Episode 57 - "Heartbreak"

Int. Day - Classroom

(Shot of a teacher writing on the chalkboard. As the camera zooms out, Boy 1 comes in to view on the left and Girl 1 one the right.)

Young love is really pretty simple.

(Music "God Only Knows" starts.)

(Boy 1 leans over to whisper to Girl 1.)

"I may not always love you"

It's about sharing little inside jokes when the teacher isn't looking.

"But long as there are stars above you"

Cut to
Int. Day - School Stairwell

(Boy 2 descends the stairs and hands a note to Girl 2. Girl 2 smiles as she watches him walk away.)

It's about passing notes in the hallway between classes.

"You never need to doubt it, I'll make you so sure about it"

Cut to
Ext. Day. Neighborhood Sidewalk

(Boy 3 and Girl 3 are walking left to right, having a pleasant conversation.)

It's about all the really stupid things you share.

(The camera pans as a couple walks by, teasing each other.)

It's about going through it, together.

"God only knows what I'd be without her"

(The camera stops and pans with Kevin and Winnie as they enter the frame, walking toward the camera. Kevin is pushing his bike.)

"If you should ever leave me"

WINNIE: Did not!

KEVIN: Did too! Would I lie about a thing like that? (Smiles.)

(Shot of Winnie as she smiles.)

Winnie Cooper and I had been through it all. The good times, bad times, the ups and downs. And we were still together.

KEVIN: OK, you're right. (Smiles.) Satisfied?

(Winnie smiles teasingly.)

WINNIE: I knew it! You can't fool me - I know that look on your face.

We'd known each other since we were kids. And to me she was still the girl next door - even though she didn't live next door anymore.

(Winnie walks ahead of Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Hey, did you know Patsy Paddock broke up with Jim *Reed*?

(Shot of Winnie walking away from the camera. She turns back to Kevin.)

WINNIE: Really?

(Kevin catches up to her.)

WINNIE: I didn't even know they were going steady.

KEVIN: Well, they are - I mean, or were.

WINNIE: Oh, then I guess it's too bad they split up.

(Kevin and Winnie continue to walk, away from the camera.)

Fact is now that we were going to a different schools, there were a few obstacles to overcome. Things like basic communication.

WINNIE: Brian Burns got suspended from school for two weeks for smoking in the boys' room.

KEVIN: No kidding?

(He pauses in thought.)

KEVIN: Who's Brian Burns?

(Shot of Winnie. A small group of kids gathers on the opposite sidewalk, behind her.)

ROGER: Hey, Winnie!

(Shot of Winnie looking over her shoulder. Roger waves at her.)

WINNIE: Hi! (Waves.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Who are they?

(Shot of Winnie turning around and smiling.)

WINNIE: Just some kids from Lincoln.


(Shot of Winnie as she smiles and waves to friends.)

But even if our lives had changed, we knew it didn't matter.

KEVIN: Winnie?

(Shot of Winnie turning back.)

WINNIE: I'm sorry. What were you going to say?

KEVIN: Never mind.

"And if you should leave need me..."

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie from behind as they continue to walk away.)

"Well, life will go on believe me"

We'd been together too long to let time and distance come between us.

"The world will show nothing to me"

(Kevin slows up to let Winnie walk around a tricycle on the sidewalk.)

"So what good would living do me?"

(Kevin guides her with his hand on her back.)

"God only knows where I'd be without her"

And if Winnie had her life, well...so be it. After all...

(Kevin puts his arm around Winnie's shoulder. They continue to walk away from the camera. Music ends. Sound of school bell.)

Cut to
Int. Day - School Hallway

(Shot of Kevin in profile, starting to open his locker.)

I had mine, too.

(Shot of Paul's arm reaching for his own locker nearer to the camera and Paul walks into the shot.)

PAUL: Study for your English test?

KEVIN (Smiles): I got it nailed!

PAUL: Glad to hear it. I'm going to fail mine.

(Kevin chuckles.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul putting things in and out of their lockers.)

Life at RFK Junior High. It was hours of sheer boredom.


(Shot of Paul and Kevin separating to reveal Madeline, who has just approached unseen.)

(Shot of Madeline. She looks intently at Kevin as he turns toward her, then smiles broadly.)


(Shot of Kevin in mild surprise.)

KEVIN: Uh, Hi! (Smiles.)

(Shot of Madeline eyeing Kevin.)

Broken only by moments of sheer horror.

(Shot of Kevin.)

(Shot of Madeline. She smiles and nods.)

MADELINE: So, I'll see you in French class?

(She walks past Kevin.)

KEVIN: Uh, sure!

(Shot of Kevin and Paul looking after her. Paul is grinning.)

(Shot of Madeline joining a conversation with a group a short distance down the hall.)

Madeline Adams. She was beautiful...smart. Not to mention - totally dangerous.

(Close shot of Kevin putting on his jacket as he absent-mindedly gazes at Madeline off-screen.)

(Paul turns back.)

PAUL: Kev?

(Shot of Kevin still looking at Madeline.)

PAUL: You going to wear that to class?

(Kevin looks at himself.)

KEVIN: Oh, uh...

(Kevin starts to take his jacket off.)

OK, so I was tempted. But that's all. Nothing more. I was a one-woman man. Faithful forever.

(Shot of Kevin as he puts his jacket in his locker. He looks at Winnie's picture and smiles, then slams his locker shut.)

Cut to
Int. Day - Science Classroom

(Shot of Mr. Cantwell in front of the blackboard. He is holding a small skull in one hand and a femur in the other. He looks back and forth at the bones.)

MR. CANTWELL: Things grow old and die.

(Mr. Cantwell starts to set the bones down.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul sitting side-by-side at a table, listening and writing. Sound of Mr. Cantwell setting bones in a cardboard box.)

MR. CANTWELL (V/O:) This week will be continuing our study of paleontology.

(Shot from the rear of the classroom, up the aisle.)

MR. CANTWELL: Specifically, the extinction of species. Very sad.

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

Fact is, by the middle of ninth grade, life had become pretty routine. No shocks, no surprises.

(Shot of Kevin and Paul listening.)

(Close shot of Mr. Cantwell.)

MR. CANTWELL: Class, this week we will be conducting a joint field trip with Lincoln Junior High.

Just the occasional miracle.

(Kevin looks up.)

MR. CANTWELL (V/O): We'll go to the natural history museum...

(Shot of Mr. Cantwell.)

MR. CANTWELL: To gaze upon the bleached bones of animals which have preceded us into extinction.

(Shot of Kevin smiling.)

Scientifically, it meant one thing.

(Shot of Kevin excitedly turning to Paul.)

KEVIN: Winnie gets to go with us!

PAUL: Oh, right. Cool!

(Shot of Mr. Cantwell.)

MR. CANTWELL: It will be gobs of fun. (Chuckles.)

(Shot of Kevin smiling in thought.)

It was the best news I'd heard all year. Me and my baby were going on a field trip.

(Bell rings.)

(Shot from the rear of the class as students stand and start to exit.)

(Shot of Doug approaching Kevin and Paul.)

DOUG: This is going to be great.

PAUL: Yessir! Anything can happen on a field trip.

DOUG: Know what I heard? This museum is supposed to have an exhibit of an Indian tribal village.

(Cut to shot of Kevin, Paul, Randy and Doug coming down the steps in the hallway.)

DOUG: And I heard that a lot of the Indian women...aren't wearing any tops.

PAUL: I just can't imagine they're going to let us see that!

RANDY: Yeah? Well I know something even better than that! (Gestures.)

(The group stops.)

PAUL: Better?

RANDY: Better!

DOUG: What could possibly be better than that?

RANDY: Well, my cousin told me that up on the fourth floor they have a room the public isn't allowed into.

(Shot of Kevin, Paul and Doug. Paul and Doug look on interestedly. Kevin is unsure.)

(Shot of Randy.)

RANDY: And in this room they keep something you'll never believe. You ever hear of that gangster, John Dillinger?

Now, I think we all know what Randy Mitchell was talking about, here.

(Shot of Doug's eyes wide open in amazement.)

RANDY:...and they put it in jar of formaldehyde, and saved it, and...

(Shot of Kevin, Paul and Doug. Kevin looks unconvinced. The camera moves in on him as he slowly backs up.)

While Randy was peddling schoolboy legends, I was thinking about more important things.

Fade to


(Shot of Kevin and Winnie snuggling in a darkened bus as "Romeo and Juliet Overture" plays.)

More romantic things.

WINNIE: This is the best day of my life!

KEVIN: Mine, too!

(Winnie looks up at Kevin.)

WINNIE: Oh, Kevin!

KEVIN: Oh, Winnie!

(They kiss passionately.)

And the great thing is, I knew she'd be thinking exactly the same thing.

(Music ends abruptly.)

Cut to
Int. Day - Pizza Barn

(Shot of Winnie walking toward Kevin. Sound of pinball machines in the background.)

KEVIN: Did you hear? We're going on a field trip together!

WINNIE: We are?

(She is not enthusiastic, and walks past Kevin. Kevin looks disappointed.)

Almost the same thing.

KEVIN: Yeah! It's the natural history museum. It's a joint field trip with RFK and Lincoln.

(Kevin smiles as they sit down.)

(Shot of Winnie looking concerned.)

WINNIE: Are you sure?

KEVIN: Well, sure I'm sure.

(Winnie frowns.)

KEVIN: It'll be great!

(Winnie brightens.)

WINNIE: Yeah, that'll be fun.

KEVIN: Know what would be perfect? If we can sneak you on our bus. (Smiles.)

I could see us now.

(Shot of Winnie looking worried.)

Nestled together, locked at the lips...

(Winnie purses her lips while thinking.)

WINNIE: Well, I'd hate to let down the kids at my school.

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: How do you mean?

WINNIE: You know, by not riding on the bus with them.

KEVIN: Oh, you'll see them at the museum, besides, you see them every day!

(Shot of Winnie. She looks uncertain.)

Where as this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. A plan made in heaven. It was - perfect. Flawless.

WINNIE: But how will I even get on your bus?

(Shot over Winnie's shoulder of Kevin thinking.)


KEVIN: Oh, uh...

(Sound of a bus horn.)

Cut to
Ext. Day - School Bus Area

(Close up of Doug.)

DOUG: I feel sick.

(Shot of Mr. Cantwell and Doug standing in the front of the bus. Mr. Cantwell is counting students.)

MR. CANTWELL: ...eleven...twelve. (To Doug) What's that?

DOUG: Well, maybe I'd better run and use the restroom, sir. Can I?

(Shot of Kevin and Paul looking at each other, as they watch Doug.)

MR. CANTWELL: Alright, Mr. Porter.

(Doug turns to exit the bus. Mr. Cantwell puts a hand on Doug's shoulder.)

MR. CANTWELL: But don't come back if you're really ill.

(Doug exits.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul looking excited.)

Crude, but effective.

(Shot from back of the bus as Kevin and Paul trot forward and take their seats.)

PAUL: Bingo.

KEVIN: Now it's gonna be a gas.

(Shot of Kevin looking out the open window.)

(Shot of Winnie and her group of friends. She looks at Kevin.)

Yep, all we needed now was a little split-second timing.

(Shot from outside of Kevin motioning toward Winnie.)

(Shot of Winnie and her friends. Winnie looks hesitant.)

(Shot of Kevin gesturing.)

(Shot Winnie sighing.)

WINNIE (To friends.) OK, I'll see you guys. Later...Bye.

(Winnie looks at Kevin apprehensively as she starts to walk toward the bus.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

And this whole thing was going to work out fine.

(Shot of Madeline sitting next to Kevin as he looks out the window. She is smiling broadly.)

MADELINE: Hi, Kevin!

(Kevin looks at Madeline, then out the window, then back to Madeline.)

KEVIN: Oh, Madeline!

Talk about your basic fly-in-the-ointment!

(Shot of Madeline looking somber.)

KEVIN (Apologetically): I'm sorry. I was saving this seat.

PAUL (V/O): Doug just snuck onto the Lincoln bus!

(Paul pops up behind Kevin's seat.)

PAUL: And Winnie'll be here any...

(Paul sees Madeline, and hesitates.)

(Shot of Madeline looking coolly at Paul.)

(Shot of Kevin looking forward to Winnie off-screen.)

Oh, my gosh!

(Shot of Winnie entering the bus.)

(Shot of Kevin and Madeline.)

KEVIN: So, uh, Madeline. If you don't mind...

(Shot of Madeline.)


(She shrugs then stands up.)

(Shot of Paul smiling.)

PAUL: Wow!

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Winnie, and Madeline approaching in the aisle.)

PAUL (V/O): You got 'em hanging all over you!

Maybe so. But the whole thing had been too close for comfort.

(Shot of Winnie approaching.)

And I certainly didn't want anything to spoil Winnie's good mood.

(Shot of Winnie stopping at Kevin's seat.)

WINNIE: I'm not sure this is such a good idea.

KEVIN: Winnie, don't worry.

(Kevin stands up.)

KEVIN: It's going to be great!

WINNIE (To Paul): Hi, Paul.

PAUL: Hi Winnie. How are you doing? (Smiles.)

WINNIE (To Paul): Well, nervous. (To Kevin) I really hate doing this kind of stuff.

KEVIN: Tell you what. Next time I'll sneak on your bus.

(They sit down. Winnie waves out the window and smiles.)

KEVIN: What are you doing?

WINNIE: Waving at some kids I know.

KEVIN: Well...

(Close shot of their hands as Kevin takes hers.)

KEVIN: I'm really glad you're here.

(He squeezes her hand.)

WINNIE: Yeah, I'm glad to be here, too. (Smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin smiling.)

And there it was. That smile. That magic. And the whole day ahead of us.

(Twangy guitar music starts.)

(Shot through bus window of Kevin and Winnie as the bus pulls away.)

You could sense big things were going to happen.

Fade to
Ext. Day - School Bus

(Shot of students from the front of the bus. Mr. Cantwell is seated behind the driver reading a book.)

On the way to the museum that day there was the usual chaos.

(Most of the kids are noisily goofing off.)

But in the midst of it all...

(Shot of Winnie and Kevin sitting close together, getting paper balls and airplanes thrown at them. Winnie gets hit in the eye. She laughs as she covers up against Kevin.)

Winnie and I were right where we belonged. Together. No misunderstandings, no distractions...

(Kevin starts to throw a paper airplane and sees Madeline smiling at him.)

(Shot of Madeline. She is sitting backwards in her seat, smiling at Kevin.)

(Kevin looks at Winnie.)

(Close shot of Madeline. She looks down demurely.)

(Kevin frowns, then resumes his play.)

Not many, anyway.

(Kevin smiles as he swats a series of paper balls away.)

MR. CANTWELL (V/O): They lived in a world long forgotten.

Cut to
Int. Day - Museum

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie's joined hands.)

MR. CANTWELL (V/O): Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

(Camera pans up and widens to reveal Mr. Cantwell a few feet away in front of an exhibit.)

MR. CANTWELL: I give you species dinosaurus. Behind me - Camthisaurus and Anthrodemis. They make a cute couple, don't they? (Chuckles.)

(Shot of Kevin turning to Winnie and smiling.)

Still, standing there hand-in-hand with my girl...

(Shot of Winnie turning and smiling.)

It felt like the good old days.

(Wide shot from above of dinosaur exhibit and students grouped around it.)

MR. CANTWELL: For 150 million years the dinosaur was king of his domain.

(Close shot of Mr. Cantwell.)

MR. CANTWELL: Then, quite suddenly - phhhht! Fertilizer.

(Shot of Kevin looking longingly at Paul, Randy and Doug off-screen.)

Not that there wasn't an educational side to all of it.

(Winnie looks from Kevin toward his friends.)

(Shot of Paul, Randy and Doug.)

DOUG: So where are the jars with the you-know-what?

(Paul is looking at a pamphlet.)

PAUL: It's hard to tell. You know, this guidebook doesn't even say they have a fourth floor.

(Shot of Kevin looking at the boys. Winnie is looking at Mr. Cantwell off-screen.)

RANDY (V/O): What!? You think they'd advertise something like that?

(Winnie glances at the boys.)

RANDY: We're going to have to find it ourselves. Keep your eyes open for any unmarked doors.

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie looking at each other and smiling.)

Nope. The last thing on my mind was science. I was here for just one reason.

MR. CANTWELL (V/O):...a weakness, a vulnerability unknown to the dinosaur.

(Shot of Winnie waving toward off-screen friends.)

(Shot of Winnie's friends. One girl waves a little at Winnie.)

MR. CANTWELL (V/O):...unknown to us 64 million years later...

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie. Kevin looks at Winnie, who is smiling toward her friends.)

KEVIN: Winnie?

MR. CANTWELL (V/O):...what led to its utter demise...

(Winnie turns toward him.)

KEVIN: Who are they?

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Just some friends from class.

(Shot of Kevin thinking.)

(Winnie looks off and points out her friends to Kevin.)

WINNIE: That's Marsha and Sean...

KEVIN: Are you going to spend the whole day waving at them?

(Close shot of Winnie turning to Kevin. She gives Kevin a hard look.)


(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I mean, I just thought we were here together, you know?

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE (Apologetically.): I know, I'm sorry.

(Shot of Mr. Cantwell.)

MR. CANTWELL: People, follow me to the next room. Please, no stragglers.

(Shot from high up as groups start to move.)

And even though we had gotten off to a bumpy start...

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie joining hands, and starting to walking away.)

I knew from here on out it was going to be smooth sailing.

Cut to
Ext. Day - Museum Courtyard

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie seated at a table. Kevin is bored and is holding his head in his hand.)

WINNIE: (To friend.): I can't believe it! Eddie Wheeler really did that?

(Shot from behind Kevin of the entire group at the table. They are with Winnie's four friends.)

GIRL: You should have seen it! It was gross.

By lunchtime, we had sailed into a squall. Instead of being alone, Winnie and I were surrounded.

(Shot of Kevin looking really bored.)

(Shot of the group around the table.)

BOY: He at the whole hot pepper - even the stem. Then he went to math class and sneezed for twenty minutes!

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: I bet Mr. Kroy must have had a fit.

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie.)

Who knew? More to the point - who cared?

(Winnie turns to Kevin excitedly.)

WINNIE: You see, Mr. Kroy's this really weird teacher...

KEVIN: Ha, I get it. Mr. Kroy. (Frowns.)

(Shot of other boys looking at each other.)

(Winnie shrugs at Kevin then turns back to her friends.)

WINNIE: So, what'd Kroy say?

It didn't seem fair.

(Shot of Kevin looking around in boredom.)

I was stuck with a bunch of saps from Lincoln Junior High, while over in my corner...

(Shot of Kevin looking over his shoulder at Paul, Randy and Doug, who are looking at the museum pamphlet at another table. Madeline's lunch tray, and her torso, pauses in Kevin's line-of-sight. The camera raises to show Madeline. She gives Kevin a long look as she pauses, then walks out of the shot. Kevin turns forward.)

Never mind.

(Shot of Winnie's friends rising to leave.)

GIRL: We're gonna go check out the gift shop. You guys want to come?

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie. Winnie starts to rise.)


KEVIN: No, thanks.

(Shot of Winnie looking surprised.)

BOY: Well, then, we'll see ya'll later.

WINNIE (Wistfully): Bye...

(Winnie sits and looks sad.)

WINNIE: Kevin?

We needed to talk.

KEVIN: Yeah?

But for some reason, we didn't.

(Shot of Winnie looking at Kevin. Sound of tinkling glass.)

(Shot of Mr. Cantwell holding a glass and spoon.)

MR. CANTWELL: Attention, students. Please assemble back in the lobby.

(Mr. Cantwell walks off.)

(Shot of Kevin standing and starting to walk away. Winnie is looking away in thought. She slowly stands up.)

(Different shot of Kevin pausing behind Winnie.)

KEVIN: What were you going to ask me?

(Winnie doesn't turn to him. She frowns.)

WINNIE: It's OK. Never mind.

(Winnie walks away toward the lobby. Kevin looks at her in disbelief, then follows after her.)

Cut to
Int. - Museum

(Shot of Winnie walking up the hallway toward the camera. Kevin in trailing behind her.)

Still, by the time we got back to fossils...

(Winnie waves to off-screen friends. Kevin walks up behind Winnie.)


(Kevin stops in frustration.)

The whole thing was getting old.

(Kevin gestures as Winnie walks out of the shot.)

KEVIN: Winnie?!

(Winnie turns to Kevin.)


(Kevin walks up to Winnie.)

It was time to straighten this out, one way or another.


(He shakes his head.)

KEVIN: You have beautiful eyes.

(Shot of Winnie smiling broadly.)


WINNIE: Thanks!

(Shot of Kevin smiling.)

And there it was.

(Shot of Winnie smiling.)

The old smile.

(Shot of Kevin smiling.)

The old chemistry. The old...

(Shot of Winnie's friends walking up behind her.)

GIRL: So, see you guys in the ice age?

(Winnie turns.)

The old heave-ho.

WINNIE: Yeah! See you there. (Smiles.)

(Shot over Kevin's shoulder of Winnie smiling and turning to him.)

KEVIN: I don't get it. What's so special about them? (Gestures.)

EXHIBIT FILM (V/O): The continents began to drift. And suddenly, the temperature fell.

WINNIE: I don't know. They're just real nice.

KEVIN: Yeah, real nice, real nice...(Nods.) They make a cute couple.

WINNIE: Except they're not a couple.

KEVIN: Couple, not a couple. Winnie, who cares? You don't see me talking to my friends, do you?

(Shot of Winnie looking offended.)

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin as Paul comes up behind him.)

PAUL: Hi, Kevin. Hi, Winnie!

(The camera pans away from Winnie to include Randy and Doug next to Paul.)

EXHIBIT FILM (V/O): New life forms began to appear.

(Shot looking past Kevin to Winnie.)

OK, OK. Bad timing.

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Uh...Hi, guys.

(Shot over Kevin's shoulder as he stands in front of Paul, Randy and Doug.)

RANDY: Great news! We found an elevator marked private.

(Shot of Winnie behind Kevin. She is getting mad.)

DOUG (V/O): That's got to be the way to the room on the fourth floor!

(Shot of Paul, Randy and Doug.)

PAUL: So what do you say? Are you going to come?

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie behind him.)

KEVIN: Uh, no...I can't. (Shrugs.)

(Kevin realizes he mis-spoke, and looks over his shoulder at Winnie.)


(Winnie looks hurt.)

(Kevin looks worried as he turns back to his friends.)

KEVIN: I mean, no thanks. I don't want to. (Shrugs.)

(Shot of Paul, Randy and Doug.)

PAUL: OK, then...we'll let you know.

(Paul turns toward Randy.)

PAUL: Come on.

(The boys run away from the camera down the hallway. Kevin watches them leave.)

EXHIBIT FILM (V/O): ...others were facing the inevitable.

(Shot of Kevin turning to Winnie. She is upset.)

(Eerie exhibit music plays.)

We stood there for about, oh, six days. The perfect couple.

(Kevin looks in the direction of his long-gone friends.)

(Shot of Winnie looking at Kevin.)

(Kevin looks at her a bit uneasily, then looks away again. Winnie frowns.)

And then she said what I already knew she was gonna say.

WINNIE: Maybe you should go with them.

(Kevin looks up, then stands up straighter.)

Then I said what I already knew I shouldn't.


(Winnie looks surprised and hurt. Kevin looks blankly at her. Winnie slowly turns away. Kevin watches her hurry off to find her friends.)

And then I had nothing to do but...go.

(Kevin starts walking down the long hallway away from the camera.)

So I went.

(Kevin continues to walk down the long curving walkway.)

EXHIBIT FILM V/O: Welcome to the Hall of Fossils...

(Kevin exits the building.)

Cut to
Ext. Evening - Museum Courtyard

(Shot from high above the museum courtyard, looking toward the building. It is dark.)

(Closer shot of Kevin emerging from the door. Sound of clock tower bells.)

Course, I got lost.

(Closer shot of Kevin walking slowly. The camera moves in slowly.)

I'd been lost all day.

(Kevin walks up some low steps in the courtyard.)

And the evening didn't promise to get any better.

(Kevin continues to slowly walk.)

I couldn't understand what was happening. To me. To Winnie.

(Kevin sits on the edge of a low planter.)

(Sound of door being pushed open. Kevin turns toward sound.)

MADELINE (V/O): Kevin?!

(Shot of Madeline in the distance, at the doorway.)

KEVIN: Madeline!

(He stands up.)

KEVIN: What are you doing out here?

(Shot of Madeline.)

MADELINE: I was going to ask you the same thing. You look lost.

(Kevin shrugs and smiles.)

KEVIN: Nahhh.

(Close shot of Madeline smiling confidentially.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Kinda...

It was uncanny.

(Close shot of Madeline slowly approaching.)

This girl had a knack for showing up at exactly the wrong time.

(Shot of Kevin looking puzzled.)

Must have been some kind of radar or something.

(Shot of Madeline.)

MADELINE: Do you want to talk about it?

(She starts to approach Kevin slowly.)

KEVIN: About what?

(Shot of Madeline. She smiles.)

MADELINE: About anything...

Listen to that.

(She looks seductively at Kevin.)

MADELINE: About love.

(She tilts her head.)

(Shot of Kevin. He gets embarrassed and looks worried. He shakes his head.)

KEVIN: Uh, I better be going.

(He starts to leave. Madeline notices his uneasiness.)

MADELINE: Or, maybe...

(She looks up.)

MADELINE:...about those stars. They're changing you know.

(She looks at Kevin.)

MADELINE: We think the...stars are fixed in the sky...but they're not.

(Madeline looks up at the sky. Kevin looks up.)

(Shot of Madeline slowly approaching, lookinmg at Kevin.)

MADELINE: I think sometimes...we need to learn to give in...to change...to new things.

(Shot past Madeline of Kevin.)

MADELINE: Don't you think?

Listen to that.

But the fact is, I didn't know what to think.

(Shot past Kevin of Madeline. She is standing a few feet away. They are at an even height because Kevin is one step up.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

All I knew was, standing there...

(Shot of Madeline.)

With her...under those stars...

(Shot of Kevin relaxing.)

I suddenly wondered - why was I resisting this girl?

(Shot changes to a close profile of Kevin and Madeline. They are one foot apart, looking at each other. They just start to move in toward each other as Winnie opens the door in the distance between them. Kevin and Madeline turn toward Winnie as she spots them.)

(Shot of Kevin looking at Winnie.)

(Shot of Winnie. She looks on with disbelief, and is hurt.)

(Shot of Kevin. He is emotionless.)

And why was I such a heel?!

(Shot of Winnie in the doorway. She is hurt and confused.)

(Shot of Madeline and Kevin, side-by-side, looking at Winnie.)


(Shot of Winnie speechless in the doorway.)

(Shot of Madeline looking coldly at Winnie off-screen. The camera pans to Kevin as Madeline looks at him. Kevin looks at Madeline, then Winnie.)

(Shot of Winnie. She sighs, turns, and runs off.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Winnie?!

(High wide shot as Kevin leaves Madeline and trots toward the door.)

Cut to
Int. Evening - Museum Exhibits

(Shot of the sheep exhibit. Kevin trots across the shot.)

KEVIN: Winnie?!

(Shot of the walrus exhibit. Kevin trots across the scene.)

I searched for her through every climate on earth.

(Shot of the moose exhibit. Kevin trots across the scene.)

KEVIN (V/O): Winnie?!

(Shot of the plains buffalo exhibit. Kevin trots through the scene.)

KEVIN: Winnie?!

(Shot of the Arctic bison exhibit. Kevin trots through scene.)

(Shot of the African elephant exhibit. Kevin stops and looks around. He trots off.)

But I couldn't find her.

Cut to
Ext. Evening - Bus Parking Area

(Shot of Kevin running out of the building. He hops up and down trying to look in the bus windows. He trots over to the second bus. He stops and turns.)

(Shot of Winnie stepping out of Kevin's bus.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Winnie!

(Shot of Winnie slowly turning to Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Wait!

(He walks forward out of the shot.)

(Shot of Winnie approaching slowly, and Kevin joining her.)

KEVIN: Can we talk about this? (Gestures.)

WINNIE: I don't know.

KEVIN: Look...

I wanted to tell her that she was the only one.

(Shot of Winnie. She is very sad.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

That she had always been the only one. Ever since we were kids. Ever since she lived across the street.

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: I don't know what to say to you.

KEVIN: Winnie, it's not what you think.

WINNIE: I never thought this could happen to me!

KEVIN: Believe me. Nothing's happened.

WINNIE: Yes. It has.

(Winnie starts to cry.)

WINNIE: Kevin...I've met someone!

(Shot of Kevin. He looks hurt and surprised.)

KEVIN: Wh...?

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Oh, Kevin. I'm sorry.

(Kevin is still in stunned silence. Winnie wipes her eye. Music starts. They look at each other for a few moments, then Winnie brushes past Kevin. He turns to look after her. The camera starts to pull back from Kevin as students cross the scene.)

"I may not have always loved you"

(Winnie and Roger approach near the door of their bus.)

"But as long as there are stars above you"

(Shot of Roger's hand on Winnie's back, guiding her to the door.)

"You never need to doubt it"

(Kevin looks away, then back to them.)

"I'll make you so sure about it"

(Winnie glances back at Kevin as she enters her bus.)

"God only knows what I be without you"

(Kevin turns away.)

(Wide shot high from above of groups of student and busses.)

(Shot from the back of bus. Mr. Cantwell is counting students as Kevin enters, followed by his friends.)

RANDY: Bad news, Kevin! We got shut out of the fourth floor.

"If you should ever leave me"

PAUL: Yeah! Before they kicked us out I think I saw it.

"Well, life will still go on believe me"

DOUG: I don't think that was it.

"The world will show nothing to me"

PAUL: I think that was it.

"So what good will living do me"

DOUG: I told you we should have stayed with the group.

"God only knows what I'd be without you"

DOUG: At least we could have seen the Indian women.

(Doug pushes past, and takes a seat.)

(Paul notices Kevin is dejected.)

PAUL: You OK, Kev?

KEVIN: Yeah. Sure.

(Paul joins Doug off-screen.)

PAUL (V/O): How do you know I didn't see it?

(Shot of Kevin walking toward his seat.)

Back there on our seat - the ride home in the dark seat.

(Shot of the ring on the seat.)

There it was.

(Shot of seat and ring as Kevin picks up the ring.)

The ring I gave to Winnie.

(Shot of Kevin looking at the ring.)

"God only know what I'd be without you"

The one she was giving back.

(Shot of Madeline coming down the aisle. She pauses in front of Kevin.)

"And if you should ever leave me"

(Shot of Kevin looking up.)

"Well, life will still go on believe me"

(Shot of Madeline looking at him in silence. She makes a little smirk, and walks past.)

"The world will show nothing to me"

(Kevin looks at the ring. He looks out the window.

"So what good will living do me"

I looked in the other bus, but I just couldn't find her.

(Shot of the other bus.)

"God only know what I'd be without her"

She was already lost in the crowd.

(Shot of Kevin from outside of the bus. The camera moves closer.)

I knew then, the girl next door was gone. And my life would never be the same again without her.

(Shot of Kevin looking at the ring.)

"God only knows why I need her"

"God only know what I'd be without her"

Fade to
Ext. Evening - City Street

"God only knows what I'd be without her"

(Shot from above and behind of two busses side-by-side.)

"God only knows what I'd be without her"

(They drive off together, and diverge at the next intersection.)

Fade to

Thanks to Ken Stephenson for the opening school scenes :-)


"God Only Knows" - Beach Boys

Supporting Cast

Madeline Adams - Julie Condra
Randy Mitchell - Michael Tricario
Doug Porter - Brandon Crane
Roger Dikovian - Art Hoffman
Marsha - Keira Montell
Tina - Robin Lynn Heath
Sean - Aaron Lohr
Mr. Cantwell - Ben Stein

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