Episode 104 - "New Year"


Int. Day - Arnold Garage

(Shot of boxes and stuff. "Auld Lang Syne" plays as the camera moves in, across ice-skates and other stuff.)

Over the years, a family develops a kind of character. A sense of heritage.

(The camera pans sideways across more stuff.)

A feeling of roots. For my family, those roots extended all the way to the back of our garage. It was kind of our Plymouth Rock.

(The camera pans to Kevin and Wayne. Kevin holds a large carton, as Wayne holds up some placemats.)

WAYNE: Hey - look at this. The old placemats. They'll be great if we have a dinner party.

(Wayne slips them into Kevin's box.)

KEVIN: Yeah, great.

(Wayne holds up a toy airplane and rocket.)

WAYNE: Remember these? (Nods.)

KEVIN: Those are mine!

(Wayne tosses them in the box.)

WAYNE: Bonnie'll love 'em in the kid's room.

KEVIN: Hey, but -

(Wayne sets a smaller box on top of Kevin's box.)

KEVIN: Thanks.

(Wayne picks up a toy riding horse.)

The final week of nineteen-seventy-two.

(Wayne sets the horse in the box.)

(Close shot of Kevin and the horse.)

Where I lived, it was a time of change.

(Shot of Wayne walking toward more stuff.)

Most particularly in the person of...

(Wayne looks up from the box and smiles at Kevin off-screen.)

WAYNE: Wow - curtains. (Giggles.)

My new brother.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning slightly at Wayne off-screen.)

(Close shot of Wayne lifting the curtains from the box.)

Sure - maybe this looked like the same doofus I'd shared a room with for fifteen years...but in one way, he was different.

(Wayne looks at the curtains, then at Kevin off-screen and nods.)

WAYNE: Will ya look at this pattern, huh? (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning slightly at Wayne off-screen.)

Wayne was in love.

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne as Wayne puts the curtains in the box.)

WAYNE: Ah. Come on - let's show Bonnie.

(Wayne exits.)

And somehow...

(Kevin glances at the horse in his box, then awkwardly backs up, carrying the box.)

Our garage was never gonna be the same again.

Cut to

Ext. Day - Arnold Front Yard

(Shot of Wayne walking down the driveway toward the street.)

WAYNE: Hey - look at these!

(Shot of Norma and Bonnie. Norma is holding Bonnie's baby, David.)

WAYNE (V/O): This stuff's great!

(Shot of Kevin walking down the driveway, carrying the big box.)

Not that I begrudged the guy his good fortune. After all, he'd found the girl of his dreams.

(Kevin sets the box on the hood of the car noisily.)

(Shot of Norma, Bonnie and Wayne as Bonnie nods at Wayne.)

BONNIE: These are nice, Wayne. (Smiles.)

Bonnie Douglas. Twenty-three, divorced, and mother of one.

(Bonnie looks at Norma.)

BONNIE: You sure it's alright if we take all this?

NORMA: Oh, of course it is.

(Shot past Norma of Bonnie and Wayne looking at her.)

WAYNE: Yeah - of course it is! (Nods.)

(Wayne looks toward David.)

WAYNE: Uh, peekaboo!

(Shot of Norma, Bonnie and Wayne as Wayne holds the curtains in front of David. The baby starts to cry.)


(Norma turns him toward her and makes a face.)

NORMA: Oh, sweetheart...

WAYNE: Wh-what did I do?

(Shot past Norma of Kevin looking toward Wayne and Bonnie off-screen.)

But it wasn't what he'd done that was so perplexing...it was how he was doing it.

(Shot past Kevin of Norma, Bonnie and Wayne.)

NORMA: Honey...

(Norma frowns and looks Wayne over.)

NORMA: You know, you're looking awfully thin - are you sure you're getting enough rest?

(Shot past Norma of Bonnie looking at Wayne.)

BONNIE: Still working two shifts at the plant...

(Bonnie looks at Norma.)

BONNIE: He doesn't have time to sleep...

(Wayne holds Bonnie around the shoulders and nuzzles closer to her.)

WAYNE: Besides...who says I want to sleep?

(He kisses her on the cheek.)


(Shot past Wayne of Norma smiling, slightly embarrassed, then glancing down.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin looking at Norma, then shaking his head and frowning at Wayne off-screen.)

KEVIN: Wayne? A little help, here...

(Shot of Bonnie and Wayne as they turn toward Kevin off-screen.)

WAYNE: Oh, yeah. Well...

(Wayne jerks his thumb over his shoulder.)

WAYNE: Put it in back, and...(gestures)....don't break anything.

(Wayne looks away.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning at Wayne off-screen.)

KEVIN: Gotchya.

(Kevin picks up the box and turns away. The camera pans with him.)

NORMA (V/O): Oh, look at him - he's the cutest little baby.

(Shot of Norma, Bonnie and Wayne as Bonnie takes David from Norma.)

NORMA: Look at those eyes. What a handsome, handsome boy...

(Shot past Norma of Bonnie and Wayne.)

WAYNE: Yeah.

(Wayne chucks David under the chin.)

WAYNE: Hell of a lot better lookin' than his old man. (Smiles.)

(Shot across Bonnie's car of Kevin looking at them off-screen.)

Which, around my house...

(Shot past Wayne of Norma looking at him, slightly surprised.)

Was kind of a sore subject.

NORMA: Has, uh...James been...(shrugs)...calling again? (Smiles.)

(Shot past Norma of Bonnie and Wayne looking at her.)

BONNIE: Well, no...a couple times, but, you know...(shrugs)...just to say "hi".

(Shot past Wayne of Norma looking down.)

NORMA: Oh. (Frowns.)

WAYNE: Mom...

(Norma looks at Wayne.)

WAYNE: Don't worry.

(Shot past Norma of Bonnie and Wayne.)

WAYNE: You know, the guy's a jerk.

(Shot of Norma, Bonnie and Wayne as Norma nods and smiles slightly at Bonnie.)

WAYNE: Come on...(gestures)...we gotta go.

(Wayne slides off the car and exits past the camera.)

And there it was.

(Shot across Wayne's car of Kevin looking up toward Wayne off-screen.)

Almost overnight, Wayne had changed.

(Shot of Wayne walking around the car. The camera pans with him.)

He'd become a picture of patience...

(Wayne takes a dollar bill from his pocket.)


(Wayne stops in front of Kevin and rubs the dollar between his fingers.)

WAYNE: So...can I give you a buck for your help? (Smiles.) Huh? Huh?


KEVIN: Hang on to it.

(Kevin steps away from the car. Wayne puts the bill back in his pocket.)

(Kevin steps past Wayne.)

WAYNE: Suit yourself.

(Wayne gets in the car.)

WAYNE: I'm goin' for the night-shift.

It was almost ironic.

(Kevin smiles slightly as he walks up the driveway, then pauses and looks at Wayne off-screen. Norma passes the camera and approaches Kevin.)

My no-good, lay-about brother...had become...

(Norma puts her arm around Kevin and looks toward Wayne off-screen.)

(Shot through the windshield of Bonnie and Wayne in his car.)

A devoted family-man.

(Shot of Kevin and Norma as Norma blows a kiss and smiles at Wayne off-screen. Kevin waves slightly and smirks.)

As opposed to say...me.

(Norma pats Kevin on the shoulder then walks toward the housse. Kevin looks after Norma, then looks at Wayne off-screen.)

A man devoted to avoiding his family.

KEVIN (V/O): Hut-hut.

Cut to

Ext. Day - Park

(High wide shot of the guys playing football as the ball is snapped.)

KEVIN: Hike!

No matter what the cost.

CHUCK (V/O): OK...

(Close shot of Chuck with the ball, and Kevin behind him.)

KEVIN: Alright, back! Back!

(Chuck laterals the ball to Kevin, who runs forward.)

In the first ten days of Christmas recess...

(The camera pulls back as Kevin runs into the line.)

I'd participated in thirteen semi-organized...

(Everyone falls into the pile.)

Semi-suicidal touch football games.

(They start to unpile.)

CHUCK: Jeez. This ground is rock-solid.

(Chuck and others get up. Jeff sits up and holds his knee.)

JEFF: I think I broke somethin'.

(The camera pans over slightly to Paul getting up.)

PAUL: What are we doing here?

Of course, the reason was obvious.

(The camera pans over to Kevin who elbows his way through two guys.)

KEVIN: Gotcha outta the house, didn't it?

(Kevin stands up, and Chuck backs into the shot, facing the camera.)

CHUCK: He's right. Come on, guys...(claps)...let's huddle up.

(High wide shot of Kevin and teammates trotting several steps into the backfield.)

At sixteen, we were men on the run, fleeing house, home, and parents.

(They start to form a huddle.)

(Close shot of Jeff as Kevin approaches and puts his around Jeff's shoulder.)

Afraid of nothing. Except, maybe...

(Shot of Chuck and Paul as Paul looks at him.)

PAUL: What are you guys doin' for New Year's eve?

CHUCK: Uh. Serving drinks at my parents' party. You?

PAUL: My uncle's showing home-movies. (Frowns.)

(Chuck looks off and sighs.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Chuck and Paul off-screen.)

New Year's eve. The nightmare of family togetherness.

(Kevin frowns slightly and looks forward.)

(Close shot of Jeff.)

JEFF: Hey, ya know...Eddie Putnam's having a big party.

CHUCK: Yeah?

JEFF: Yeah...(nods)...at his parents' ski-condo. In the mountains.

(Shot of Chuck and Paul.)

CHUCK: Yeah?

JEFF (V/O): Yeah.

(Paul looks toward Jeff off-screen.)

(Shot of Kevin and Jeff as Kevin looks at him.)

JEFF: Plus, Eddie's folks are gonna be out of town, in Aruba.

(Shot of Chuck and Paul smiling at each other.)

It was an image to warm the heart...

(Close shot of Kevin glancing off.)

Of any red-blooded adolescent. A beacon of romance...revelry...freedom...

Fade to


(Shot of the moon, and snow falling on trees outside. "Somewhere, My Love" ("Lara's Theme") plays.)

A moonlit night.

(Winnie and Kevin approach each other on a balcony.)

Eddie Putnam's dad's ski-condo...and Winnie.

(They pause then take each other's hands.The camera moves in slowly.)

KEVIN: Happy New Year. (Smiles.)

WINNIE: Happy New Year. (Smiles.)

(They move in slowly, then kiss passionately.)

And suddenly, from the ashes of Christmas at home...a new hope arose. A New Year's inspiration.

(The camera pans up toward the moon.)

And all of it...just two hours by car.

Fade to

The Huddle

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: Alright - I'm goin'. Count me in.

(Kevin looks around the guys.)

KEVIN: Everyone - go long. Ready...

(Shot of the huddle as they stand up and clap their hands together.)

ALL: Break!

(The camera rolls back as the guys approach the line.)

The plan was set.

(Shot along the line-of-scrimmage as both teams approach and get set.)

A New Year's blowout.

(Chuck postions himself over the ball.)

(Shot of Kevin as quarterback.)

KEVIN: Down. Set.

(Shot from behind Chuck as he looks over his shoulder.)

KEVIN (V/O): Hut-hut!

(Chuck hikes the ball.)

(Shot of Kevin catching the ball, and stepping backwards.)

And nothing could stand in my way.

(Kevin pumps the ball, and pauses, looking down field.)


(Kevin gets sacked.)

NORMA (V/O): A party?

Cut to

Int. Morning - Arnold Kitchen

(Close shot of Norma frowning.)

NORMA: At a ski-lodge?

Just one little hitch.

(Norma looks skeptical.)

(Close shot of Kevin at the table, looking toward Norma off-screen.)

KEVIN: Well...it's not exactly a lodge...

(He glance off, then back to Norma off-screen and gestures.)

KEVIN: And it's not really a party. Just...

(Kevin looks off.)

The bash of the century.

(Kevin looks at Norma off-screen and smiles.)

KEVIN: Just...a get-together, ya know? (Nods.)

(Shot past Kevin of Norma approaching with a glass of orange juice.)

NORMA: They're not gonna have beer, are they?

(Norma sets the juice down.)

(Shot past norma of Kevin looking at her.)

KEVIN: Mom, come on! (Smiles.) Beer? (Gestures.)

(Kevin smiles as Norma turns and walks toward the camera.)

Totally ridiculous.

(Kevin glances at Norma, spoons his cereal, then looks toward Norma.)

KEVIN: So, what do you say?

(Shot past Kevin of Norma turning from the stove, holding a plate.)

NORMA: Well...(shrugs)...I guess it would be OK...

(Norma approaches Kevin and sets the plate down.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Great.

(Kevin smiles and spoons his cereal.)

(Shot past Kevin of Norma spreading her arms.)

NORMA: Except, we already have plans for New Year's eve. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning at Norma off-screen.)


KEVIN: We do?

NORMA (V/O): Your brother's taking us all out to dinner.

(Shot of Norma turning from the open refrigerator and looking at Kevin off-screen.)

NORMA: The whole family.

(Norma closes the refrigerator and crosses the kitchen.)

NORMA: Including Winnie. (Smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin frowning at Norma off-screen.)

KEVIN: What?!

NORMA (V/O): Isn't that sweet?

(Shot of Norma looking at Kevin off-creen.)

NORMA: He wants it to be his treat.

KEVIN: Well, that's great, but I'm gonna -

NORMA (V/O): Ya know...

(Shot past Kevin of Norma approaching with a plate.)

NORMA: I think this is really important to Wayne.

(She sets the plate down.)

NORMA: He's been working so hard...

(She glances off.)

NORMA: Knocking himself out for Bonnie and the baby.

(Norma looks at Kevin, then quickly turns toward the kitchen.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Yeah, well...thanks but no thanks.

(Close shot of Norma turning and frowning at Kevin off-screen.)

NORMA: Kevin!

(Close shot of Kevin frowning at Norma off-screen.)


(Close shot of Norma frowning at Kevin off-screen.)

Hmmm. Clearly, we were at an impasse.

(Norma sighs and looks down.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning at Norma off-screen.)

So, faced with a tough decision, Mom did what any fair-minded parent...

(Shot of Jack entering from the living room, carrying his cup and briefcase.)

Would do.

(Norma takes a step forward.)

NORMA: Why don't you ask your father, honey. (Nods.)

JACK: Ask me what?

(Shot past Jack of Kevin looking at him.)

KEVIN: Dad - about that New Years eve thing...

(Close shot of Jack turning toward Kevin off-screen.)

JACK: You're going, and that's that.

(Jack holds a toaster-waffle in his mouth as he reaches for the door.)

So much for fair-mindedness.

NORMA (V/O): Bye, honey!

(Jack looks over his shoulder, then exits.)

(Shot of Kevin looking at Jack off-screen, then frowning and looking away.)

I'd been set up, sold out, and shipped down the river.

(Kevin looks toward Norma off-screen.)

(Shot of Norma smiling and shrugging at Kevin off-screen.)

With New Year's eve fast approaching...

(Shot of Kevin smirking at Norma off-screen, then sighing and looking off.)

I knew my only hope was...

Cut to

Int. Day - Laundromat

(Close shot of the round door of a clothes dryer.)

To look to a higher source.

(The camera pulls back slightly as Kevin and Wayne converge as Wayne opens the door.)

KEVIN: Wayne - why can't the family get together another night?

(Wayne reaches in the dryer.)

WAYNE: Because. (Nods.) Holidays are a time for families.


(Wayne turns from the dryer with some clothes. The camera pulls back slightly.)

WAYNE: Ow. Clothes are hot.

KEVIN: Wayne!

(Kevin follows Wayne, who sets the clothes on a counter. Kevin leans on the counter.)

WAYNE: Besides...I thought it would be a nice thing to do.

(Wayne picks up a towel.)

Who was this guy?

(Shot past Kevin of Wayne as he smells the towel and smiles.)

And what had he done with my brother?

(Wayne folds the towel.)

KEVIN: Look...

(Shot past Wayne of Kevin looking at him.)

KEVIN: I've got other things to do on New Years' eve. And I was just thinkin' that the family could just hang out without me.

WAYNE: Hang out? (Frowns.) We're not just hangin' out! We're goin' to a supper-club. (Smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin frowning at Wayne off-screen.)

KEVIN: A supper-club? (Frowns.)

(Kevin glances off.)

God - it was worse than I thought.

(Shot past Kevin of Wayne returning with more clothes.)

WAYNE: Oh, yeah! Dinner and a show...(smiles)...maybe a comedian or something.

(Wayne sets the clothes on the counter and starts to fold them.)

WAYNE: I reserved us a table right up front.

(Wayne looks at Kevin and gestures.)

WAYNE: Will you give me a hand folding these before Bonnie gets here? (Frowns.)

(Close shot of Wayne folding some clothes.)

OK, then. Maybe it was...

(Shot of Kevin looking at Wayne off-screen.)

Time to take a different tack.

(Kevin looks down as he folds some clothes.)

KEVIN: Boy...That must be settin' you back a few bucks.

(Kevin looks at the baby clothes as he folds it.)

KEVIN: You know, I hear those supper-clubs cost a bundle.

(Kevin glances toward Wayne.)

WAYNE (V/O): Hey...

(Close shot of Wayne folding clothes.)

WAYNE: What's money if you don't have people to spend it on, huh?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Wayne off-screen.)

And that's when it hit me. This wasn't love...

(Kevin looks down and frowns slightly.)

This was insanity.

(Shot past Kevin of Wayne.)

WAYNE: Besides...

(Wayne looks at Kevin and smiles.)

WAYNE: It wouldn't be the same without you there, son.

KEVIN & NARR: Son? (Frowns.)

(Shot of Wayne approaching the camera carrying the basket of laundry. Kevin hurriedly follows as the camera rolls back.)

OK...Enough was enough.

(Kevin gets even with Wayne and gestures.)

KEVIN: Look, Wayne. Number one, I'm not your son. And number two, I don't want to spend New Year's eve in a stupid supper club...

(They turn the corner around the machines. The camera pans with them. Wayne frowns and looks over his shoulder at Kevin.)

WAYNE: You don't?

KEVIN: No! (Gestures.) That's what I'm saying!

WAYNE: Well...(Shrugs.)

(They approach the door.)

Sure - maybe it was selfish...

Cut to

Ext. Day - Laundromat

(Shot of the glass door as Wayne pulls it open.)

But under the circumstances...

(Sound of a car horn. The boys look past the camera and Wayne smiles.)

Absolutely necessary.

(Shot of Bonnie approaching in her car, and pulling to a stop near the camera. She turns toward Wayne off-screen.)

BONNIE: Hey - I'm sorry I'm late.

(Shot past the car of Wayne approaching with the basket. Kevin follows slowly.)

WAYNE: Oh, that's OK. You get caught up?

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Wayne and Bonnie as Wayne sets the basket on the roof.)

BONNIE: Kind of...I saw James.

(Shot of Kevin looking at Wayne and Bonnie off-screen.)


(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Wayne and Bonnie as Wayne looks off and frowns.)

WAYNE: What'd he want?

BONNIE: "What did he want?" - The same old thing, to hash everything out we've been through like a hundred times.

(Bonnie looks forward and speaks rapidly.)

BONNIE: I'm shopping, I'm having a good time, and I come out of the store, and he's sitting there, waiting for me.

(Wayne looks toward Bonnie.)

WAYNE: Why? W-what? Is he following you?

(Wayne hits the car door with the side of his fist.)

(Shot past the car of Wayne leaning in toward Bonnie, and Kevin watching in the background.)

WAYNE (V/O): I'm gonna kill this guy! Ya know, I'm sick -

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Wayne and Bonnie looking at each other.)

BONNIE: Wayne - don't worry...I set him straight for good...

(Wayne looks off and frowns.)

BONNIE: I told him it's over like twenty times.

(Shot of Kevin looking at Wayne and Bonnie off-screen.)

WAYNE (V/O): Are ya sure?

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Wayne and Bonnie looking at each other.)

BONNIE: Definitely. (Nods.)

(Wayne leans in closer to Bonnie.)

And there ya had it.

(They kiss.)

Love at the laundromat.

(Wayne reaches up for the laundry basket.)

Two kids...

(Wayne walks toward the rear of the car.)

Working it out.

(Shot of Kevin looking at Wayne off-screen.)

And one kid making his get-away.

(Kevin smiles slightly and starts to approach the camera.)

BONNIE (V/O): So, Kevin?

(Kevin pauses and looks quickly toward Bonnie off-screen.)

(Close shot of Bonnie looking at Kevin off-screen.)

BONNIE: Are we gonna see you New Year's eve? (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Bonnie off-screen, slightly surprised.)

Kevin: What?


KEVIN: Well...you know, I was just...talking with Wayne, and...

(Shot of Bonnie as Wayne leans down in the open car door in the background and looks at her.)

WAYNE: Eh, don't worry.

(Wayne stands up and frowns at Kevin off-screen.)

WAYNE: He's gonna be there.

(Shot past Wayne and the car of Kevin as Wayne gets in.)

KEVIN But I thought -

(Shot of Bonnie and Wayne as Bonnie looks at Kevin off-screen.)

BONNIE: It'd mean a lot to us, Kevin. (Smiles.)

(Bonnie turns toward Wayne.)

BONNIE: Right, honey?

(They lean together and kiss.)

And with that kiss...

(Shot of Kevin frowning slightly at them off-screen.)

There went my night of revelry.

(Shot past Kevin of Bonnie and Wayne as Bonnie starts the car, then smiles at Kevin and waves.)

There went Eddie Putnam's dad's...

(Shot past the car of Kevin smiling tightly at Bonnie.)


BONNIE (V/O): See ya there!

(The car pulls away and Kevin looks after it.)

And in its place...I was left...

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of the car pulling into the street.)

With just one thought. New Year's eve...

(Shot of Kevin gesturing as he looks after the car off-screen.)

Was gonna be one...long...night.

(Twang of guitar as Kevin sighs and approaches the camera.)

Fade to

Int. Day - Living Room

(Shot of the Dallas-Washington football game on the TV.)

ANNOUNCER: Everybody on this field here today...

December thirty-first, the final day of nineteen seventy two.

(Shot past the TV of Kevin on the couch, holding a bottle of soda.)

Bands were playing, the crowds were cheering...

(Kevin looks at a pretzel then puts it in his mouth as the camera moves in slightly.)

Teenagers were sulking. Big-time.

(Shot of the game on the TV. The camera pans up as Wayne steps in front of the TV.)

WAYNE: So, what do you think? (Smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: About what?

(Kevin frowns and sips his soda.)

WAYNE (V/O): My new suit!

(Shot of Wayne looking at Kevin off-screen.)

WAYNE: Pretty sharp, huh? (Smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin frowning at Wayne off-screen.)

KEVIN: You bought a new suit? (Gestures.)

(Shot of Wayne.)

WAYNE: Yeah! (Nods.) I want to look good for tonite. You don't think it's too, uh...(Gestures.)

KEVIN (V/O): Wayne...

(Shot past Wayne of Kevin gesturing at him with his soda.)

KEVIN: You're blocking the TV. (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Wayne.)

WAYNE: Oh. Sorry.

(Wayne adjusts his sleeves.)

Great. It wasn't bad enough I was stuck in the house.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning and sighing.)

Now I had to share it with a love-struck...

(Shot of Wayne frowning as he tries to tie his tie.)


(Wayne holds the end of the tie, frowns, then approaches the camera.)

WAYNE: Oh, maybe Dad has a better tie.

(Shot past Wayne of Kevin looking at him.)

KEVIN: W-wayne...

(Kevin stands up and turns to Wayne behind him.)

KEVIN: Look - about tonight...

WAYNE: Hey. (Gestures.) You don't have to say a word - I know what you're thinkin'.

(Shot past Wayne of Kevin looking at him.)

KEVIN: You do? (Smiles.)

WAYNE: Sure!

(Shot past Kevin of Wayne as he takes a step forward.)

WAYNE: You don't have to wear a suit.

(Wayne points at his throat and smiles.)

WAYNE: A jacket and tie will do just fine. (Smiles.) OK, buddy? (Nods.)

(Shot of Wayne as he turns, hums to himself, and walks animatedly toward the kitchen.)


(Shot of Kevin frowning and looking at Wayne off-screen.)

So, while the rest of my teenage world was heading off...

(Kevin turns off the TV and walks toward the kitchen. The camera pans with him.)

For a New Year's bash in a snow-covered north...I was doomed to a night of...

(Shot of Kevin pausing just inside the kitchen doorway. Sound of laughter.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Norma, Bonnie and Jack at the table. Norma holds Bonnie's baby on her lap, and Jack is smiling at him.)


NORMA: I remember the first New Year's eve that Jack and I spent together. I was nineteen and we had dinner with your parents...

JACK: Hnnn...

(Jack smiles and nods.)

NORMA: You remember?

JACK: Yeah, I remember.

(Jack looks at Bonnie and smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin frowning and walking to the refrigerator.)

Yeah, this was homey.

(Shot of Norma, Bonnie and Jack.)

BONNIE: I just think it's so great what you have here. The two of you...

(Close shot of Kevin looking over his shoulder toward Bonnie off-screen.)

BONNIE (V/O): The history you have...

(Shot of Norma, Bonnie and Jack.)

BONNIE: How much you love your kids...

(Norma looks at David and leans slightly closer to him.)

NORMA: Well, that's what we're here for.

(Norma looks at Bonnie.)

NORMA: Right?

BONNIE: Right. (Nods.)

(Shot of Kevin turning from the refrigerator and frowning.)

Gimme a break...

(Kevin walks toward the sink.)

(Shot of the group at he table as Norma smiles at David and speaks in a higher pitch.)

NORMA: And David's gonna have his first New Year's eve! (Smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin at the sink, looking at them off-screen. He smacks the carton on the counter and frowns, then turns around.)

NORMA (V/O): Oooooh...!

KEVIN: God...

(He walks toward the refrigerator. Wayne enters from the livingroom as Kevin opens the refrigerator.)


(Wayne claps his hands together and smiles.)

WAYNE: Let's get a move on!

(Kevin turns and looks after him as Wayne passes the camera.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Wayne standing behind Norma.)

WAYNE: Seeya there!

NORMA: OK. You want to take him?

(Wayne reaches for David as Norma lifts him up. Bonnie stands up. Kevin crosses the camera to the other side of the kitchen.)

JACK: Wayne - sure I can't help you out with the bill, tonight?

(Jack sips from his cup. Norma puts a blanket over David.)

WAYNE: Sorry, Dad. Tonight's my treat. It'll be a night you'll never forget.

(Wayne looks toward Kevin.)

WAYNE: Right, Kev-bo?

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Wayne off-screen.)

Which as it happened...

(Kevin smiles tightly and nods.)

Was exactly...

(Shot of Wayne and Bonnie at the door as Wayne looks at Kevin.)

What I was afraid of.

WAYNE: Seeya there!

(Bonnie looks toward Jack and Norma off-screen and smiles as she and Wayne exit.)

NORMA (V/O): Bye!

(Shot of Norma and Jack looking at each other and rising slowly.)

And so, there was nothing to do...

(Jack sighs and puts his arm around Norma as they walk toward the camera.)

But roll out the barrels, and start the fun. I mean, hey -

(Close shot of Kevin smirking at them as they pass by.)

How bad could it be?

(Luau music plays.)

Cut to

Int. Evening - Supper Club

(Hazy shot of a banner reading "Happy New Year", and spot lights. The camera pans down to a pair of hula dancers dancing side-by-side.)

(Shot from behind the dancers, between their waists, of Kevin, Winnie, Norma and Jack seated at a table in the distance. The camera moves in slowly. Winnie, Norma and Jack are excitedly smiling, while Kevin frowns slightly.)

A few hours later...I had my answer. In spades.

(The camera pans slightly toward Kevin and Winnie as she and other begin to applaud.)

(Wide shot from behind Kevin's table toward the stage, with the dancers in background.)

By nine-fifteen...

(Shot of Kevin, Winnie, Norma and Jack at the table. All but Kevin applaud.)

It was clear...this was gonna be the worst New Year's eve in history.

(Kevin glances at the others and half-heartedly applauds.)

Bar none.

(Shot of a balding man wearing in glasses and a luau shirt, at the stage microphone.)

COMEDIAN: I'll tell ya, I wouldn't mind having those girls at my next luau...(gyrates)...if ya know what I mean.

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie as the drummer does a "brrrp-pish".)

WINNIE: He's funny, isn't he? (Smiles.)

KEVIN: Yeah. A riot. (Frowns.)

(Shot of the comedian.)

COMEDIAN: I feel like I'm on location with Jack Lord. (Laughs.)

(Shot of a middle-aged couple watching the comedian off-screen and smiling.)

But it wasn't just the bad jokes...

(Shot of a lady wearing a small tiara.)

And stupid hats...

(Shot of Kevin, Winnie, Norma and Jack. All but Kevin are smiling and laughing.)

And the God-awful music that were gnawing at me.

(Closer shot of the comedian as he adjusts his glasses.)

COMEDIAN: Did ya hear the one about the peanut walking down the street? (Frowns.)

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie. Winnie is smiling and watching the comedian as Kevin turns toward Jack off-screen and frowns.)

There was something missing here. Something like...

KEVIN: Dad, where's Wayne?

(Shot of Norma and Jack watching the comedian off-screen.)

JACK: Got me...probably hit traffic.

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie.)

KEVIN: What...(frowns)...for an hour-and-a-half? (Gestures.)

(Shot of Norma and Jack looking at Kevin off-screen.)

NORMA: Don't worry, honey - he'll be here. This is his night.

(Norma looks toward the comedian off-screen and smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie as he looks over his shoulder, and Winnie looks toward the comedian off-screen. Winnie glances at Kevin as he turns forward.)

But I wasn't so sure.

(Kevin half turns toward Winnie.)

KEVIN: I bet he's went someplace good.

(Winnie frowns slightly.)

KEVIN: Like a party.

WINNIE: Kevin, will you stop? (Gestures.) Why don't you just relax, and have fun?

(Shot past Kevin and Winnie of the comedian holding his arms out.)

COMEDIAN: OK, ladies and gentlemen. Now we got a special treat for you! Straight from God knows where...

(Wide shot from behind Kevin's table as few audience members laugh.)

COMEDIAN: *Zanik*- Let's here it - the Magnificent!

(The comedian walks off stage as the magician walks on.)

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie.)

KEVIN: That's it. I'm calling Wayne.

(Kevin stands and exits. Winnie looks after him.)

WINNIE: Kevin...

But I'd had it.

(Close shot of Norma and Jack glancing toward Kevin off-screen, then the magician off-screen.)

I was outta there.

(Shot past Norma and Winnie of the magician approaching the table holiding a cane, then snapping it open, producing a bouquet of roses.)

(Shot past the magician of Norma and Jack as the magician presents the roses to Norma.)

(Shot past Jack, Norma and Winnie of the magician.)

MAGICIAN: You know what I need from the audience is a...volunteer.

(He looks toward Jack.)

(Shot past the magician of Norma and Jack as the magician points.)

MAGICIAN: How about you, sir?

(Jack glances toward him, slightly surprised, then smiles.)

JACK: No, I...(gestures)...no. (Smiles.)

NORMA: Oh, come on, Jack - you love magic...

(Norma smiles at the magician and pats Jack's arm. Jack smiles at her.)

JACK: No, I...

(Shot past Jack and Norma of the magician.)

NORMA: Come on...

MAGICIAN: ***I must say, I insist.***

(The magician dramatically points toward Jack.)

(Shot of Winnie, Norma and Jack as a white bird lands on Jack's head.)

Ah, well.

(Shot from behind the table as Jack stands up.)

Like they say...a bird on the head...

(The magician retrieves the bird form Jack's head. A waiter with a tray crosses the camera.)

(Close shot of Kevin holding a phone to his head.)

KEVIN: Come on, butthead - pick up! (Frowns.)

But Wayne was still unaccounted for.

(Kevin frowns and hangs up.)

Face it.

(Kevin looks over his shoulder toward the stage.)

This whole evening was one colossal bust.

(Kevin turns forward and looks past the camera.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Bonnie slowly approaching, wearing casual clothes.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at her off-screen.)

KEVIN: Bonnie? (Frowns.)

(Shot past Kevin of Bonnie turning toward him and approaching, then smiling.)

KEVIN: You're late.

BONNIE: Kevin, hi...

(She looks past him toward the stage.)

(Shot past Bonnie of Kevin looking her over.)

The way she was dressed made me glad I hadn't worn a tux.

BONNIE: Is your family here?

KEVIN: Well, they're inside.

(Shot from behind Kevin as he glances over his shoulder slightly.)

KEVIN: Arent' ya gonna come in?

(Bonnie steps past Kevin.)

BONNIE: Is Wayne here?

(Kevin turns after her.)

KEVIN: No...

(Shot past Kevin of Bonnie looking over her shoulder.)

KEVIN: Isn't he with you?

(Bonnie turns toward Kevin.)

BONNIE: No. (Frowns.)

(Shot past Bonnie of Kevin lookng at her.)

KEVIN: What happened? What'd he...(shrugs)...spill something on his suit? (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Bonnie smiling and looking down, then looking off.)

But suddenly I had a feeling this wasn't about haberdashery.

(She looks at Kevin.)

BONNIE: I was hoping he was here. He was so upset when he left.

(She looks off.)

(Shot past Bonnie of Kevin lookng at her.)

KEVIN: He left? (Frowns.) What do you mean he left?

(Shot past Kevin of Bonnie looking at him then glancing off.)

BONNIE: Kevin...

(Sher looks atr Kevin.)

BONNIE: Wayne and I split up. (Nods.)

(Shot past Bonnie of Kevin looking at her.)

KEVIN: What?! (Frowns.)

(Shot past Kevin of Bonnie looking at him.)

BONNIE: It's not that I don't love him. I mean, he came into my life, and he's done so much for me...and you see how great he is with David...

(Shot past Bonnie of Kevin looking at her.)

KEVIN: But...

(Shot past Kevin of Bonnie looking at him.)

BONNIE: It's just that I just saw James, and I didn't think I'd feel anything...

(She looks off.)

(Shot past Bonnie of Kevin looking at her.)

KEVIN: Oh...

It was...weird.

(Shot past Norma and Winnie of the magician pulling a long streamer from Jack's jacket.)

There we were - some phoney magician...

(The magician tug on the streamer, pulling out a pair of polka-dot boxer shorts.)

Harassing my dad...

(Jack smiles and the audience chuckles.)

(Shot past Bonnie of Kevin and Bonnie looking toward the stage off-screen.)

While my brother's whole life was coming apart.

(Kevin looks at Bonnie as she turns forward.)

(Shot past Kevin of Bonnie.)

BONNIE: Maybe I shouldn't have told him tonight.

(She glances off as she folds her arms then look at Kevin.)

BONNIE: God - you really must hate me, huh? (Frowns.) Not to mention your folks - what they're gonna think of me...

(Shot past Bonnie of Kevin looking at her blankly.)

But if she'd come looking for forgiveness...

KEVIN: I'm sorry. I really am. (Nods.) But not for you.

(Shot past Kevin of Bonnie looking at him.)

(Shot past Bonnie of Kevin looking at her blankly.)

(Shot past Kevin of Bonnie looking off and nodding slightly, then looking at him.)


(She walks past Kevin and the camera. Kevin turns after her. Winnie is approaching in the background, then stops behind Kevin and smiles.)

WINNIE: Kevin!

(Kevin turns toward Winnie.)

WINNIE: You don't want to miss this! (Smiles.) They're about to saw your father in half.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking at her. She looks over her shoulder toward the stage.)

MAGICIAN: And now, ladies and gentlemen, for my finale - sawing a human body...

(He slaps the saw on top of the box.)

MAGICIAN: In half.

(Jack and the audience chuckles.)

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie. Kevin frowns as Winnie looks over her shoulder and smiles.)

But somehow, I knew I couldn't stay to pick up the pieces.

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie as she turns toward Kevin and frowns slightly.)

WINNIE: Kevin, is everything alright?

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking off, then at her. He glances past her toward the stage.)

KEVIN: No. We gotta find Wayne.

(Kevin takes Winnie hand and leads her toward the door.)

Cut to

On the Road

(Shot of Kevin's car going past the camera on a commercial street.)

That night we looked for Wayne everywhere.

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie looking aroung as he drives.)

Bonnie's house...our house...six coffee-shops, four bars...even the bowling alley.

(Shot of Kevin's car approaching the camera which pans with it.)

But he was nowhere. It was like he...vanished.

(Shot through the windshield of Kevin and Winnie looking out.)

And then just when we were ready to give up...

(Winnie perks up.)

WINNIE: Isn't that Wayne's car? (Points.)

KEVIN: Where?

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of the road and a few buildings in the distance.)

We found him.

(Shot through the windshield of Kevin and Winnie looking out.)

KEVIN: Yeah, that's it.

(Shot of Wayne's car as Kevin approaches behind it. The camera pulls back as Kevin turns into the parking lot and pulls in next to Wayne's car.)

WINNIE: Maybe you should go in alone.

KEVIN: Yeah.

(Kevin stops the car and turns off the lights)

(Shot through the laundromat window of Kevin and Winnie as Kevin gets out.)

I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

(Kevin approaches the door and puts his hands on it, looking in.)

For some reason, I'd never actually hung out at a laundromat on New Year's eve.

(Kevin enters slowly and looks around.)

So I tried to prepare myself for the worst.

(Kevin takes a fews steps forward and glances around.)

An outraged maniac. A jilted slob.

WAYNE (V/O): He sets - he shoots!

(Shot of Wayne sitting on a washing machine next to a six-pack of beer, as he throws a sock.)

WAYNE: Yah! (Laughs.)

Or, just a guy in a bad suit...

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Wayne off-screen.)

Tossing socks at a washing machine.

KEVIN: Wayne?

(Shot of Wayne as he turns toward Kevin off-screen.)

WAYNE: Hey, butthead!

(Wayne points with his beer bottle.)

WAYNE: Fancy meeting you here, huh? (Laughs.) Catch.

(Wayne throws a sock toward Kevin off-screen.)

(Wider shot of Kevin as he catches the sock.)

WAYNE (V/O): That a way...

(Kevin holds up the sock and smiles as he approaches.)

WAYNE (V/O): You missed it.

(Kevin raises his eyebrows, then looks toward a dryer off-screen.)

WAYNE (V/O): I sank sixteen in a row! Sixteen!

(Kevin looks toward Wayne off-screen.)

(Shot of Wayne frowning at Kevin off-screen and shrugging slightly.)

WAYNE: OK. Seventeen. (Smiles.) All the people that were here earlier doing laundry were...(gestures)...very impressed. You'd be surprised how many people save their laundry for the major holidays.

(Wayne looks off.)

(Shot from behind Wayne as he throws another sock into the dryer in the background.)

(Shot past Wayne of Kevin looking at him. Wayne glances at him and chuckles, then looks forward.)

WAYNE: Is it me, or...(gestures)... am I the only one talking here?

(Kevin smiles as Wayne looks at him.)

KEVIN: Ya know...we missed you at the dinner club. (Smiles.)

(Kevin tucks the sock in Wayne's elbow.)

WAYNE: Oh, yeah? How'd it go?

(Wayne tosses another sock.)

KEVIN: Good!

(Kevin nods and gestures.)

KEVIN: They had a m-magician. (Smiles.)

WAYNE: Sounds like hell.

(Wayne frowns and tosses another sock. Kevin looks off.)

KEVIN: Kinda. (Smiles.)

(Kevin looks at Wayne.)

KEVIN: Listen, uh...I heard about what happened.

(Shot of Wayne looking at Kevin off-screen.)

WAYNE: Yeah. (Nods.) Me, too. (Frowns.)

(Wayne tosses another sock.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Wayne off-screen.)

WAYNE (V/O): These things happen, right?

(Shot past Kevin of Wayne frowning and holding the six-pack.)

WAYNE: Ya know...

(Wayne is reaching in his jacket pocket.)

WAYNE: You can't...make...someone fall in love with you. (Frowns.) Nah, no...

(Wayne pulls out a bottle opener and puts it on a bottle.)

WAYNE: You can't...make 'em fall in love. (Gestures.) It's just gotta happen!

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Wayne off-screen.)

And I guess that's when it hit me.

(Close shot of Wayne looking down at the six-pack.)

How hard this guy had tried.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Wayne off-screen.)

How hard he'd been trying his whole life.

(Kevin glances toward a low dryer off-screen. The camera pans with him as he approaches the dryers.)

And suddenly it all made sense.

(Kevin bends down to the lower dryer.)

Who my brother really was.

(Kevin looks over his shoulder at Wayne off-screen, then puts a sock frooom the lower dryer into the upper dryer.)

Not the family man he'd wanted to be...

(Kevin closes the upper dryer door.)

Or the stupid older brother I'd fought with my whole life.

(The dryer starts to spin and Kevin looks at Wayne off-screen.)

(Shot of Wayne looking at Kevin off-screen, then looking off and smiling slightly.)

But just another grown up kid...with a broken heart.

(Shot across some washers of Winnie opening the door and approaching.)

WINNIE: Kevin? (Smiles.)

(Shot past Wayne of Kevin smiling at Winnie off-screen.)

WINNIE (V/O): Are you guys OK? It's almost midnight!

(Kevin glances at Wayne.)

Say this for my girlfriend...

(Kevin smiles at Winnie as she approaches him.)

She had timing.

(Shot of the TV on the counter, showing a crowd.)

TV ANNOUNCER: We are here, in Times Square...

(Close shot of Wayne looking at the TV off-screen and smiling slightly.)

WAYNE: Another year, huh?

(Wayne shakes his head slightly and looks down.)

(Shot of Winnie and Kevin looking at the TV off-screen and smiling.)

Nineteen seventy-two was a memory.

TV CROWD (V/O): Five!

(They glance at each other and smile, then look at the TV off-screen.)

Like it or not.

TV CROWD (V/O): Four!

(Close shot of Wayne looking at the TV off-screen.)

TV CROWD (V/O): Three!

(Close shot of the TV. The "big ball" in Times Square descends. "Two-one - Happy New Year!" "Auld Lang Syne" plays on the TV.)

(Close shot of Wayne looking at the TV off-screen.)

WAYNE: Happy New Year...

The funny thing is...

(Wayne smiles and looks down.)

Looking back now...

(Wayne looks toward Kevin and Winnie off-screen.)

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie looking at each other.)

WINNIE: Happy New Year, Kevin. (Smiles.)

KEVIN: Happy New Year. (Smiles.)

What I remember most is how it ended.

WAYNE (V/O): So, butthead...

(Close shot of Wayne nodding at Kevin off-screen.)

WAYNE: You gonna kiss her or not?

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie looking at each other and smiling slightly.)

WAYNE (V/O): Come on!

(Close shot of Wayne looking at them off-screen.)

WAYNE: You're only young once...

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie looking slightly embarrassed, then smiling at each other.)

Hell - the guy was right.

(They kiss. Snuffy's version of "Auld Lang Syne" starts and plays throughout.)

(Close shot of Wayne looking at them off-screen.)

(Wider shot through the window as Kevin and Winnie pull away and smile at each other.)

So maybe that New Year's eve, nineteen seventy-two...

(The camera pulls back slowly as Kevin puts his arm around Winnie and they walk toward Wayne.)

Didn't work out exactly like any of us planned. There was heartbreak we didn't anticipate...and events we couldn't have imagined.

(Kevin kisses Winnie softly on the cheek.)

Still, it wasn't all bad. There was a magician. So maybe there was a message in it all.

(Kevin and Winnie stand at the window and look out as a couple hurries across the shot.)

The future was calling us. And no matter what...

(Four more people cross the shot.)

There was no turning back now.

(Kevin and WInnie kiss again as the camera continues to pull up and back.)

Fade to

Supporting Cast
Bonnie - Paula Marshall

"Auld Lang Syne" - ?
"Somewhere, My Love (Lara's Theme)" - Maurice Jarre
"Steel Guitar Dancers?" - Paul Anka

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