Episode 63 - "When Worlds Collide"

(School hallway. "Soul Man" - Sam & Dave plays.)

No two ways about it.

(Kevin smiles and high-fives a kid.)

When I was fourteen...

(Kevin bumps into another kid.)

I was a pretty cool kid.

(Kevin moves to his locker.)

Not in the ninety-ninth-percentile of coolness, maybe, but definitely top third of my class.

Cut to
Ext. Day - Sidewalk

(Kevin is walking up the sidewalk confidently, bouncing and carrying his basketball.)

I knew the walk. I knew the talk. I had my own kinda...style.

(Kevin pauses at his driveway, and glances over his shoulder.)

But like a lot of cool kids my age, I did have one tragic flaw.

(Wide shot past Kevin of the house, as he approaches it.)

One terrible secret that threatened the very fabric of my fragile image.

(Music ends.)

Cut to

(Shot of the door as Kevin enters.)

I, Kevin Arnold...

(Shot of Norma looking up from the sink and smiling.)

NORMA: Hi, honey!

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Hi, Mom.

Had a mom.

(Shot of Norma.)

NORMA: Did you have a good day at school?

(Shot past Norma as Kevin sets his ball down.)

KEVIN: Yeah!

NORMA: Well, I'm glad. (Smiles.)

(Shot of Norma taking off her apron.)

Don't get me wrong - I liked my mother. She was good to me.

(Norma looks toward Kevin off-screen and smiles.)

NORMA: Hungry?

(Close shot of Kevin putting his jacket on the chair-back.)

KEVIN: Nah...

(Close shot of Norma as she tilts her head and smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Well, a little. (Smiles.)

(Shot past Norma as Kevin sits down, and Norma opens the oven.)

NORMA: Good! I made you a grilled-cheese sandwich!

(Shot past Kevin of Norma approaching with a plate.)

She made me grilled-cheese sandwiches...

NORMA: Milk?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Thanks!

(Shot past Kevin as Norma picks up the basketball, walks toward the cabinet, and sets the ball on the counter.)

She poured my milk...

(Norma gets a glass from the cabinet, and smiles at Kevin.)

NORMA: Oh - and I sewed that button on the shirt that you like - so you can wear it tomorrow.

She sewed my buttons...

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: That's great, Mom.

(Close shot of Norma smiling as she approaches with the milk.)

NORMA: And, I went shopping for you today.

(Close shot of Kevin pausing.)

KEVIN: You did? (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Norma smiling, then returning to far end of the kitchen.)

NORMA: Uh-huh.

Face it. The woman loved me.

(Norma is reaching into a large bag.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling as he eats.)

She knew me better than anyone in the world. Which of course...was the problem.

(Close shot of Norma as she approaches, smiling, holding something behind her back.)

NORMA: Look!

(Norma holds up a pair of white briefs.)

NORMA: Underpants! (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin pausing over his milk.)

(Close shot of Norma smiling.)

NORMA: Your favorite kind!

(The camera zooms in on the underwear, with some squeaky music.)

She knew...too much.

(Close shot of Kevin. Sound of sports buzzer.)

Cut to
Evening - Living Room

(Shot of Jack, Wayne, and Kevin on the couch. Basketball is on TV.)

(Shot of Norma at the dining table, taking off her apron.)

Still, like a lot of housewives of her time, what Mom knew was pretty much limited to her domain.

(Shot of Norma with laundry.)

NORMA: Oh, Jack, the dryer's been acting up again - I had to change the filter on it today.

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: Eh...(Nods.)

(Shot of Norma approaching.)

NORMA: And I put a new shower curtain up in the bathroom.

(Shot of Norma arranging things on the coffee table in front of the guys.)

And, so long as what she did in her world didn't interfere with our world...

(Close shot of Norma.)

(Shot past the TV of Norma and the guys on the couch.)

That was fine with us.

(Norma walks to the TV and stands in front of it.)

(Shot of Norma in front of the TV, holding some magazines.)

NORMA: And...I've got some news. I was in line this morning at the A & P...

(Close shot of Jack frowning and resting the remote against his head.)

NORMA (V/O): And Marietta Milburn was ahead of me.

(Shot of Norma.)

NORMA: She mentioned that her next-door neighbor had just quit her job, and they needed someone to fill her position.

(Shot of Jack, Kevin and Wayne on the couch. They have no reaction.)

NORMA (V/O): Just temporarily.

(Shot of Norma smiling.)

(Close shot of Jack.)

(Shot of Norma smiling.)

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: So? (Gestures.)

(Close shot of Norma.)

NORMA: So, I went in. (Smiles.)

(Shot of Jack looking toward Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin looking toward Jack.)

NORMA (V/O): It's...mostly just light typing and filing, nothing difficult...

(Shot of Wayne.)

(Shot of Norma.)

NORMA: And I'd be home in plenty of time to cook dinner. (Smiles.)

(Norma smiles.)

NORMA: What do you think?

(Norma smiles and nods.)

(Shot past Norma of the three guys.)

Now obviously what was required here was a show of enthusiasm.

(Wider shot of Norma smiling in front of the TV.)

However half-hearted.

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: Fine with me then...(Gestures.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: Sounds great, Mom. (Smiles.)

(Shot of Wayne. He frowns.)

WAYNE: Mom...

(Close shot of Norma looking at Wayne expectantly.)

(Shot past Norma of the guys on the couch.)

WAYNE: You're blocking the TV!

(Shot of Norma.)


(Norma looks at the TV.)

NORMA: I'm sorry!

(She giggles and moves over.)

And, the decision had been made.

NORMA: Well, then...I guess...(gestures)...that's that! (Nods.)

(Shot past Norma of the guys on the couch, as she walks behind it.)

After all, if a little meaningless clerical work could brighten her day, nothin' wrong with that.

(Close shot of Jack, as he half-turns to Norma in the background.)

JACK: So where is this job?

(Close shot of Norma.)

NORMA: In the attendance office at Kevin's school. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning in horror and quickly looking over his shoulder, then forward. Sound of sports buzzer.)

It was the cool kid's worst nightmare.

Cut to
Jack & Norma's Bedroom

(Norma is in the closet, reaching up to the shelf.)

(Shot of Kevin approaching.)

KEVIN: Mom? Listen, about this job.

(Shot past Kevin as Norma pulls out the typewriter.)

NORMA: Gimme a hand with this, will ya? Oh...whew! It's been so long since I've actually typed! Wonder if it's like riding a bicycle. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

Seemed to me, this was a little more critical than typewriters or bicycles.

KEVIN: Mom? Are you sure this is a good idea?

(Shot past Kevin as Norma looks at dresses.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I just wondered, you know, if you'd thought this all through.

(Shot past Kevin of Norma.)

NORMA: How do you mean, honey?

KEVIN: Well, you know, a big decision like this isn't something you just want to rush into.

NORMA: Oh...(laughs)...I see.

There! All I had to do was detail the greater ramifications.

NORMA: Which one do you think I should wear?

(Shot of Kevin frowning.)


(Close shot of Norma look at Kevin with concern.)

NORMA: Kevin! You're really worried about this, aren't you?

God bless the woman.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Kinda. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Norma.)

NORMA: Well, don't be. Just because I'm going to work doesn't mean I'm going to neglect you.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: What?

(Close shot of Norma.)

NORMA: I may have a job, but I'm still your mother. And you're still my little boy.

(Norma rubs Kevin's head.)

It wasn't exactly a comforting thought.

NORMA: Gimme that! (Smiles.)

(Norma takes the typewriter, sets it on the bed, and starts dusting it off.)

Still, I figured sooner or later, Mom would realize what a bad idea this was. All she needed was a little time to think it over.

(Shot of Kevin frowning, and walking away.)

NORMA (V/O): What time shall we leave tomorrow?

(Kevin pauses and turns.)

KEVIN: Tomorrow?

(Shot of Norma.)

NORMA: I start at nine - we can drive to school together! (Smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Thanks...(smiles)...but I think I'll take the bus. (Exits.)

(Sound of beeping car horn.)

Cut to
Ext. Morning - The Car.

(Norma is smiling at Kevin as she drives.)

NORMA: This is fun, isn't it?

(Shot past Norma of Kevin nodding half-heartedly.)

So much for public transportation.

(Shot of Norma.)

NORMA: I have never seen you dawdle so long, getting ready for school.

(Shot past Norma of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Sorry.

(Norma looks at her dress and adjusts her hat.)

NORMA: You think I'm dressed OK?

(Shot past Kevin of Norma.)

Actually, she looked kinda like an astronaut's wife.

(Shot past Norma of Kevin.)

KEVIN: You look fine, Mom.

Now if she could only look invisible.

(Shot past Kevin of Norma.)

NORMA: I'm just sorry that we won't be able to see each other more.

(Shot of Kevin pausing.)

KEVIN: What do you mean?

(Shot of Norma.)

NORMA: Well, I'll probably be cooped up in that attendance office all day. I don't think I'll even have time to say hello.

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: You won't?

(Shot of Norma frowning and shaking her head.)

(Shot of Kevin looking off and smiling.)

Well, then - things were looking up.

Cut to
School Parking Lot

(Shot of the parking lot as Norma pulls past a parked bus, into an empty parking space.)

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Maybe once we got to school, no one would even know she was there.

(They step out of the car.)

Once we actually got to school.

(Norma pauses and rests her box of things on the the trunk.)

NORMA: Ready?

(Shot of Kevin looking toward school.)

(Shot of the building, and students.)

(Shot of Kevin ducking behind the car as Norma starts to walk of with her box.)

NORMA: Kevin?!

(Shot past the car.)

KEVIN (V/O): Uh...You go ahead, Mom. I got a, uh...a knot in my shoelace.

(Shot of Norma.)

NORMA: You want any help? I may have an extra one in my -

KEVIN (V/O): No! No really, thanks!

(Shot of Norma as she looks at her watch.)

NORMA: I don't wanna be late!

(Shot of Kevin kneeling near the rear tire.)

KEVIN: No, no - wouldn't want that!

NORMA (V/O): Well, then...

KEVIN: Seeya, Mom! (Waves.)

(Shot of Norma hesitating, then smiling and walking away.)

(Shot of Kevin peeking over the car. Sound of school bell.)

Cut to

(Wide shot of the class as Kevin enters.)

So, I'd passed the critical hurdle. I'd crossed the mine field. With mom safely stashed in the attendance office...

(Kevin high-fives a class-mate, and sits down.)

I was feeling good again. Cool again.

PAUL (V/O): Hey! Kev!

(Paul approaches.)

(Shot past Kevin of Paul.)

PAUL: Guess who I ran into at the attendance office? Your mom! Oh - she wanted me to give this to you.

(Paul fishes in his pocket, and dangles a shoelace in front of Kevin.)

Oh, my gosh!

(Kevin looks around in embarrassment.)

(Shot past Kevin of Paul and the shoelace.)

There was only one way to handle this.

(Shot past the shoelace as Kevin laughs exaggeratedly, and points at Paul.)

KEVIN: That's a pretty good one, Paul!

(Shot past Kevin of Paul.)

PAUL: Huh?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: My mother?

(Wider shot of Kevin, Paul, and other students.)

KEVIN: I don't even have a mother! (Gestures.)

PAUL: What?

KEVIN: Well, of course I have a mother - but she's not here, Paul.

(Shot past Kevin of Paul.)

KEVIN: Gimme that!

(Kevin takes the shoelace.)

(Shot past Kevin of Paul.)

PAUL: But I just saw her! (Gestures.)

KEVIN: No you didn't, Paul.

(Shot of Kevin shaking his head.)

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: But I'm sure I -

(Kevin crosses his arms, shakes his head and smiles.)

KEVIN: No you didn't, Paul. You did not see my mother, Paul - do I make myself clear?

(Kevin glares at Paul.)

(Close shot of Paul as he frowns.)

(Sound of school bell.)

PAUL: Oh...

TEACHER (V/O): Take you seats, please!

(Shot past Paul of Kevin. Paul takes his seat. Kevin sighs, and puts the shoelace in his shirt pocket.)

OK, I'd weaseled my way out of it.

(Kevin glances around the other students.)

But it was clear if I was gonna survive this...

(Kevin turns forward.)

I was gonna have to lay low. Avoid public situations.

(The fire-alarm rings. Kevin looks up.)

Like, say...

(High shot of the class.)

CLASS: Fire-drill!

(The students stand and hurry off. Kevin follows.)

Cut to
Ext. School

(Wide shot of students exiting the building to the parking lot.)

Now, ordinarily a junior-high fire-drill has all the excitement of a four-week vacation packed into ten minutes.

(Shot of Kevin and Paul walking through the crowd.)

But when everyone else was partying...

(The camera pans across the kids toward the building. Mr. Diperna and Norma are in the background.)

I was busy keeping watch.

(Shot of Paul and Kevin.)

KEVIN: There she is.

(Kevin hides behind Paul.)

PAUL: Who?

KEVIN: My mother!

(Paul frowns.)

KEVIN: What's she doing now?

PAUL: Oh. She's talking to Mr. Diperna.

(Kevin frowns.)

KEVIN: Diperna?!

(Close shot of Mr. Diperna and Norma. Norma holds Mr. Diperna's arm as they talk and smile.)

Great. Invading my turf wasn't bad enough - now she was fraternizing with the enemy.

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

KEVIN: This is unbelievable!

(Paul turns toward Kevin.)

PAUL: Kev? Aren't you making kind of a big deal out of this? I mean, look at you - hiding from your own flesh-and-blood? (Shrugs.)

Easy for him to say.

(Shot of Mr. Diperna and Norma.)

It wasn't his flesh-and-blood.

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

KEVIN: Paul, just stay out of this, OK?

PAUL: Oh, come on! (Gestures.) What's she doing to hurt you?

KEVIN: Well...

And suddenly, I felt ashamed. Paul, as usual, was right.

(Shot of Mr. Diperna and Norma. Norma spots Kevin and mouths: "Oh, there he is...", and points.)

This was my mother. The woman who cooked my food.

(Close shot of Kevin relaxing.)

And for that one moment, I actually forgave her.

NORMA (V/O): Yoo-hoo!

(Shot Mr. Diperna and Norma. She waves and smiles.)

NORMA: Yoo-hoo! Hi, honey!

(Shot of Kevin.)

Just for that moment, though.

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Mr. Diperna and Norma in the distance, as all the kids turn and laugh.)

(Shot of Paul turning toward Kevin.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Mr. Diperna and Norma in the distance, as all the kids continue to laugh.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning and glancing around.)

Cut to

(Shot of Kevin facing his locker, dialing the combo.)

GIRLS (V/O): Yoo-hoo!

(Kevin turns around.)

(Shot of three girls.)

GIRLS: Kev-in!

(They laugh and turn away.)

(Shot of Kevin turning back to his locker, as the girls walking away giggling.)

Possibly it had been the longest seven periods in my life in formal education.

(Kevin opens his locker.)

(A boy approaches carrying a basketball.)

BOY: Hi, hon-ey!

(The boy smiles and walks past the camera, as Kevin glances at him.)

In one fell swoop...

(Close shot of Kevin sighing and leaning his head aginst the locker.)

I'd plunged from the top third of coolest...

(Paul approaches his locker and dials his combo.)

To the bottom of the barrel.

(Kevin frowns, shuts Paul's locker, and points his finger.)

KEVIN: This is your fault!

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Mine?!

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Why does this have to happen to me?!

(Close shot of Paul sighing.)

PAUL: It happened because your mother cared enough to say hello when she saw you.

(Shot past Paul of Kevin, as Paul re-dials.)

But somehow, I doubted that.

KEVIN: Paul, what am I gonna do?

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Well...(shrugs)...there's only one thing to do...talk to her. Tell her how you feel. (Smiles.)

(Shot past Paul of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I don't know...(shakes head)...I don't - I don't think so.

GIRL (V/O): Kev-in! Yoo-hoo!

(Kevin frowns, and Paul looks over his shoulder.)

(Shot of a girl making a big kissing sound, and smiling.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul looking at each other.)

Cut to

(Shot of the stairs as Kevin descends.)

(Shot of Norma taking clothes from the dryer.)

(Shot of Kevin on the stairs.)

KEVIN: Mom! We gotta talk.

(Shot of Norma putting clothes on the ironing board.)

NORMA: How do ya mean?

(Shot of Kevin on the stairs.)

KEVIN: Well, see...

(Shot of Norma with the laundry, smiling at Kevin off-screen.)

One little problem here.

(Shot from behind Norma as Kevin approaches.)

How do you explain "cool" to a forty-year-old housewife...

(Shot of Norma folding socks.)

Who folds your sweatsocks?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: How'd it go today?

(Close shot of Norma looking up and pausing in thought.)

NORMA: Well - I think it went OK! (Smiles.) Actually, I was a little nervous. (Sighs.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

NORMA (V/O): It was just all so different than what I expected.

(Shot of Norma smiling and folding clothes.)

NORMA: But it was fun! I guess.

(She smiles and nods.)

NORMA: Once I get my typing up to speed, I know I'll really enjoy the job.

(Close shot of Kevin.)


(Close shot of Norma turning toward the laundry.)

And...that was that.

(Shot of Kevin as he turns to leave, then turns back.)

Except, somehow I knew...I had to face this thing head-on.

KEVIN: Listen - Mom?

(Shot of Norma looking at Kevin expectantly.)

This wasn't gonna be easy.

(Shot of Kevin thinking.)

It was gonna take tact...finesse.

KEVIN: When we're at school...(gestures)...could you maybe just...not talk to me?

(Norma pauses and looks at Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Or, notice me...or, even look at me? (Gestures.)

(Shot of Norma looking slightly puzzled.)

(Shot of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: You know, cuz I'd rather people didn't know you were there at all.

(Norma glances off, then at Kevin.)

NORMA: Well, of course, Kevin.

(Shot of Kevin.)

(Shot of Norma looking away and gesturing.)

NORMA: If that's what you'd like.

(Norma looks at Kevin and nods slightly, then looks down. She looks up again, then off.)

(Shot of Kevin looking down, then sighing and turning away.)

Uh-huh. Winston Churchill himself couldn't have handled it better.

Cut to
Morning - School Parking Lot

(Norma pulls up and parks.)

Still, over the next few days, things kinda...changed.

(Kevin and Norma get out. Norma walks away.)

Now that we'd had our little talk, Mom was as good as her word.

Cut to

And while I worked to patch my injured image...

(Kevin turns and sees Norma talking and smiling with the teacher. She looks up at Kevin suddenly and pauses, then walks away.)

Norma Arnold turned into a stranger.

(Kevin tosses his magazine down and sighs.)

Cut to
Boy's Restroom

(Kevin is looking in the mirror.)

By Friday, I guess I was feeling pretty lousy about what I'd done. Face it, what harm was Mom actually doing me?

(Tony Barbella exits from a stall and approaches Keivn.)

TONY: Hey, buddy! I hear your old lady's working for the brass.

Ask a stupid question...

KEVIN: Tony!

Tony Barbella - RFK's answer to Java Man.

TONY: Listen, Arnold...you don't mind if I call you "Arnold", do ya?

KEVIN: Well -

TONY: See I need to ask you a favor...if that's alright with you.

KEVIN: Well -

TONY: I need a pass. You know the green ones - "get outta jail free"?

KEVIN: Oh...

TONY: And, uh, since you got, uh, family connections in the front office - I figured you were the guy to come to.

KEVIN: Well, Tony...of course I'd like to help you, but...just because my mom -

TONY: I understand the problems, the logistics. L-listen if you do this...

(Tony taps Kevin on the nose with his comb.)

TONY: I would really...really...really...really, appreciate it.

(Tony flicks a small smile, then exits.)

Cut to
Attendance office

(Shot of Kevin entering the office.)

I was mad. I'd been led to a life of crime.

(Shot of Norma typing.)

And I knew by whom. The real culprit was right behind that counter.

(Shot of Kevin approaching the counter.)


(Shot past Kevin as Norma looks up, surprised.)

NORMA: Oh, Kevin! What are you doing here?

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I, uh...forgot my lunch money. (Smiles and gestures.)

(Shot past Kevin as Norma points behind her.

NORMA: Honey, my purse is just back there - would you mind just coming in to get it?

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: Sure!

(Kevin walks around the outside of the counters.)

Ah, the devious depths of the criminal mind.

(Kevin hesitates, looks at Norma, then enters.)

OK, so I knew it was wrong.

(Kevin starts to get money from Norma's purse, and sees the clipboard with passes in front of him.)

I had no choice.

(Kevin glances over his shoulder and looks at Norma.)

(Shot of Norma from behind as she types.)

(Shot of Kevin slowly ripping a pass off the clipboard.)

Besides, after all I'd been through, what court in the world would convict me?

(Close shot of Norma turning around, and frowning.)

NORMA: Kevin?

(Kevin turns in surprise, with the pass in his hand.)

And suddenly...

(Close shot of Norma frowning.)

Court was in session.

(Shot of Norma turned toward Kevin in the background, and he hides the pass behind his back.)

KEVIN: I, uh...

(Mr. Diperna opens the door to his office and steps out.)

MR. DIPERNA: Uh, Mrs. Arnold...(glances at Kevin)...could I speak with you, please?

(Norma and Kevin look at each other, then Norma smiles at Mr. Diperna.)

NORMA: I'll be right in.

MR. DIPERNA: As soon as possible, please.

(He enters his office.)

(Norma and Kevin look at each other.)

NORMA: Well, I have to get to work.

(Norma looks at Kevin as she enters Mr. Diperna's office. Kevin sets the pass down, sighs, and exits.)

(Bell rings.)

Fade to
Parking Lot

(Norma sets her box of things on the hood of the car.)

(Kevin sees her in the distance.)


(The camera backs up as he runs toward it.)

Suddenly the Tony Barbella's of the world seemed like small potatoes.

(Wide shot of Norma at the car as Kevin approaches.)


(Close shot past Norma of Kevin.)

KEVIN: About what happened...

(Close shot past Kevin of Norma looking at him.)

KEVIN: It wasn't what it looked like.

(Shot past Norma of Kevin glancing down, then looking at Norma.)

KEVIN: Anyway, I-I didn't take that pass.

(Shot past Kevin of Norma. She smiles slightly, and nods.)

NORMA: I know.

(She turns back to her box of things.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin.)


(Close shot of Norma. She turns and frowns.)

NORMA: Kevin - could we talk about this later? I'm...just a little distracted, right now.

(Norma frowns and turns back to her box.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

(Close shot of Norma looking toward Kevin.)

NORMA: I just got my walking papers.

(She glances off, then back.)

NORMA: Mr. Diperna just fired me. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Oh...

(Close shot of Norma.)

NORMA: He said my typing wasn't up to snuff. And my dictation was...laborious.

(She smiles, then frowns and glances away.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking surprised.)

KEVIN: He said that?

(Shot of Norma. She smiles, swallows, and glances way.)

NORMA: I don't know. Maybe he's right.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

NORMA (V/O): Anyway...

(Shot past Kevin of Norma as she picks up her box.)

NORMA: Now you know.

(She starts to unlock the back door.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I'm really sorry, Mom.

(Shot of Norma as she looks at Kevin, then opens the door.)

I guess even astronaut's wives had a bad day once in awhile.

(Close shot of Kevin as he smiles and gestures.)

KEVIN: Want some company?

(Shot of Norma shaking her head and putting her box on the back seat.)


(She puts her stuff away, then looks at Kevin and frowns.)

NORMA: Could you take the bus? I think I'd like to go for a drive.

KEVIN: Sure. (Shrugs.)

(Shot past Kevin of Norma getting in the car.)

(Wider shot of the car as Norma backs out, and drives away.)

Fade to
Evening - Kitchen

(Kevin is looking out the window.)

WAYNE (V/O): So where is she?

(Shot of Wayne and Jack at the table. Jack is watching baseball on TV.)

WAYNE: I'm hungry . (Gestures.)

KEVIN: How should I know?! (Gestures.)

That night I didn't feel up to explanations.

(Close shot of Jack turning from the TV to Kevin.)

JACK: Something happen at school?

(Shot of Kevin next to the sink.)

KEVIN: No! I-I mean...nothing that I know of.

(Wider shot from behind Kevin. Jack and Wayne are in the background.)

I knew I was gonna be in trouble for what I'd done, but, that's not what troubled me most.

(Close shot of Kevin leaning on the counter, looking down.)

Standing in that kitchen where Mom had made her family grilled-cheese sandwiches for past eighteen years, I knew that something had changed.

(Sound of Norma pulling up, and flash of headlights on Kevin's face. Kevin turns toward Jack and Wayne.)

(Shot of Wayne and Jack.)

JACK: About time...

WAYNE: Um-hmmm.

(Jack adjusts the TV.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Dad? Wayne?

(Shot of Wayne and Jack looking toward Kevin.)

The least I could do was prepare them for the shattered soul about to walk through that door.

(Shot of the door as Norma enters quickly, smiling.)

NORMA: Hi! (Smiles.) Anybody hungry?

(Shot of Wayne and Jack.)

JACK: Uh-hnnnnn. (Smiles.)

(Wide shot of Kevin in the kitchen as Norma enters. She sets a package on the counter and walks past Kevin.)

NORMA: Sorry! I lost track of time.

(She sets her purse on the counter, and gestures toward Jack.)

NORMA: We'll eat in twenty minutes.

(Norma pulls a pan from the refrigerator.)

(Close shot of Kevin watching Norma.)

NORMA (V/O): Just let me get this casserole in the oven.

(Norma crosses toward the oven.)

(Shot of Norma closing the oven. Kevin is in the background. Norma looks toward Jack off-screen.)

NORMA: Oh! And I stopped by and picked up the crumb-cake you all love. (Smiles.)

(Shot of Wayne and Jack.)

WAYNE: Great...
JACK: Oh...

(Shot of Norma and Kevin as Norma gestures and approaches.)

NORMA: You need that freshened, honey?

(Shot of Norma taking Jack's glass.)

JACK: Thanks.

It was incredible!

(Shot of Kevin watching Norma as she returns to the kitchen.)

This was the most un-shattered soul I'd ever laid eyes on.

(Norma pulls an ice-try from the freezer and moves to the counter.)

She seemed...happy. Almost confidant. Almost...

(Shot from behind Kevin of Norma looking at him.)

NORMA: Oh, Kevin - did you tell your father about school today?

(Shot past Norma of Kevin. He looks surprised.)

Completely out of her mind.

(Shot of Wayne and Jack.)

JACK: What about school?

(Shot of Norma and Kevin. They look toward Jack off-screen, then each other. Norma looks toward Jack again.)

NORMA: I won't be working there anymore.

(Close shot of Jack looking puzzled.)

JACK: What? Why?

(Shot of Kevin looking at Norma as she looks at Jack off-screen.)

NORMA: Well, it's pretty simple, really. (Smiles.)

(She looks at Kevin.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin.)

And I knew she was gonna tell them. About everything.

(Shot past Kevin as Norma looks up at him.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin glancing from Norma to Jack's drink in her hand.)

(Shot of Kevin looking at Norma as she looks at Jack off-screen.)

Only for some reason - she didn't.

NORMA: It's just not the right job for me. (Shrugs.) Not right now. And, I think I can do better! (Smiles.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin watching her.)

(Shot past Kevin of Norma. She nods toward Jack.)

NORMA: So I won't be going back there.

(She looks down, then up at Kevin, and nods slightly.)

NORMA: Right, honey?

(She pauses, then walks past the camera with Jack's drink.)

(Shot of Wayne and Jack as Norma hands the drink to Jack.)

JACK: Well, then...if that's what you want.

(Shot of Norma.)

NORMA: That's what I want. (Nods.)

(Shot of Kevin in the foreground as Norma returns to the kitchen and checks the oven.)

And in that moment...

(Shot past Norma of Kevin watching her.)

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt one thing about this woman I'd been so ashamed of.

(Shot of Kevin and Norma, with Wayne and Jack in the background.)

(Norma adjusts her apron and leans closer to Kevin.)

NORMA: By the way...you're grounded.

(Norma walks to the refrigerator.)

(Close shot of Kevin as he smiles.)

She was pretty cool.

(Shot of Norma at the sink in the foreground, as Kevin walks to the table and sits down.)

Fade to
Evening - Kitchen

(Norma is typing at the table. Kevin rummages in a cabinet in the background.)

When you're fourteen, change is an everyday thing.

(Closer shot of Kevin looking at a package.)

You live with it every moment of your life.

(Kevin looks toward Norma.)

(Shot of Norma in the foreground, typing.)

But that night, I understood for the first time that Mom's world was changing, too.

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Norma.)

Maybe more than mine.

(Shot of Norma in the foreground as Kevin looks in the cabinet.)

Her family was growing up. She didn't have kids in pajamas anymore, asking -

(Kevin approaches Norma.)

KEVIN: Mom? Do we have any more hot-chocolate?

(Norma turns.)

NORMA: Would you like me to make you some? (Smiles.)

KEVIN: Sure! (Smiles.)

(Norma gets up and walks to the counter. Kevin watches her, then looks at the typewriter.)

Still, somehow...

(Close shot of the paper in the typewriter.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at it.)

I knew that whatever change lay ahead...

(Very close shot of the application as Kevin moves it, seeing "ARNOLD NORMA" in the name section.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

Norma Arnold would handle it.

NORMA (V/O): Ready in a minute, honey!

Fade to

Supporting Cast
Tony Barbella - Anthony Nittoli
Mr. Diperna - Raye Birk


"Soul Man" - Sam & Dave

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