Ep 61 - "Buster"


(Close shot of the TV screen. "The Munsters" show is on. Shot of "Fred Munster", a lovable Frankenstein-type, sitting next to "Grampa Munster", a lovable vampire-type. Fred is reading a newspaper, while Grampa sits in front of the TV, laughing. Fred folds his newspaper and looks at the TV.)

Every American family has its own unique blend of personalities.

(Close shot of "Grampa" laughing. Close shot of "Fred" smiling, then laughing.)

(Wide shot of Jack, Norma, Wayne and Kevin sitting on the couch.)

My family was no exception.

(Closer shot of Jack looking at papers in his hand. He growls and breaks his pencil.)

Within our four suburban walls...

(The camera pans from Jack to Norma.)

We ranged the full spectrum of types. From the flamboyant...

(Norma holds a bowl of popcorn, and puts one in her mouth.)

To the demure...

(The camera pans toward Wayne he takes the popcorn. He grabs a large handful of popcorn and tries to eat it, spilling some.)

From the repellant...

(The camera pans toward Kevin as he reaches over for some popcorn, and puts some in his mouth.)

To the ideal.

(Wide shot of all on the couch.)

Somehow, we managed to fit together in a kind of fragile alliance. One for all, and all for one.

(The camera stops behind Buster lying on the floor in the foreground.)

With one exception.

(Buster barks.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Buster off-screen.)

KEVIN: Buster!

(Close shot of Buster.)

Buster - the family dog.

(Fade to "Clips".)

(Music "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window")

(Shot of the Arnold's clustered around, as Jack holds Buster up to the camera.)

When he was little...

(Shot of Norma kneeling next to Kevin and Buster.)

He was...cute.

(Jack is holding Buster toward the camera. Wayne holds Buster's ears out like wings.)

Everyone wanted to cuddle him.

(Shot of Buster in a clothes hamper, as hands pet him.)

He was the perfect puppy.

(Shot of Buster in a clothes hamper, looking sleepy. The camera pans up to Kevin, "shhhh"-ing the camera.)

Then something happened. Buster...grew up.

(Clips fade.)

(Close shot of Buster as he barks.)

(Low shot of the Arnold's on the couch.)

Suddenly he wasn't so cute.

(Buster barks.)

(Jack leans forward and turns toward Kevin.)

JACK: Kevin!

(Norma leans forward and turns.)

NORMA: Honey!

(Wayne leans forward and turns.)

WAYNE: Scrote!

(Close shot of Kevin glancing from his family toward Buster.)

And just as suddenly...

(Close shot of Buster as he barks.)

The family dog...

Cut to


(Close shot of a dog dish, and Kevin's hands holding an open can of dogfood upside-down.)

Had become...

(The dogfood slides out and plops into the dish.)

My dog.

(The camera pulls back to include Buster, as Kevin mashes the dogfood.)

KEVIN: OK, Buster. Here we go...

(Kevin sets the spoon in the can.)

Not that I'd volunteered for the assignment.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Buster off-screen.)

KEVIN: Go on, eat! Look!

(Kevin makes sucking sounds.)

KEVIN: Look! (Smiles.)

(High close shot of Buster as the bowl is slid in front of him.)

It's just...when it came to Buster...

(Shot past Kevin and Buster in the foreground, as Norma and Jack enter from the livingroom.)

The rest of the family preferred a less...hands on role.

(Shot of Norma and Jack looking at Buster off-screen.)

JACK: What's wrong with 'em?

NORMA: Isn't he hungry?

(Wayne enters behind them, smiling.)

WAYNE: Maybe he has fleas.

(Norma looks over her shoulder at Wayne with concern.)

(Close shot of Buster.)

NORMA (V/O): Oh, not fleas...

(Shot of Norma, Jack, and Wayne. Norma turns from the sink, frowning.)

NORMA: Honey, they'll get in the carpet.

JACK: Kevin, haven't you been sprayin' him? (Frowns.)

(Close shot of Kevin kneeling.)

KEVIN: Dad, he doesn't have fleas.

(Close shot of Buster.)

JACK (V/O): Well, then...

(Close shot of Jack nodding.)

JACK: Take him for a walk.

(Close shot of Kevin kneeling. He frowns.)

KEVIN: Why me? Why can't he do it?

(Wide shot past Kevin and Buster as Wayne crosses the kitchen.)

WAYNE: Because he's your dog.

(Wayne points with his glass.)

WAYNE: Gramp gave him to you. Hah!

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

So, by a quirk of grandfatherly fate...

(Close shot of Buster as a leash is attached.)

Buster's fate and mine had become tied together.

(Wide shot past as Kevin past Buster toward the door.)

KEVIN: Come on, buddy.

(Buster turns and follows.)

For better or worse.

(Close shot of Kevin as he opens the door, looking over his shoulder. He is jerked outside by Buster.)

(Buster barks as the door closes.)

Mostly worse.

Cut to

Int. Day - Pet Store

(Shot of Kevin and Paul at a counter.)

PAUL: You're a lucky guy, Kev.

KEVIN: What are you talkin' about?

(The clerk sets a box of canned dogfood down.)

(Paul points at the cans.)

PAUL: That!

KEVIN: Dog food?

(Paul gestures.)

PAUL: You're providing for man's best friend. Now, that's nothing to scoff at. (Nods.)

(Kevin frowns.)

KEVIN: Paul, have you ever smelled this stuff?

PAUL: Well, no, but -

(The clerk returns and gives Kevin his change.)

KEVIN: Yeah, well, lemme tell ya...

(Kevin picks up the box.)

KEVIN: You're not missin' much.

(Kevin turns to walk away.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul walking toward the camera, which rolls back with them as they approach.)

PAUL: Hey, at least you get to have a dog. (Gestures.)

KEVIN: OK, then. If you're so crazy about dogs, why don't you just get one.

(They pause.)

PAUL: My parents won't let me.

(Paul gestures with both arms.)

PAUL: They say a dog'll ruin the furniture. And that every time we go on vacation, we're gonna have to worry about what to do with it.

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: But do they care what I think? A boy should have a dog!

(Close shot of Kevin.)

PAUL (V/O): What childhood is complete without one?

(Kevin glances down, then back to Paul off-screen.)

(Close shot of Paul looking down as they continue to walk.)

Years later, Paul would wind up on a couch talking to a professional about it.

KEVIN (V/O): Paul, trust me.

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

KEVIN: It's not that great. Really! I mean, taking care of dogs isn't as easy as it looks.

(Close shot of Kevin looking off as they walk.)

KEVIN: You gotta feed 'em, and bathe 'em, and walk 'em. Believe me - it's no picnic.

(Close shot of Paul looking toward Kevin off-screen, and pausing.)

(Close shot of Kevin pausing and looking toward Paul off-screen.)

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Old Yeller saved his family from a bear.

(Shot of Kevin and Paul as Paul exits past the camera. Kevin looks after him.)

Unfortunately, where I lived...

Cut to

Int. Night - Jack & Norma's Bedroom

(Shot past Norma of Jack frowning, holding up a pair of his shoes.)

Bears weren't the problem.

JACK: He ate my shoes.

(Shot of Kevin, Jack, and Norma.)

KEVIN: Are you sure?

(Jack circles around Kevin, holding out his shoes.)

JACK: Ya, I'm sure.

(The camera pans slightly to include Wayne near the door, as Jack backs up toward the bureau.)

KEVIN: No...are ya, are you sure it was Buster?

(Shot past Kevin of Jack and Wayne, as Wayne eats a carrot.)

WAYNE: Oh, come on. I mean who else would be gross enough to eat Dad's loafers, huh?

(Wayne reaches out toward a shoe.)

(Jack jerks his shoes back and frowns.)

(Shot of Buster next to Kevin's feet, as he looks up and barks.)

(Shot past Kevin of Jack and Wayne.)

WAYNE: He also mistook my closet for a fire-hydrant.

(Wide shot of all as Wayne crosses toward the bed and lies down.)

Cut to

Int. Day - Kitchen

NORMA: I don't understand this.

(Close shot of Norma frowning.)

(Shot of Buster looking up.)

NORMA (V/O): He's never done this before...I wonder what's wrong.

Whatever it was...

(Shot of Kevin and Norma.)

It wasn't exactly endearing the old dog to the old homefront.

(Kevin looks up from Buster, then looks at Norma.)

(Shot of Buster looking up, then barking.)

JACK (V/O): Can't ya at least keep him quiet?

(Shot past Kevin of Jack glancing away and frowning.)

JACK: I got less than a week to finish this damn report!

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Jack, then Buster.)

Seemed like it was up to me to save Buster's reputation.

(Wide shot of all as Kevin bends down and picks up Buster.)

KEVIN: Maybe he's sick.

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: Sick?

(Shot of Kevin and Norma as Norma feels Buster's nose.)

NORMA: Well, his nose is a little warm.

(Norma looks at Kevin.)

NORMA: Maybe you should take him to the vet, honey.

(Shot of Jack, Buster, and Kevin, as Jack approaches and pets Buster.)

JACK: Poor guy...


(Wide shot as Norma and Jack pet Buster.)

Nothin' like a warm nose to bring out the best in a family - warmth, compassion.

KEVIN: I'll take him tomorrow.

(Close shot of Wayne on the bed.)

WAYNE: Yeah, and trade him in for a cat.

(Close shot of Buster turning. Sound of a cat-fight.)

Cut to

Int. Day - Veterinarian

(Shot of the female vet petting Buster, who sits on a table. Kevin is on the other side of Buster.)

DR. FERLINGER: Is he eating?

KEVIN: No. Not really.

DR. FERLINGER: Uhn-hnn...

(Dr. Ferlinger picks up a clipboard and makes a note.)

DR. FERLINGER: And how long's he been barking?

KEVIN: About...three weeks.

(Dr. Ferlinger sets the clipboard down, and slides Buster over toward her.)

DR. FERLINGER: OK, Buster - let me look at your eyes.

(Shot past the vet and Buster of Kevin watching.)

Sure - check the eyes, the ears...give him a few doggie pills, and we'd be outta there.

(Close shot of the vet as she pats Buster.)

DR. FERLINGER: Are you the person responsible for the dog?

(Shot past the vet and Buster of Kevin. He pauses.)

KEVIN: Well, yeah. I guess. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of the vet making a note, then looking at Kevin off-screen.)

DR. FERLINGER: In that case, I have something to discuss with you, Kevin.

(Shot past the vet and Buster of Kevin. He looks concerned.)

KEVIN: Why? Is there somethin' wrong with him?

(Wide shot of all, as the vet strokes Buster and looks at Kevin.)

I could see it was something...horrible.

(Shot past the vet and Buster of Kevin looking worried.)

Like plague...rabies.

(Close shot of the vet.)

DR. FERLINGER: Are you planning on breeding Buster?

(Close shot of Kevin smiling in relief.)

KEVIN: Oh...well, I mean...no!

(Kevin shakes his head)

KEVIN: I guess not. (Smiles.)

Whew! And I thought it was serious!

(Shot of the vet holding Buster, and looking toward Kevin off-screen.)

DR. FERLINGER: Because, Kevin, I think we should have Buster fixed.

(A little dramatic music plays.)

(Close shot of Buster turning toward Kevin and making a small yelping sound.)

(Close shot of Kevin pausing in mid-nod. The camera moves closer.)

KEVIN: Uh-huh.

DR. FERLINGER (V/O): Frankly, I think it's the conscientious thing to do.

(Shot of the vet and Buster as the camera moves in closer.)

DR. FERLINGER (V/O): What we're really talking about here is Buster's well-being. And it's a fairly simple procedure, really.

(Dr. Ferlinger continues to speak (unheard) "He wont feel a thing"...)

And so, Doctor Furlegger explained to me exactly what was involved.

(Shot of Kevin frowning as the camera moves in slowly. Dramatic music plays.)

Making every detail crystal-clear. And, when it was over...

(Close shot of Dr. Ferlinger.)

DR. FERLINGER: So how do you want to handle this?

(Close shot of Buster looking toward Kevin, making a small noise.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking down.)

Seemed the decision was pretty much up to me.

(Kevin smiles toward Buster off-screen, then looks toward the vet soberly.)

Cut to

Int. Day - Kitchen

(Shot of Norma at the stove, and Wayne and Jack at the table.)

KEVIN (V/O): Mom? Dad? Wayne?

(They look up.)

(Shot past Norma of Kevin and Buster at the dining room doorway. He walks forward.)

KEVIN: I took Buster to the vet.

(Shot of Wayne and Jack. Wayne gestures.)


(Close shot of Kevin frowning, then looking down at Buster off-screen.)

KEVIN: Well...

(Shot of Buster next to Kevin's feet.)

NORMA (V/O): Honey?

(Close shot of Norma shrugging.)

NORMA: Is there something wrong with him?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Well, nothing that can't be fixed.

(He shakes his head.)

(Close shot of Buster looking up.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I mean...

(Kevin pauses and glances at Buster.)

There was no sense holding back.

(Close shot of Norma frowning.)

This was a family issue.

(Shot of Wayne and Jack listening.)

A matter for the alliance.

(Close shot of Kevin as he shrugs.)

KEVIN: Well...

So...I told them.

KEVIN: She said it was the conscientious thing to do.

(Close shot of Norma frowning sympathetically.)

I explained to them exactly what was involved...

(Close shot of Wayne frowning as the camera moves in.)

Making every detail crystal-clear.

(Close shot of Jack frowning and squirming as the camera moves in.)

(Shot of Buster.)

And, when it was over...

(Close shot of Wayne frowning at a knife and dropping it.)

(Close shot of Buster.)

(Shot from under Buster as Jack and Wayne cross their legs, uncomfortably.)

Seemed the decision was pretty much up to them.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

(Shot of Jack and Wayne sitting uncomfortably.)

JACK: That's what she said, huh?

(Shot of Buster as he barks.)

(Close shot of Kevin nodding.)

KEVIN: Uh-huh.

(Close shot of Buster.)

But at least the burden was off me.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

This problem was too big for one small kid.

(Shot past Kevin of Norma, Wayne, and Jack.)

My family would handle it now, together - one for all...

(Shot of Wayne and Jack frowning.)

All for one.

WAYNE: May I be excused?

(Wayne stands and hurries past the camera.)

(Shot of Kevin as Wayne passes by.)

(Close shot of Norma frowning.)

NORMA: I should go finish the laundry.

(Shot from behind Kevin as Norma walks away.)

JACK: Um...

(Jack stands and walks to Kevin.)

JACK: There's a...lightbulb in the bedroom, uh...

(Jack sighs and looks down at Buster.)

JACK: That needs to be replaced.

(Jack smiles and chuckles, embarrassed, then side-steps toward the doorway.)

(Shot from the kitchen of Kevin, Buster, and Jack, as Jack looks at Buster, and exits.)

(Shot of Buster looking up.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Buster off-screen.)

KEVIN: I, uh...gotta...take out the trash. (Smiles.)

(Wider shot of Buster and Kevin, as Kevin drops the leash.)

KEVIN: Yeah.

(Kevin backs up toward the door.)

Like I said - one for all...all for one.

(Kevin turns and exits past the camera.)

(Sound of the door slamming.)

(Fade to black as Buster barks.)

Fade to

Int. Morning - Kitchen Table

(Wide shot of the Arnold's eating breakfast.)

(Close shot of Norma pausing, when Buster barks.)

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne, as Wayne picks up a cereal box and reads it.)

(Wide shot of all, as Jack picks up a newspaper.)

Over the next few days...we did our best to pretend the problem didn't exist.

(Close shot of Kevin looking from his plate toward Jack off-screen.)

(Close shot of Jack as he growls, snaps his newspaper open, and frowns at Kevin.)

(Buster barks.)

(Close shot of Norma.)

NORMA: Would anyone like some more bacon?

(Shot past Norma of Kevin and Wayne. Wayne is still looking at the box.)

KEVIN: Yeah. Thanks, Mom. (Smiles.)

(Norma holds up the plate as Kevin takes some bacon. Wayne sets the box down.)

WAYNE: Yeah, me too.

(Close shot past the plate, of Jack holding up his cup.)

JACK: Coffee's good, Norma. (Smiles.)

(Wide shot of all as Buster barks. Norma turns over her shoulder.)

Trouble was, in order to ignore the problem...

(Jack sets his cup down.)

(Close shot of Norma buttering some bread, and slowing, as Buster barks.)

You had to ignore Buster.

(Close shot of Jack looking down, and flinching, as Buster barks.)

And in order to ignore Buster...

(Jack frowns and tosses his bacon down.)

(Close shot of Wayne happily picking his bacon apart and eating it.)

You had to be the village idiot.

(Close shot of Kevin glancing from Norma to Jack off-screen, and starting to rise.)

(Buster barks.)

(Wide shot of all as Kevin, Jack, and Wayne stand up as Buster barks. The guys pause as Norma looks over her shoulder.)

(Shot of the kitchen as Buster trots in from the livingroom.)

(Shot from Buster's viewpoint of the Arnold's.)

My family was stymied.

(Close shot of Buster tilting his head.)

(Shot from Buster's viewpoint of the Arnold's as the camera tilts.)

Trouble is, the only way out...

(Close shot of Buster as he barks.)

(Close shot of Kevin slowly sitting down.)

Was the skilled hands of a surgeon.

(Sound of a power-saw.)

(Kevin frowns.)

Cut to

Int. Day - Shop Class

(Close shot of a circular-saw cutting some wood.)

(Slow-motion shot of a rectangular piece of wood falling next to a circular piece.)

(Shot of Mr. Nestor and Kevin.)

MR. NESTOR: OK, bullethead - you try.

(Mr. Nestor hands the saw to Kevin.)

(Close shot of Kevin as he starts to cut.)

MR. NESTOR (V/O): Not like that!

(Kevin looks up toward Mr. Nestor off-screen.)

(Close shot of Mr. Nestor.)

MR. NESTOR: Your fingers!

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Mr. Nestor off-screen.)

MR. NESTOR (V/O): You want to cut something important off?

(Kevin looks down at the saw.)

(Wide shot as Mr. Nestor takes the saw, puts it on the table, and walks away. Kevin follows.)

KEVIN: I'm sorry.

(Close shot past Mr. Nestor of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I guess I just got distracted.

(Shot past Kevin of Mr. Nestor frowning.)

MR. NESTOR: Distracted? Hah?

(Close shot past Mr. Nestor of Kevin.)

MR. NESTOR (V/O): What about?

KEVIN: Well...see it's my dog. (Gestures.) He's been acting up. (Frowns.) You know...barking...eating shoes...

(Shot past Kevin of Mr. Nestor frowning.)

MR. NESTOR: Barking? Hah?

(Mr. Nestor glances off and smiles slightly.)

MR. NESTOR: Oh...I know that problem!

(Mr. Nestor looks away as he reaches toward the table.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

MR. NESTOR (V/O): Know it well.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

Hold on here.

(Shot past Kevin of Mr. Nestor grabbing a hammer from a kid.)

Was this a man who could help?

(Mr. Nestor looks at Kevin.)

A man with a little field-experience?

(Close shot past Mr. Nestor of Kevin looking up.)

Maybe even a man with a solution?

KEVIN: Do you have a dog? (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Mr. Nestor.)

MR. NESTOR: Oh - had.

(Mr. Nestor smiles and removes his glasses.)

("Lassie's Theme" starts.)

MR. NESTOR: "Smokey". Ah, he was a real pal.

(Close shot past Mr. Nestor's glasses of Kevin.)

MR. NESTOR (V/O): Saw me through some tough times, that little devil.

MR. NESTOR: He had three legs, ya know. He hated the first Mrs. Nestor.

(Close shot of Kevin smiling slightly.)

MR. NESTOR (V/O): No - you can't buy loyalty like that, anymore.

(Shot of Mr. Nestor as he glances off.)

MR. NESTOR: Ah, there's nothing I wouldn't do for that little fella.

(He smiles and looks at Kevin, then puts his glasses on.)

And for one second...

(Mr. Nestor turns toward the other kid, off-screen.)

I coulda kissed the guy.

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: So how'd you keep him from barking?

(Close shot of Mr. Nestor.)

MR. NESTOR: We had him fixed!

(Mr. Nestor looks down.)

(Close shot of a hammer striking a nail, and "Lassie's Theme" abruptly ends.)

Cut to


(Shot of Buster sitting down, and barking.)

Cut to

Int. Night - Kevin & Wayne's Bedroom

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne in bed.)

(Buster can be heard barking.)

(Shot of Wayne as he gathers a pillow and swings it at Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin as the pillow hits him.)


(Kevin sits up.)

(Close shot of Wayne.)

WAYNE: OK, butthead - here's the deal. (Points.) Every time your dog barks, I throw something at ya.

(Shot of Kevin sighing and settling in.)

(Buster barks.)

(Shot of Kevin as an shoe flies past him.)

KEVIN: Hey! Wayne! Cut it out! (Gestures.)

(Wide shot from behind Kevin of Wayne sitting up and pointing toward the door.)

WAYNE: Why don't ya tell your dog to shut-up already!

(Jack opens the door in the background.)

JACK: Dammit, Kevin!

(Closer shot of Jack as he holds up his papers.)

JACK: I've got work to do.

(Close shot of Kevin sitting up and gesturing.)

KEVIN: Look, Dad - I put him in the cellar!

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: Try somethin' else!

(Wide shot of Kevin and Wayne as Jack slams the door. Wayne looks at Kevin.)

Our family alliance was falling apart.

(Kevin slides down and settles in.)

It was clear someone had to act.

(Buster barks.)

(Shot of Wayne picking up a comic-book and throwing it toward Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin as the comic-book hits him. He sighs and raises his head.)

Cut to


(Close shot of Buster sitting on the basement couch, barking.)

(Wide shot of the basement as Kevin descends the stairs in the background.)

And as usual, it was gonna be me. It was time to talk turkey with the pooch.

(Kevin approaches Buster.)

KEVIN: Come on, Buster. (Gestures.) Gimme a break, huh? Give us all a break.

(Kevin sits on the couch next to Buster.)

(Shot past Kevin of Buster.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Buster off-screen.)

KEVIN: Look...Buster, if you stop barking, then maybe you won't have to go to the vet. And trust me - you don't want to go to the vet, OK?

(Close shot of Buster looking toward Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Buster.)

But somehow I had a sneaking suspicion, all the logic in the world...wasn't gonna change this dogs mind.

(Close shot of Buster looking toward Kevin off-screen.)

(Shot of Kevin petting Buster.)

So, there was only one thing left to do...

KEVIN: Good dog.

(Kevin picks up Buster and puts him on his lap.)

KEVIN: Good boy.

Buster and I struck a bargain.

Cut to

Int. Night - Kevin & Wayne's Bedroom

(Close shot of Buster sitting on Kevin's bed.)

He wouldn't bark...

(Shot of Kevin in bed, and Wayne in the background.)

And I wouldn't sleep.

("Tossin' and Turning" starts.)

(Shot from above, of Kevin lying on top of the covers, with his arms over the end of the bed. Buster lies in the middle of the bed. Kevin slides off to the floor.)

(Fade to a series of similar shots from above, as Kevin slides off the other side, lies acros the bed, etc.)

(Close shot of Kevin propped up against the foot of the bed. Buster is lying on his back under the covers, on the pillows.)

Whoever said dog is man's best-friend must have had a king-size bed.

Fade to

Int. Afternoon - Living Room

(Wide shot toward the door as Kevin enters slowly.)

Still, over the next few days, the problem seemed to be solved.

(Kevin pauses and listens, setting his books down quietly.)

Not a yip, not a peep - nothin'.

(Kevin smiles.)

KEVIN: Finally.

(Kevin walks to the couch and sits down.)

And losing a little sleep wasn't so bad..

(Kevin settles back and closes his eyes.)

If it kept the dogs at bay.

(Close shot from behind the couch of Kevin resting.)

WAYNE (V/O): Oh...Kevie?

(Kevin opens his eyes and blinks.)

(Shot of Wayne approaching, smiling, with one hand behind his back.)

WAYNE: Whatcha doin'?

(Close shot of Kevin sitting up and frowning at Wayne off-screen.)

KEVIN: I'm trying to take a nap. Why?

(Close shot of Wayne.)

WAYNE: Oh, nothin'. Just thought you might want to know...Buster...

(Wayne holds up half a sheet of torn paper.)

WAYNE: Ate Dad's homework.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne as Kevin runs toward the bedroom. Wayne laughs.)

(Shot of the bedroom doorway as Kevin enters and pauses.)

(Wide shot of the bedroom. It is demolished.)

(Shot of Kevin looking around as Wayne approaches behind him and laughs.)

(Shot of Buster on the bed.)

(Shot of Kevin looking worried, as Wayne laughs.)

(Shot of Buster on the bed as he barks.)

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne, as Wayne taps him on the shoulder.)

WAYNE: Glad he's not my dog. (Laughs.)

(Shot of Buster on the bed.)

It was pretty clear what was gonna happen when my father found out.

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne.)

WAYNE: Dad's not gonna take him to the vet.

(Wayne pats Kevin on the shoulder.)

WAYNE: He's gonna take him to the pound.

(Wayne exits.)

(Shot of Buster on the bed, making a noise.)

Cut to

Ext. Day - The Park

(Shot of Kevin carrying Buster.)

I thought about putting Buster on the night-flight to Siberia.

(Kevin sets Buster on a park bench.)

But I knew sooner or later, Dad would find him.

(Kevin sits down next to Buster.)

So I took him to the park.

KEVIN: You're in a lot of trouble - you know that?

(Close shot of Buster looking toward Kevin off-screen.)

(Shot past Buster of Kevin looking at him.)

KEVIN: Do you know what you've done?

(Close shot of Buster looking toward Kevin.)

(Shot past Buster of Kevin, as Buster barks.)

KEVIN: This is serious, OK?! It's not funny!

(Close shot of Buster looking off.)

But suddenly...

(Shot past Buster of Kevin looking at Buster.)

I was fed up with a dumb mutt who absolutely refused to listen to reason.

(Close shot of Buster as he barks at Kevin.)

KEVIN (V/O): Awright - fine!

(Shot of Kevin and Buster as Kevin looks off and gestures.)

KEVIN: Bark your brains out - see what I care. (Gestures.) I wash my hands of the whole thing.

(Shot past Buster of Kevin, as Kevin frowns.)

KEVIN: I mean, Buster - can't you just try once in awhile to fit in? I mean, are you part of this family or not?!

(Shot of Kevin and Buster. Another dog barks. Buster perks up. Kevin and Buster look toward the other dog off-screen)

And then, I guess I got my answer.

(Shot of the other dog - a silky Terrier? - in the distance.)

(Music "Morning From Peer Gynt" - Grieg plays.)

(Close shot of Buster looking off.)

(Shot of the other dog running across the grass, and barking.)

(Close shot of Buster looking off.)

(Shot of the other dog shaking itself.)

(Shot of Buster and Kevin. Kevin frowns, as Buster jumps of the bench.)

(Shot of Buster trotting across the grass.)

(Shot of Kevin standing up on the bench.)

KEVIN: Buster, come back!

(Shot of the other dog as Buster approaches it.)

(Shot of Kevin frowning and looking toward Buster off-screen.)

(Shot of Buster and the other dog. The other dog runs off. Buster turns and barks.)

(Shot of Kevin as he points.)

KEVIN: This is your last chance!

(Shot of Buster sitting down.)

(Shot of Kevin as he points.)

KEVIN: I'm warning you!

(Shot of Buster as he turns and trots off.)

Shot of Kevin as he hops of the bench and runs past the camera.)

(Shot of Kevin running away from the camera, after Buster.)

(Music ends.)

Fade to

Ext. Day - Street

(Shot of Kevin walking slowly on the sidewalk toward the camera.)

(A woman with a large dog passes him. Kevin glances at it, and continues to walk, glancing around and pausing.)

Fade to

Int. Evening - Livingroom

(Shot of the livingroom/kitchen doorway. Sound of a slamming door. Kevin pauses in the doorway.)

(Shot of Jack and Norma on the couch, taping Jack's paper together. Wayne is on the floor, against the coffee table.)

(Shot of Kevin as he approaches.)

NORMA (V/O): Kevin?!

(Shot past Kevin of Jack, Norma and Wayne.)

NORMA: Where have you been?!

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I was at the park.

(Shot of Jack and Norma. Jack glances up from his paper. Norma is frowning.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Buster got loose...I had to chase 'em.

(Shot of Jack, Norma and Wayne. Jack frowns.)

JACK: You saw what he did? I'll be up all night, trying to...patch this thing together.

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I'm sorry...

(Kevin walks forward.)

(Shot of Jack and Norma.)

(Close shot of Kevin as he sits down in the chair.)

But somehow, Dad's report didn't seem all that important anymore.

(Close shot of Wayne frowning.)

WAYNE: Hey...where's the pooch?

(Shot of Jack and Norma looking toward Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: He ran away. I think he wanted to.

(Kevin looks down, and fiddles with the chair.)

(Shot of Jack and Norma looking toward Kevin, then each other.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking off.)

KEVIN: I let him down.

(Kevin looks toward Jack, Norma, and Wayne off-screen.)

KEVIN: I think we all let him down.

(Close shot of Jack sighing and looking toward Norma off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at him off-screen.)

(Close shot of Jack turning to Kevin and nodding.)

JACK: I'll get my coat.

(Shot of Jack, Norma and Wayne as Jack stands up.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

Fade to

Ext. Night - The Car on the Road

(Shot of the car approaching on a residential street.)

WAYNE (V/O): Buster!

NORMA (V/O): Buster!

KEVIN (V/O): Buster!

(Close shot of Kevin looking out the open window.)

That night, I think we all realized something.

KEVIN: Buster!

About Buster. About ourselves.

(Closer shot of the car slowly approaching.)

WAYNE: Buster!

KEVIN: Buster!

About being a family.

(Close shot of Wayne looking out.)

WAYNE (V/O): Buster!

KEVIN (V/O): Buster!

(Close shot of Wayne looking out.)

WAYNE: Buster!

KEVIN (V/O): Buster!

(Shot of Norma and Jack.)

Sometimes it's not enough just to enjoy the good times...

(Close shot of Kevin.)

The cute times.

KEVIN: Buster!

(Shot from the back seat of Jack and Norma, as Jack looks over his shoulder.)

Sometimes it's when your puppies grow up that the work begins.

(Norma turns to look over the seat.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

(Shot of the car approaching.)

WAYNE (V/O): Buster!

KEVIN (V/O): Buster!

The hard decisions.

(The car pulls to the curb. Jack sighs.)

(Close shot of Kevin sitting back.)

(Close shot of Jack through the windshield. He rubs his forehead and sighs.)

JACK: OK. We'll look again tomorrow when it's light.

(Jack glances toward Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Jack off-screen.)

But we all knew it was hopeless. We'd let him go.

(Shot of all four through the windshield. Jack sighs as he turns to start the car.)

(Sound of trash cans being knocked over.)

(Everyone perks up.)

And there was no way we'd ever find him.

(Close shot of Kevin looking off.)

(Shot of a cluster of trash cans as Buster emerges from them.)

Until, of course...

(Shot of the Arnold's through the windshield, looking toward Buster.)

(Shot of Buster. He stands on his hind legs, and barks.)

Buster found us.

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: Buster! Buster!

(Shot through the windshield of Buster running toward the car.)

(Shot of the side of the car as Kevin opens the door and Buster gets in.)

(Close shot of Kevin holding Buster and smiling.)

KEVIN: Oh, good boy! You're a good boy...!

(Shot of Jack and Norma looking over the seat, smiling.)

NORMA: Buster...hello, sweetheart!

(Shot of Kevin and Buster.)

KEVIN: You're so cold - aren't you cold? We missed you!

(Music "Lean On Me" - Bill Withers plays throughout.)

(Shot through the windshield of the Arnold's.)

WAYNE: We missed you so much..

(Jack smiles.)

JACK: Aw, look at him, how dirty he is...

Fade to

Ext. Day - Veterinarian

(Shot of Jack and Norma, as Jack attaches Buster's leash. The camera pans to Kevin and Wayne holding Buster and smiling.)

The next morning, we all took Buster to the vet.

(Wide shot of all next to the car, as Kevin sets Buster down. They all walk toward the door.)

And in a way, I guess you could say Buster's loss...was also his gain.

Fade to

Int. Evening - Kitchen Table

(Shot from behind Norma of all around the table. The camera pans down as Norma feeds Buster a scrap.)

He'd been this little stranger, who turned out to be part of our family. A venerable member of the alliance.

(Jack pats his thigh, and Buster moves over and stands up.)

One for all, and all for one.

(Jack feeds Buster a scrap.)

(Close shot of Norma holding out a bone toward Kevin off-screen.)

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne as Kevin takes the bone.)

WAYNE: Buster...

(Kevin looks toward Buster off-screen.)

(Shot past Buster of Kevin holding the bone.)

KEVIN: Buster - look! Look!

(Kevin gives Buster the bone.)

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne looking at Buster off-screen.)

(Close shot of Buster holding the bone in his mouth, walking to the doggie-door and exiting.)

Cut to

Ext. Evening - Arnold Backyard

(Shot of Buster coming out the doggie-door.)

And over the years, through good times and bad...

(The camera pans as Buster heads toward his doghouse.)

(Shot of the kitchen window as Kevin looks out.)

Through seasons of hope and change, he stood by us all.

(Shot of Buster approaching his doghouse.)

A silent partner.

(Buster turns and sets the bone down.)

The first one to greet me at the door...

(Shot of the kitchen window as Kevin looks out.)

When I came home from my senior prom.

(Shot of Buster lying down, chewing the bone.)

The one who stared out our front window, on the day I left for college.

(Shot of the kitchen window as Kevin looks out and smiles.)

And my mom said he stayed there for hours.

(Shot of Buster lying down, chewing the bone.)

(Shot of the kitchen window as Kevin returns to the table.)

(Shot of Buster sitting up. The camera pulls back slowly.)

(Fade to a wider shot past a tree of Buster in front of his doghouse. The camera continues to pull back slowly, as Buster turns and enters his doghouse.)

Fade to


Supporting Cast
Mr. Nestor - Charles Tyner
Dr. Ferlinger - Christine Rose

"Tossin' and Turnin'" - Bobby Lewis
"Lean On Me" - Bill Withers

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