Episode 40 - "Night Out"


(Scenes from movie Romeo and Juliet. "Happy Together" plays.)

Everyone knows what happens when you fall in love. You hold each other close, you kiss, and then...you live happily ever after.

(Romeo swings on a tree. "Oh this is but a dream!")

For Winnie Cooper and me, "happily ever after" had arrived.

(Kevin and Winnie approach each other at the bus.)

KEVIN: Hi...


After years of waiting...

(They join hands and enter the bus.)

We were ready to face the future, together.

(Fade to shot of Kevin and Winnie in class. She tosses a note to him, then looks forward. He reads it. She smiles.)

Passing notes in class...

(Fade to shot of Kevin and Winnie in the cafeteria, next to a window with venetian blinds. They feed each other Tater-tots.)

Sharing Tater-tots at lunch...being a couple. It was all kinda...wonderful.

Int. Day - The Bus

(Close shot of Winnie looking over her shoulder toward the camera.)

CARLA (V/O): Well, I heard from Darlene Murphy that Johnny and Mary got back together.

(Shot of Carla and Paul in the seat behind Kevin and Winnie.)

PAUL: No...really?

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: I heard from Susan Jacobs, that Darlene Murphy was lying...

(She looks at Kevin off-screen.)

WINNIE: And that Mary and Johnny didn't get back together.

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie, with Carla and Paul behind.)

KEVIN: No...really?

WINNIE: Kevin!

(Winnie nudges Kevin. He smiles.)

PAUL: Well, I heard that Mary said that Johnny said...

(Shot alternates between Paul talking to Carla, and Kevin looking at them and smiling.)

Course, in eighth-grade, part of being a couple is doing things other couples do, even if they are, well...kinda stupid.

(Close shot of Paul looking excitedly past the camera.)

PAUL: Hey, you guys want to go to a movie Friday night?

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie from behind.)

(K&W): Sure!

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie from in front. They smile.)

(K&W): Great!

(P&C): Great!

And so long as we had each other, we were ready for anything.

(Shot of the bus coming up the street.)

Well, almost anything. Anything, but -

Cut to


(Close shot of Robbie Hudson.)

ROBBIE: You guys want to come to a little party?

(Wide shot of Kevin and Winnie, and Becky and Craig, sitting on opposite sides of the table. Robbie stands at the end.)

Robbie Hudson. RFK's answer to Hugh Hefner.

(Close shot of Robbie as he removes his sunglasses.)

(Shot of Becky and Craig smiling.)

When Robbie spoke, everybody listened.

(Close shot of Robbie.)

ROBBIE HUDSON: My house. Friday.

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie. Kevin is a little surprised.)


(Close shot of Robbie.)

ROBBIE: Hey! You guys are the new couples in school.

(Shot of Becky and Craig.)

ROBBIE (V/O): And my parties are couples-only.

(Close shot of Robbie.)

ROBBIE: What do you say?

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie.)

You have to understand...

(Close shot of Robbie.)

This guy was no ordinary ninth-grader. His parties made reputations.

(Close shot of Robbie as he cocks his "pistol" toward Paul off-screen.)

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie, then of Becky and Craig.)

BECKY: We'd love to come, wouldn't we?

(Shot of Robbie, as Paul moves into the frame.)

PAUL: Count me in!

ROBBIE: Pfeiffer, right?

(Paul nods.)

ROBBIE: Carla Healey, right?

PAUL: Right!

ROBBIE: Groovy.

(Close shot of Paul in profile.)

PAUL: Groovy! Wait till I tell her.

(Paul turns and hurries off.)

(Close shot of Robbie. He looks at Kevin and Winnie off-screen.)

ROBBIE: So. Ya in?

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie. Winnie turns toward Kevin hesitantly.)

(Shot of Becky and Craig.)

BECKY: Of course they are! All the other couples are going...

(Shot of Robbie putting on his glasses.)

ROBBIE: Groovy!

(Robbie exits.)


(Shot of Becky and Craig.)

BECKY: I can't believe he invited us, can you? Isn't this amazing?

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie. Kevin gestures.)

KEVIN: Of course!

(Winnie looks off in thought.)

It was quite an honor. There was just...one little detail.

(Close shot of Winnie looking at Becky off-screen with concern.)

WINNIE: Isn't that the party where they...

(Close shot of Craig.)

CRAIG: Where they what?

(Shot of Kevin.)

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Nothing.

(Close shot of Craig. He is smiling.)

CRAIG: You mean, where they make out?

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie.)


(Shot of Becky and Craig.)

BECKY: Craig! (Smiles.)

CRAIG: Well, what's the big deal? You two make out, don't you?

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie.)

And that was the one little detail.

(Winnie glances at Kevin, then back to Craig and Becky.)

WINNIE: Of course we do.

(Kevin smiles and nods in relief.)

There, of course we did - I knew we did!

(Kevin frowns in thought.)

We just hadn't yet...in real life.

(Shot of Becky and Craig, both smiling.)

BECKY: Well, then...you're going to love Robbie Hudson's.

CRAIG: See, he's got this room downstairs...

(Becky smiles and nudges him with her elbow.)

CRAIG: And, uh...

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

KEVIN: We get the picture, Hobson!

(Close shot of Becky smiling.)

BECKY: Great, then it's settled.

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie looking down.)

What could we say, except -

(They glance at each other and sigh.)

(K&W): Ho-kay...

(They look forward blankly.)

(Shot of Becky and Craig smiling.)

Hey, I mean, everybody else was going. Even Paul and Carla.

(Shot of Kevin looking at Paul and Carla off-screen.)

(Shot of Paul and Carla standing face-to-face, in the distance.)

CARLA: You rat!

(She slaps him, spilling his tray. Kids laugh as she stomps off.)

(Shot of Kevin looking somber.)


(Kevin and Winnie are at her locker. Paul walks up, holding his cheek.)

PAUL: We're not going.

(Paul walks off.)

Well! That settled that, for Paul, anyway.

(Winnie opens her locker while looking at Kevin.)

KEVIN: You want to go? I mean, since they're not going?

WINNIE: I'm not sure. Do you?

KEVIN: Well, I mean, I would, it's just, you know, Paul might feel left out.

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: That's true, that wouldn't be very nice.

(Shot of Kevin sighing in relief.)

Good! So we weren't going.

WINNIE: It's just...I guess everyone expects us to show up.

KEVIN: Well, that's true.

WINNIE: We don't want to disappoint them!

So, we were going.

WINNIE: It's just...

(She sighs and glances off.)

WINNIE: We kinda promised Paul and Carla that we'd go to the movies with them Friday.

(Shot of Kevin nodding in agreement.)

KEVIN: Yeah! That's right!

(Close shot of Winnie nodding, as she shuts her locker.)

OK, we weren't going.

(Shot of Paul and Carla approaching, holding hands and smiling.)

PAUL: Hey guys, guess what! Carla changed her mind. Now we can all go together!

(Carla walks toward Winnie.)

(Shot of Carla leading Winnie away.)

CARLA: What are you wearing?

(Winnie looks worriedly over her shoulder toward Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul slightly behind him. Paul is grinning, Kevin is somber. Kevin looks up at Paul and smiles. He looks back at Winnie off-screen and sighs.)

And the issue was settled. Or rather, it was settled for us. But really, what was there to say? We were a couple, and couples made out. Especially at -

(Int. Day - Arnold Kitchen)

(Close shot of Wayne at the refrigerator with a bottle of milk.)

WAYNE: Robbie Hudson's?

(Shot of Kevin at the table, doing homework.)


WAYNE: You got invited to a...Robbie Hudson party?

KEVIN: Wayne!

(Wide shot of Wayne at the refrigerator, and Norma at the sink with towels.)

NORMA: Who's Robbie Hudson?

(Close shot of Wayne.)

WAYNE: "Who's Robbie Hudson?" Well, let's see, uh, how to put this...

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: He's no-one. He's just a guy in school - a ninth-grader.

(Shot of Norma.)

NORMA: Oh, well...that's nice! (Smiles.) And he's having a party?

KEVIN: Yeah, Friday night. And I need a ride, alright?

WAYNE: We wouldn't by any chance be taking little Win-nie, would we?

KEVIN: Wayne!

(Wide shot of Wayne and Norma in the kitchen.)

NORMA: Of course he's taking Winnie. They're a couple. Right honey?

(Kevin smirks.)

Little did she know.

(Closer shot of Norma gathering the laundry items.)

NORMA: I'm sure we can arrange something.

(Camera pans with Norma as she winks at Kevin and exits. The camera stops on Wayne at the refrigerator.)

WAYNE: So. You sure you're up for this?

KEVIN: What's that supposed to mean?

WAYNE: Nothing. Just want to be absolutely certain...you know what your getting into.

(Kevin frowns.)

KEVIN: Oh, come on, Wayne, it's just a party.

WAYNE: Of course.

(Shot of Kevin smiling, and looking at his homework.)

Of course. Just a party!

(Shot of Wayne putting the milk away, then slowly approaching Kevin.)

WAYNE: Still, there was that guy last year, he went down into Hudson's basement...didn't know how to French kiss.

("Jaws"-like music.)

WAYNE: Got the breathing all wrong!

(Shot of Kevin looking concerned.)

WAYNE (V/O): Uhhhhhhhhhh!

(Shot of Wayne.)

WAYNE: Suffocated. But I'm sure you'll have better luck! Hahahahah!

(Shot of Kevin frowning.)


(Shot of Wayne laughing as he exits.)

Nothing like a little advice from the master. Who did he think I was, anyway?

(Shot of Kevin frowning again, and looking at his homework.)

Science Classroom

(Kevin and Winnie sit side-by-side at a table. Paul is behind them.)

(Shot of science film.)

MR. CANTWELL: The horny toad. A voracious predator. Devouring the innocent...

(Kevin and Winnie look at each other nervously.)

MR. CANTWELL: The harmless...the defenseless.

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie as Paul leans toward them and smiles.)

PAUL: So..Friday night, huh, guys? It's gonna be great!

Uh-huh. Great!

(Shot of film as an ant gets eaten.)

MR. CANTWELL: Look out, little angel.

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie.)

KEVIN: You know, Winnie, we really haven't talked about this.

WINNIE: What do you mean?

KEVIN: The party. I mean...do you really want to go?

WINNIE: I said I did. Don't you?

KEVIN: Well...I guess so. (Gestures.)

(Wide shot of Kevin and Winnie. Mr. Cantwell and the projector are in the background.)

WINNIE: What do you mean - "I guess so"? (Shrugs.)

KEVIN: Well I mean -

(Kevin turns toward Winnie. She turns away.)

OK, this was getting out of hand. I mean, weren't we on the same side, here?

(Kevin turns toward Winnie again.)

KEVIN: I just want to do what you want to do.

(Winnie turns accusatorily toward Kevin.)

WINNIE: Then you're saying you don't want to go?

(The horny toad snatches a bug with its long tongue.)



WINNIE: I don't know...

(She glances up and sighs.)

WINNIE: Lets's just go and get it over with!

"Get it over with"? What did she mean by that?

KEVIN: What are you saying?!

WINNIE: It's just that, everyone expects us to go, so, we should go!

KEVIN: Oh. So...we're going...

(Kevin looks at the screen.)

WINNIE: If you think we should.

KEVIN: Y'I do. (Gestures.)

(Winnie turns forward.)

WINNIE: Then we should go.

KEVIN: Fine. Then we'll go.

WINNIE: Great!

KEVIN: Great!

(Wide shot of the classroom. Mr. Cantwell and the projector are in the background.)

So we finally agreed. As a couple. Ready or not, we were on our way to makeout central.

(Close shot of Mr. Cantwell.)

MR. CANTWELL: Note how the tongue darts like lightning.

(Shot of a chameleon sucking up a bug.)


(Close shot of Kevin looking at the screen, then down, and frowning.)

Yeah! This was gonna be some fun.

Fade to

Ext. Day - The Bus

(Kevin and Winnie meet at the bus.)

Everyone knows what happens after you've said you're going to a Robbie Hudson make-out party.



(Winnie walks onto the bus, leaving Kevin on the sidewalk.)

You kinda stop talking to each other.

(Kevin gestures with both arms.)

Fade to

Int. Day - Cafeteria

(Kevin and Winnie, and Becky and Craig are at a table. Winnie is talking only to Becky and Craig.)

Winnie and I were still a couple. The funny thing is, even though we were as close as ever...

Fade to

Int. Day - Classroom

(Kevin holds a note out.)

KEVIN: Winnie!

(She ignores him. He frowns and crumples up the note.)

We'd never been so far apart.

Fade to

(Evening. Kevin walks up to Winnie's door.)

Still, we were going to that party. It was...expected of us. And really, what was the big deal? It's not like there was anything to feel guilty about, here.

(Fantasy scene. Mr. Cooper opens the door.)

KEVIN: Hi, Mr. Coop-

(Mr. Cooper picks up Kevin and shakes him.)

MR. COOPER: So, I hear you taking my little Gwendolyn to a make-out party! Arggggh!

(Reality. Mr. Cooper opens the door and smiles.)

MR. COOPER: Evening, Kevin!

KEVIN: Hi, Mr. Cooper.

(Winnie comes to the door.)


(Shot of Kevin looking at her off-screen.)

She looked so beautiful I wanted to kiss her.

(Shot of Winnie, as her smile fades.)

(Shot of Kevin glancing away in thought.)

Until I remembered I had to.

(Shot of Mr. Cooper and Winnie.)

MR. COOPER: Ahem. Hadn't you two...better get started?

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Oh...yeah. (Smiles nervously.)

(Winnie steps onto the porch, and half turns toward Mr. Cooper.)

WINNIE: Bye, Daddy!

(Shot of Mr. Cooper smiling.)

MR. COOPER: Have a nice time.

(He smiles and shuts the door.)

Easy for him to say.

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie facing each other on the porch.)

Well nothing to do but - get through this with our dignity intact.

("Execution march drums" as Kevin and Winnie walk toward the sidewalk. Each has their hands together in front of them.)

Uh-huh! It was kinda like going to an execution, or a funeral, or...

(They walk out of the shot.)

Cut to

Int. Evening - Hudson's Basement

(Wide shot of the well-behaved basement party. "Hang On, Sloopy" plays.)

A church social.

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie on the stair landing, looking expectantly at the party off-screen.)

(Wide shot the party.)

This was what we'd been worrying about?

ROBBIE: Look who's here. Hey guys!

(Kevin and Winnie hurry down the steps to join Robbie who is approaching them.)

KEVIN: Hey...man.

(Robbie reaches out to shake Kevin's hand.)

(Close shot of Robbie.)

ROBBIE: You guys party. I'm just getting some cookies.

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie. Kevin frowns.)

KEVIN: Cookies?

ROBBIE: My mom makes 'em. She's upstairs with my dad, so hang loose!

KEVIN: Uh, yeah.

(He glances at Winnie, then smiles and gestures toward Robbie.)

KEVIN: Hang loose to you, too.

(Wide shot of the party from behind Kevin and Winnie, as Robbie moves past the camera to go upstairs.)

It was almost laughable!

(Close shot of Paul contorted in Twister.)

PAUL: Hey, guys!

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie.)

WINNIE: Twister?!

(Kevin starts to take off his jacket.)

KEVIN: Oh, come on, Winnie. (Gestures.) You mean you've never played Twister?

(Winnie hands Kevin her purse, and removes her jacket.)

WINNIE: Well, once. I almost broke my ankle.

KEVIN: You did?

WINNIE: My left foot was on yellow, and my right foot was on blue.

(Shot of Kevin watching her.)

WINNIE: And then they called red, and I turned like this.

(Winnie spins around awkwardly.)

And suddenly, the pressure was gone.

(She looks at Kevin. He smiles, she smiles.)

Suddenly, Winnie and I were just having fun. We were a couple again.

(Wide shot of party as Winnie and Kevin join the group dancing to "Shout". Other shots of party activity are inter-cut.)

This was like every other eigth-grade party we'd ever been to.

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie standing off to the side, and smiling.)

With cookies...and punch. And Twister, and -

(Robbie flips off the lights. The music grinds to a halt.)

(Kevin looks at Winnie nervously.)

Total darkness!

ROBBIE: Party time!

(Kevin looks uncomfortable.)

I kept hoping a fuse had blown, especially when I saw that -

(Shot of Robbie as he shines a flashlight in his own face.)

ROBBIE: Spotlight!

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie. Kevin glances around. Winnie is somber.)

But something told me this was no electrical problem.

(Wider shot of guests forming a rough circle around Robbie.)

ROBBIE: Round and round she goes, where she stops - nobody knows. Let see, now - who's it gonna be?

(Close shot of Paul and Carla as the light crosses their faces. Paul is grinning, Carla looks tense. Robbie continues to spin around.)

ROBBIE: Let'see now. Who's it gonna be?

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie.)

KEVIN: You thirsty?

(Winnie nods.)


KEVIN: I think there's some water upstairs.

(They turn to go upstairs.)

(Close shot of Robbie.)

ROBBIE: Bingo!

Shot of Kevin and Winnie caught in the light. They both look worried.)

(Shot of Robbie shining the flashlight on them.)

(Wider shot of guests.)

Funny, I'd never won anything before in my life.

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie.)

ROBBIE (V/O): Arnold and Cooper!

(Shot of Robbie holding the flashlight, standing in front of a beaded doorway.

ROBBIE: You know the rules...into the make-out room!

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie motionless.)

(Shot of Robbie still shining the flashlight on them.)

ROBBIE: Come on, guys.

(He gestures expansively. "Ina-Gada-Da-vida" starts.)

ROBBIE: This way...to heaven.

(The camera rolls in closer on Robbie's hand, and then the doorway.)

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie motionless.)

And suddenly Winnie was holding my hand so tightly...

(Kevin looks down at their hands, then up to Winnie. She is still in shock.)

It could only mean one thing.

KEVIN: Do you...?



(They enter apprehensively through the beads toward the camera.)

(Shot of the room with a chair and four or five beanbags.)

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie. He starts to move forward, but Winnie holds him back and looks worriedly at him. Kevin glances around nervously, looks at her, then walks forward past the camera. Winnie hesitates at the doorway.)

(Shot of chairs as Kevin approaches them.)

KEVIN (V/O): I think there's a beanbag over here.

(Kevin picks up a beanbag and shakes it. He glances toward Winnie, then plops down on one side of it. He looks toward Winnie.)

(Shot of Winnie at the doorway. She slowly approaches and sits on the other side of the beanbag.)

(They sit uncomfortably, at different heights. Winnie sits stiffly with her hands on her knees, not looking at Kevin.)

KEVIN: You...comfortable? (Gestures.)

WINNIE: Yeah...

KEVIN: Well, cuz, if you're not, I can get another beanbag...(Gestures.)

WINNIE: No, that's OK.

(Both look around uncomfortably.)

Well, this was...nice. Kinda like - waiting for a bus.

KEVIN: Music's nice!

(Winnie quickly glances at Kevin.)


(Wider shot of them.)

ROBBIE: Come on, guys! Don't take all night!

(Kevin clears his throat and squirms around.)

(Closer shot of them.)

I kept thinking that this was no big deal.

(They are still not looking at each other.)

That if we really belonged together, one of us would make the first move.

(Winnie turns to Kevin and looks at him blankly. Kevin looks back at her. They look at each other some more.)

And then she did.

(Winnie gets up and hurries out. Kevin follows her to the doorway and watches her leave. Everyone looks at him, as Hudson shines the flashlight on his face.)

Everyone was watching. I had to say something clever.

KEVIN: I guess my kisses have that effect on her.

(He smiles half-heartedly.)

(Paul and Carla are sitting on the couch. Carla looks after Winnie, then at Paul. She gets up and hurries after Winnie.)

(Kevin frowns and glances around.)

Cut to

Int. Evening - Kevin's Bedroom

(Shot of the door as Wayne bursts in.)
WAYNE: So! How'd it go?

(Kevin is lying on his bed, hands on his stomach.)

KEVIN: What?

WAYNE: The party. Aren't you home...just a smidge early?

KEVIN: Uh? I guess it was...kinda...boring.

WAYNE: "Boring"? Do tell. That doesn't sound like Robbie Hudson.

KEVIN: Wayne, just butt out! Will ya?

(Wayne gestures, then slowly approaches Kevin.)

WAYNE: I'd like to, scrote. I'd really would. However, being your older brother, I've certain responsibilites.

KEVIN: Like what?!

WAYNE: Hickey check. The doctor's in!

(Wayne smiles, and hops on Kevin.)

KEVIN: Get off, I'm gonna tell Mom. Wayne! Wayne! Wayne, you're sick, you know that?!

(Wayne holds Kevin's head over, then hops up. Kevin sits up.)

WAYNE: Yeah, not a mark. I knew it.

KEVIN: You don't know anything.

WAYNE: Now, now. Come on, don't be so sensitive, Kev. I mean, it's not the end of the world, is it?

(Kevin sighs. Wayne walks toward the door.)

WAYNE: Think of it this way, uh - you and the Coopster can always be...(gestures)...good friends. Hahahah! Oooh-ooh! Heheheheh...

(Wayne ducks out the door as Kevin throws a pillow at him. Kevin lies back down in frustration. He stares at the ceiling.)

I hated Wayne. Worse - I hated myself. For taking Winnie to that party. For actually believing that she and I -

(Kevin frowns and squirms.)

Still, there it was - the cold reality.

(Kevin rolls over and turns off the light.)

The thing is we'd come so far, and now we'd lost each other. Maybe forever.

Fade to

Later - Kevin's Bedroom

(Kevin is in bed, and hears banging at the window. He looks up to see Winnie, dreamily back lit, with her hair flowing out, looking at him. She motions to him. He approaches, and puts his hand up to hers on the window.)

KEVIN'S INNER VOICE: Please, please, please! Don't let this be one of those dreams where I can't get the window open!

(Kevin slides the window open. Winnie leans closer.)

WINNIE: Can you come out?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

WINNIE (V/O): Please?

(Shot of Winnie looking at Kevin off-screen.)

Nope. This was no dream.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: Let me put some pants on.

(Winnie turns and walks away, as Kevin closes the window and walks toward the camera.)

Fade to
Ext. Night - The Sidewalk

(Wide shot of them on the sidewalk. Kevin approaches Winnie, who has her back toward him. She turns around quickly.)

KEVIN: What are you doing here?

(Long pause.)

WINNIE: I don't know...


WINNIE: Can we just walk?

KEVIN: OK. (Gestures.)

Fade to
Ext. Night- The Park

(Wide shot as they walk up a small bridge.)

I guess I knew what was gonna happen - she was gonna tell me she hated me.

(Close shot as they lean on the railing. Winnie looks forward.)

WINNIE: You must really hate me!

(Kevin frowns and looks at Winnie.)

KEVIN: What?!

(Winnie glances at him, then away.)

WINNIE: For making you go to that party!

KEVIN: Well...

WINNIE: I hated being in there with you.

KEVIN: I know.

(He looks away and makes a face.)

WINNIE: It was awful.

KEVIN: Then why'd you go with me?!

(Kevin frowns and gestures.)

KEVIN: Look, Winnie, let's just make it easy on ourselves. I mean there's no sense in -

(Kevin gestures, larger.)

WINNIE: I really hated it.

KEVIN: Winnie, why are you saying this?

(He shakes his head and looks at Winnie.)

Not that I really had to ask - it was all pretty clear now.

(Winnie sighs heavily and turns to Kevin off-screen.)

WINNIE: Because you're my boyfriend.

(Close shot of Kevin. He straightens up a little.)


(Shot of Winnie looking at Kevin off-screen.)

WINNIE: Who else am I gonna say it to?

(Shot of Kevin in thought.)

Well, there was a certain logic to that.

KEVIN: So I'm your boyfriend.

(He glances at her, then away.)

KEVIN: Except...you hated being there with me.

(Kevin looks at her.)

KEVIN: Do I have that right?

(Shot of both of them. Winnie is looking off. Kevin is slightly turned toward her.)

(Winnie nods. Kevin frowns and gestures.)

KEVIN: And you hated being there with me, because you didn't want to kiss me. Do I have that right?

(Winnie nods again.)

(Kevin sighs heavily, and looks away.)

(Winnie turns toward him.)

WINNIE: I did want to kiss you.

(She looks down and shrugs slightly, then back to Kevin.)

WINNIE: Just not then.

(Kevin glances around, then focuses on Winnie.)

KEVIN: Well then when?!

(Shot of Winnie looking softly at Kevin for a moment.)

(Shot of Kevin past Winnie's shoulder.)

I guess maybe that's when I first realized...

(Winnie starts to put her hand on Kevin's chest. His face relaxes.)

(Shot of Winnie past Kevin's shoulder. She is smiling softly.)

That love was gonna be much more complicated.

(Slow motion shot of Kevin looking at Winnie. Winnie moves in to kiss him.)

(Fade to wider shot of them on the bridge as they come closer.)

And much...more simple...

(They kiss.)

Than I'd ever dreamed.

(Music "Seasons" - Elton John starts.)

(Close slow motion shot of them kissing for a few seconds.)

"For our world, the circle turns again"

"Throughout the year we've seen the seasons change"

(Kevin put his hand behind her head.)

"It's meant a lot to me to start anew"

(Fade to repeat shot of first kiss.)

(Fade to close slow motion shot of Kevin as Winnie pulls away.)

"Oh the winter's cold but I'm so warm with you"

(Fade to shot of Winnie looking at Kevin softly.)

(Fade to normal speed shot of them walking down the bridge, hand-in-hand.)

"Out there there's not a sound to be heard"

"And the seasons seem to sleep upon their words"

(Fade to shot of them sitting face to face, talking and smiling.)

"And the seasons seem to sleep upon their words"

(Shot of the smooth pond water rippling as a pebble hits it. The camera pans up the water to show Kevin and Winnie's reflection.)

"As the waters freeze up with the summer's end"

(They walk along the edge of the pond, Winnie leading, with hands in pockets.)

"Oh it's funny how young lovers start as friends"

(Wider shot of the path and the park. Kevin and Winnie are walking away side by side. They pause and gesture at each other.)

"Yes it's funny how young lovers start as friends"

(Kevin runs off, and Winnie chases him. The scene freezes after they take half-a-dozen steps.)

Fade to


Supporting Cast
Carla - Krista Murphy
Becky - Crystal McKellar
Craig - Sean Baca
Robbie Hudson - Greg Davis

"Happy Together" - The Turtles
"Hang On, Sloopy" - McCoys
"Shout" - Isley Bros > Various (Tom Petty, for one)
"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" - Iron Butterfly
"Seasons" - Elton John

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01/04/05 20:35