings his hands and glances around.)

KEVIN: Would, would you...uh, I mean...

(Shot past Kevin of Teri as he looks at him.)

TERI: Anything...

(Shot past Teri of Kevin looking at her.)

KEVIN: You wanna go rafting tomorrow? (Frowns.)

(Shot past Kevin of Teri.)

TERI: I'd love to.

KEVIN: Then it's a date.

TERI: Except...we don't do much rafting in Albuquerque.

(Shot past Teri of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Albuquerque? (Frowns.)

(Close shot of Teri as he froens.)

TERI: I have to leave tomorrow.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning, and glancing off, then back.)

KEVIN: Leave?

TERI (V/O): We have to.

(Close shot of Teri.)

TERI: Dad got called back early.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

KEVIN: Why didn't you tell me?

(Close shot of Teri. She looks off and shrugs slightly. She looks at Kevin, and shakes her head and smiles slightly.)

TERI: Would you have had any fun tonight if I did?

(Close shot of Kevin looking off.)

OK, granted - girls mature faster than boys...

(He looks at Teri off-screen, then glances off.)

But this was too rational.

(He shakes his head and shrugs.)

KEVIN: I guess not...(Frowns.)

(Close shot of Teri.)

TERI: I have to go in now.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

KEVIN: So that's it?

(Close shot of Teri shaking her head.)

TERI: I'll miss you, Kevin.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Yeah, sure.

(He frowns and looks off.)

(Shot past Kevin of Teri. She smiles slightly.)

TERI: I'll write you.

(She steps closer.)

TERI: I promise.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at her off-screen.)

TERI (V/O): Didn't you have a good time?

(Kevin looks off, then smiles slightly.)

KEVIN: Yeah.

(Kevin looks at her off-screen.)

KEVIN: I had a great time.

(Close shot of Teri smiling slightly.)

(Close shot of Kevin. He sighs.)

KEVIN: Come on. (Nods.) I'll walk you home.

TERI (V/O): That's OK.

(Close shot of Teri. She hesitates.)

TERI: I want to remember you just like this. (Smiles.) That cute little smile, and those...big puppy-dog eyes, and your hair all messed up.

(Shot past Teri of Kevin as he brushes his hair back.)

TERI: Gotcha!

(Kevin pauses and looks at her.)

(Shot past Kevin of Teri a she kisses him on the cheek.)

(Shot of past Teri of Kevin as she pulls away and trots off behind him. Kevin turns and looks after her trotting away.)

I knew at that moment, that life was not fair. Sure...

(Close shot of Kevin looking after her off-screen. He sighs. The camera moves in very slowly.)

I'd write to her, and maybe she'd write me - then what? Could we really wait for each other for the next ten or twelve years? It was hopeless.

(Kevin frowns and glances off, then after Teri off-screen.)

I'd never felt pain like this before in my entire life. It felt...wonderful.

(Kevin sighs.)

Fade to

Ext. Night - Amusement Park

(Shot of a Ferris-wheel in the background as Kevin walks into the shot, and turns slightly to walk toward the camera which rolls back with him.)

(Light guitar music plays throughout this scene and the next.)

(He takes a few steps, then pauses and looks past the camera.)

(Wide shot from behind, of Norma and Jack, followed by Karen, walking on the beach away from the camera. Wayne hurries backward into the shot as a wave rolls up the sand.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at them off-screen.)

A lot happened on the beach in Ocean City that summer night in 1969.

(Shot of the four on the beach. Norma and Jack are facing each other, as Wayne throws a rock and walks toward the water. Karen joins Jack and Norma and takes Jack's hand, then pulls on him. Wayne picks up another rock, then hops on Karen's back.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at them off-screen, and smiling slightly. He walks past the camera.)

(Shot of the four on the beach as Kevin runs past the camera after them. He jumps on Jack's back. they walk down the beach.)

And of course, none of it was permanent.

Fade to

Ext. Day - The Road

(Shot from the front of the Dodge. The windshield wipers are going.)

(Norma And Paul are nodding off. Paul leans against Jack and smiles. Jack sighs.)

(Close shot through the side-rear window of Kevin looking out, smiling. Karen is asleep next to him.)

Fade to

Ext. Day - Winnie's House

(Close shot of Winnie looking at Kevin off-screen. A bit of Winnie's theme plays. It is raining.)

WINNIE: Hi! (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at her off-screen. His shirt and hair are wet.)

KEVIN: Hi! (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Winnie looking at Kevin off-screen.)

Well after all, Winnie was my next-door neighbor...

(Wide shot of both, face-to-face. Kevin gestures.)

KEVIN: How you doin'?

WINNIE: Fine. (Smiles.)

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin frowning.)

KEVIN: Sorry about your dad moving to Chicago.

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie. She glances off and sighs.)

WINNIE: Well, yeah...

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking off.)

KEVIN: So, uh...

(He looks at Winnie.)

KEVIN: How's Chip? (Frowns.)

(Shot past Kevin off Winnie. She looks a little surprised.)


(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

OK, maybe it was asking for trouble...

(Kevin frowns and squints at Winnie.)

But I had an ace or two under my own -

(Close shot of Winnie looking off, then at Kevin off-screen.)

WINNIE: We broke up. (Frowns.)

(She glances off, then back to Kevin and and shrugs.)

WINNIE: I guess it was just one of those...

(She glances off and back.)

WINNIE: Summer things.

(She nods slightly and looks Kevin over.)

WINNIE: Ya know?

(Close shot of Kevin as he looks off, then at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: Yeah. (Smiles.) I do.

(He looks off again and bites his lip.)

(Close shot of Winnie smiling and shrugging.)

WINNIE: So it's great, huh?

(Close shot of Kevin as he looks at her off-screen and nods.)

(Close shot of Winnie as she smiles slightly.)

WINNIE: I think it's gonna be good. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Yeah!

(He smiles and nods, and licks his lips.)

KEVIN: Yeah. Me, too. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Winnie. She smiles and shakes her head.)

BOTH: Welcome home!

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

(Wide shot of both.)

Fade to

Int. Night - Kevin's Bedroom

(Shot of Kevin on his bed, sitting cross-legged in his pajamas. He is reading a letter.)

When you're thirteen, it's a long way to Albuquerque.

(Light guitar music plays as the camera moves in slowly.)

Teri told me about getting her learner's permit, and taking her first drive with a stick-shift. She wrote of our night at the beach.

(Kevin turns the letter over.)

She told me she missed me so much that she cried herself to sleep at night.

(Kevin folds the letter in half, then in half again.)

And she promised to write to me, until we saw each other again.

(Kevin turns toward his night-table. The camera pans across to it, as Kevin sets the letter on it.)

I keep that letter in an old shoebox.

(The camera moves in on the letter, and strip of photos resting against the box.)

It was the only letter she ever wrote me.

Fade to


Supporting Cast
Delores - Juliette Lewis
Teri - Holly Sampson

"Spinning Wheel" - Blood, Sweat & Tears
"Sentimental Journey" Les Brown
"Drunken Sailor" - ?
"Good Vibrations" - Beach Boys
"Wouldn't It Be Nice" - Beach Boys

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