Episode 18 "Fate"


Int - Day. RFK Hallways

(Close shot of a boy sneering at students as he walks up the hallway. Music "Born Under A Bad Sign" plays.)

(Shot from the boy's perspective of kids looking at him wide-eyed, then scurrying out of his way.)

(Wider shot of the boy and his two buddies strutting up the hallway.)

(Close shot of the boy sneering at kids off-screen.)

"Born under a bad sign"

(Close shot of the boy sneering at off-screen students.)

(Wider shot of the hallway as the boy and two buddies round the corner. the boy pushes smaller kids as he walks by them.)

"I've been down since I began to crawl"

(Close shot of the boy sneering at off-screen students.)

(Shot from the boy's perspective of a boy backing away as his girlfriend grabs his shirt.)

(Close shot of the boy smiling slightly as he spots a particular small kid.)

(Shot from the boy's perspective as he approaches the kid at his locker, who looks at him and licks his lips in nervousness.)

"If it wasn't for bad luck"

(Close shot of the boy sneering, and pausing in front of the boy.)

"I'd have no luck at all"

THE BOY: Beat it, squirt!

(The boy pushes the kid.)

(Shot past the boy of the kid frowning.)

KID: But that's my locker.

(Close shot of Eddie glancing at a buddy off-screen and smiling.)

THE BOY: Not anymore.

(The boy bangs the locker open with his elbow.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of the group at the locker.)

Eddie Pinetti.

(Shot of Kevin and Paul watching Eddie off-screen.)

The scourge of RFK junior high.

(Close shot of Kevin watching Pinetti off-screen.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Eddie emptying books onto the floor.)

He gave new meaning to the word "mean".

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Eddie off-screen.)

(Shot of the group at the locker. The boy kneels down to pick up his books.)

Not that Eddie had any particular reason for being rude, insensitive and sadistic.

(Eddie takes his cigarettes out of his pocket, holds them up, then tosses them into the locker.)

It was just kinda...who he was - a bully.

"I've been down since I began to crawl"

(Close shot of the kneeling boy, as Eddie pushes him, then walks past him. The camera rolls back.)

Eddie was a force of nature.

(Close shot of Eddie walking up the hallway, and bumping into Kevin.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning, and watching Eddie off-screen.)

Like tornados...

(Close shot of Eddie.)

"If it wasn't for bad luck"

Or flash electrical fires.

"I'd have no luck at all"

(Shot of Kevin and Paul. Eddie walks from behind the camera, and pushes past Kevin.)

(Close shot of Kevin turning and frowning.)

Or fate!

(Close shot of Eddie from behind. He looks over his shoulder and sneers as he walks up the steps.)

That was it. Fate.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Eddie off-screen.)

Maybe I knew even before it happened...that I...had an appointment with destiny.

Fade to
Ext - Day Athletic Field

("Winnie's Theme" starts. Slow motion shot of Winnie running across the field, and hitting a field-hockey ball. Fade to closer shot of her as she smiles, turns, and trots back toward her teammates.)

But destiny has many faces.

(Close shot of Kevin watching Winnie off-screen.)

(Slo-mo shot of Winnie and two girls behind her, as she turns toward the camera to take another shot. She is smiling, and her hair spreads out as she turns.)

(Shot of Paul throwing a football.)

(Shot of Kevin standing with his hands in his jacket pockets, watching Winnie off-screen. The football hits him in the head.)

("Winnie's Theme" abruptly ends.)

(Shot of Paul waving his arms.)

PAUL: Hey, wake up, huh?

(Shot of Kevin tossing the football to Paul, as Paul walks into the scene.)

KEVIN: Sorry.

(Kevin and Paul look at Winnie off-screen.)

(Close slo-mo shot of Winnie looking toward the boys.)

I was more in love with Winnie than ever.

(Close slo-mo shot of Winnie looking intently in Kevin's direction, and stepping forward.)

And I knew she was feeling something, too.

(She frowns and flips her hair as she looks away, and walks out of the shot.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul looking at her off-screen. Paul frowns.)

PAUL: Boy, she really hates you!

KEVIN: She doesn't hate me. She's just mad.

PAUL: Uh...no. She told Carla she hates you.

(Shot of Winnie approaching a bench, and putting her foot up, as she adjusts her shoe.)

KEVIN: She really said that?

(Shot of Winnie with her leg on the bench.)

(Shot of Paul.)

PAUL: She said she never wants to see your face again!

(Shot of Kevin frowning at Paul. Paul gestures toward himself.)

PAUL: Hey, I'm just being honest.

KEVIN: I better go talk to her.

(Shot of Winnie as before.)

PAUL: I'm telling you, she hates you.

(Kevin rolls his eyes and starts walking toward the camera.)

KEVIN: Yeah. You said that.

(Kevin walks past the camera. Paul shrugs and looks after him.)

(Close shot of Kevin walking across the field.)

OK, so Winnie and I had had a misunderstanding.

(Shot of Winnie with her leg up as Kevin approaches.)

Maybe I acted badly. But wishing she'd never seen my face? I don't think so.

(Shot of Winnie looking up.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen, and smiling.)

WINNIE: Beat it! (Frowns.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: Huh? (Frowns.)

(Shot of Winnie looking up.)

WINNIE: You heard me. Make like the wind.


(Close shot of Kevin reacting.)

Only one thing to do - turn on the innocence.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: Winnie! Why are you so mad at me?

(Winnie stands up and looks at Kevin off-screen.)

OK, OK - don't worry.

(Shot of Kevin pouting at Winnie off-screen.)

Just keep up that sheepish "what did I do?" look and her heart will melt like so much wet Jell-O.

(Shot of Winnie as she frowns at Kevin off-screen and brushes her hair back.)

WINNIE: Don't try to fool me, Kevin!

(Shot of Kevin dropping his shoulders.)

WINNIE (V/O): You've changed.

(Shot of Winnie looking at Kevin off-screen.)

WINNIE: You talk behind people's backs!

(Wider shot of both.)

WINNIE: You're just not a nice person.

(Winnie picks up her hockey stick, and looks at Kevin.)

WINNIE: Now leave me alone!

(Winnie walks out of the scene.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking after her off-screen.)

Now wait a minute - "not a nice person"? "Not a nice person"?!

(Kevin frowns, then yells after her.)

KEVIN: I am too a nice person!

WINNIE (V/O): Hah!

Hah? Hah?!

(Kevin frowns repeatedly in speechless frustration as he looks after Winnie off-screen.)

MR. SKENK (V/O): The...root causes of war.

Cut to
Int - Day. Social Studies Class

(Shot of Mr. Skenk in front of the blackboard, holding a pointer in both hands.)

MR. SKENK: Who can name a few?

(Shot of Carla raising her hand.)

CARLA: Bombs?

(Shot of Kevin looking toward Winnie off-screen.)

"Not a nice person".

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Winnie sitting a few desks away, taking notes.)

That phrase rang in my head like a gong. How could she say that?!

(Shot of Kevin frowning, then looking away.)

More important - how could I convince her she was wrong?

MR. SKENK (V/O): Kevin!

(Shot of Kevin snapping forward and looking at the teacher off-screen.)

(Shot of Mr. Skenk at the blackboard.)

MR. SKENK: The...root causes of war - name one.

(Shot of Kevin as he spins a pencil, and glances toward Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: I think, uh, uh...a root cause of war...is, uh...

(Kevin hesitates, then looks at Winnie off-screen.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Winnie. Sound of a gong.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Mr. Skenk off-screen.)

KEVIN: Misunderstanding!

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Winnie. She shifts in her seat.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking from Winnie toward the teacher, then around the class.)

KEVIN: You know...(gestures)...war starts when people don't understand each other. Or-or when they hear...false information.

(Shot of Winnie drumming her pencil, then shifting in her seat.)

KEVIN (V/O): Or, or, something like that.

(Shot of Mr. Skenk.)

MR. SKENK (V/O): You're referring to, say...

(Shot of Mr. Skenk.)

MR. SKENK: Different cultures?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Sure. (Nods.)

Hey, I was cookin' here! I was sounding...philosophical...smart...nice.

(Close shot of Mr. Skenk.)

MR. SKENK: Elaborate...please. (Frowns.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Well...say there's this culture that's good. And there's this second culture that's also good.

(Kevin glances toward Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: But then this third culture comes along...

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Winnie drumming her pencil.)

KEVIN (V/O): And tells the first culture that the second culture said something bad about them, when they didn't really mean it.

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: And then, when the second culture tries to apologize, and the first culture won't even listen to 'em...

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Winnie as she turns away slightly, then bangs her fist and sighs.)

(Close shot of Kevin. He is leaning toward Winnie, and shouts in her direction.)

KEVIN: And pretty soon, everything gets misunderstood and out-of-control! And it's not fair, because - !

(Close shot of Kevin. He pauses and frowns.)

MR. SKENK (V/O): Mr....Arnold?

(Sound of class laughter.)

(Wide shot of the class laughing at Kevin. Winnie is upset and is looking toward the window.)

(Shot of Kevin settling down, embarrassed.)

(Close shot from Kevin's perspective of Winnie turning slowly, and looking over her shoulder at him.)

Cut to
School Hallway

(Shot of Kevin slamming his locker, then turning around.)

I was in a bad mood. I had been laughed at...

(Close shot of Kevin turning and looking past the camera.)

Mocked...my self-image was getting tarnished...

(Shot of Eddie and his two friends rounding a corner and walking up the hallway.)

And that's where Eddie Pinetti stepped in - like fate.

(Close shot of Pinetti banging open a locker.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

KEVIN (To himself): Hey, that's Winnie's locker!

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Eddie reaching in the locker.)

True, it was Winnie's locker.

(Shot of Kevin looking toward Pinetti off-screen.)

However, you'd have to be a moron to point that out to Eddie. Right?

KEVIN: Hey! Pinetti!

(Close shot Eddie and his friends. Pinetti turns toward Kevin and frowns.)

KEVIN (V/O): That's not your locker!

PINETTI: No kidding!

(Eddie and friends turn back to the locker.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)


(Shot of Eddie and others. His friends turn to toward Kevin, but Eddie continues to look in the locker.)

(Kevin approaches from behind the camera. He brushes Eddie's arm away.)

(Shot of Kevin from over Eddie's shoulder.)

KEVIN: I said - that's not your locker!

(Close shot of Eddie looking at Kevin.)

PINETTI: So?! (Frowns.)

(Shot past Eddie of Kevin.)

KEVIN: So, you...shouldn't...(shrugs)...go in it, then. That's all.

(Wider shot of the four boys. Pinetti's friends laugh.)

PINETTI: I "shouldn't", huh?

(Close shot of Kevin lookng at Eddie off-screen and shaking his head slowly.)


(Shot past Kevin of Eddie looking at him.)

PINETTI: So in other words...you have a problem with this? (Frowns.)

(Shot past Eddie of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Well...uh...

Now at this point...

(Shot past Kevin of Eddie frowning at him.)

All I had to do was just say - "nice, talkin', Eddie", and split.

(Shot past Eddie of Kevin looking off.)

No harm done. Right?

(Kevin looks at Eddie.)

KEVIN: Yeah, I got a problem. (Nods.)

I give up!

(Shot past Kevin of Eddie as he grabs Kevin's shirt.)

PINETTI: Sure do! You know what your problem is? Me!

(Pinetti shoves Kevin against a locker.)

(Close shot of Eddie glaring at Kevin.)

Well no turnin' back now. Time to test the old theory...

(Shot of Kevin.)

Stand up to a bully and he'll back down.

KEVIN: I'm not afraid of you.

(Close shot of Eddie looking at Kevin off-screen.)

PINETTI: Yes you are. (Frowns.)

(Sound of Eddie's friends laughing.)

Mr. DIPERNA (V/O): Eddie?!

(Close shot of Kevin turning toward Mr. Diperna off-screen. Eddie turns also.)

(Shot of Mr. Diperna and handful of students in the hallway. Mr. Diperna starts to walk toward the camera.)

(Close shot of Kevin and Eddie's hands, as Eddie releases his grip.)

(Wider shot of the four boys.)

I never thought I'd be happy to see Mr. Diperna.

(Mr. Diperna walks past the camera.)

MR. DIPERNA: What's going on here?

(Eddie glares at Kevin.)

PINETTI: Nothin'.

KEVIN: Uh...we were just talking. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Mr. Diperna.)

MR. DIPERNA: Just talking?

(Close shot of Kevin and Eddie. They nod vigorously.)

OK - things were under control now.

(Close shot of Mr. Diperna.)

If he'd just leave well enough alone...

(Close shot of Mr. Diperna. He takes a breath and glances away.)

MR. DIPERNA: Pinetti, I'm getting pretty damned...sick and tired of you.

(Mr. Diperna looks at Eddie.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)


MR. DIPERNA (V/O): Maybe you should apologize.

(Close shot of Eddie.)


(Shot of Kevin looking between Eddie and Mr. Diperna.)

What was he doing?!

(Close shot of Mr. Diperna.)

MR. DIPERNA: Apologize to Arnold!

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Uh, uh, really...that-that's not necessary, because, uh -

(Shot of Mr. Diperna.)

Mr. DIPERNA: Apologize, Eddie. Say you're sorry.

(Shot of Kevin.)

(Shot of Eddie glaring at him.)

PINETTI: I'm sorry, Arnold.

I could feel his eyes - like hot coals.

(Kevin makes a little smile, and glances away.)

(Close shot of Mr. Diperna.)

MR. DIPERNA: Doesn't that feel better, Eddie?

(Close shot of Eddie glaring at Kevin, then glancing at Mr. Diperna.)

(Close shot of Mr. Diperna.)

MR. DIPERNA: Alright, everybody, back to business!

(Wide shot of Mr. Diperna and the boys. He puts his hand on Eddie's shoulder, then walks around the group of boys. He pauses and turns toward them.)

MR. DIPERNA: I'll be keeping an eye on you.

(Pinetti turns toward Mr. Diperna.)

(Mr. Diperna points his finger, and shakes it at the boys.)

MR. DIPERNA: Both of you.

(Mr. Diperna exits down the hallway.)

(Shot of Eddie glaring at Kevin, then turning to walk away with his friends.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

Then it was over. It happened so fast I hardly had time to think about why...

(Shot of Eddie and his friends walking away.)

All I knew was...

(Eddie glances back toward Kevin as he walks around the corner.)

Eddie was definitely not feeling better.

(Shot of Kevin looking in Eddie's direction, then forward, and sighing.)

PAUL (V/O): Are you crazy!

Cut to
Science Classroom

(Close shot of Paul at a table.)

PAUL: Eddie Pinetti is a killer! He removes tonsils with his bare hands.

(Shot of Paul and Kevin at a table. The teacher is walking around behind them. Paul turns and demonstrates on a papier-maché head.)

PAUL: He does eye surgery!

(Kevin frowns.)

KEVIN: I know.

PAUL: So why'd you do it?

KEVIN: I didn't do it.

(He frowns and gestures.)

KEVIN: It...it just happened.

And that was true...kinda.

(Paul turns to look at the teacher off-screen, as does Kevin.)

PAUL: Well, there's only one thing for you to do!

(Kevin sighs and glances away.)

PAUL: You gotta give him money!

(Pauls shrugs as Kevin frowns.)

KEVIN: What?!

(Shot from Kevin's side of the table, as Paul rises and starts reaching in his pocket. The teacher is in the background.)

PAUL: Hey, I heard that works. I'll even pitch in!

(Kevin grabs Paul.)

KEVIN: I'm not going to do that!

(Paul shrugs.)

PAUL: Well, you don't think he's just going to forget about it, do you?

(Close shot of Kevin in thought. He glances back and forth at Paul.)

Paul was making sense. Maybe I had acted a little hastily. But wait a minute -

(Kevin frowns, and looks at students off-screen.)

(Shot of students looking in Kevin's direction as the camera pans across them.)

What was this? All over the room kids were looking in my direction.

(Shot of Kevin as his glance continues across the room.)

Even Winnie!

(The camera stops on Winnie. A bit of "Winnie's Theme" plays.)

(Winnie looks toward Kevin off-screen, with mild concern.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

So she'd heard about the great defense of the locker.

(Shot of Winnie and Carla at the table. Carla turns toward Kevin off-screen and smiles. She stands, walks forward, and looks past the camera.)

CARLA: Kevin...

(Shot past Carla of Paul and Kevin.)

PAUL: Hi, Carla!

(Close shot of Carla glancing at Paul off-screen.)


(She smiles at Kevin off-screen.)

CARLA: Is it true?

KEVIN: About what? (Frowns.)

CARLA: About Eddie?

(Close shot of Kevin. He smiles and glances away.)

KEVIN: Well...yeah!

CARLA (V/O): Oh, God!

(Close shot of Carla as she returns to Winnie's table.)

(Shot of Kevin smiling in thought.)

(A bit of "Winnie's Theme" plays.)

Yep. The news was spreading.

(Shot of Winnie and Carla leaning forward toward each other. Winnie sits back, looks softly at Kevin, and sighs.)

And the ice...was definitely melting.

(Close shot of Kevin. He starts to stand up.)

Maybe I'd just take a stroll over there, and...

(Close shot of Paul glancing toward the doorway off-screen.)

PAUL: Kevin?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: What?

(Eddie is behind Kevin, and grabs his shoulders.)

PINETTI: Guess who.

(Kevin looks forward in resignation as Eddie pushes Kevin down, bends over Kevin's shoulder and smiles at him.)

(Close shot of Paul frowning.)

PAUL: It's Eddie. Pinetti!

(Shot of Kevin and Eddie bending over him. Kevin smirks at Paul.)

KEVIN: Thanks!

PINETTI: The door was open, so I thought I'd pay you a little visit. You know, I've been thinkin' about ya, Arnold.

(Close shot past Eddie of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Really? (He smiles timidly.)

(Close shot of Eddie.)

PINETTI: Thinkin' I'm gonna remove your tonsils with my bare hands.

(Close shot of Paul smiling.)

PAUL: Yeah, I was just telling him that.

(Pinetti glances toward Paul.)

PINETTI: Shut up!

(Paul frowns and looks down.)

(Close shot of Kevin and Eddie.)

PINETTI: You're scared...aren't ya?

(Shot of Kevin past Eddie.)

Scared? Me? Nahhhhh.

KEVIN: Uh...

Even though my feet were sweating...and my cheek was starting to twitch.

KEVIN: Uh...

(Shot past Eddie of Paul and Kevin. Paul looks away.)

Everybody was watching. I had to do something - so I did.

(Wider shot of the three of them at the table. Kevin dumps a pan of papier-maché goo on Eddie's hand.)

(Close shot of Eddie's hand.)

(Close shot of Paul watching nervously.)

(Close shot of Eddie looking at Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin with Eddie's hand on his shoulder.)

KEVIN: Huhhh-uh...

(Close shot of Eddie sneering at Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking worried.)

KEVIN: Sorry?

(Shot of Kevin and Eddie.)

MR. DIPERNA (V/O): Pinetti!

(Wider shot of Paul, Kevin, and Eddie at the table. Mr. Diperna is at the doorway behind them. The boys glance toward Mr. Diperna.)

(Mr. Diperna puts his hand on the door frame.)

MR. DIPERNA: Aren't you in the wrong room?

(Eddie bends closer to Kevin.)

(Closer shot of Kevin and Eddie.)

PINETTI: Later, Arnold...when Diperna's not around. You're gonna be...glue.

(Wider shot of boys and Mr. Diperna, as Eddie exits.)

Nice! Nice image.

(Paul looks down as Kevin smiles in thought. Mr. Diperna frowns, then exits.)

PAUL: I can't believe you did that!

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

Neither could I. But I had. So maybe there was a - a reason. Some kind of message in it all.

(Shot of Winnie glancing toward Kevin, then looking away uneasily.)

Cut to
School hallway

(Shot of the "T" of the hallway. Two girls are talking in the background. Two boys walk past the camera and down the hall. Kevin and Paul round the corner and walk up the hallway, smiling. They pause.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking past the camera.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Winnie and Eddie getting books from her locker. She smiles at Eddie. He puts his hand on her shoulder.)

Wait a minute - wait a minute!

KEVIN (V/O): Paul, what's he doing with her?

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: We don't know, we don't care.

(Shot of Kevin looking "grossed out".)

KEVIN: But Paul, the guy's putting his hands all over her!

(Closer shot of Winnie and Eddie. She is smiling. He rubs her shoulder.)

Even worse - she seemed to like it!

(Winnie giggles.)

This didn't make sense, unless -

(Shot of Kevin and Paul, as Carla walks down the hall. Paul puts out his hand to stop her, and gestures with his notebook.)

PAUL: Carla, what's going on with them?

(Carla looks in Winnie's direction, then back to Paul.)

CARLA: You mean, Winnie and Eddie?

(Shot of Winnie and Eddie.)

"Winnie and Eddie". The sound of it made my heart sink.

(Winnie giggles.)

(Shot of Carla, Paul and Kevin.)

CARLA: They've been going out since last week. Didn't you know that?

(Kevin looks back and forth from Winnie to Carla.)

KEVIN: But... why?

CARLA: I don't know. Because she likes him.

(Twangy guitar.)

(Carla adjusts her books, then walks away down the hallway.)

And suddenly I heard the tumblers clicking into place.

(Shot of Winnie and Eddie. They walk away from Kevin. Pinetti puts his arm around her.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

PAUL: Holy cow!

(Close shot of Kevin looking Winnie and Eddie off-screen.)

Suddenly I understood everything. The reason...

(Wider shot of Winnie and Eddie approaching the stairs.)

The message fate had sent me loud as a brass band. The message that said -

(Close shot of Kevin.)

PAUL (V/O): Face it. You're doomed!

(Kevin turns to Paul, then back to Winnie and Eddie.)

(Twang of guitar.)

Fade to
Ext - Day Winnie's Porch

(Close shot of Winnie at her open front door.)

WINNIE: I don't want to talk to you!

(She turns and slams the door.)

(Shot of Kevin. He takes some breaths and rings the doorbell several times.)

(Shot over Kevin's shoulder of Winnie jerking the door open and looking at Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin looking determined.)

KEVIN: You have to talk to me!

(Shot of Winnie frowning.)

WINNIE: Give me one good reason.

(Shot of Kevin making a face.)

KEVIN: Eddie Pinetti!

(Shot of Winnie frowning.)

WINNIE: What about him?

(Shot of Kevin. He is agitated.)

KEVIN: Winnie! He's a-a-a-a-...a goon! A maniac!

WINNIE: No he's not! He's a nice person.

(Shot of Kevin smirking.)


WINNIE: He's just misunderstood.

KEVIN: Look, Winnie, this guy could really hurt you!

WINNIE: You mean you! That's what you're worried about.

KEVIN: Alright, me and you! Both of us.

(Shot of Winnie. She is defensive.)

WINNIE: W-well, you started it. Eddie told me!

(Shot of Kevin in mild disbelief. He glances away.)

Now that was a picture! I could see the tears running down his cute little pock-marked cheeks.

WINNIE (V/O): Besides...

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: He's not gonna hurt anybody.

KEVIN: But I don't get it. I mean, what do you see in him?

WINNIE: Well...he's honest! And at least he doesn't talk about people behind their backs! (Frowns.)

(Shot of Kevin looking dismayed.)

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: And I really don't think this is any of your business, anymore. Goodbye, Kevin!

(Winnie backs up and closes the door.)

(Shot of Kevin looking at the door, then looking away.)

Well, I was on my own, now.

(Kevin sighs, and looks at the door again.)

And who knew? Maybe Winnie was right - maybe Eddie really was misunderstood.

Cut to
School Restroom

(Shot of Kevin getting pushed up against a wall.)


(Close shot of Eddie.)

I understood him just fine.

PINETTI: Where you been Arnold? I haven't seen ya around the last couple days.

(Close shot of Kevin over Eddie's shoulder. Kevin squirms, and glances away.)

KEVIN: W-well...I've...been kinda busy. Haven't I, Paul?

(Wider shot of Kevin being held by Pinetti against the lockers. Eddie's buddies are behind him.)

(Close shot of Paul being held in a headlock by one of Eddie's buddies. Paul holds up his finger.)

PAUL: I-I can vouch for that, personally. Owwwwwww!

(Close shot of Pinetti.)

PINETTI: You know, it seems like you've been avoiding me. Is that so?!

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Eddie.)

That was totally untrue. I'd simply found a new route to school. And a new locker, and a broom closet on the second floor.

KEVIN: Look, uh, could we talk?

(Close shot of Eddie.)

PINETTI: About what?

(Close shot of Paul still in the headlock.)

PAUL: I think he wants to give you money. Right, Kev? Owwwwww!

(Close shot of Kevin. He frowns.)

KEVIN: Um, well, I-I've been kinda in a bad mood.

(Close shot of Eddie.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: And, um, I-I was wondering if we could forget about the whole thing?

(Close shot of Eddie. He looks thoughtful.)

Well, this was encouraging. An appeal to reason, and Eddie was responding!

PINETTI: You want to forget about it, huh?

(Close shot of Kevin. He looks from Eddie, to Paul, and back.)

KEVIN: Uh, yeah...kinda...if-if it's OK with you?

(Close shot of Eddie releasing his grip and straightening up.)

And for just a moment, a look of respect crossed Eddie's face. Mutual respect.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

(Shot of all the boys. Eddie turns toward his buddies, then turns toward Kevin and punches him.)

PAUL: Hey!

(Close shot of Kevin landing on the floor, holding his jaw in pain.)

I'd never been hit before - I mean - really, really, hit.

(Kevin frowns, and looks in Paul's direction.)

(Close shot of Paul still in the headlock.)

(Close shot of Kevin holding his jaw.)

And ya know what? It hurt. Really, really, hurt.

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Eddie looking at him and smiling, then bending closer and pointing his finger at Kevin.)

PINETTI: Eddie Pinetti never forgets! Think about it, Arnold.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning and holding his jaw.)

PINETTI (V/O): Know somethin'?

(Shot of Eddie. He looks at his buddies.)

PINETTI: Winnie Cooper was right.

(Eddie looks at Kevin and points.)

PINETTI: He really is a jerk!

(Shot of Kevin. He looks away.)

(Wide shot of Eddie smirking at Kevin and walking forward out of the scene. His friends release and push Paul away, then follow Eddie up the hallway past the camera. Paul stands motionless, hanging his head, then approaches Kevin.)

(Close shot of Kevin holding his jaw.)

(Shot of ceiling from Kevin's perspective as Paul approaches.)

PAUL: Hey, Kevin, are you OK?

(Shot of Kevin. He is almost crying.)

KEVIN: Yeah...

But I wasn't. And not just because of the punch. Had Winnie really said that? Aw, heck!

(Close shot of Paul from Kevin's perspective, as he reaches down to help Kevin up.)

(Wider shot of Paul pulling Kevin up, and Kevin leaning back against the wall.)

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Hey, come on, it's not so bad. Look on the bright side. I think maybe you hurt his fist!

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Paul.)

Cut to
Int. Evening - Arnold Dinner Table

(Shot of Norma from Kevin's perspective. She holds an ear of corn, and has a concerned look.)

NORMA: Honey, you're not eating.

(Close shot of Kevin holding his cheek. He shrugs and sighs.)

KEVIN: I'm not hungry.

(Kevin glances around.)

Even if I had been, no way I was going to take on an ear of corn with a busted jaw.

(Shot of Norma.)

NORMA: But you love corn on the cob!

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne. Wayne reaches for Kevin's corn.)

WAYNE: I'll take it.

(Wide shot of all the Arnold's at the table. Shot of individuals eating corn.)

Thank God so far no one had even noticed my souvenir.

(Close shot of Kevin holding his jaw. He reaches for his milk.)

With a little luck...

(Close shot of Karen frowning at Kevin off-screen.)

KAREN: Uh, Kevin? What's that on your face?

(Close shot of Wayne jerking his head in Kevin's direction.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking away from Wayne, toward his milk. He leans his head over onto his shoulder.)

KEVIN: Oh, um, it...it-it's nothing.

(Close shot of Norma, then Jack, then Wayne looking at Kevin off-screen.)

WAYNE: Looks like a huge hickey.

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: It's not!

(Shot of Norma.)

NORMA: Kevin, what is that?

(Close shot of Jack frowning.)

JACK: Yeah, what the hell is that?

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

KEVIN: It-it's...nothing. Really.

(He shrugs and glances away.)

(Close shot of Wayne.)

WAYNE: Eddie...heh-heh...Pinetti.

JACK: Who's Eddie Pinetti?

KEVIN: Wayne!

(Wide shot of all around the table.)

WAYNE: Well he's this guy...in eigth grade who rips out kids' tonsils with his bare hands.

(Shot of Norma. She looks shocked, and looks at Kevin, then back to Wayne, off-screen.)

KEVIN: Wayne!

(Close shot of Wayne. He jerks his thumb toward Kevin off-screen.)

WAYNE: Kevin picked a fight with him.

KEVIN: I did not!

WAYNE: Eh, that's what I heard.

(Shot of Norma. She is alarmed.)

NORMA: Kevin, he hit you?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Look, Mom, it's no big deal. (He shrugs.)

(Shot of Jack looking from Kevin to Norma.)

NORMA (V/O): He hit you?!

(Close shot of Jack looking at Kevin, then Norma, off-screen.)

(Close shot of Karen.)

KAREN: Kids today!

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Karen off-screen.)

KAREN (V/O): They're animals.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Jack off-screen.)

(Close shot of Jack. He puts his hands together and looks at Kevin off-screen.)

JACK: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Jack, off-screen.)

JACK: I want to know what's goin' on here. I want to know now.

(Shot of Kevin.)

Dad meant business. And the truth is, at that moment, I really needed him.

KEVIN: Well...

Go on, tell him. Tell him you're in over you head.

KEVIN: Well, s-see there's this kid...

That's it. There's this guy who's twice your size, and you're afraid.

KEVIN: And...there was this fight.

And there's gonna be more of 'em, unless somebody does something to stop it.

(Shot of Jack listening, expectantly.)

Go on, tell 'em.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: And...that's all. It's over.

(Kevin shrugs and glances away.)

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: It's over?

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Well...Yeah. (Nods.)

(Shot of Jack. He looks at Kevin intently.)

I guess I was hopin' he'd see through me. See I was lyin' through my teeth.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

See a scared little kid who didn't have a -

(Close shot of Jack.)

JACK: Well, then...if it's over, it's over. (Nods.)

(Close shot of Norma relaxing a little.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Yeah.

(He looks around the table then at Jack off-screen.)

KEVIN: That's what I said.

(Kevin shrugs.)

Cut to
In and Around School

(Shot of the front of building as Kevin walks out, happy and smiling. "Respect" plays throughout.)

The next few days were about as fun-filled as they come.

(Two of Pinetti's friends clothesline Kevin, laugh and continue toward school.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at them off-screen. He frowns, then walks toward his bus.)

(Cut to Kevin's locker. He opens it to see it is stuffed with jock straps.)

(Shot of Kevin looking a little grossed out.)

You had to hand it to old Eddie. He really had a sense of humor.

(Kevin holds up a jock strap and looks at it, then drops it.)

(Cut to the stairs.)

(Kevin is walking down the stairs, and looks up and pauses at the bottom.)

(Shot of Winnie at her locker.)

(Shot of Kevin. He starts to smile. Eddie hurries up from behind and spills Kevin's books, then smiles at him.)

(Close shot of Eddie smiling and hurrying up the hallway.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking after him off-screen.)

(Wider shot of Kevin kneeling and picking up his books.)

The worst thing was - I was beginning to accept it.

(Kevin looks toward Winnie off-screen.)

(Shot of Winnie and Eddie putting their arms around each other, and starting to walk away from her locker. He tries to put his hand in her back pocket. She jerks away, brushes Eddie's arm away, and frowns at him. They continue down the hallway.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking after them and getting mad.)

I didn't like myself much.

Cut to hallway.

(Kevin and Paul round the corner and walk toward the camera. Paul is bouncing a basketball. The camera rolls back with them. Music fades.)

PAUL: Well, you gotta do something. Maybe you can learn Jujitsu. My uncle knows Jujitsu.

KEVIN: Oh, great - then let your uncle fight Eddie!

PAUL: I was just trying to help.

KEVIN: I know.

(Close shot of Paul as they stop at their lockers.)

PAUL: Hey, listen. For what it's worth...I'm with you all the way.

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

Good old Paul - a friend in need.

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: It's just that, I only have this one pair of glasses...(gestures)...and...(shrugs.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

I understood. This wasn't Paul's problem. Besides, I was gettin' used to the idea of life without tonsils. Without pride. Without Winnie.

WINNIE (V/O): Stop that! Eddie!

(Kevin snaps toward the sound of Winnie's voice.)

And then, fate took one final turn.

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of the hallway as Winnie enters, followed by Pinetti and his friends. She is wearing her field-hockey uniform. Eddie holds her hockey stick, and is poking at her with it, trying to flip her skirt.)

WINNIE: Cut it out. Stop it! Cut it out, Eddie! Knock it off!

PINETTI: Come on, you like it!

WINNIE: I don't like it!

(Close shot of Kevin looking at them off-screen.)

I didn't like it much either.

(Shot of Winnie and Eddie.)

Even though it was really none of my business anymore.

(Winnie hops around as Eddie tries to flip her skirt. She grabs the stick, and runs out. Eddie smiles and shakes hands with his buddy.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

PAUL: Come on, let's go - she's OK now.

(Close shot of Kevin looking angrily at Eddie off-screen.)

But on the other hand...


(Twang of guitar.)

(Close shot of Eddie and his friends.)

What did I have to lose?

PINETTI: Hey, look who's here. It's the twerp!

(Eddie's friends laugh.)

(Shot of Kevin as he walks toward the camera.)

Except parts of my body.

(Shot of Kevin walking up to Eddie.)

PINETTI: What's the matter, Arnold?

(Closer shot of Eddie.)

PINETTI: You need another delivery of jock straps?! (Smiles.)

(Eddie's friends laugh.)

(Close shot of Kevin from over Eddie's shoulder. He makes a big frown.)

KEVIN: OK, very funny, Pinetti!

(Close shot of Eddie.)

Eddie didn't know it but I'd formed a plan.

KEVIN: Look -

(Close shot of Kevin as Eddie shoves him in the chest.)

(Close shot of Eddie. He glances at his friends and smiles.)

Eddie and I were going to have a little talk - about fairness, about right behavior, about...chivalry.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

(Eddie pushes Kevin, and his friends laugh.)

KEVIN: Hey! Come on!

(Eddie shoves him again.)

(Wider shot of all the boys. Eddie pushes Kevin and smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning. Eddie pushes him again.)

(Close shot of Eddie looking at Kevin. He pushes him again.)

But then...

(Shot past Kevin as Eddie frowns and pushes Kevin again.)

Something inside me...

(Wider shot as Eddie bends closer to Kevin's eye-level, and smiles. A little music effect is playing.)


(Eddie pushes Kevin again.)

(Close shot past Eddie of Kevin looking mad.)

(Close shot of Eddie smiling.)

(Close shot past Eddie of Kevin looking mad.)

From deep inside I felt...rage! Not just for me, but for every kid who had ever been picked on...

(Close shot of Eddie looking slightly puzzled.)


(Slo-mo shot of Kevin winding up his punch.)

For every kid who'd gone home ashamed.

(Close shot of Eddie. His eyes get wider.)

I put every shred of dignity and self-respect I had into that punch.

(Slo-mo shot of Kevin swinging at Eddie.)

(Close shot of Eddie as Kevin hits him on the shoulder. Eddie's buddies laugh.)

(Shot of Kevin looking between Eddie's shoulder and face, with mild surprise, then fright.)


(Close shot of Eddie smiling.)

My aim was bad.

(Shot of Kevin forcing a worried smile.)

(Close shot of Eddie. His smile fades as he looks Kevin over.)

Even more unfortunately, Eddie's wasn't.

(Close slo-mo shot of Kevin as Eddie pushes him backwards.)

(Regular speed shot of Kevin falling back on the floor.)


(Close shot from Kevin's perspective of Eddie bending over him, and punching him relentlessly.)

(Close shot of Paul throwing his notebook and basketball up in the air in resignation, as Eddie's buddies grab him.)

(Shot of Kevin and Eddie on top of him, as Pinetti continues to hit him.)

Those next ten minutes were...kind of a blur.

(Fade to close shot of Kevin. He has a bloody nose.)


(Close shot of Eddie.)

Still, as Eddie worked out his deep-seated feelings of inadequacy, I began to realize something.

(Close shot of Kevin as Eddie squishes him, and punches him.)

Sooner or later this would be over. And I...

PAUL (V/O): Stop!

Would survive.

PINETTI'S FRIEND (V/O): Hit him, Eddie!

PAUL (V/O): Stop it!

(Shot of Paul being held by Eddie's buddies.)

PAUL: Let him go!

(Shot of Kevin and Eddie, as Eddie rolls off him.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

(Close shot of Eddie standing up and panting. He looks at Kevin off-screen and sneers.)

PINETTI: You're pathetic, ya know that?

(Close shot of Kevin still lying down.)

Maybe, but I was a nice guy.

(Wider shot of Eddie, and his buddies holding Paul.)

PINETTI: Let's go.

(Eddie's buddies push Paul away. Eddie slaps his buddy on the back as they walk away. Paul approaches Kevin and kneels.)

PAUL: Can you move?

(Close shot of Kevin lying down.)


(Shot of Kevin and Paul as Kevin sits up.)

(Winnie enters the shot from behind the camera and kneels next to Kevin.)

WINNIE: Kevin? Are you alright?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie, then Paul, then back to Winnie off-screen.)

(Close shot of Winnie. She looks concerned.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Does it matter?

(Close shot of Winnie. She glances over Kevin and Paul.)

WINNIE: You're all such jerks.

(She starts to smile.)

(Close shot of Kevin as he smiles.)

So I guess Winnie finally forgave me.

(Shot of the three of them. Kevin glances between them.)

KEVIN: So...are you guys gonna to help me up?

(They help him to his feet.)

(Twangy guitar.)

(Paul scurries off to get the books, and Winnie lets go of Kevin. Kevin is dizzy, and wobbles. Winnie steadies him. Paul returns with the books. He hands them to Kevin who hands them to Winnie.)

KEVIN: You know, I think I'm gonna need a little help getting home.

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie looking at each other.)

(Close shot of Kevin and Paul smiling. They start to walk forward.)

(Shot of the three of them, walking forward past the camera.)

(Light guitar music to credits.)

Fade to
Ext. Day - Sidewalk

(Telephoto shot of the three of them walking away from the camera, with interlaced arms.)

KEVIN (V/O): Did you really tell Eddie I was a jerk?

WINNIE (V/O): Maybe...But I was mad.

KEVIN (V/O): Well, so...now we're even. I mean, uh, I-I did something wrong and stupid...and now you did something wrong and stupid back. Right?

WINNIE (V/O): I don't know what you're talking about!

Well...Rome wasn't built in a day!

KEVIN (V/O): It's fate, Winnie.

WINNIE (V/O): Huh?

KEVIN (V/O): Never mind.

Fade to

Supporting Cast
Eddie - Bobby Jacoby
Mr. Skenk - Nat Bernstein
Mr. Diperna - Raye Birk
Carla - Krista Murphy
Matt Levin & Justin Whalin - Pinetti's friends

"Born Under A Bad Sign" - Jones/Campbell > Cream
"Respect" - O. Redding > Aretha Franklin


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