Episode 7 - "Heart of Darkness"



(Close shot of Kevin. It is dark, with some hazy light reflecting off the tunnel walls. Music "Riders of the Storm" starts.)

As seventh grade wore on, I began to have nightmares. I'm walking into a sort of a - a cave. A long dark tunnel.

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of a long, dark, rocky tunnel, with patches of hazy bright light.)

(Long shot of Paul, Kevin and Winnie silhouetted in the light.)

I think Paul and Winnie are with me.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

But then - then - they're not.

(Long shot of Kevin alone, silhouetted in the light.)

I'm all alone. I don't even want to go into the cave - I'm, I'm terrified. But I just know that I have to keep going - deeper, and deeper.

(Shot of the tunnel from Kevin's perpective.)

So deep, that it's like I can't even remember what the daylight is like anymore, and suddenly -

(Close shot of Kevin as a there is the sound of thunder, and lightning flashes on his face. Kevin squints as another lightning flash goes off.)

(The scene dissolves in a flash of white.)

Cut to

Int. Day - Math Class

I'm in second period math class.

(Shot of classroom of students. They all look up from their books, then start to laugh at Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin standing next to the teacher's desk, in front of the blackboard.)

In pajamas.

(The camera quickly pans from Kevin's surprised face down to his feet.)

With feet!

Cut to
Int. Night - Kevin's Bedroom

(Shot of Kevin as he sits up in bed. He is sweaty, and looks worried.)

I guess I was under a lot of stress.

(Kevin looks toward the window.)

Cut to
Ext. Day - School

(Shot from across the street of the front of the school, as a bus drives through the scene.)

There are a lot of things about junior high life that might seem simple to an outsider...

(The camera shoots down the sidewalk and column of busses as students exit them in the foreground.)

But they're not.

(Wide shot from top of the building steps as the crowd of students approaches.)

Take the fifteen minutes before homeroom every morning.

Cut to
Int. Day - School Hallway

(Very close shot from behind of a couple with their hands in each other's pocket. They walk a distance down the hallway and stop at their lockers. Other kids are talking around their lockers.)

What you do with those fifteen minutes says pretty much everything there is to say about you as a human being. If you were cool...

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Kirk McCray, surrounded by a handful of boys and girls, a little way down the hallway.)

You had places to go, people to see. And if you weren't...

(Close shot of Kevin in front of his locker, facing the camera, looking at Kirk off-screen, and frowning.)

(The camera pulls back to include Paul standing next to him.)

PAUL: Do you want to stand, or do you want to walk around?

KEVIN: Well...what did we do yesterday?

(A girl walks past them.)

PAUL: We...walked around awhile, and then we stood.

KEVIN: Well...let's stand around awhile, then...we'll walk.

(Close shot of Kevin looking around.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

The crucial thing was not to let the conversation die. Then you'd look like two guys with nothing to do.

(Kevin and Paul are both looking around. Paul is humming "The Star-Spangled Banner".)

(Kevin looks at Paul and frowns. Paul looks away, and casually stops humming.)

WINNIE (V/O): Hi, you guys!

(Shot from Kevin and Paul's perspective of Winnie approaching them, smiling.)

PAUL: Winnie. Hi!

(Shot of Kevin and Paul as Paul smiles broadly in Winnie's direction. Kevin looks away disinterestedly.)

PAUL: Look Kevin, it's Winnie!

(Kevin shrugs and looks away.)

It was Winnie, alright. Winnie - who had dumped me, stomped on my heart, left me in the dust for a lousy eighth-grader named Kirk McCray - but I had my dignity. I wouldn't let it show.


(He presses his lips together in a tight smile.)

(Shot from over Kevin's shoulder of Winnie. Her smile fades as she sees Kevin's body language.)

WINNIE: Hi...So did you have a good weekend?

OK, now. Be carefree, yet restrained. Aloof, yet available at the drop of a hat.

(Kevin looks around and shrugs.)

KEVIN: Yeah, sure. It was fine.


WINNIE: So...do you guys want to walk around?

(Shot of Kevin.)

OK, steady, boy. Steady!

KEVIN: Where's Kirk? Don't you want to walk around with him?

(Shot of Winnie looking a little hurt.)

Ah, nice goin'. Very smooth.

(Shot of Kevin.)

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: You guys are still my friends.

(Wider shot of the three of them.)

GIRL (V/O): Hey, Winnie! Hey, Winnie! (Editor's note. GIRL has a breathy, nasal voice.)

(Kevin, Paul and Winnie look in the girl's direction.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of a girl in Kirk's group.)

GIRL: Hey, Winnie!

(She motions to Winnie.)

GIRL: Come over here, I think Kirk wants to tell you something!

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie from behind her shoulder.)

(Closer shot of Winnie as she turns her head toward Kirk and smiles softly.)

(Kevin looks away as Winnie turns back to him.)

(Winnie glances at Kirk again, and smiles.)

(Closer shot of girl in Kirk's group.)

GIRL: Winnie, come on!

(Shot of Kevin, Paul and Winnie.)

KEVIN: Uh, I guess you better go over there, or she might...pop a vein in her head or something. (He smirks.) We wouldn't want that to happen.

(Shot from over Kevin's shoulder of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Yeah...Well...I guess I'll see you guys later!

(Shot from over Winnie's shoulder. As Kevin looks away, Winnie looks in Kirk's direction and smiles. She walks out of the shot.)

KEVIN: Yeah, later.

(Close shot of Kevin looking after her off-screen.)

And that's when it hit me. This thing was bigger than Kirk McCray.

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Winnie in Kirk's group, as Kirk puts his arm around her.)

Our Winnie was ascending like an angel into junior high heaven. Our Winnie...was becoming a "cool" kid.

BOY (V/O): Psst! What'd you get for number one?

Int. Day - Homeroom

(Close shot past Paul of a boy (Gary) looking at him.)

(Wider shot of Paul and Kevin seated at their desks, taking a test. The boy sits in front of Paul, and is turned around, looking at Paul.)

PAUL: Get outta here.

(Close shot of Kevin looking in their direction.)

GARY (V/O): Come on, man. Don't be such a wuss.

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Forget it. Get outta here.

(Paul glances in Mrs. Ritvo's direction.)

(Shot from kids' perspective of Mrs. Ritvo sitting at her desk, looking a some papers.)

GARY: Don't worry about it. The old bag can't even hear herself fart.

(Gary tries to take Paul's test paper.)

PAUL: Forget it. Get outta here, jerk.

(Close shot of Gary as he turns forward in his seat. He mimics Paul's voice.)

GARY: "Get outta here, jerk".

(Gary looks at his paper, and frowns.)

Gary Cosay. You know the type. The kind of guy, who at the tender age of twelve-and-a-half, looks like he shouldn't come out by day.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Gary off-screen.)

(Shot of the three of them. Gary is looking at Kevin.)

GARY: Psst. What did you get for number one?

What a joker. This guy thought he was so cool...

(Close shot of Kevin looking at his paper.)

People would just be waiting in line to give him their answers.

KEVIN: X equals seven.

(Shot of Paul, mouth open,looking at Kevin with amazement, then at Gary.)

GARY (V/O): See?

(Close shot of Gary gesturing.)

GARY: Did he burst into flames?

(He shakes his head.)

(Close shot of Paul looking at Gary off-screen, then at Kevin off-screen. He looks at his test and shakes his head.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Paul off-screen, then resuming his test.)

Hey, what can I say? It just seemed like the thing to do at the time. OK, it happened once. Let's not make a huge deal out of it.

(Shot of Gary from Kevin's perspective, as Gary turns toward him.)

GARY: What did you get for number two?

KEVIN: X is greater than or equal to fourteen.

(Shot of Paul looking at Kevin in amazement.)

GARY (V/O): Great minds think alike.

(Shot of the three of them.)

GARY: That's what I got.

(They resume their test.)

(Gary reaches toward Kevin's paper. Paul looks up and watches.)

GARY: Psst.

(Close shot of Kevin. Gary's hand rests on Kevin's desk. Gary motions with his fingers.)

(Kevin sighs, and releases his paper. Gary slides it off the desk.)

(Close shot of Paul watching them. Gary's arm is in the foreground.)

(Paul turns to Kevin off-screen, as Gary's arm and Kevin's test crosses the shot.)

PAUL: Kevin. Are you crazy? You're gonna get caught.

(Shot of Kevin looking at Paul.)

KEVIN: Paul, forget it.

PAUL: Forget it? What do you mean, forget it?

(Mrs. Ritvo approaches from behind.)

(Shot of Kevin making warning faces at Paul.)

PAUL (V/O): Ritvo's gonna nail you.

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: She's not as stupid as she looks, you know.

(Shot from Paul's perspective of Mrs. Ritvo looking down at him.)

MRS. RITVO: Thank you, Mr. Pfeiffer.

(Close shot from Mrs. Ritvo's perspective of the top of Paul's head. Paul turns and looks up at Mrs. Ritvo.)

PAUL: You're welcome? (Smiles.)

Cut to
(Shot from the corner of a table where Kevin, Gary, and Paul are sitting side-by-side.)


(Paul looks over his shoulder.)

(Close shot from behind of Kevin looking over his shoulder.)

Paul and I were a tad out of our element.

(Shot of a kid reading MAD magazine.)

My hunch was that one or two of our colleagues were repeat offenders.

(Shot of a kid in a leather jacket opening a switch-blade knife and starting to scratch the table. He looks up toward Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot from behind of Kevin looking over his shoulder.)

I felt like Dennis the Menace on a chain-gang with Lee Harvey Oswald and the Boston Strangler.

(Shot of kid pulling his dark glasses down and peering at Kevin.)

(Shot of boy, and a girl behind him.)

(Close shot from behind of Kevin looking over his shoulder.)

(Shot of Paul turning toward Gary off-screen.)

PAUL: I thought you said she couldn't her herself fart.

(Shot of Gary.)

GARY: Yeah, well. I guess you talk louder than she farts.

(Shot of Paul.)

PAUL: My mother's going to kill me.

GARY: Relax. Your mother's never going to find out.

PAUL: Oh, yeah. Like my mother is just going to sign my detention slip and forget to look at it.

(Gary takes Paul's detenton slip.)

GARY: What's her first name?

(Shot of Paul speechless.)

(Shot of Kevin.)


GARY: Ida.

(Shot of Gary signing Paul's slip.)

GARY: Life's not that hard, man. Take it easy.

(Shot of Gary passing the slip back to Paul.)

(Shot from corner of table of the three of them.)

(Shot of Kevin thinking. He starts to slide his detention slip to Gary.)

(Shot from corner of table of the three of them.)

(Gary picks up Kevin's slip.)

KEVIN: Norma.

(Gary starts to sign Kevin's slip.)

PAUL: You can't just do that!

(Shot of Gary.)

GARY: Why not?

(Gary passes Kevin's slip back.)

(Shot of Kevin looking at his note.)

Paul was right. What was I thinking - cheating in class, forging my mother's name - this wasn't me.

KEVIN: Yeah. Why not?

(Close shot of Paul.)

(Close shot of Gary fiddling with his pen. He smiles and reaches his hand out for a "high-five".)

(Shot from corner of table of the three of them, as Kevin returns the high-five.)

Cut to
Int. Day - Arnold Kitchen

(Shot of Norma at the sink as Kevin walks in and slams door.)

NORMA: Kevin, it's almost dark out. Where have you been?

(Kevin walks past her toward the camera.)

KEVIN: I was with Paul, Mom. (He frowns.)

(Close shot of Norma looking after him.)

("Riders of the Storm")

Cut to
(Close shot of Kevin in the cave.)

That night I had another nightmare. I'm back in the cave. I can't see a thing - it's total blackness. I take a step - and then suddenly - I'm falling!

(Shot of cave walls rushing by.)

I try - I try to grab on to anything I can, but there's nothing there - I just keep falling and falling, and then finally -

(Picture dissolves to white.)

Cut to
(Close shot of Kevin landing on Mrs. Ritvo's desk. He is wearing only his underwear.)

Math class again!

(Kevin looks at Mrs. Ritvo, then turns towards class in confusion.)

(Shot of kids in the classroom. They all look at Kevin and laugh.)

In...my underwear.

(Shot of Kevin and Mrs. Ritvo. Kevin looks at Mrs. Ritvo and grabs a portfolio to cover himself. Mrs. Ritvo looks embarrassed and looks straight ahead.)

Cut to
Int. Night - Kevin's Bedroom

(Close shot as Kevin sits upright in bed and looks at the camera. He looks sweaty and worried.)

(Kevin looks over his shoulder quickly as he hears a sound. Sound of locker slamming.)

Cut to
(Shot of Kevin and Paul standing at their lockers, facing the camera.)

(They are looking in Winnie's direction off-screen.)

PAUL: You know what it is? It's the contacts. Ever since she got contacts, she thinks she's so cool.

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Kirk and Winnie talking and laughing with their group of friends.)

PAUL (V/O): She's turned into a real snob.

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

PAUL: You know when my mother took me to get contacts and I found out I was allergic to them? Well now I'm glad. I'd much rather wear glasses and be a nice person than have contacts and be a snob.

(Close shot of Winnie and Kirk talking and laughing. Kirk has his hand on Winnie's shoulder.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

PAUL: I can't believe she thinks she's better than -

(Close shot of Kevin from over Paul's shoulder.)

KEVIN: Paul! Who cares what she thinks?

Yeah, who cared? So what if Winnie was making new friends. We were making new friends too.

(Shot of Kevin looking past Paul, and smiling.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of the restroom door opening in a cloud of smoke.)

(Shot of Gary exiting the restroom, and exhaling cigarette smoke.)

(Shot from over Kevin's shoulder of Gary approaching.)

GARY: Hey, man. Can you do me a favor?

(Shot of Kevin, Paul, and Gary at the lockers.)

KEVIN: Sure, what?

(Gary hands a full brown paper bag to Kevin.)

GARY: Could you keep this in your locker till lunch?

(Paul shakes his head at Kevin and mouthes "no".)

(Kevin takes the bag.)

KEVIN: Um, sure. No sweat!

(Paul shrugs and looks dejected.)

(Kevin opens his locker.)

PAUL: What is it?

(Close shot of Gary.)

GARY: Hey, you're paranoid, man. You know that?

(Shot of Kevin, Paul, and Gary.)

GARY: It's just some stuff I need for Friday night.

KEVIN: Well, what's Friday night?

GARY: Uh, you know, sometimes I just crash out in the woods all night.

KEVIN: Yeah?

GARY: Yeah, my old lady is always hassling me. Sometimes, you know, I just gotta get out.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Paul. He shrugs and nods.)

KEVIN: Yeah, I know what you mean.

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: You do?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Yeah. My old lady's the same way.

(Shot of Paul mouthing "old lady?")

(Shot of Gary over Kevin's shoulder.)

GARY: Yeah? Hey, look if you guys want to come, then, that's cool.

(Shot of Paul shaking his head.)

(Shot of Kevin, Paul, and Gary.)

PAUL: No thanks.

KEVIN: Yeah, sure!

(Shot of Kevin looking at Paul.)

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Yeah, like my mother is just going to want me to sleep out in the woods.

(Shot of Kevin giving Paul a questioning look.)

KEVIN: Just tell her you're sleeping over at my house. Don't be so paranoid, man.

(Shot Kevin patting Paul on the shoulder.)

It was a cheap trick - turning a 12-year-old's sense of manhood against his sense of intelligence.


(Paul shrugs and smiles.)

Cheap - but dependable.

(Shot of Gary "high-fiving" Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin, Paul and Gary.)

(Gary puts his hand out. Paul slowly high-five's him.)

(Gary gentle slaps Paul's face.)

GARY: Keep the change.

(Gary walks off.)

(Kevin and Paul look at each other, then Kevin looks away, down the hallway.)

(Close shot of Kevin turning back to Paul.)

KEVIN: Come on, let's walk around awhile.

(Shot of Kevin and Paul walking up the hallway, toward the camera.)

(A little guitar music starts.)

I could tell Paul was wondering why I wanted to do it - why I was acting this way - why I even liked this guy. Truth is, if he had asked me straight out, I wouldn't have been able to answer.

WINNIE (V/O): Hi, you guys!

(Kevin and Paul walk past Winnie. Kevin doesn't slow up.)

KEVIN: Oh, hi.

(The camera stops moving and stays on Winnie. Kevin and Paul walk past the camera.)

(The camera moves in on Winnie. She looks after Kevin and Paul, and appears sad.)

Cut to
(Close shot of Kevin in the cave. "Riders of the Storm" plays.)

The night before the camp out I had another dream. I'm carrying Winnie through the cave. She's in great pain...

(Winnie holds her leg.)

I think her leg is broken. I've got to get her to help!

(Sound of thunder and flash of lightning as the scene fades to white.)

(Cut to scene of students studying in class.)

(Close shot of Kevin standing at the head of the classroom. He is out of breath, and scared. He wears a gray sweatshirt.)

KEVIN: You gotta help us! It's her leg - I think it's broken!

(Shot of students looking up and erupting in laughter.)

(Shot of Kevin frowning, and holding a 4-foot tall purple Bugs Bunny stuffed animal.)

(Kevin looks at Bugs.)

Cut to

Int. Night - Kevin's Bedroom

(Shot of Kevin sitting up in bed. He is panting, sweaty and scared.)

Cut to
Int. Morning - Arnold Kitchen

(Shot of Norma opening the refrigerator and getting some jelly. "You Make Me Feel So Young" - Frank Sinatra plays in the background.)

NORMA: Who's this Gary character?

(Shot of Kevin leaning on the counter, and Paul standing next to him, leaning on the table.)

KEVIN: Just a kid at school. Right, Paul?

PAUL: Yeah, just a kid from school.

NORMA: Well, how do you know him?

(Kevin looks at Paul.)

KEVIN: From school.

(Norma moves into the scene, in front of the camera. We only see her shoulder.)

(Paul looks at Kevin, and faintly gestures.)

KEVIN: He's in our math class.

NORMA: Is he a good student?

(Kevin glances at Paul, who is still looking at him.)

(Kevin assumes a look of "deep thinking".)

KEVIN: I think he got the same grade as I did on our last quiz.

(Shot of Norma from Kevin's perspective as she makes sandwiches.)

NORMA: Well, I think I better call his mother anyway and see -


(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: We're going to be right behind his house. And his mom is gonna be right there, the whole time!

(Close up shot of Paul looking at Kevin.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Norma as she cocks her head and thinks while cutting sandwiches.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul looking at a small notepad. Kevin tears off a sheet.)

(Paul shakes his head, then looks down as Kevin holds the paper out.)

KEVIN: Here's the number. Call her if you want.

(Norma takes the paper.)

KEVIN: What's the difference if you...trust me or not.

(He crosses his arms and looks down.)

(Shot of Norma looking at the paper.)

Talk about a cheap trick!

Cut to
Ext. Night - Woods

(Shot of Kevin and Paul sitting next to each other on a log near a small campfire.)

PAUL: God, I hope my mother doesn't call your mother.

KEVIN: She won't.

PAUL: I hope your mother doesn't call Gary's mother.

KEVIN: She won't. (Gestures.)

(Closer shot of both as Paul frowns.)

PAUL: I hope Gary's mom doesn't call -

KEVIN: Paul!

(They look at each other as the sound of Gary approaching is heard.)

(Shot of Gary approaching.)

GARY: Hey, man. Sorry I'm late. (Shrugs.) I needed to get some stuff.

(Gary sits down.)

(Shot of Paul and Kevin.)

KEVIN: No problem. (Shrugs.) We brought some stuff, too.

(Close shot of Gary.)

GARY: Great. Whatta ya got?

(Shot of Kevin and Paul as they bend closer over a brown paper bag and look inside.)

(KEVIN: Well, lots of good stuff. We got...

(Kevin pulls out a bag and looks at it.)

(Shot past Kevin as Gary reaches into his bag and pulls out a carton of "Cool" cigarettes.)

KEVIN: Some...Kool-Aid...

(Gary pulls out a carton of "Malboro" cigarettes.)

(Close shot of Kevin and Paul looking into their bag.)

KEVIN: I think there's some Twinkies in here somewhere.

(Kevin looks toward Gary off-screen.)

KEVIN: Look here.

(He pauses when he sees the cigarettes.)

(Close shot of Gary putting one carton on the other.)

PAUL (V/O): Oh, and I got...

(Wider shot of Paul and Kevin as Paul looks toward them.)

PAUL: A snakebite kit, too, just in...case...

GARY: I can see it's going to be up to me to liven you guys up a little.

(Gary reaches down.)

(Close shot of a large 8-track player as Gary put in a tape. Music "Sunshine of Your Love" starts.)

(Shot past Kevin as Gary opens the carton and removes a pack of Cools. He starts to take a cigarette out.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Gary off-screen.)

Alright. I'd been into this so far - but this was getting ridiculous. I mean, what did this kid plan to do?

(Shot of Gary lighting his cigarette.)

Smoke nine-hundred cigarettes in three hours?

(Close shot of Paul looking at Gary off-screen.)

If he thought it made him look tough or something, he was mistaken.

(Shot of Gary taking a drag.)

(Shot of Kevin looking disinterested.)

I mean, smoking cigarettes just proved you're stupid. It was pathetic.

(Kevin looks at Gary off-screen and smiles.)

KEVIN: Got an extra butt?

(Shot of Paul turning his head toward Kevin and looking surprised.)

(Shot of Gary over Kevin's shoulder, as he offers the pack to Kevin.)

(Shot of Paul and Kevin as Kevin takes a cigarette. Paul is watching Kevin.)

(Shot of Gary getting a lighter out of his field-jacket pocket. He flicks it and holds it out for Kevin.)

(Shot of Paul, Kevin and Gary. Kevin leans forward to light the cigarette. Paul peeks over Kevin's shoulder to watch, then sits back. Gary sits back, just out of the scene.)

(Kevin sits back, then turns toward Paul, and gestures.)

KEVIN: It relaxes me!

(Gary's hand, with a pack of cigarettes, enters the scene. Paul spreads his hands in front of him, and frowns.)

PAUL: No, thanks. I don't smoke.

(Gary's hand retreats.)

(Kevin takes a puff.)

(Shot of Gary over Paul's shoulder. He takes a can of beer from his paper bag.)

GARY: You can start on a brew, Pfeiffer.

(Gary opens a can of "Cold 45".)

GARY: Unless you'd rather have Kool-Aid.

(Paul reaches forward and takes the beer.)

(Shot of Paul and Kevin sitting side-by-side in front of the fire.)

(Paul is smiling at the beer.)

I couldn't believe it - a can of beer? A 16-ounce can of beer?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at the beer off-screen.)

This thing was going too far!

(Close shot of Paul holding the beer and looking uncertain.)

Thank God Paul at least had a level head!

(Close shot of Kevin watching Paul.)

Go on Paul, say it. Go ahead and say it - just say "no".

(Close shot of Kevin watching the beer.)

(Close shot of Paul, still looking uncertain.)

Just say "no".

(Close shot of Kevin glancing between Paul and the beer.)

Just say "no"!

(Close shot of Paul. He tilts his head back and chugs the beer.)

(Shot of Kevin turning away in disappointment.)

Huh, well, let's face it - kids in those days were not as smart as kids of today.

(Close shot of Gary taking a puff.)

GARY: God, I love to party. I could party twenty-four hours a day, man.

(Shot of Paul and Kevin. Paul is grinning, Kevin is puffing. Paul offers the beer to Kevin, and wipes his mouth. Kevin takes a sip of beer. Paul wipes his fingers and looks at the fire. Kevin hands the beer to Gary, just off-screen.)

KEVIN: Yeah...(puffs)...me too, man.

(Close shot of Gary.)

GARY: You guys remember *Ben, ***, and Andy*? They go to Central.

(He sips the beer.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul looking toward each other.)


(Paul reaches out for the offered beer.)

(Shot over Paul's shoulder of Gary.)

GARY: I usually party with them. My girlfriend goes to Central, too. She's got honkers out to here, man.

(He holds his hands about a foot from his chest.)

(Shot of Paul and Kevin.)

PAUL: Whoa...

(Paul offers the beer to Kevin. Kevin reaches for it but Paul takes another sip.)

(Shot of Gary smoking.)

GARY: You guys goin' out with anybody?

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

KEVIN: Nah. Not right now.

(Paul offers the beer to Kevin.)

KEVIN: I used to be going out with this girl, Winnie Cooper.

(Kevin reaches for the beer, but Paul takes another sip.)

KEVIN: We broke up.

(Paul holds out beer for Kevin, as Kevin takes another puff.)

(Close shot of Gary.)

GARY: Whoa! Yeah, Winnie. She's pretty cute - a little flat - but cute.

(Shot of Paul and Kevin.)

PAUL (Giggling): Kevin likes 'em flat. (Giggles.) Gimme a butt, man!

(Close shot of Gary.)

GARY: I thought you didn't smoke.

(Shot of Kevin and Paul as Paul lifts the beer.)

PAUL: Only when I drink! (Giggles).

(Paul hands the beer toward Kevin, as he leans forward to take the cigarette.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Yeah, well Carly Healey's no Raquel Welch, Paul.

PAUL: She's got a handful!

(Paul leans across Kevin toward Gary to light his cigarette.)

KEVIN: Yeah, like you'll ever know.

(Close shot of Gary.)

GARY: You can't go out with one girl for too long. Before you know it, they like, want you to walk them in the hall. Everyday, and stuff.

(Gary shrugs, then sips beer.)

(Shot of Paul and Kevin smoking.)

KEVIN: Yeah, I know.

(Shot of Kevin taking a big drink of beer.)

I was starting to feel a little better about this whole Winnie Cooper thing.(Editor's note: Narrator is possibly slightly drunk, himself.)

(Kevin smiles and hands the beer to Paul, then puffs.)

Hell - she was flat. And I'd be damned if I was gonna walk with her every day.

(Close shot of Kevin smiling, then puffing.)

(Shot of Paul and Kevin.)

KEVIN: Give me another hit.

(Kevin takes the beer from Paul, and takes a big drink. Kevin sighs, smiles, and hands the beer to Gary just off-screen. Paul is puffing his cigarette, then starts to giggle. Kevin takes a puff.)

(Shot of Gary over Paul's shoulder as Gary drinks some beer. Paul is still giggling.)

(Shot of Paul and Kevin. Paul is still giggling. Kevin looks at him.)

(Paul looks at his cigarette, then at Kevin.)

KEVIN: What? (Shrugs.)

(Shot of Gary.)

GARY: What, man? (Gestures.)

(Shot of Paul and Kevin.)

(Paul gestures with both hands. He is giggling and can't speak.)

PAUL: I, uh, uh...I don't know.

(Paul looks at Kevin and Gary.)

PAUL: Let's go do something. (Giggles.)

(Kevin gestures.)

KEVIN: Like what?

PAUL: I don't care. Anything!

(Shot over Paul's shoulder of Gary.)

GARY: I know. About a quarter-mile from here, there's a cave. It's really cool.

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Paul.)

Did he say -

(Music abruptly stops.)

A cave?

(Final blast of music Da-daaaa-da!(End music.)

(Shot of the kids walking through trees and bushes. They each have a flashlight.)

I couldn't believe it. It was just like my dream. I wanted to stop, but something kept propelling me forward. Beneath my placid innocent suburban world lurked a subterranean land of nightmare. And I was about to enter.

(Shot of flashlight illuminating the circular entrance to the storm drain.)

(Shot of three of them standing close together, shining the flashlights ahead of them.)

KEVIN: OK, that was fun. Let's go back.

GARY: What are you talking about, man?

KEVIN: That's not a cave. That's a sewer. I'm not going in a sewer.

GARY: It's not a sewer. It's a storm drain.

PAUL: Come on, Kevin. Don't be paranoid, man!

(Shot of Paul and Gary trotting forward past the camera. Kevin hesitates.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

My god, I'd created a monster.

Fade to
Int. Night - Storm Drain

(Shot of flashlight beams moving on the cement drain. Eerie music plays as Gary leads Paul and Kevin across the shot.)

PAUL: You know what it's called when you explore a cave?

KEVIN: What?

(Shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Hey, you know what it's called when you explore a cave?

KEVIN (V/O): What?

PAUL: Hey, hey, guys...you know what it's called when you explore a cave?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: What! (Frowns.)

(Shot of Paul turning toward Kevin.)

(Shot of both as Paul leans closer and smiles.)

PAUL: Spelunking! (Giggles).

KEVIN: Say it - don't spray it. (Frowns.)

(Shot of Paul and Kevin.)

PAUL: Spelunking!

(Paul turns toward the camera, smiling.)

PAUL: Lunking, lunking...

(Paul passes the camera.)

(Closer shot of Kevin frowning slightly.)

I think I liked Paul better when he wasn't such a fun guy.

(He passes the camera.)

(Shot of the bottom of the drain as the kids legs pass by the camera.)

(Shot of Gary rising inside the storm drain into a larger central area, followed by Kevin and Paul. Sound of dripping water is heard.)

GARY: OK! This is it. Isn't this cool?

(Shot of Paul looking around.)

(Shot of Kevin looking around.)

(Close up of a beetle crawling over a leaf.)

(Light, eerie music plays.)

(Shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Wow, man, this is great!

(Shot of flashlight illuminating another drain opening.)

GARY (V/O): This pipe comes all the way from Crestview shopping center.

(Shot of Gary.)

GARY: You can crawl up in there, and you'll end up right behind Sears.

PAUL: Cool!

GARY: This one comes from over by the rec center, near where the mens' room is.

PAUL: Wow!

I know I was impressed.

GARY: And this one - nobody knows...where this one goes.

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

GARY(V/O): Shhh!

(Kevin and Paul look toward Gary off-screen.)

GARY: I thought I heard something. There was a guy once, went into that pipe to try to find out where it went...he never came out. They say he starved to death. And then there was this big storm - and the whole thing flooded, and he drowned. They didn't find him till...six...months...later.

(Shot of Kevin looking concerned.)

OK, now I was really scared. And like any 12-year old boy who's trying not to show he's scared, I got argumentative.

KEVIN: Wait a minute. Which one was it? Did he starve to death, or did he drown?

GARY: Both!

KEVIN: Nah you can't do both. It's either one or the other.

GARY: How do you know?!

KEVIN: Because it doesn't make any sense! I mean, he can get really, really hungry, and then drown...or he can starve to death, but he can't drown 'cause he'd be already dead.

GARY: Hey, man, look. I knew the guy. He was a friend of mine's cousin.

KEVIN: That means he can die twice?!

GARY: Alls I know...they just found parts of him. The rats ate the rest. Unless there's still parts of him in there.

(Shot of Kevin quickly looking toward Paul off-screen.)

(Shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Let's get out of here!

(Kevin turns toward Paul behind him.)

KEVIN: Hey, you're the one that wanted to come in here in the first place.

PAUL: That's before I knew there were dead body parts.

GARY (V/O): Shhhh!

(Close shot of Kevin turning toward Gary.)

(Shot of Gary.)

GARY: I heard it again. Listen!

(Shot of Kevin listening.)

(Shot of Paul listening.)

(Shot of Gary looking down.)

(Kevin looks around.)

(Dramatic music plays.)

GARY (V/O): "Oooohhh-ooohhhh...woooo-oooooo!"

(Close shot of Paul looking around nervously.)

(Close shot of Gary.)

GARY: "Oooohhh-ooohhhh...woooo-oooooo!"

KEVIN: Shut up, Gary.

PAUL: Come on, guys, stop!

GARY: "Ooooooooh-ooooo-hoooooo!"

PAUL: Stop it! Come on! Stop it!!

GARY: Oooooh, I'm dying...help me! Oooooh, help me...I'm dying, oh!

PAUL: Shut up, Gary.

KEVIN: I'm not kidding, Gary, knock it off!

GARY: "Ooooooh-oooooooooh!"

KEVIN: Cut it out!

PAUL: Stop it Gary! Stop it!

GARY: "Ooooooooooooh-oooooooooooh!"

(Shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Stop it!

(Paul turns to hurry out, but trips and falls down.)

PAUL: Ow! My leg!

(Shot of Kevin kneeling next to Paul.)

PAUL: Stop it! Stop it!

KEVIN: Paul, you OK?

GARY: "Oooooooooh-ooooooooooooooh!"

(Shot of Kevin and Paul as Kevin looks up at Gary off-screen.)

KEVIN: Shut up, you jerk!

(Close shot of Gary.)

GARY: Heh-heh. God, I can't believe you guys! You're really scared?

(Shot of Kevin and Paul looking at Gary off-screen.)

GARY: Aw, what's the matter, Pfeiffer, are you crying? Heh, God, I can't believe you - you're crying! "Ooooooooooh.. I'm dying". Heh-heh.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: You're a real jackass, you know that!

(Close shot of Gary.)

GARY: "Help me... I'm dying...Oooooooh!" Heh-heh.

KEVIN: Shut up! Just - shut - the hell - up!

GARY: "Oooooooooh!" Heh-heh-heh. "Oh, I'm dying...ooooh"

(Shot of Kevin helping Paul up.)

(Close shot of Gary. He holds his flashlight to shine across his face.)

GARY: Hey! Hey, where are you going? Hey, come on - I was just kidding.

(The camera stays on Gary for a couple seconds as he looks regretful.)

Cut to
Ext. Night - Kevin's Street

(Long shot of Kevin and Paul walking up the sidewalk toward the camera. Twangy guitar music starts.)

When I look back on it now, I feel sorry for Gary. When all was said and done, he was just a little kid, and I guess he needed friends. But all Paul and I knew that night was - that we wanted to go home.

(Kevin and Paul continue to walk up the sidewalk.)

Cut to

Ext. Night - The Arnold House

(Wide shot of the front of Kevin's house. Paul leans against the rail, hanging his head. Kevin is trying to find the key in the porch lamp. The interior lights click on, and the front door starts to open.)

(Close shot over Kevin's shoulder as Norma opens the door. She has a concerned look on her face.)

NORMA: Kevin! What are you doing here? Did something happen? Are you OK?

(Jack appears and stands next to Norma.)

(Close shot of Kevin. He glances at Paul off-screen.)

KEVIN: Yeah, we're fine. We just felt like coming home.

It was the truth. But not the whole truth.

(Wide shot of the four of them in the doorway. Norma looks at Jack.)

And looking at my mom and my dad - standing there in their bathrobes, worried about me - I felt a little sick about that.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at his parents off-screen, then at Paul off-screen.)

(Shot from over Kevin's shoulder as Jack frowns and starts to retreat. Norma gestures.)

NORMA: Well, come on in! It's cold out there. Honey, you should have called us. We would have come to pick you up.

(As Kevin walks past Norma, she puts her hand on his arm. Norma puts her hand on Paul's back as he follows Kevin in. Norma looks after Paul.)

NORMA: Paul, are you limping?

(Norma still looks after Paul as she clicks off the light and closes the door.)

(Wide shot of street and front of the Arnold house. The lights are on. Music "Here Comes the Sun" (instrumental opening) starts and continues through closing credits.)

I don't know why, but that night - for the first time in a long time - I didn't have a single nightmare.

Cut to
Ext. Day - Kevin's Curb

(Wide shot of Kevin and Paul sitting on the curb in front of Kevin's house, looking at baseball cards.)

KEVIN: That's orange!

PAUL: No, it's not, it's red. Look at the Orlando Cepeda, they're both the same.

KEVIN: No way, but that's like practically maroon!

PAUL: But it's the same team.

WINNIE (V/O): Hi, you guys.

(Winnie approaches them, wearing glasses.)

(Shot of Winnie approaching the camera.)

(Close shot of Kevin and Paul. They glance up at Winnie off-screen, but are disinterested and look back at the cards.)



(Close shot of Winnie. She looks at Kevin and Paul off-screen, uncertainly.)

WINNIE: Are you guys mad at me?

Listen to that line.

(Close shot of Paul and Kevin. Paul looks at Kevin, then they both look up at Winnie. Paul looks back at his cards. Kevin glances down, then back to Winnie.)

KEVIN: What do you mean?

(He looks back at his cards.)

(Close shot of Winnie. She is hesitant.)

WINNIE: Well, yesterday in the hall...

(She glances between Kevin and Paul.)

WINNIE: You just looked like you were mad at me.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie, then his cards.)

KEVIN: I don't know what you're talkin' about.

(Close shot of Winnie. She looks at Paul off-screen.)

(Close shot of Paul turning and looking at Winnie off-screen.)

PAUL: Yeah. Me neither.

(Paul turns back to his cards.)

(Shot of Winnie. She looks a little sad.)

WINNIE: OK. Forget it.

(Winnie turns and slowly walks away toward her house.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul glancing at each other, then Paul looks after Winnie off-screen.)

PAUL: Hey, Winnie!

(Shot of Winnie turning around.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

(Paul is momentarily speechless, and looks off in thought and sighs. Kevin watches him.)

PAUL: How come you're wearing your glasses?

(Shot of Winnie looking puzzled.)


(She starts to slowly walk toward Paul and Kevin.)

(Close shot of Paul, as Winnie just appears at the edge of the frame.)

PAUL: How come you're wearing your glasses?

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Oh, I lost one of my contacts. I look so stupid in these things.

(She adjust her glasses, and looks embarrassed.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking directly at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: No you don't.

(Shot of Winnie looking puzzled.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: You look good.

(Shot of Winnie. She is expressionless.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul. Kevin gestures.)

KEVIN: I'm serious! You look much smarter.

(Shot of Winnie smiling.)

KEVIN: In fact, Paul and I were just saying the other day how dumb you look in contacts.

(Paul grins and nods his head, and looks up at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: Weren't we, Paul?

(Shot of Winnie smiling.)

WINNIE: Oh, yeah. Tell me about it.

KEVIN (V/O): No, really!

(Shot of Kevin and Paul. Paul is looking at Kevin.)

KEVIN: I'm surprised your teachers haven't started grading you down just because you look dumb.

(Shot of Winnie smiling.)

WINNIE: Oh, you're one to talk!

KEVIN: Hey, I'm just being honest. (Gestures.) I would not lie about a this. Would I lie about this, Paul?

(Paul turns toward Winnie off-screen, and shakes his finger at Kevin.)

PAUL: I've known him for twelve years and he would not lie about this. You definitely look stupid in contacts.

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: You guys! (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Winnie.)

KEVIN: Who's gonna tell you these things, if not your friends?

(Close shot of Paul looking toward Winnie and smiling.)

(Close shot of Winnie smiling, then giggling.)

(Music "Here Comes the Sun" lyrics start.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Winnie and smiling.)

(Wide shot of Kevin and Paul sitting on the curb, and Winnie standing next to them.)

(Kevin and Paul start to stand up.)

KEVIN: We're just being honest!

(Kevin stands up with his arms over his head. He walks toward Winnie and tries to take her glasses. She pushes his arms away. Paul starts to take his glasses off as Kevin reaches for Winnie again. Winnie adjusts her glasses and pushes Kevin away again. Kevin takes Paul's glasses away from him. Kevin holds them up by the strap, then turns away from Winnie and Paul as he puts them on. He turns around, and gestures expansively.)


(Paul snatches his glasses back as Winnie pushes Kevin's arm away.)

Fade to

Supporting Cast
Breckin Meyer - Gary Cosay
Shantel Cropper - "Cool" girl

"Riders On The Storm" - The Doors
"Sunshine of Your Love" - Cream
"Here Comes the Sun" - Richie Havens


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