Episode 66 - "The Accident"

(Close shot of a closed scrapbook. It opens, showing a 6th birthday card.)

There are things about your childhood you hold on to...

(The camera pans across the scrapbook, showing a paper Indian headband with the word "Mohican" on it.)

Because they were so much a part of you.

(Fade to shot of a page with a b/w photo of a group of kids, a school report card, and flyer from Tombstone, Arizona.)

The places you went, the people you knew.

(The camera pans across a picture of Kevin, age 6-ish.)

Somewhere, in every memory I had...

(The camera pans to a picture of Winnie, age 6-ish.)

Was Winnie Cooper.

(The camera zooms in on Winnie's picture.)

She was a part of me, and I was a part of her. By the end of ninth grade I knew everything about her. What I didn't know was that she was falling apart.

Fade to

Int. Afternoon - Skating Rink

(Wide shot of the floor with skaters skating. "Walk, Don't Run" by the Ventures is playing.)

The Moonlight Roller Rink. It was the place to be seen, a dividing line between junior and senior high school, between those who could skate...

(Shot of a skater approaching the camera.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking surprised.)

(Kevin is bumped into the wall and falls.)

And those who couldn't.

(Paul helps him up.)

KEVIN: I'm gettin' out of here.

(Kevin pulls himself along the railing.)

Not that I didn't have my own style. In fact, I turned lack of balance into an art form.

(Winnie skates up to them.)

WINNIE (V/O): Hi guys!

(Close shot of Kevin looking up.)

(Shot from behind Kevin and Paul as Winnie approaches.)

(Close shot of Paul smiling.)

PAUL: Winnie! Hey, stranger.

(Close shot of Winnie smiling at Paul, then Kevin.)



WINNIE: How've you been?

KEVIN: Good. You?

WINNIE: OK. (Smiles.)

It had been two months since Winnie and I broke up, but to me she was still the same.

(Wider shot of the three of them. Paul points at Winnie.)

PAUL: You changed your hair!

WINNIE: Yeah. And I got my ears pierced, see?

(Winnie smiles and hold her ear.)

(Close shot of Winnie looking at Kevin.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Uh huh. They look good!

WINNIE: Do you really think so?

KEVIN: Sure. (Smiles.)

Fact is, she looked beautiful.

(Kevin smiles and glances toward Paul, then Winnie.)

KEVIN: So. How's Roger?


(Winnie looks off.)

Roger Dikovian, her steady guy, her constant flame, her -

WINNIE: Roger and I broke up.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin.)

WINNIE: See you guys!

(Winnie skates off. Kevin looks after her off-screen.)

Needless to say...

(Close shot of Paul looking at Winnie off-screen.)

It came as a complete surprise.

(Kevin starts to fall down, pulling Paul with him.)

KEVIN: Whoa!

(Music ends.)

Cut to

Day - Arnold Garage

(Kevin is oiling his bike, in the open garage.)

WINNIE (V/O): Kevin?

(Close shot of Kevin looking up.)

(Shot of Winnie approaching up the driveway and pausing.)

But not as much of a surprise as when she showed up at my house the next day.

(Wider shot of Kevin and his bike.)

KEVIN: Winnie!

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Are you busy?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Well...no...(gestures)...I was just...(glances off)...no. Why?

(Close shot of Winnie. She smiles and gestures.)

WINNIE: Can I talk to you?

KEVIN: Sure!

(Kevin wipes his hands with a rag.)

(Close shot of Winnie glancing toward the house, then Kevin.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: You wanna go inside for a soda?

(Winnie smiles.)


(Shot of Kevin wiping his hands.)

After all, an occasion like this called for a little privacy.

Cut to

Arnold Kitchen

(Shot of Norma cutting the band off a bunch of broccoli. She looks toward the sound of the opening door.)

(Kevin and Winnie enter, and stand side-by-side. Winnie smiles.)

(Close shot of Norma looking surprised, and smiling.)

(Shot of Winnie and Kevin as Winnie sets her purse on the table.)

NORMA (V/O): Winnie!

(Close shot of Norma smiling and approaching Winnie.)

NORMA: This is a surprise!

WINNIE: Hi, Mrs. Arnold.

(Winnie and Norma hug.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin and Winnie as Kevin frowns slightly.)

Privacy being hard to come by when your mom's clogging up the kitchen.

(Shot past Winnie of Norma smiling at them.)

NORMA: Can I get you kids something to eat?

(Shot past Norma of Kevin and Winnie.)

WINNIE: Well...

KEVIN: Uh...

(Kevin steps between Winnie and Norma, and makes a little face at at Norma.)

KEVIN: No, thanks, Mom. We're fine...

(Kevin walks past the camera toward the refrigerator.)

(Shot of Norma smiling and nodding at Kevin off-screen.)

KEVIN (V/O): Really.

NORMA: Oh...

(Shot past Winnie of Norma smiling at her, then returning to the sink.)

NORMA: Well...

(Norma returns to the broccoli at the sink.)

NORMA: If you want anything...

(Norma glances at Kevin off-screen.)

NORMA: Just give me a call.

(Norma glances at Winnie.)


(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Thanks. It was really nice seeing you.

(Close shot of Norma smiling at Winnie.)

KEVIN (V/O): Mom...

(Norma smiles and looks at Kevin off-screen.)

(Kevin approaches with a bottle of Squirt.)


(Norma smiles slightly at Kevin.)

Especially nice seeing her go.

(Norma walks off. Kevin smiles toward Winnie off-screen.)

(Close shot of Winnie.)

(Close shot of Norma pausing and glancing back from the doorway.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning at Norma off-screen.)

(Close shot of Norma exiting.)

KEVIN: Want somethin' to drink?

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Great!

(Close shot of Kevin as he gets two glasses.)

KEVIN: Have a seat.

(Shot of Winnie as she sits down and Kevin approaches from behind her.)

And we were alone. Together. At last.

(Kevin puts the glasses on the table and sits down.)

Not that I knew why exactly.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking at her.)

KEVIN: So. What'd you wanna talk about? (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie looking off.)

WINNIE: Well...

You could see in her eyes it was something deep, important - possibly even philosophical.

(Winnie looks toward Kevin and smiles.)

WINNIE: It's really gonna be fun going to high school, isn't it?

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking at her.)

KEVIN: High school?

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie looking at him.)

WINNIE: Yeah. I'm really looking forward to it.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking at her.)

KEVIN: Oh. Yeah. (Smiles.)

Yeah. High school.

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie looking down.)

WINNIE: I mean, it might be good...

(Winnie looks at Kevin.)

WINNIE: To be in a new place. Don't you think?

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking off.)

KEVIN: Well...

(Kevin looks at her and smiles.)

KEVIN: Sure. (Nods.)

WINNIE: Me too.

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie looking off.)

WINNIE: I was kinda getting sick...

(She looks at Kevin.)

WINNIE: Of junior high. I mean you feel like you're stuck with the way things are forever. You know what I mean?

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin frowning slightly at her.)

KEVIN: Uh, definitely. (Nods.)

(Kevin glances off.)

Never mind that I didn't have the foggiest idea of where this was going.

KEVIN: So. Is that what you wanted to talk about? (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie looking at him.)

WINNIE: Well, yeah. Kinda. (Smiles.) Anyway, I have to go.

(Wider shot of both as Winnie stands up, then Kevin stands up.)

KEVIN: Well, wait, you didn't even finish your soda! (Gestures.)

(Winnie takes a step past Kevin and turns.)

WINNIE: That's OK. Thanks for listening Kevin. (Nods.)

KEVIN: Sure. Anytime. (Gestures.)

WINNIE: Well, seeya.

(Winnie smiles, turns, and exits. Kevin looks after her off-screen.)

And there you had it. Our first real heart-to-heart in months.

(Kevin glances off.)

Just one little question...

Cut to


(Close shot of Paul frowning and looking at Kevin off-screen.)

PAUL: Sometimes you can be so dense.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Paul off-screen.)

KEVIN: What're you talking about? (Frowns.)

(Shot of both.)

PAUL: Isn't it obvious?

(Paul circles around in front of Kevin.)

PAUL: She broke up with Roger...she came to your house.

(Shot past Kevin of Paul looking at him.)

PAUL: Don't you see what this means? She wants you back.


(Close shot of Kevin looking at Paul off-screen.)

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't considered the possibility.

(Kevin frowns and shakes his head.)

KEVIN: I don't think so.

(Close shot of Paul looking at Kevin off-screen.)

PAUL: Uh huh.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Paul off-screen.)

KEVIN: Paul, Winnie and I have a different relationship now.

(Close shot of Paul looking at Kevin off-screen.)

PAUL: Right. (Frowns.)

(Shot of both as a boy walks up behind Kevin.)

BOY: Hey Arnold! I heard the Super Cooper's single again.

(Kevin glances at Paul, then the boy.)

BOY: You going for her?

(Kevin glances away and frowns.)


BOY: Do you mind if I do?


(The boy looks off, then walks past the camera.)

(Close shot of Paul looking at Kevin off-screen.)

(Shot of both.)

KEVIN: I don't wanna hear it.

(Kevin closes his locker and walks away.)

Fade to

Ext. Day - Kevin's Street

(Shot of Kevin walking up the middle of his street.)

OK, so I didn't know what I was feeling. Love does that to you.

(Kevin walk past younger kids playing in a front yard.)

Especially when you're fourteen.

(A kid throws the baseball which rolls into the street. Kevin retrieves it.)

All I knew was...

(Close shot of Kevin throwing the ball back.)

Things we're different now.

(Shot of the yard and kids. A young girl resembling Winnie sits on the curb with a football, smiling at Kevin.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling at her off-screen.)

There was a time when Winnie Cooper lived on my street...when all I had to do was turn around and...

(Winnie is standing on the sidewalk, facing away.)

(Shot of Kevin looking past the camera.)

KEVIN: Winnie?

(Shot of Winnie as she turns around.)

She'd be there.

(Wide shot of Kevin, and the kids in the background as he trots toward the camera.)

(Shot of Winnie as Kevin passes the camera and stands in front of her.)

KEVIN: What are you doing here?

Maybe Paul had been right! Maybe there was a reason she was here.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking at her.)

Maybe it was me.

(They glance toward her former house off-screen.)

WINNIE: I don't know.

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Do you know who lives there now?

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking off.)

KEVIN: Just a family. (Gestures.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Are they nice?

(Kevin looks toward the house.)

KEVIN: They're OK.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking off.)

KEVIN: I really haven't met them.

(Close shot of Winnie looking toward the house, then Kevin off-screen.)

WINNIE: It was really nice talking to you yesterday.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: Yeah. It was nice talking to you, too. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Winnie looking down.)

WINNIE: There aren't a lot of kids at my school I can talk to. (Frowns.) I don't think I fit in there.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: What? Winnie, that's ridiculous! (Smiles.) You -

(Close shot of Winnie looking off.)

WINNIE: Kevin, it's just kinda hard to explain, OK? (Frowns.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: OK. (Shrugs.)

(Close shot of Winnie looking at the house.)

WINNIE: It's funny. It doesn't even seem like I ever lived there.

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward the house, then at Winnie off-screen.)

The thing is, I knew I should say something.

(Close shot of Winnie looking down.)

I just wasn't sure what.

WINNIE: Well...

(She looks at Kevin.)

WINNIE: I'd better be going.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

WINNIE (V/O): My mom's expecting me home.

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie shrugging slightly.)

WINNIE: So, I'll see ya.

(Winnie walks past Kevin and the camera.)

KEVIN: Yeah. Seeya.

(Shot of Kevin looking after her off-screen.)

It was strange.

(Shot of Winnie walking away, and the kids playing in the yard acrss the street.)

Suddenly she looked so out of place on the street where she'd spent her entire life.

(Wide shot of Winnie pausing the middle of the street.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at her off-screen.)

KEVIN: Winnie?

(Shot of Winnie as she turns around.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at her off-screen.)

KEVIN: You maybe wanna go out sometime?

(Shot of Winnie lookng down, then at Kevin off-screen.)

WINNIE: No thanks. (Shrugs.) I think I'd just rather be by myself.

(She turns and walks away.)

And that was that.

(Shot of Kevin looking after her off-screen.)

Simple. She wanted to be alone.

(Shot of Winnie walking away.)

Fade to

Skating Rink

(Shot of Winnie smiling and talking to older kids at the railing. "Tears of A Clown" plays.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul sitting on a bench, putting on skates.)

Except, the next day, she wasn't.

(Kevin shakes his head.)

KEVIN: I don't get it.

PAUL: What?

KEVIN: Winnie. Look at her! (Gestures.)

(Paul glances at Winnie.)

PAUL: She looks OK to me.

(Shot of Winnie and her friends.)

KEVIN: Paul, those guys are juniors!


KEVIN: Paul, we're talking about guys with driver's licenses!

But it wasn't just the driver's licenses that bothered me.

(Shot of Winnie and her friends.)

It was that smile on Winnie's face.

(Shot of Kevin frowning.)

KEVIN: She didn't look like that yesterday.

(Paul stands and looks at Kevin.)

PAUL: Come on. Let's skate.

(Paul skates away. Kevin stays on the bench.)

Easy for Paul to say. But for some reason I didn't feel like skating.

(Kevin glances at Winnie.)

(Winnie enters the rink with others.)

(Kevin rises.)

It was time for a talk.

(Shot of Winnie approaching.)

(Kevin enters and skates toward Winnie.)

KEVIN (V/O): Winnie?

(Shot of Winnie. She pauses and smiles.)

WINNIE: Hi, Kevin!

KEVIN: How ya doing?

WINNIE: Me? Fine! (Gestures.)

KEVIN: I see that you have some new friends. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Winnie looking toward her friends and smiling.)


(Winnie looks back at Kevin.)

WINNIE: They're really nice guys.


KEVIN: Well, Winnie it's just that when we talked yesterday -
WINNIE: Oh. (Frowns.)

KEVIN: You said -

WINNIE: I really don't think that's any of your business, Kevin.

(A junior approaches behind Kevin. The camera pans with him.)

JUNIOR: Hey, Winnie!

(Kevin turns.)

JUNIOR: Come on, we're doing a whip.

(Close shot of Winnie smiling.)

WINNIE: I'll be right there!

(Close shot of Kevin turning back to Winnie.)

I couldn't understand it.

(Winnie looks at Kevin. Her smile fades, and she skates away.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

What was going on with this girl?

(Kevin skates up to Winnie.)

KEVIN: Winnie? Is something wrong?

(They stand near the end of the whip.)

JUNIOR: OK, get ready!

(Winnie glances at Kevin.)

WINNIE: Don't be silly. Everything's fine.

KEVIN: Yeah, but -

(Winnie turns angrily to Kevin.)

WINNIE: Kevin, I told you I don't want to talk about it anymore.

KEVIN: Well, I...

(Winnie joins the line.)

And that's when I knew - something was wrong.

JUNIOR: Alright, let's go.

(The line starts to move forward. Kevin hold Winnie's sleeve. She tries to shake loose.)

Winnie Cooper was out of control.

(Kevin grabs Winnie's arm.)

(Close shot of Winnie frowning.)

WINNIE: Kevin, let me go!

(They start to skate.)

KEVIN: I can't!

(Close shot of Winnie frowning.)

WINNIE: Kevin, let go!

(Kevin starts to lose his balance.)

WINNIE: Kevin, you're holding me back!

KEVIN: Winnie, I, ca -

(Shot of the approaching wall.)

KEVIN: Whoaaaaaaa!

(Wide shot of Kevin skating into the wall.)

(Wide shot of the skaters approaching the camera.)

(Close shot of Winnie, with her head back, laughing and screaming.)

WINNIE: This is great!

(The camera zooms in on Kevin as he leans against the wall, looking at Winnie off-screen.)

(Shot of Winnie skating.)

Fade to

Ext. Day - Cooper House

(Kevin is riding his bike on the sidewalk, toward Winnie's house.)

(Wide shot of Winnie and Mrs. Cooper unloading the trunk of the car.)

I don't know why I pursued her. Maybe it was because I wanted to help her.

(Shot of Kevin.)

(Wide shot of Winnie and Mrs. Cooper.)

(Wide shot of Kevin stopping next to a tree.)

And maybe it was because I wanted to know she needed my help.

(Wide shot of Winnie and Mrs. Cooper.)

MRS. COOPER: Hi, Kevin!

(Close shot of Winnie and Mrs. Cooper. Winnie glances at Kevin, then looks off.)

(Shot of Kevin.) KEVIN: Hi, Mrs. Cooper!

(Kevin rides forward.)

KEVIN: You need some help with that?

MRS. COOPER: No, no, it's OK, I can handle it.

(She looks at Winnie.)

MRS. COOPER: Honey, why don't you stay out here and talk?

(She smiles at Kevin as she gets a bag from the trunk, and moves toward the house.)

MRS. COOPER: It's good to see you, Kevin. You should come around more often.

(Mrs. Cooper goes inside.)

(Winnie closes the trunk and moves to the side of the car. She puts a rolled sleeping bag on the car.)

And, we were alone again.

(Winnie smiles.)


(Winnie sighs.)

WINNIE: Hi...I'm sorry about what happened yesterday.

KEVIN: It's OK. I just wanted to make sure you were alright.

WINNIE: I'm fine, thanks. (Smiles.)

And she did look fine.

(Winnie looks off.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

Which left only one thing to say.

KEVIN: Winnie, does your mom know you're hanging out with eleventh graders?

(Winnie glances off.)

Apparently, the wrong thing.

WINNIE: Kinda. Why?

KEVIN: Well, it's just...

(Kevin leans back and looks off.)

KEVIN: Look, Winnie...

(Kevin turns toward Winnie.)

KEVIN: You know when you know somebody, but then all of a sudden you don't, and you feel that you kinda missed out on somethin' because they're not being like the way you thought they would?

(Winnie frowns and shakes her head.)

WINNIE: Kevin, what are you talking about?

(Kevin sighs and leans back, looking off.)

KEVIN: Nothing.

But it wasn't nothing.

(Winnie sighs and looks off.)

I just...couldn't say what it was.

(Kevin looks at the sleeping bag on the car.)

KEVIN: New sleeping bag?


(Winnie picks up the sleeping bag.)

KEVIN: Well, you going on a trip?

WINNIE: Camping. (Frowns.)

KEVIN: Oh! Sounds like fun.

WINNIE: We go every year on Brian's birthday.

(Shot of Kevin looking down.)

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: The anniversary of his birthday. I hate camping.

(Winnie's friends drive up and honk.)

(Winnie turns toward the sound.)

(Shot of juniors in a convertible.)

JUNIOR: Hey, Winnie, come on! Let's go.

JUNIOR2: Yeah, come on, jump in!

(Winnie looks at Kevin.)

WINNIE: Well I gotta go.

(Winnie sets the sleeping bag on the car, and turns to Kevin.)

WINNIE: So maybe I'll see ya?

(Winnie heads toward the car.)

KEVIN: Yeah.

WINNIE: Hey guys. How are you?

(Kevin puts his hands on the car and frowns.)

KEVIN (To himself): Maybe I'll see ya.

(The carload drives off.)

(Shot of Kevin looking after Winnie off-screen. The house is in the background.)

(Mrs. Cooper steps outside.)

MRS. COOPER: Winnie?

(Kevin turns.)

KEVIN: She left.

(Mrs. Cooper sags in resignation, and goes back inside.)

Fade to

(Shot of Kevin sitting on his bike, looking at Winnie's house.)

There was a time when I saw Winnie Cooper every single day of my life.

(Flashback to the edited scene in Ep. 2 - "Swingers", where Kevin and Winnie meet in the street.)

-KEVIN: Hi! (Smiles.)
-KEVIN: Hi. (Smiles.)
-WINNIE: Whatcha doing?
-KEVIN: Nothing.
-WINNIE: Maybe we could do something, tomorrow. I mean, if you want.
-KEVIN: Yeah. I mean, sure! If you want.
-PAUL: Come on, Kev! Let's go!

-KEVIN: OK, well...bye! (Smiles.) See you tomorrow.
-WINNIE: OK, bye.
-KEVIN: Bye.
(Fade to present. Kevin looks down.)

But that was a long time ago.

(Long shot of Kevin walking away on the sidewalk with his bike.)

Int. Afternoon - Skating Rink

(Shot of Kevin pushing off slowly, onto the rink. "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" plays.)

I decided to devote my life to skating. Skating was simple, really.

(Winnie and a junior skate by. He bumps Kevin, who falls down.) KEVIN: Oooh!

(Winnie looks back at him.)

As opposed to, say, Winnie.

(Winnie approaches Kevin.)

WINNIE: Are you OK?

(She helps him up.)

KEVIN: Yeah. I'm fine.

WINNIE: It was a pretty bad spill.

(Kevin frowns.)

KEVIN: Yeah, well, thanks for asking!

(Winnie frowns and shakes her head.)

WINNIE: Kevin?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

Oh no.

(Winnie puts her hand on his arm.)

WINNIE: Can we talk?

(They slowly skate toward the side of the rink.)

And here we went again.

(They skate slowly.)

WINNIE: I guess you think I've been acting kind of weird lately.

KEVIN: Well, no...(frowns)...Yes.

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: I wish I could explain -

(Kevin stops.)

KEVIN: Yeah, well why don't you try then?

(They are standing face-to-face.)

WINNIE: It's just...(Gestures.)

And for a second I thought I might actually get an answer.

JUNIOR (V/O): Hey, Winnie!

(Shot of Winnie's friends.)

JUNIOR: Hey, come on, we're goin' for a drive!

(Winnie smiles at the junior.)

WINNIE: Great!

(Winnie looks at Kevin. She gestures and smiles.)

WINNIE: I gotta go...

(Winnie starts away from him, but he grabs her arm.)

KEVIN: Winnie! Stop.

(Winnie turns around quickly and tries to pull away.)

WINNIE: Kevin, you're scaring me!

(Kevin frowns.)

KEVIN: What's going on?

WINNIE: I don't know what you mean...

KEVIN: Winnie, I know you. Or I used to know you, and you're not acting like yourself!

(Winnie smirks at Kevin.)

WINNIE: How am I supposed to act?

KEVIN: Like you! Like the Winnie Cooper I know!

(Winnie tries to shake free.)

WINNIE: Kevin, lemme go.

KEVIN: No! Why are you acting like this?

WINNIE: Because when I act like myself, everything goes bad!

(Kevin lets go of her.)

(Kevin looks surprised.)

KEVIN: What?

WINNIE: I just want to forget the past three years!

KEVIN: What about me?

WINNIE: You just don't understand.

KEVIN: Well, what do you want me to say? (Gestures.)

WINNIE: Nothing!

(She skates over to the juniors, and puts an arm around one of them. She glances at Kevin as they exit.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

The funny thing is, those three years had been the best years of my whole life.

(Kevin skates off.)

Cut to

School Hallway

(Kevin is frowning as he walks toward the camera, which rolls back with him.)

I decided to give up skating.

(Paul enters the shot and hurries up after Kevin.)

PAUL: Kev!

(Kevin sighs.)

KEVIN: What?

PAUL: About Winnie -

KEVIN: Paul!

PAUL: Kev!

(Kevin stops and turns to Paul.)

KEVIN: What!?

(Close shot past Kevin of Paul.)

I'd done enough talking about her, worrying about her.

(Shot of Kevin.)

PAUL: She had an accident.

(The camera zooms in slowly on Kevin.)

PAUL: Last night, in a car. With those kids.

(Kevin stares at Paul a moment. He turns and runs down the crowded hallway.)

Ext. Day - Winnie's House

(Kevin rides his bike along the sidewalk, up to the yard and hops off, running to Winnie's front door. He knocks the knocker and beats on the door.)

KEVIN: Winnie!...Winnie!...

(Kevin looks toward the street, then knocks again.)

KEVIN: Winnie!

(Kevin step back and crosses the yard, looking at the upper floor. He sits down against a tree, and props his head in his hand.)

I waited all afternoon. I didn't know what else to do.

Cut to
Ext. Night - Winnie's House

(Shot of Kevin against the tree. A car drives up behind him.)

(Shot of Kevin and the yard as the Cooper's car pulls up to the curb.)

(Mr. Cooper gets out. Kevin runs up to him.)

MR. COOPER: Kevin?

KEVIN: Mr. Cooper!

(Winnie is hidden in shadows in the back seat.)

KEVIN: Is she all right?

(Mr. Cooper glances down.)

(Shot of Winnie in the back seat.)

MR. COOPER (V/O): Well, it's a broken leg and some cuts. She's gonna need some time to recover. but, she'll be okay.

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Can I see her?

(Mr. Cooper looks down, as Mrs. Cooper gets out of the car.)

MRS. COOPER: Hello Kevin.

KEVIN: Mrs. Cooper, may I talk to her?

MR. COOPER: Kevin, maybe you should go home now.

KEVIN: What?

MRS. COOPER: Kevin, Winnie doesn't want to see you right now.

(Shot of Winnie in the back seat.)

KEVIN: Wh...but that's impossible. I know she wants to see me. (Smiles.)

MRS. COOPER: Kevin...Please go home.

And I guess that's when I finally understood. I'd been part of Winnie's past - a past she wanted to forget. And now...

(Kevin walks toward his bike.)

There was nothing to do...but go.

(Shot of Winnie looking after Kevin as he rides off.)

("We've Got Tonight" - Bob Seger starts and plays throughout.)

Only I didn't...

(Shot of Kevin climbing over the wall between the houses.)

I couldn't.

(Kevin climbs onto the roof and approaches Winie's window.)

(Shot of Kevin looking in her window.)

(Shot of Mrs. Cooper tucking Winnie into bed, picking up a tray, and exiting the shot.)

There are things in a life that matter, things in a past which can't be denied.

(The light goes off in Winnie's room.)

Winnie Cooper was part of me, and I was part of her.

(Winnie opens her eyes and looks around.)

And no matter what, for as long as we lived, I knew I could never let her go.

(Close shot of Winnie as she sees Kevin outside her window.)

(Close shot of Kevin through Winnie's window.)

KEVIN: I love you.

(Shot of Winnie looking at Kevin off-screen.)

WINNIE: I love you.

(Close shot of Kevin through Winnie's window.)

Fade to



"Walk, Don't Run" - The Ventures
"Tears Of A Clown" - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
"Smoke Gets In Your eyes" - The Platters
"We've Got Tonight" - Bob Seger

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02/27/05 12:31