Episode 108 - "Hulk Arnold"


(Close shot of a B&W photograph of a school band.)

At some point in your teenage years, if you're lucky, you make a discovery.

(Shot of B&W picture of a smiling woman throwing a vase on a pottery wheel.)

You find out you're actually good at something.

(Shot of B&W photo of a stage play.)

It's that critical juncture, where talent becomes...expertise - kinda.

(Shot of B&W photo of a boy holding his bird-house project.)

It's your chance to star. Or...

(Shot of B&W photo of another stage-play.)

Cut to

Int. Gym

(Sound of whistle, then a close-up of Chuck getting slammed face-first onto the mat.)

End up flat on your face.

(Sound of whistle.)

P.E. TEACHER: Two points - take down! Good move, Arnold!

(Kevin and Chuck are wrestling.)

Around the middle of my junior year, I found out something about myself.

CHUCK: Kevin, I can't breathe!

KEVIN: It'll just take a second.

For some strange reason - don't ask me how, don't ask me why...

(The teacher slaps the mat.)


I was good at wrestling.

P.E. TEACHER: Good combinations in there! Alright - who's next, for Arnold?

(The guys hem-and-haw nervously.)

(Shot of Kevin standing, and Chuck still on the mat, recovering.)

Not to brag, or anything.

Cut to

Locker Room

(Kevin is buttoning his shirt as Chuck limps to his locker.)

KEVIN: Hey, sorry, Chuck! I guess you're just havin' a bad day...

(Close shot of Kevin.)

Course, I didn't mind gloating a little.

(Close shot of Chuck turning from his locker.)

CHUCK: I don't understand it - I did everything right!

(Close shot of Jeff sitting on the bench.)

JEFF: Ah, no, when you do everything right - it's the other guy who's sore.

(Close shot of Chuck. He smirks at Jeff off-screen.)

CHUCK: That's very funny.

(Chuck looks at Kevin off-screen.)

CHUCK: I just wish we'd start softball, again.

(Chuck slams his locker.)

(Wide shot of the locker room.)

KEVIN: Well, you are showing improvement.

(Chuck shakes his heads and limps away.)

Face it. Some guys had it, some guys didn't. And some guys...

JEFF: Hey, Kev? Why don't you go out for the wrestling team?

(Shot of Kevin turning and frowning.)

KEVIN: What!?

Were lazy.

(Close shot of Jeff.)

JEFF: Well, why not? I mean you have this weird natural ability, right?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Hey! (Gestures.) How much time do I want to spend jammed into some guy's armpit?

(Wide shot of the lockers. Jeff gets up, glances at Kevin, and exits toward the camera.)

The way I saw it, having a weird natural ability was one thing, but getting serious about it was another.

Cut to


(Kevin is at his open locker as a hand taps his shoulder.)

COACH: You're Arnold, right?

Until I ran in to...Mr.Clean.

KEVIN: Uh...I guess so.

COACH: What do you mean - you're not sure?

KEVIN: No, I'm sure.

But I still didn't know who this guy was.

(Close shot of Coach Silva.)

COACH: I'm Silva, the wrestling coach.

(Wider shot of both. A student walks by.)

KEVIN: Oh! Hey, how ya doing?

COACH: Your P.E. teacher gave me your name - I heard you can wrestle.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Well, you know, I'm not that good.

(Close shot of Coach Silva. He glances off.)

COACH: I didn't say I heard you were good - I said I heard you can wrestle.

KEVIN: Well...yeah, I guess I can.

(Shot of Coach Silva looking Kevin over.)

COACH: I hate to see talent go to waste. What are you - about one-forty?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Yeah. Of course I had that jelly donut after lunch.

COACH: I got a slot open at one-forty - want to give it a shot?

KEVIN: Well...

And there you had it. I'd been wooed, recruited and signed, without so much as a tryout. So, of course, I said -

KEVIN: I don't think so. I mean...you know. It just seems like too much...work.

COACH: Well, if that's how you feel about it.

KEVIN: I kinda do.

COACH: Fine. But you might do yourself some good. You get to compete, get yourself in shape - maybe lose some of that baby fat.

Wait a minute. Baby fat?

(Kevin turns from his locker slowly and gestures.)

KEVIN: Look, I just have a lot of things to do these days!

COACH: Alright - suit yourself.

(Silva walks away.)

I mean, hey - I didn't have to stand there and put up with those insults. Baby fat?

(Kevin rubs his stomach and frowns.)

Cut to

Evening - Arnold Livingroom

(Kevin and Wayne are on the couch, watching TV.)

In fact, I'd just put the whole thing out of my mind.

(Kevin looks down as he pinches his stomach.)

KEVIN: Wayne? Does this look like fat?

WAYNE: What?! Nah, look.

(Wayne sets his soda down and pinches his stomach.)

WAYNE: Everybody gets that. It's part of what they call "the maturing process".

Evidently the only part in which Wayne participated.

WAYNE: Why? You watching your figure, or something? Hahahahah.

KEVIN: No...just the coach asked me to try out for the wrestling team.

WAYNE: You? Uh-hhahaha.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

KEVIN: What's so funny?

(Jack walks into the livingroom with his coat over his shoulder, and carrying a newspaper.)

WAYNE: Dad! Butthead's going out for wrestling.

(Jack tosses the newspaper into the chair, and looks at Kevin.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Jack off-screen.)

OK. It was time for a little encouraging moral support.

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: The wrestling team?

(Jack smiles as he loosens his tie.)

(Shot of Jack sitting on the couch next to Wayne and Kevin.)

KEVIN: Why? What's wrong with that?

JACK: Nothing - it's just a pretty big commitment.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: So? I commit! I've committed to lots of things. (Gestures.)

WAYNE (V/O): Ahhahahahah, yeah, right. "Mr. Commitment".

(Close shot of Wayne.)

WAYNE: Ah-hahhahhaha.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Wayne off-screen, then looking off.)

Then again, I didn't have to sit around here with a bunch of fat guys.

Cut to

Int. Day - Gym

(Sound of a whistle.)

(Several pairs of wrestlers are practicing.)

(Kevin walks into the gym.)

I...was a wrestler. So I decided to give it a shot. Show up for practice - help out the team.

COACH (V/O): Work that mat, work that mat. Good! Get outta that...

(Shot of Coach Silva pointing at an unseen wrestler, then looking at Kevin off-screen.)

I mean, the guy had practically given me an engraved invitation.

COACH (V/O): Good, good!

(Shot of Kevin. He waves a little.)

KEVIN: Hey, Coach!

(Shot of Coach Silva. He pauses, frowns, and points at Kevin off-screen.)

COACH: You're late!

Unless, of course, it got lost in the mail.

(Kevin appraoches Coach Silva, as the coach points at his watch.)

COACH: Practice starts at three-fory-five. You're late for practice, you do five extra laps. You're late two days in a row, don't bother showing up on day three.

(Silva blows his whistle.)

KEVIN: Nice seeing you, too.

COACH: What?!

KEVIN: Nothing...(Gestures.)

COACH: (To group): Alright...(points)...you, you, you, over here. Lets try some break-downs.

(Kevin walks off to the side.)

Still, maybe this wouldn't be so tough. Figured I'd watch a some demonstrations, see a few holds...

(Coach points at Kevin.)

COACH: Arnold! You're up.

(Shot of Kevin looking surprized and glancing around.)

Or...be the guinea pig.

(Kevin points at his chest.)


COACH: Spider! Come here.

(Shot of a group of wrestlers as one adjusts his helmet.)

COACH (V/O): Let's see what this guy can do.

(Coach Silva and a small wrestler approaches.)

OK, then - I could handle this. It was pretty clear I had a basic advantage over this guy.

COACH: Starting positions.

Mainly - poundage.

COACH: You know what to do?

KEVIN: Yeah, sure.

Yeah, this was going to be a piece of cake.

COACH: OK...wrestle!

(Spider grabs Kevin's legs and takes him down.)


COACH (V/O): Arnold. You get the point, here, right?

(Shot of Coach Silva gesturing.)

COACH: He makes a move - you counter!

KEVIN: Yeah.

(Kevin stands up.)

KEVIN: Yeah - I just...wasn't ready...

COACH: Awright. Once more.

(Spider gets in position.)

COACH: You ready?

KEVIN: Yeah, yeah.

(Kevin gets in position.)

Heh-heh. Fool me once...shame on you.

COACH: Wrestle!

(Spider flips Kevin.)

(Wide shot of Kevin and Spider on the mat, and Coach Silva watching.)

(Close shot of Coach Silva.)

COACH: Awright, awright - get some leverage. Get some leverage in there!

(Close shot of Kevin and Spider struggling.)

The thing was, this was really a lot like gym class...

(Wide shot of the gym as Kevin and Spider struggle, with Coach Silva standing nearby.)

But with one small difference.

(Spider gets Kevin in a pretzel hold.)

In gym class, I was the guy on top.

COACH (V/O): Awright - that's enough!

(Shot of Coach Silva as he blows his whistle.)

(Shot of Kevin on his back as Spider gets up.)

Not that I wasn't having fun.

COACH: Awright, Spider. Thanks.

(Shot of Spider walking of the mat.)

SPIDER: Piece of cake.

(Wide shot of the gym.)

COACH: The rest of you...(claps)...pair up by weight-class...let's get to work on some counters.

(Close shot of Kevin standing up as guys pair-off.)

KEVIN: Wait a minute. That's it? (Gestures.)

(Shot of Coach Silva and wrestlers as Kevin approaches.)

COACH: Why'd you let him pin you like that?

Course, looking back, I probably just should have promised to do better. But instead -

KEVIN: Yeah, well...you know, these shorts are really hard to wrestle in!

I made excuses.

COACH: I see.

(Silva walks away - Kevin follows.)

KEVIN: And anyway - I didn't let him pin me. He was pretty much there. And besides, gotta save somethin' for meets, right?

COACH: Alright, Rodgers, show me that pinning combo! Come on!

(Kevin walks after Coach Silva.)

KEVIN: I just don't think you've seen what I can do yet!

COACH: I've seen enough for one day.

(Silva walks away as he speaks to the group.)

COACH: Keep working, keep working!

I couldn't believe it!

Cut to

Ext. Night - The "point"

(Wide shot of the cars and lights in the distance.)

(Close shot of Winnie.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

("Let's Get It On" plays on the radio.)

KEVIN: How could you even call that a practice? I mean, first, I wasn't even ready. And the kid pulled this...

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie.)

KEVIN: Pretzel-hold I've never even seen before.

I'd about had it.

KEVIN: Why do I put myself through this?

(Kevin frowns and looks off. Winnie looks off and smiles a little.)

After one afternoon, I'd decided to put an end to my wrestling career.

(Winnie looks at Kevin and frowns.)

WINNIE: That must really hurt.

Then again...

(Kevin looks at Winnie with surprise.)

(Winnie kisses Kevin's cheek.)

KEVIN: He also...mashed my chin. It'll probably look a lot worse tomorrow.

(Winnie kisses his chin.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: And you should have seen the guy - he was a giant.

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: I never knew what it would be like.

KEVIN: What?

WINNIE: You know...dating a jock...

KEVIN: Oh...(Smiles.)

(Shot of Winnie and Kevin as he puts his arm around her.)

WINNIE: I just wish I could make it all better.

(Winnie snuggles closer. Kevin looks over his shoulder at the camera and grins.)

Cut to

Int. Day - Gym

(Kevin gets thrown to the mat.)

So, I decided to give the sport...another chance.

KEVIN: Hey, Coach! We've been at this an hour! How about a break?!

COACH: Oh, I see. Now that you've mastered it.

Woops. Seemed maybe the coach and I had gotten of on the wrong foot - metaphorically speaking -

KEVIN: Listen...Coach - I think you're maybe gettin' the wrong idea about me.

COACH: Uh-huh, and why is that?

KEVIN: Well, you know, I'm a lot better than I'm showin' you here!

COACH: Oh, is that right?

KEVIN: Yeah. I mean, I beat every guy in P.E.

COACH: Oh - and who were they again?

I suddenly realized the names "Chuck Coleman" and "'Skeeter' Lutz" weren't guaranteed to impress.

KEVIN: Look! Everyone knows I'm good at this!

(Coach blows his whistle.)

COACH: In case anybody didn't hear! Arnold, here, says he's a lot better than he looks!

Group: Alright, Arnold...Yoo-hoo...

(Silva looks at Kevin.)

COACH: Now, everybody knows.

(He blows his whistle.)

COACH: That's it for today! How about five laps to celebrate Mr. Arnold's greatness? (Gestures.)

(Group grumbles.)

I guess the message was clear. In two days, I'd gone from blue-chip prospect...to team laughing-stock.

(Kevin shakes his head as he trots off. He looks back, then exits through the gym doors.)

Cut to

(Locker room.)

COACH (V/O): OK, kids - let's hit the showers!

(Guys join Kevin.)

COACH (V/O): I guess some guys have so much talent...

(Kevin looks up.)

(Shot past Kevin of Coach Silva standing between banks of lockers.)

COACH: They don't even need to run laps - is that right, Arnold?

KEVIN: No. I'm just really beat. (Gestures.)

COACH: You're beat? Arnold, in the next couple of days, I'm going to make up a list of the new members of this team. Do you want to be on that list, or not?

Now, of course I said what any self-respecting teenager would say in this situation...

KEVIN: I don't care...

COACH: Speak up. I don't have time to screw around with you. Do you want to be on this team or not?! I want an answer - yes, or no.

I wanted to tell him exactly where he and his team could go. But what I heard myself say was -


(Silva walks away.)

And the worst part was...

(Kevin straightens up, and looks after Coach Silva.)

I really meant it.

Cut to


(Wide shot of the cafeteria.)

CHUCK (V/O): So how's it going, hay-stacks?

(Close shot past Chuck of Kevin.)

KEVIN: How's what going?

(Close shot of Chuck.)

CHUCK: The wrestling, what else?!

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Well, it's going...OK, Chuck?

During the next couple of days, the pressure bagan to build.

(Shot past Kevin of Chuck and Jeff.)

JEFF: A little edgy, aren't we?

CHUCK: It's just that the first meet is coming up. You gonna wrestle that guy, Gurney?

JEFF: What's a Gurney?

CHUCK: Doug Gurney! This guy took State, last year. The kid's made out of like, titanium, or something!

(Kevin tosses his fork down in exasperation.)

KEVIN: Chuck!

CHUCK: He's pinned everybody he's faced. He's like, the King Kong of wrestling! I'm definitely going to this match.

JEFF: I wouldn't miss it.

KEVIN: No, you don't want to do that! I mean, I might not even get to wrestle.

Much less make the team.

CHUCK: Of course you're gonna get a chance to wrestle - you're a natural! Heh, you beat me, didn't you?

JEFF: Face it, Kev - I mean, you've-you've-you've got a gift. (Gestures.)

Terrific. I was the only non-starter with his own personalized fanclub.

CHUCK: You're gonna be great!

JEFF: Can't wait to see ya out there.

KEVIN: Thanks.


(Chuck & Jeff exit.)

Cut to

(Gym. Kevin is squirming face-down.)

There was only one thing to do. Fall back on my God-given talent.

COACH: Aren't you ever gonna get that reversal right?

KEVIN: I'm doin' the best I can.

COACH: Are you?

KEVIN: What's that supposed to mean?

COACH: It means what it means.

Great - I'm talking talent - this guy's giving me Zen logic.

Cut to

Locker room

(Silva blows his whistle.)

COACH: Alright, listen up! We got a big match coming up against the Spartans. Not only do they have Doug Gurney, but they're tough in every weight-class. I'll be posting the new team roster tomorrow.

(Silva walks away.)

But I didn't need a pep talk. And I didn't need any team roster to tell me exactly where I stood with this guy.

(Kevin throws his headgear at the lockers.)

Cut to


(Silva is alone, picking up equipment. Kevin approaches.)

COACH: What can I do for ya?

Heck, no sense in dragging this out.

KEVIN: Well, uh...I thought we could talk. Ya know, about this whole thing...I mean, I guess we both know, it's really not working out, right?

It was time to end it - no hard feelings.

KEVIN: Not that it's anyone's fault or anything. (Gestures.)

COACH: It's just you want out!

KEVIN: What?!

COACH: I'm not surprised. You wanted to quit ever since you first came in here.

KEVIN: Well, no...that's not exactly true! I mean, you're the one who asked me to be a part -

COACH: Ah! Maybe I made a mistake. (Gestures.)

KEVIN: Huh, what's that supposed to mean?

COACH: What it means is...some kids have what it takes...and some kids just have excuses!

(Shot of Kevin frowning.)

I couldn't believe it! I'd come to bury the hatchet, and this guy wanted my scalp!

(Kevin walks forward.)

KEVIN: Yeah, well, for your information, you haven't really given me much of a chance!

(Silva stands.)

COACH: Is that so?

KEVIN: Yeah.

COACH: OK, in that case...(gestures)...now's your chance.

(Silva takes a step forward.)

KEVIN: What?!

COACH: You say you can wrestle - show me.

KEVIN: What - here? With you?

(Silva looks around.)

COACH: Do you see anybody else standin' around here? Come on, Arnold. What? Are you afraid you might look foolish?

KEVIN: No...

COACH: Or just afraid?

(Silva starts to turn away.)

KEVIN: No! That's not it!

COACH (V/O): Come on, Arnold...

(Shot of Coach Silva.)

COACH: I've seen your act, I've heard your alibis, I've heard your stories. Here's your chance - show me what you're made of.

And even though I knew it was a trap, at that moment...I just saw red.

(Kevin lunges at Silva, who throws him down. They struggle.)

COACH: Why don't you give up?


(Shot of both.)

COACH: Come on - give up! You know you want to...

(Kevin tenses up, then relaxes, realizing he is beaten. Silva gets up, grabs the equipment and walks off.)

It was just about the worst moment of my life. And then...

(Silva pauses and turns to Kevin.)

It got worse.

COACH: Oh yeah, by the way - you made the team.

Cut to

Ext. Day Athletic Field

(Kevin is walking across the grass, near a pond.)

The rest of that week I felt like I'd fallen into a bottomless pit - with no way out. The thing that hurt most was...something I had been good at once, had somehow turned bad. I failed. Yet for some reason, there I was - a member of the team. And I didn't know why.

Fade to

Int. Gym

(The wrestling match is underway. Two wrestlers are locked together as the referee watches them.)

That Friday night, the place was packed.

(Coach Silva is watching, wearing a coat and tie. He points.)

COACH: Don't let him get that ankle!

(The RFK wrestler takes down the other, and pins him. The referee flops down and taps out the opponent.)

It seemed like half the high school had shown up.

(Shot of the wrestlers and referee on the mat.)

(Wide shot of the crowd, including Chuck, Winnie and Jeff.)

Including my fan club.

(Closer shot of Chuck, Winnie and Jeff standing and clapping.)

(Close shot of Kevin watching, seriously.)

Of course I was there, too - on the bench. I'd been too embarassed to call in sick with the flu.

(Close shot of Jack taking off his cap, and sitting in the stands.)

(Shot from behind as the referee holds up the RFK wrestler's hand. The crowd cheers.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

But even if I was wearing the uniform, I knew one thing for sure - I was never gonna wrestle.

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Coach Silva off-screen.)

Not on this team - not in a million years.

(Shot of Coach Silva watching the mat, then holding his pencil to his lips and thinking.)

(Shot of Coach Silva looking at his clipboard. The team is seated behind him, and the crowd is behind them.)

ANNOUNCER: Will the 140-pound weight-class...

(Silva glances toward the team behind him.)

ANNOUNCER: ...please prepare for their match.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

Nope. I was just gonna sit here - forever.

(Kevin glances around.)

ANNOUNCER: Doug Gurney for the "green" team!

(Shot of Doug standing and ripping open his jacket. The crowd cheers.)

(Shot of Silva, team, and crowd.)

ANNOUNCER: Bill Larsen for the "red" team!

(Shot from behind the team of Coach Silva. He quickly turns toward a particular wrestler.)

COACH: Larsen, I'm moving you up a weight-class. Sit this one out.

(Silva walks quickly along the row of wrestlers, and pauses in front of Kevin.)

COACH: Arnold - you're up!

(Close shot of Kevin looking up.)


(He taps his chest.)

(Close shot of Coach glancing over his shoulder, from his clipboard toward Kevin.)

COACH: You're the one I'm looking at.

KEVIN: But that's Doug Gurney out there!

(Kevin points, and frowns.)

(Shot from behind Kevin of Coach Silva looking toward the mat.)

COACH: Yeah?

(Silva nods once, then marks his clipboard.)

(Close shot of Doug putting on his headgear.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking upset.)

I realized it wasn't enough to have me under his thumb.

(Close shot of the back of Coach Silva's head as he turns toward Kevin.)

He wanted to totally destroy me.

(Silva crosses his arms and looks at Kevin off-screen.)

(Shot past Doug Gurney as he warms up, of Kevin still sitting, and looking around.)

PA: May I have your attention please...There's been a change in the line-up. Kevin Arnold will now be wrestling Doug Gurney!

(Close shot of Jack perking up and smiling.)

In front of everyone.

(Close shot of Winnie perking up and smiling as she starts to clap.)

(Shot past Doug of Kevin tossing his jacket on a chair.)

(Close shot of Doug Gurney doing warmup windmills.)

(Wide shot of Coach Silva holding his clipboard, and Kevin approaching, putting on his headgear.)

So, there was only one thing to do - set out like a lamb to slaughter.

(Kevin walks toward the mat adjusting his headgear. Silva turns toward the mat and crosses his arms, in the background.)

I mean, what did I really have to lose?

(The referee stands between the wrestlers.)

REFEREE: Gentlemen, shake hands.

(He backs away as Kevin and Doug shake hands.)

(Close shot of Jack cheering Kevin on.)

JACK: Go get 'em, Kev!

(Close shot of Kevin.)

I prepared myself to be torn to pieces.

(Close shot of Jeff. He points.)

JEFF: Come on, you can take him, Kev!

(Close shot of Kevin.)

Ripped limb from limb. And then, the impossible happened.

(High shot of both wrestlers and the referee. The referee drops his hand, blow his whistle, and steps back.)

(Doug lunges for Kevin, but slides by him.)

(Shot of Doug falling on his chest with Kevin wrapped around him.)

I actually scored two points.

(Wide shot of the crowd. Many hold up signs.)

(Close shot of the referee pointing.)

REFEREE: Two - take down, "red".

(Close shot of Winnie clapping and smiling.)

WINNIE: Alright, Kevin!

(Close shot of Doug and Kevin struggling.)

It was astonishing! It was a miracle!

(Wider shot of both wrestlers and the kneeling referee. Doug bicycles around and gets a reversal on Kevin.)

REFEREE: Two points, "green", reverse.

It was temporary.

(Close shot of Jeff looking concerned.)

(Shot from above Kevin and Doug as they struggle on the mat.)

And suddenly...

(Doug has Kevin in a pretzle hold.)

This guy had me in a hold I'd never even seen before.

(Close shot of Winnie frowning and sighing.)

WINNIE: Come on, Kevin!

(Close shot of Kevin on his back as Doug tries to get him down.)

So I did what came naturally...

(Kevin struggles away and dives out of the circle as Doug grabs his legs.)

I fled.

(Close shot of Coach Silva watching, bent over with his hands on his knees, then pacing.)

COACH: Good move.

(Close shot of the referee signaling.)

REFEREE: That's a warning, "red" - fleeing the mat. OK, "red", you're down.

(Shot of Kevin approaching the center.)

It was embarassing, humiliating - but there was no way out.

(Kevin kneels.)

It was a living, breathing nightmare.

(Doug gets in position.)

(Shot from above as the whistle blows. Doug takes Kevin down.)

(Kevin is trying to get out of bounds.)

(Close shot of Kevin and Doug as they struggle.)

And that's when it happened.

DOUG: Come on, kid. Give up - make it easy on yourself.

I was beaten. Finished.

(Shot of Silva pacing, and looking at the wrestlers off-screen.)

COACH: Don't let him pin you, don't let him pin you...!

(Shot of Kevin and Doug. Kevin has one shoulder off the mat.)

All I wanted to do was lay my shoulder against that mat...

(Kevin works himself up a little bit.)

But for some reason...

(Shot of Chuck and Winnie.)

WINNIE: Come on!

(She gestures and watches Kevin. Chuck glances at her, then back.)

I didn't. Something inside wouldn't let me.

(Shot of Kevin and Doug. Kevin is nearly pinned.)

DOUG: Just lay down!

(Kevin is pushing on Doug's head, while being held in a headlock.)

KEVIN: You first!

(Close shot of Jack looking on and frowning.)

JACK: That's the way to fight him! Fight him!

(Shot of Kevin and Doug as they roll over.)

No matter how many points this guy racked up...

(Kevin groans as he struggles to get free.)

I wasn't gonna let him pin me.

(Fade to a wider shot. Kevin is face down as Doug tries to roll him.)

(Fade to shot from above as they fall to the mat. Kevin gets rolled over and Doug is trying to pin him.)

(Fade to close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Come on, do it!

(Camera pans slightly to include Chuck, who is smacking his gum.)

That night - maybe for the first time in my life...

(Shot of Kevin and Doug struggling.)

I committed myself to something.

(Close shot of Jack as he gestures with his fist.)

JACK: Come on, Kev! Do it! Do it!

(Wider shot of Kevin and Doug.)

I left the excuses, I dumped the alibis. I went for broke.

(Fade to shot of them standing, locked together.)

(Doug pulls Kevin down and rolls him over.)

I was a wrestler. And I gave it everything I had.

(Shot of Coach Silva bent over, watching intently, with the crowd behind him.)

COACH: Come on!

(Shot of Kevin and Doug struggling. Kevin is in a head-lock, nearly pinned.)

(The buzzer sounds. Doug looks up, and relaxes.)

(Shot of the crowd standing and cheering.)

(Closer shot of Chuck, Winnie and Jeff cheering.)

(Close shot of Jack clapping.)

(Jack glances toward the person next to him, then smiles in Kevin's direction.)

(Shot over Silva's shoulder of Kevin and Doug. The referee motions.)

REFEREE: Shake hands.

(Kevin and Doug shake hands.)

Sure, maybe the score may have been lop-sided...

(The referee raises Doug's hand.)

(Shot from behind of the referee and wrestlers facing the crowd.)

And maybe a kid named Gurney got the win.

(Shot over Silva's shoulder of Kevin approaching, unloosening his chin-strap.)

But for me - it was a victory.

(Close shot past Kevin of Coach Silva. He looks at Kevin and indicates Doug with his pencil.)

COACH: Fifteen...

(He points to Kevin.)


(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Yeah...

(He pulls his headgear off.)

KEVIN: I told ya I was good.

(Kevin looks off, smiles, and walks past Coach Silva.)

(Coach Silva frowns and turns toward Kevin, then back, and smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin approaching his team-mates. One puts out his hand.)

TEAMMATE: Hi, Kevin!

(Kevin sits down, and gets congratulatory handshakes.)

(Kevin rests his arms on his knees, looks up and smiles.)

Fade to

Photo Album

(The camera slowly pans over a the wrestling team picture. Kevin is kneeling in the front row. Silva is in the center of the back row, with his arms folded. The camera zooms in on Kevin.)

Fade to


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11/22/98 15:45