Episode 46 - "Moving"


Fade to

(Guitar music plays through the scene.)

(Very close shot of a shiny tin can in the middle of the street.)

There was a time when the world was enormous...

(A boy kicks the can and runs forward, followed by a dozen or so other kids.)

Spanning the vast, almost infinite boundaries of...

(Fade to telephoto shot of the row of mailboxes.)

Your neighborhood.

(Fade to shot of a whirling sprinkler.)

(Fade to shot of a dog lying on its back on the sidewalk, wagging its tail.)

The place where you grew up.

(Fade to shot of two people washing a car.)

Where you didn't think twice about playing on someone else's lawn.

(Fade to shot of two boys running across front lawns.)

(Fade to shot of two girls playing hop-scotch.)

GIRL: Wait. You have your marker?

And the street was your territory...

(Fade to shot of a car driving past three boys playing catch. One boy gestures at it, and turns back to his friends.)

BOY: Come on. Play ball.

That occasionally got invaded by a passing car.

(Fade to high wide shot over the neighborhood at dusk.)

It was where you didn't get called home until after it was dark. And all the people, and all the houses that surrounded you were as familiar as the things in your own room. And you knew they would never change.

(Music ends.)

Cut to

Int. Day - Arnold Kitchen

(Shot of the table, and Jack's hand setting a hammer on it. The camera pans up to Jack, who is frowning.)

JACK: I oughta sell this dump.

(Shot of Wayne and Kevin eating at the table.)

Which is not to say that they couldn't transfer ownership.

(Shot of Norma at the sink. She frowns.)

NORMA: What, honey?

(Wide shot of Wayne, Kevin, and Jack.)

JACK: There's dry-rot.

(Jack looks at Norma off-screen.)

JACK: In the basement. The whole foundation could be going.

(Shot of Norma.)

(Shot of Jack frowning and shaking his head. He sits down, picks up the hammer, and sighs.)

After seventeen years of cleaning out gutters, plugging leaks, and patching roofs...my father had developed a philosophical view about residential living.

(Closes shot of Kevin looking at Jack off-screen.)

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: I oughta sell this dump.

(Shot of Wayne and Kevin. Wayne burps.)

Not that we didn't take him seriously.

(Shot of Norma approaching with a cup.)

NORMA: Have some coffee, Jack. (Smiles.)

(Shot of Jack frowning.)

Nope, the best thing to do when Dad was talking real estate...

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne. Wayne picks at some toast.)

Was...change the subject.

WAYNE: Dad? Can I have a raise in my allowance?

(Shot past Wayne of Jack. Jack turns to Wayne and frowns.)

That was one way.

(Close shot of Wayne.)

WAYNE: Hey, you know how the babes are when it's summer.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

(Shot past Wayne of Jack.)

WAYNE: "Take me here, give me this, give me that..."

JACK: Get a job.

(Close shot of Wayne.)

WAYNE: What?

(Shot of Jack.)

JACK: You heard me. You want money? Make it.

(Shot of Wayne looking at Karen off-screen.)

WAYNE: Well how come she's not getting a job?

(Close shot of Karen. She smiles at Wayne off-screen.)

JACK (V/O): She's got other things to do.

(Shot of Jack.)

JACK: She's busy with her graduation.

(Shot of Wayne.)

WAYNE: Hhhhhh...

(Shot of Kevin. He leans toward Wayne and smiles.)

KEVIN: Nice play, Shakespeare.

(Wayne leans over and holds his fork under Kevin's face.)

WAYNE: Eat it, dork.

(Shot of Jack frowning.)

JACK: I oughta sell this dump.

(Shot of Norma.)

Around our house it was an old refrain.

(Shot of Wayne.)

We'd heard it a thousand times before.

(Shot of Karen rolling her eyes.)

And it was nothing to worry about.

(Shot of Jack.)

Maybe there was sawdust in the cellar.

(Shot of Jack lifting a pancake and looking at them, then looking away.)

But all in all...

(Shot of Kevin smiling, and eating.)

My foundations were sound.

("My Girl" - the Temptations starts.)


(Wide shot of Winnie, Carla, and Becky in the distance, smiling and talking.)

More than sound.

(Shot of Kevin at the table, looking over his shoulder and smiling.)

(Close shot of Winnie smiling and talking.)

Winnie Cooper. The light of my life, the cornerstone of my existence. She was...

HOBSON (V/O): Cheap, fake, and dependable.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning, as the music grinds down.)

KEVIN: What?!

(Shot of Paul and Hobson.)


(Close shot of Hobson holding out a ring.)

HOBSON (V/O): I'm givin' it to Becky.

KEVIN (V/O): Why?

(Shot of Paul and Hobson.)

HOBSON: It's a tradition. Everybody's gettin' one.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: How much did you pay for that?

(Hobson smiles and almost laughs.)

HOBSON: Nine bucks.

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Whoa! That's a lot of money.

HOBSON (V/O): Maybe.

(Close shot of Hobson.)

HOBSON: But you know what you get for nine bucks?

(Hobson looks from Paul to Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: A ring worth two bucks?

(Shot past Kevin of Paul laughing.)

(Shot of Hobson. He glances off and smirks.)

HOBSON: Insurance. Summer's comin'. This'll keep 'em faithful.

(Shot of Kevin glancing off.)

HOBSON (V/O): Hey!

(Shot of Hobson.)

HOBSON: It's a small price to pay, 'specially when you're dating Super Cooper.

(Shot of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: That's ridiculous.

(Shot of Paul shaking his head.)

Of course it was.

(Shot of Kevin looking over his shoulder.)

Winnie and I didn't need a ring.

(Shot of Carla and Becky walking off, and Winnie approaching.)

We had something...special.

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Winnie off-screen.)

(Shot of Winnie.)

I was hers...and she was...

(A boy approaches Winnie and starts talking.)

(Shot of Kevin frowning.)

(Shot of Winnie and the boy. She glances at Kevin and smiles, then looks back to the boy.)

(Shot of Kevin smiling.)


(Winnie approaches past the camera.)

(Shot of Kevin smiling.)

All mine. Not to brag or anything.

(Wide shot of the table, as Winnie approaches and sits down next to Kevin.)



WINNIE: I brought you some ice cream.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at the ice cream.)

Neapolitan?! I hated Neapolitan.

(Kevin glances at Winnie and smiles.)

(Close shot of Winnie smiling.)

But Neapolitan ice cream in a paper cup from the gentle hands of the woman I adored?

(Close shot of Kevin. He smiles and looks at Winnie off-screen.)


KEVIN: I love this!

(Wider shot of Kevin and Winnie.)

And I did.

(Kevin eats a spoonful and smiles at Winnie. They smile at each other.)

The fact is, with summer on the way, things had never been better.

Cut to

Int. Day - Arnold Basement

(Close shot of the ceiling, and Jack's hand as he pokes at the joist.)

JACK (V/O): Damn!

(The camera pans down to Jack.)

JACK: It's worse than I thought.

(Shot of Norma.)

NORMA: Are you sure, honey?

(Wide shot of Kevin standing next to Jack, holding a tool box. Norma is on the couch with laundry.)

JACK: The whole beam's turning to sawdust.

(Close shot of Norma.)

NORMA: Maybe we should call someone in to look at it.

(Close shot of Kevin and Jack. Jack frowns at Norma off-screen.)

JACK: Are you kiddin'?

(Jack looks at Kevin, and walks past him.)

JACK: You know how much those guys charge?

Uh-oh! Dry-rot in the cellar was one thing...

(Shot of Jack approaching Norma, and standing next to her.)

Dry-rot in Dad's wallet was quite another.

(Close shot of Jack frowning.)

JACK: I'm tellin' you, Norma, we oughta get rid of this place.

(Shot of Kevin frowning.)

And suddenly, this was sounding serious.

(Shot of Jack and Norma.)

JACK: Cooper says the houses around here are goin' for three times what they used to.

(Close shot of Kevin.)


(Close shot of Jack turning toward Kevin.)

Seemed like it was time for a second opinion.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Maybe we should...get it fixed!

(Close shot of Jack frowning.)

KEVIN: It's a good house. It's our house.

(Kevin smiles.)

KEVIN: I like it.

(Kevin looks up at the ceiling.)


(Shot of Jack and Norma.)

Simple, eloquent, and...effective.

JACK: Cooper give you the name of that realtor?

NORMA: Yeah, I think I have it somewhere.

JACK: Good.

(Jack looks at Kevin and walks off. Norma turns to watch him leave.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)


(Shot of Norma standing, with the basket of laundry.)

NORMA: Your father just wants to see what his options are, honey.

(Norma shakes her head.)

NORMA: It's nothing to worry about.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

Sure! Obviously there was no need to panic.

(Shot of Norma smiling at Kevin, then looking uncertain as she turns toward the stairs.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

Now all I needed was someone to convince me of that.

(Kevin sits on a stool, with the tool box on his lap.)

Fade to

Ext. Night - A Front Yard

(Guitar music plays intermittently.)

(Shot of the moon in the clouds.)

(Fade to high shot of Winnie and Kevin lying back on the grass looking at the sky. The camera moves in slowly.)

Trouble was, that someone was Winnie. And I couldn't tell her. It wouldn't be fair. Why should she be forced to deal with that pain, that agony?

(Kevin glances down, then off again.)

Nope. The best thing to do was keep it to myself.

(Kevin turns toward Winnie and sits up.)

KEVIN: Winnie, we're moving.

(Close shot of Winnie frowning.)

WINNIE: What?!

(Winnie sits up.)

She, of course, took it pretty hard.

(Winnie glances off and frowns, then looks at Kevin.)

WINNIE: I think we could work it out. (Nods.)

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin.)

KEVIN: What?

(Shot of Winnie looking off.)

WINNIE: Well...it might not be so bad.

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie. Kevin frowns.)

Seemed to me she was failing to consider the ramifications of all this.

KEVIN: Winnie, don't you know that it's impossible to survive a long-distance relationship? (Gestures.)

(Close shot of Winnie. She shrugs.)

WINNIE: Well -

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I mean, Susan Boluty and Jeff broke up just because they were put in different homerooms.

(Wider shot of both.)

WINNIE: I would feel the same no matter where you lived. Wouldn't you? I mean, it's not like it's your fault if your parents make you move, is it?

(Winnie glances off, then Kevin glances off.)

The thing was, she was obviously trying to be supportive and understanding. But what I really needed was a heart-felt...

Cut to


(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Please don't go, Kevin!

(Paul shakes his head slowly.)

(Wide shot of Kevin and Paul at their desks, and a student in the background.)

Right words, wrong neighbor.

PAUL: Man, it just wouldn't be the same without you.

(Paul looks off.)

PAUL: I don't know what we'd do!

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: Well...

Still, this wasn't so bad.

(Close shot of Paul.)

I mean, if you have to go, it's nice to know you'll be missed.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I'm sure you'd survive.

(Close shot of Kevin in the foreground and Paul in the background. Paul puts his hand on Kevin's shoulder.)

PAUL: You're right.

KEVIN: What?

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Kev, no matter what, I promise you, after you're gone, I'll do everything I can to take care of Winnie.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Paul's hand, then off.)


(Close shot of Kevin in the foreground and Paul in the background, as Paul resumes his work.)

Int. Day - Arnold Kitchen

(Shot of Wayne sitting on the counter, and Norma fixing his bow-tie.)

WAYNE: A waiter?

(Close shot of Kevin looking up from his homework and smiling.)

Well, at least I wasn't the only one who was suffering.

(Shot of Norma and Wayne.)

NORMA: Wayne, your father went through a lot of trouble to find you this job.

WAYNE: I don't get it. I mean, what did I ever do to him?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: What's your job - to scare away the customers?

(Close shot of Wayne and Norma.)

NORMA: Kevin...

(Wayne turns toward Kevin.)

WAYNE: One more word and you die, butthead.

(Wide shot of Norma and Wayne in the foreground, Kevin at the table in the background.)

(Norma taps Wayne on the leg, and he hops off the counter. Norma turns to the sink.)

In fact, baiting my brother was about the only way I could think of...

(Close shot of Kevin smiling and resuming his homework.)

To turn back the rising fear that -

(Close shot of Jack quickly entering through the kitchen door.)

JACK: OK, I just talked to a guy who's comin' over to look at the house tomorrow.

(Shot of Kevin looking surprised.)

(Shot of Jack and Norma as Jack walks toward the refrigerator.)

JACK: Probably take us for every penny we got.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Dad, are you serious?

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: You bet I am.

(Close shot of Kevin glancing around.)

And there you had it. The death sentence. And worst of all, no one else...

(Shot of Wayne wagging a pretzel.)

Was even batting an eyelash.

(Close shot of Kevin. He looks at Jack off-screen and gestures.)

KEVIN: Dad, you can't do this!

(Close shot of Jack frowning.)

JACK: Huh?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I mean, you haven't even asked us what we think about it!

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: I gotta ask permission to get the dry-rot fixed?

(Close shot of Kevin glancing off, then back.)

KEVIN: Then you're not selling the house?

(Shot of Jack frowning.)

JACK: Course not!

(Jack closes the refrigerator.)

(Close shot of Norma smiling at Kevin off-screen.)

NORMA: There. I told you!

(Wide shot of the table as Jack sits down.)

And suddenly the skies began to clear.

(Norma walks past the camera toward the table.)

NORMA: Who is this, anyway, Jack?

JACK: Guy I met across the street.

(Close shot of Kevin smiling and leafing through his notebook.)

Suddenly my fears had disappeared. The world was great. We were staying!

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: He's gonna be working on Cooper's house after they move out.

(Close shot of Kevin looking up from his homework.)


(Close shot of Norma. She glances from Kevin to Jack off-screen.)

NORMA: Jack...

(Close shot of Jack looking toward Norma off-screen.)

JACK: Uh...

(Jack looks at Kevin off-screen.)

JACK: Sorry...

(Close shot of Kevin.)

(Close shot of Norma.)

NORMA: The Cooper's thought it was best if Winnie told you.

(Close shot of Kevin looking down.)

NORMA (V/O): They're not moving far, honey. Just a few miles.

(Close shot of Norma.)

(Close shot of Kevin sighing and glancing off.)


WAYNE (V/O): You know what the best part is?

(Close shot of Wayne smiling.)

WAYNE: The Coopster's going to a different school next year...(gestures)...across town.

(Close shot of Kevin looking down.)

WAYNE (V/O): Looks like bye-bye, butthead.

JACK (V/O): Wayne!

(Close shot of Kevin frowning and rising to leave.)

(Sound of a slamming door.)

Cut to

Ext. Day - The street.

(Shot of Kevin's driveway and house as he runs around the corner from the kitchen door, and down the driveway.)

I didn't believe it. I had to find Winnie so she could tell me it wasn't true.

(Kevin runs up the street, and stops near Winnie's curb, near the camera.)

(Shot of Winnie's livingroom window, and a "for sale" sign in the yard.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

(Shot of the empty window, then Winnie walking to the middle of it, and facing out.)

(Closer shot of Winnie looking out blankly.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at her off-screen.)

Fade to

Science class

(Shots of astronomical objects on the projector screen.)

MR. CANTWELL (V/O): The death of galaxies. The collapse of stars.

(Shot of Mr. Cantwell standing next to the projector.)

MR. CANTWELL: The destruction of the universe as we know it.

(Shot of Kevin frowning.)

Somehow I understood just where this guy was coming from.

(Shot from behind Mr. Cantwell of the class and screen.)

MR. CANTWELL: Here today, gone tomorrow.

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie. Kevin glances at her.)

My world was ending. The girl next door was moving away.

(Close shot of Mr. Cantwell.)



(Close shot of Kevin walking toward the table.)

Not that I wasn't handling it like an adult.

(Kevin frowns and slams his tray down, then starts to take a seat.)

(Close shot of Winnie looking at him.)

(Shot of Kevin sitting, and setting his arms on the table and frowning.)

KEVIN: I don't believe this. I just don't believe this! How come you didn't tell me?!

(Winnie frowns and gestures.)

WINNIE: I didn't know!

(Shotof Kevin frowning.)

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Not for sure.

(She sighs and shakes her head.)

WINNIE: Maybe it won't be so bad. We're only moving four miles.

(Close shot of Kevin. He glances off and frowns.)

KEVIN: Four miles?!

(Close shot of Winnie looking off.)

In 13-year-old terms, approximately the distance from New York to Paris.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Winnie, you're gonna be going to to a different school next year! Don't you understand what that means?

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie looking at him blankly.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: We gotta do something.

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Like what?

(Shot of Kevin. He looks off uncertainly.)

KEVIN: Maybe we could...talk to your dad. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Winnie frowning.)

Sure! Sit down with the old man...

(Close shot of Kevin looking down and smiling in thought.)

State our case, lay out options, and -

(Kevin frowns.)

Who was I kidding?

(Close shot of Winnie. She nods uncertainly.)

WINNIE: Kevin? We'll...be alright, won't we?

(Shot of Kevin glancing down.)

I wanted to believe that. More than anything.

(Kevin looks toward Winnie optimistically.)

KEVIN: At least we'll have part of the summer together.

(Close shot of Winnie. She glances off.)

WINNIE: Sure...

(Winnie looks down.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

KEVIN: Winnie?

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: We're moving in three weeks.

Cut to

Locker Room

(Close shot of Paul slamming his locker and turning around.)

PAUL: Three weeks?!

(Close shot of Kevin sitting on a bench, looking at Paul off-screen.)

PAUL (V/O): This is horrible!

(Close shot of Paul.)

You must feel like killing yourself!

(Close shot of Kevin glancing off and frowning.)

Fortunately, my friends were there to help soften the blow.

HOBSON (V/O): Hey, Arnold!

(Wider shot of Paul standing near Kevin, with Hobson standing at his locker in the background.)

HOBSON: Heard the Coopster's takin' a powder.

(Close shot of Paul looking at Hobson off-screen.)

PAUL: Come on, Hobson. Show a little sensitivity here, huh?

KEVIN (V/O): Yeah.

(Close shot from slightly behind Kevin. He frowns over his shoulder at Hobson.)

KEVIN: Just lay off, will ya?

(Shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Yeah. Kevin and Winnie are gonna be just fine.

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Thanks.

(He smiles at Paul off-screen.)

(Wide shot of the three of them.)

PAUL: Besides, just because she's going to a different school...doesn't mean she's not -

HOBSON: She's going to Lincoln?

(Close shot of Kevin. He looks from Paul to Hobson off-screen, with concern.)

KEVIN: Yeah. Why?

(Close shot of Hobson at his open locker.)

HOBSON: Nothin'. Except, ever see the guys that go there? They average six feet tall. They all play football...

(Shot of Kevin frowning.)

HOBSON (V/O): Some of them professionally.

(Shot of Hobson glancing at Kevin and Paul off-screen.)

HOBSON: And they surf.

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: They surf?

(Close shot of Hobson. He frowns.)

HOBSON: And that's just the seventh graders.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning and turning away.)

KEVIN: Get outta here.

(Close shot of Hobson.)

HOBSON: You've got one option, Arnold.

(Hobson holds up a small jewelry box.)

HOBSON: Protect your territory. Think about it.

(Hobson turns back to his locker.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning at Hobson off-screen.)

But I didn't have to think about it.

(Close shot of Hobson rummaging in his locker.)

Did I look like the kind of kid who'd let himself be stampeded...

(Hobson pulls out a towel, and exits.)

(Close shot of Kevin watching Hobson leave, off-screen.)

By a dumb, mean-spirited little twit like that? Hah!

Cut to

Int. Day - Jewelry Shop

(Shot from behind a glass showcase of Kevin looking at a display of rings, and smiling.)

KEVIN: I'll take that one. (Points.)

(Shot of the rings, as a man's hand reaches in and removes one.)

(Shot from behind the saleman of Kevin.)

KEVIN: How much is it?

(Close shot of the jeweler straightening up and looking at Kevin.)

JEWELLER: Forty-eight dollars.

(Close shot of Kevin looking off.)

KEVIN: Oh...

(Close shot of the salesman looking patiently at Kevin off-screen.)

(Shot of Kevin looking in his wallet, then at the salesman.)

KEVIN: Got anything for nine-fifty?

(The saleman looks away.)

Fade to

Int. Night - Kevin's Bedroom

(Kevin is looking out his bedroom window, holding the ring in its box. The camera zooms in slowly.)

Thirteen is a crazy age. You're too young to vote, and too old not to be in love. You live in a house someone else owns...

(Shot of Winnie's house through Kevin's window.)

But your dreams are already somewhere else.

(Shot of Kevin at the window. He looks down at the box.)

(Close shot of the box as he takes the lid off.)

(Shot of Kevin through the window, as the camera moves in slowly. He glances between the ring, and out the window.)

You face the future armed with nothing but the money you've earned from mowing lawns, and a nine-dollar ring with a purple stone. And you hope against hope...that'll be enough.

(Kevin puts the lid on the box and turns away from the window.)

Fade to

School Hallway

(Wide shot of an empty hallway as the bell rings.)

(Classroom doors open, and students flood out into the hallway.)

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie walking up the hallway.)

By the last day of school I'd pretty much made up my mind things were gonna be OK.

(They turn a corner. Winnie sighs and frowns.)

WINNIE: I'm gonna miss this place.

KEVIN: Yeah, well, it's not all that great, you know.

(They reach Winnie's locker.)

KEVIN: I mean, I hear they got really great lockers over at Lincoln.

(Winnie dials the combo.)

(Kevin looks off and frowns.)

Uh-huh. And seventh graders the size of trees.

(Close shot of Winnie at her open locker. She frowns and sighs.)

WINNIE: I hate this.

(She puts something in her purse.)

(Shot of Kevin smiling.)

Ok, so she was feeling down.

(Kevin reaches in his jacket pocket and removes the ring in its box.)

Fortunately, I was in the possession...of a cure.

(Kevin clears his throat.)

(Close shot of Winnie turning toward him off-screen.)

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin. He takes the lid off and smiles.)

KEVIN: I got this for you.

(Shot of Winnie looking at the ring.)

(Shot of Kevin looking at the ring and smiling.)

KEVIN: It's not much, but...

(Kevin looks at Winnie and pauses, then smiles at the ring again.)

KEVIN: I mean, they had this great one for 48 bucks...

(Kevin looks at Winnie, then the ring.)

KEVIN: But, uh...anyway...it's stainless...

(Kevin looks at Winnie uncertainly.)

KEVIN: And rustproof, and...(gestures)...I'd like you to wear it. (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie. She is expressionless.)

It was kind of a big moment.

(Wider shot of both of them. A boy walks past them. Kevin is smiling at Winnie.)

Here we were - two ships, tossed in the storm. But suddenly through the clouds a light was breaking.

(Close shot of Winnie, expressionless.)

The light of hope.

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

The light of love.

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: I can't take it.

(Close shot of Kevin as his smile fades.)

And then the lights went out.

KEVIN: Beg your pardon?

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie.)

WINNIE: I can't wear it.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin as he frowns.)

Some thoughts that sprang to mind.

(Winnie turns back to her locker.)

Maybe she was allergic to semi-quasi-precious metals. Or...

(Kevin looks at the ring and frowns.)

KEVIN: Well...you know, it doesn't have to be purple. (Gestures.) I mean, they come in all sorts of colors, uh...blue, uh, pink, ye -

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie. She sighs and shakes her head.)

WINNIE: It's not the color.

(Kevin looks mildly puzzled.)

KEVIN: Oh. Well, then...

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Kevin, we have to be sensible.

(Shot of Kevin as he frowns, then smiles.)

KEVIN: What are you talking about?

(Close shot of Winnie. She nods faintly.)

WINNIE: Kevin, I've done a lot of thinking.

(She glances off.)

WINNIE: About...us. About what you said. About long distance relationships.

(Shot of Kevin. He snorts and smiles.)

KEVIN: Well yeah, but...(shakes his head)...that was just mostly...hypothetical.

(Close shot of Winnie. She shakes her head.)


(Close shot of Kevin smiling, then glancing around.)

(Close shot of Winnie frowning, and turning to her locker.)

And suddenly it was clear. She wasn't just cleaning out her locker.

(Winnie pulls the rest of the things off her locker door.)

She was cleaning out her life.

(Close shot of Kevin looking mildly puzzled. He smiles.)

KEVIN: Winnie, are you breaking up with me?

(Close shot of Winnie turning, and looking at Kevin off-screen.)

But she didn't have to answer. Her silence said it all. It had the sound of moving on.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

The sound of "goodbye".

(Kevin glances at the ring, then Winnie off-screen.)

(Shot of Winnie adjusting her purse strap.)

(Shot of Kevin putting the lid in the box, and the box in his pocket. He looks off, and clearing his throat.)

KEVIN: I understand.

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: I have to go.

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I know.

(Close shot of Winnie as she sighs and slams her locker. She looks at Kevin and frowns, then walks away down the hallway.)

And then she was gone.

(Close shot of Kevin looking after her off-screen.)

(Kevin frowns, turns toward the camera, and walks up the hallway. The camera rolls with him. He stops and looks over his shoulder. Focus changes to Winnie at the foot of the stairs.)

(Close shot of Winnie. She looks at Kevin and sighs.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at her off-screen.)

(Wider shot of Kevin pulling the ring from his pocket. He looks toward Winnie and sighs, then tosses the ring into the nearby trash can. He frowns as he walks away.)

Fade to

Int. Night - Kevin's Bedroom

(Kevin is asleep in his bed.)

Fade to

(High shot down the sidewalk as a two boys ride their bikes on it.)

June in the suburbs. Nothin' like it.

(The camera lowers and pans across the street toward Winnie's house.)

Lawn mowers mowing, kids being kids...

(A moving van is in front of Winnie's house.)

Moving vans moving...

(Close shot through the window of Kevin looking out sullenly, dressed in a suit and tie.)

I was starting to develop a complex about summer vacations.

JACK (V/O): You gotta be kiddin' me.

(Shot of Kevin looking over his shoulder.)

(Shot of Jack in a suit, Norma in a nice dress, and Karen wearing a long white dress.)

KAREN: Kidding you? This is what I'm wearing. (Frowns.)

(She adjusts her dress.)

JACK: That?! (Frowns.)

(Close shot past Jack of Karen. She frowns.)

KAREN: Well, give me a break! I'm wearing a dress.

(Close shot of Norma frowning at Karen off-screen. She glances down.)

(Close shot of Karen's shoes. She is wearing black Army boots.)

(Close shot of Karen.)

KAREN: It's a statement.

(Wider shot of Jack, Norma, and Karen.)

JACK: I'm gonna check the cellar.

(Jack rolls his eyes as he walks past the camera. Karen walks away, with Norma following.)

(Close shot of Kevin watching them off-screen.)

Well, at least everything was normal around my house.

(Kevin looks toward the window.)

As for the rest of the neighborhood...

(Shot through the window of the moving van.)

It was definitely going downhill.

(Shot through the window of Kevin looking out.)

(Shot through the window of Winnie as she climbs into the moving van.)

(Shot through the window of Kevin looking out.)

WAYNE (V/O): Don't worry, scrote.

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne.)

WAYNE: I'm sure she'll send you a postcard. Hnhhhhh.

(Close shot of Kevin. He sighs.)

KEVIN: I'm goin' for a walk.

(Shot through the window of Kevin walking past Wayne toward the door.)

Cut to

Ext. Day - Winnie's House

(Shot of Winnie's house and the moving van. Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, and the movers, are on the lawn.)

MRS. COOPER: Winnie? Win-nie!

(Shot from inside the van as Kevin approaches the doorway.)


(Shot of Winnie sitting cross-legged near some boxes. She looks up.)


(Shot of Kevin.)

(Wider shot of Winnie, and Kevin leaning in the door.)

She looked...small. And lost. Like a little girl, sitting in a moving van.

(Shot of Kevin frowning.)

Which...I guess she was.

KEVIN: Can I come in?

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: I guess so.

(Kevin climbs the steps and enters.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie. She shrugs.)

WINNIE: Have a seat. (Nods.)

(Shot of Kevin. He glances off and gestures.)

KEVIN: Oh...I can't stay. I've got Karen's graduation.

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie. She looks down.)

(Shot of Kevin looking off.)

(Shot of Winnie looking off.)

I'd been planning what to say for about two weeks.

(Shot of Kevin. He puts his hands in his pockets.)

About life. About love.

KEVIN: So what did you get in English?

(Winnie looks at Kevin and frowns.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Just asking.

(Kevin glances away as he takes his hands out of his pockets and smoothes his jacket.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie.)

MRS. COOPER (V/O): Win-nie!

(Kevin and Winnie look toward the sound. Winnie sighs.)

WINNIE: They're packing up my stuff.

(Winnie shrugs.)

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin, as he looks away.)

WINNIE: My brother's stuff, too.

(Kevin looks toward Winnie.)

WINNIE: They're putting his in storage.

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie. She frowns.)

WINNIE: I think this is gonna be good for my mom and dad.

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Yeah. I think so, too. (Nods.)

(Shot of Winnie looking down.)

MR. COOPER (V/O): Winnie?

(Shot of Kevin looking toward the sound.)

MR. COOPER (V/O): Where are you?

(Kevin looks at Winnie and gestures.)

KEVIN: So, I'll probably see you around.

(Wide shot of both, as Winnie stands up to walk out of the van. They pause at the door, and look out.)

But somehow, I knew I wouldn't. And not just because of a few miles or a new school. It was because...things could never be the same.

(Closer shot of both. Winnie looks out, while Kevin looks at her.)

These lawns, these streets, this place...

(Close shot of Winnie in profile. Kevin is looking at her in the background.)

Winnie Cooper was leaving. Leaving her home. Leaving her past.

(Winnie looks at Kevin and starts to walk out. Kevin grabs her hand, and she looks at Kevin.)


(Kevin looks down at Winnie's hand.)

(Close shot of her hand as she slowly opens it, holding the ring.)

(Closer shot of Kevin looking down at the ring, then at Winnie.)

(Close shot past Kevin of Winnie looking at him softly.)


(Guitar music plays through to credits.)

(Close shot past Winnie of Kevin looking at her.)

(Close shot past Kevin of Winnie looking at him softly.)

(They look at each other, then hug tightly. The camera pulls back slowly.)

Fade to

Ext. Day - Karen's Graduation

(The camera pans across spectators, with a man at the podium in the background.)

MAN: Karen Arnold.

(Karen hurries up the steps to receive her diploma.)

(Close shot of Kevin watching. He smiles and claps, then looks off.)

I wasn't there when Winnie's moving van pulled away. I didn't want to be.

(Closer shot of Karen and the speaker. She takes her diploma and smiles at her family off-screen.)

(Wide shot of Norma, Jack, and Kevin. The camera moves in slowly.)

I was with my family.

(Close shot of Karen raising her arm solemnly, then smiling.)

(The camera pans up her arm to show her giving the "peace" sign.)

Which was changing, too.

Fade to

Int. Day - Restaurant

(Guitar music continues throughout.)

(Shot through the window of Wayne serving the Arnold's. They are talking in the background.)

JACK: Food...

NORMA: It looks great, honey.

(Jack points to Wayne's hat and smiles at Norma.)

JACK: Look at the hat, look at the hat.

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

Things were gonna be different now.

(Close shot of Karen. She hands her diploma to Jack.)

KAREN: Here. Check it out.

My sister would be off to college. My brother was...

(Shot of Wayne taking a bite of food and smiling, then walking away.)

My brother...

(Shot of Norma and Jack looking at Karen's diploma. Norma reads from it.)

NORMA: "...has been found worthy..."

(Norma smiles at Karen off-screen.)

JACK: I still don't understand ***...

(Jack smiles and puts his arm around Norma.)

My mom and dad would stay behind to fight the battle of dry-rot and crab grass, and growing older together.

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

(Fade to wide shot through the window of Wayne returning with drinks.)

NORMA: Let's have a toast.

(Norma raises her glass.)

NORMA: Here's to Karen.

(The others touch glasses.)

JACK: You got one Wayne?

(Wayne gestures, pulls up a chair, and sits with them.)

Fade to

Ext. Day - Arnold Driveway

(Shot of Kevin walking his bike down the driveway, then pausing.)

As for me? Well, I had my own distances to cover.

(Kevin sits on his bike and sighs.)

Four miles - New York to Paris.

(Kevin rides his bike past the camera. The camera pans with him, and rises as he rides down the street.)

The thing is, until Winnie left, everything in the world was outside my front door. But now, maybe the world would have to get a little bigger.

(Kevin is a speck, way down the street.)

Fade to


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