Episode 94 - "Homecoming"

Ext. Night - Country Road

(Wide shot of a car approaching on a dark road.)

There was a road that ran near the edge of my town. Out where the suburbs were still farms. I used to go there nights, that autumn of 1972. I was sixteen. I had a girl. I had a car. I had a job. I was full of night...

(The car pulls to the side of the road.)

And life.

(The car stops, and the lights are turned off.)

I just wasn't ready to go home.

(Close shot through the windshield of Kevin looking around. Sound of crickets throughout. The camera slowly circles toward the passenger side.)

(A train horn blows in the distance, and Kevin quickly looks off toward the sound. The camera continues to move toward the passenger side.)

That year, I travelled streets I'd never known before. I pushed against the limits of my suburban life. I had no idea exactly what lay ahead. All I knew was...I was running out of time.

(Kevin leans forward and starts the car.)

(Shot from the tailight of the car as the car screeches away. The camera rises slowly.)

And I was gonna bust if something didn't happen...soon.


(Clip of President Nixon gesturing at a podium.)

NIXON: ...peace with honor, and not surrender.

(Black-and-white clip of Senator McGovern at a podium.)

McGOVERN:...halt the bombing, and then terminate our involvement, in this tragic war.

(Black-and-white clip of a cheering crowd.)

In 1972, the country was at war.

(Black-and-white clip of four soldiers carrying a body-bag across a field.)

With its armies...

(Shot of two U.S. soldiers carrying a wounded soldier. Sound of a machine gun.)

With its ideals...

(Black-and-white clip of protester's hands showing the peace sign.)

With itself.

(Black-and-white shot of a crowd carrying a large U.S. flag. Sound of a chanting crowd.)

The dreams of the '60's were battling a new decade.

(Black-and-white clip of a U.S. flag and a poster reading "No Surrender". Chants of the crowd.)

And things were happening everywhere.

(Black-and-white shot of students in a classroom. The shot fades to color.)

Well, almost everywhere.

MR. DEEKS (V/O): Open your books to chapter six...

(Students start to open their books.)

MR. DEEKS (V/O): Section thirteen.

(Shot of the teacher standing behind his desk, leaning on his outspread arms. A large globe is next to him, and a map of Europe is on the wall behind him.)

MR. DEEKS: The rise of post-agricultural Europe.


(Shot past Mr. Deeks of the class.)

The no-man's land of public education.

MR. DEEKS (V/O): Now!

(Shot of the teacher behind the desk.)

MR. DEEKS: Who can tell me another name for this era?

(Closer shot of the central group of students, looking bored.)

MR. DEEKS (V/O): How about...

(Close shot of the teacher.)

MR. DEEKS: The industrial revolution?

(Shot of the central group of students. A boy raises his arm.)

GUY: Oh! Oh!

(Closer shot of the boy.)

GUY: The industrial revolution? (Smiles.)

(Close shot of the teacher.)

MR. DEEKS: Excellent...

(Shot past the teacher of the class.)

It was grim. In the war between the board of education and the class of '74...

(Close shot of Kevin, and a girl in front and behind him, as Kevin looks toward the window.)

Things had pretty much reached a stand-off.

MR. DEEKS (V/O): Mr. Arnold!

(Kevin turns forward.)

For most of us.

(Close shot of the teacher.)

MR. DEEKS: How about you?

(Close shot of Kevin glancing off, then toward the teacher off-screen, looking surprised.)


Not that I'd been neglecting my studies. I'd been studying a lot.

(Close shot of the teacher.)

MR. DEEKS: Do you have anything to contribute?

(Shot of Kevin and the two girls.)

KEVIN: Uh, yeah!

(He reaches for his wallet.)

KEVIN: Sure...

(He pulls out his wallet, flips it open, and glances toward the teacher off-screen.)

KEVIN: How much did you have in mind?

(He looks at his wallet.)

(Shot of the central group of students as the class laughs.)

(Shot of Kevin and the two girls. Kevin glances toward the class and chuckles as he closes his wallet.)

I'd been studying to be a wise-guy.

(Kevin looks toward the teacher off-screen, and hesitates.)

(Close shot of the teacher.)

MR. DEEKS: I'll be expecting a 10-page report from you on Monday. (Frowns.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at the teacher off-screen.)

Not very successfully.

KEVIN: Right.

(Kevin frowns and looks off as he puts his wallet in his pocket.)

(Bell rings.)

OK...so my act needed work.

Cut to

Ext. Day - The Quad

(Kevin walks up the walkway toward the camera.)

Like most of my generation, I was dealing with bigger concepts than school-work. Concepts like...

(Kevin looks up.)

(Wide shot of Paul standing with his back to the camera, looking at a large banner other students are hanging across the walkway - "Beat Central. Hang the Owls", with a drawing of a knight on a horse, dangling an owl off his lance.)

Inter-conference war.

(Kevin walks past the camera.)

KEVIN: What's this about?

(Paul turns around.)

PAUL: Are you kidding? The homecoming game against the Owls this weekend.

(Shot past Paul of Kevin.)

PAUL: It's only the biggest event of the whole year...

KEVIN: Oh...

(Kevin raises his eye-brows and nods.)

(Shot of Paul and the banner, as he turns around.)

Paul Pfeiffer.

(Close shot of Paul looking up, and glancing left and right.)

Class president...civic booster...

(High shot past the banner of Paul, and Kevin behind him. Paul gestures.)

PAUL: Up a little bit on the left.

Naturally, I was proud of him.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning and nodding as he walks toward the camera, which rolls back.)

KEVIN: Come on, Paul - loosen up. I mean, it's just a game. What's the big deal? (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Paul as he turns around.)

PAUL: "What's the big deal?" (Nods.) I'll tell ya what the big deal is...

(Shot past Paul of Kevin.)

PAUL: It's those stupid Owls.

(Shot past Kevin of Paul.)

PAUL: They stole our knight! (Frowns.)

Which was true.

Horizontal wipe to

Ext. Day - Street (Black-and-white scene)

(Close shot of the front fender of a car. A bit of "Jaws"-like music plays.)

It happened in broad daylight.

(The camera moves sideways to the passenger door. A Central student is looking out the window.)

(Shot from the car's perspective of the McKinley knight mascot walking on the sidewalk, looking over his shoulder toward the car.)

A daring three o'clock raid.

(He frowns and starts to trot forward as a Central student runs past the camera and grabs him.)

KNIGHT: Hey...Hey! Let go!

(Shot of the back of the car as two Central students push the knight into the trunk.)

KNIGHT: What are ya doin', guys?!

(They close the trunk, then run forward and get in the car.)

It was the biggest scandal to hit school since Charlie *Mandelseck* got caught sniffing Magic-Markers in the art-supply closet.

(The car pulls away. The camera drops to ground level as the knight's broken lance lies on the ground.)

Cut to

Ext. Day - Previous Quad Scene

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

KEVIN: So, they stole our knight. So what?

(Shot past Kevin of Paul as he frowns and turns toward the banner.)

KEVIN: Can't we just get another one?

PAUL: Very funny.

(Wide shot of Kevin, Paul and the banner, as Jeff approaches behind them.)

JEFF: Hey, what's this all about?

(Shot of Paul, Jeff and Kevin.)

KEVIN: Homecoming game.

(Paul turns to face them.)

JEFF: Oh. (Nods.)

(Shot past Kevin of Paul looking at Jeff off-screen.)

PAUL: I'm assuming you'll be there? (Nods.)

(Shot of Jeff and Kevin as Jeff sighs.)

JEFF: Ah, I don't know - I might have to spend the weekend with my dad.

(Jeff looks at Kevin, then back to Paul off-screen.)

That was Jeff Billings, the new guy in school.

(Jeff looks up and points.)

JEFF: Looks good.

(Wide shot of all three. Paul glances over his shoulder at the banner.)

Believe it or not, he was the first kid I ever knew whose parents were divorced.

(Shot of Kevin and Jeff. they look at each other.)

KEVIN: Maybe you could bring your dad to the game.

JEFF: Nah...(frowns)..then my mom will get all upset and I'll have to spend the rest of the week eating cold meatloaf.

(Shot past Kevin of Paul.)

PAUL: Well, that sounds pretty dumb.

(Shot of Jeff and Kevin.)

JEFF: Oh, great, yeah. That's easy for you to say. I mean, your parents are still having sex together.

(Shot past Kevin of Paul. He glances at Kevin, then back to Jeff off-screen.)

PAUL: They are not!

(Close shot of Kevin as he smiles and looks at Jeff off-screen.)

Yeah, you had to like this kid.

(Close shot of Jeff smiling at Kevin off-screen.)

He was kinda like me...

(Jeff turns and looks up toward the banner.)

A wiseguy.

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

WINNIE (V/O:) Kevin!

(Kevin turns over his shoulder.)

And then...

(The camera pans over slightly to reveal Winnie in the distance.)

There was Winnie.

(Close shot from behind Kevin as he looks over his shoulder at Winnie off-screen.)

(Closer shot of Winnie as "Winnie's Theme" plays. She smiles and waves.)

Cut to

Ext. Day - Parking Lot

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie walking amid some cars toward the camera. "Winnie's Theme" plays in the background.)

WINNIE: I missed you today! I thought about you in chemistry.

KEVIN: Yeah, I thought about you in biology.

("Winnie's Theme" ends.)

Winnie Cooper. The hair, the smile - the whole ball of wax. We did everything together.

(Kevin looks at Winnie and gestures.)

KEVIN: So, can I give you a lift?

(Winnie hesitates as Kevin walks past the camera.)

Well, almost everything.

WINNIE: Oh! (Frowns.)

(Wide shot of Kevin next to his car. There is a Chinese dragon, and "Chong's Chinese" painted from fender to fender on the passenger side.)

Yeah. About the car...

(Close shot of the rear fender. The camera moves across to the front, accompanied by "Chinese" music.)

KEVIN (V/O): Look, I told you.

(Shot of Winnie frowning.)

KEVIN (V/O): I didn't have a choice!

(Wide shot of Kevin and the car as he gestures.)

KEVIN: Mr. Chong told me I had to put it on if I wanted the delivery job.

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Uh-uh, pick me up at the side entrance. OK? (Smiles.)

(Winnie turns and walks away.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking after her off-screen.)

WINNIE (V/O): Thanks!

(Kevin frowns.)

(Wide shot of the car as Kevin walks around the front to the door.)

It was my first taste of what they call "the working man's blues". Not that I was complaining, you understand...

Cut to

Int. Afternoon - Arnold Kitchen

(Shot past the stove of the door as Jack enters with his jacket over his shoulder. He sets his briefcase down.)

(Shot of Norma at the sink, and Kevin at the open refrigerator, holding a milk carton.)

NORMA: Hi, honey!

(Shot from Kevin's perspective as Jack walks toward the table, and Norma approaches him.)

I had my father to do that.

NORMA: How was work? Everything OK?

(She hands Jack a drink.)

JACK: Lousy.

NORMA: Well, that's nice!

(Norma gestures as Jack sits down.)

(Shot of the door as Wayne enters.)

WAYNE: Hey, suckers!

(Wayne smiles as he sets his lunchbox on the counter and walks toward the camera.)

WAYNE: What's for dinner?

NORMA: Well...

(Close shot of Kevin as Wayne moves past him to the refrigerator.)

WAYNE: Never mind - that's alright.

(Wayne puts his hand out.)

WAYNE: I'll just make somethin' myself!

(Kevin looks over his shoulder toward Norma off-screen as Wayne looks in the refrigerator.)

My brother, Wayne.

(Kevin looks at Wayne, as Wayne pulls out some bread.)

He'd gone to work in the mail-room at Dad's company, NORCOM.

(Wayne pulls out the mustard.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Norma with ther hands on her hips, and Jack, looking toward Wayne.)

Eighty-nine-fifty a week, take-home.

(Jack looks down and shakes his head.)

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne. Wayne looks at Kevin and pauses.)

KEVIN: Don't forget to unwrap that before ya eat it.

(Wayne takes the milk from Kevin and taps him on the nose with it.)

WAYNE: Vanish, scrote! (Frowns.)

(Wayne laughs and looks at the milk.)

(Shot of Kevin behind the open refrigerator door, and Norma in the background, as Wayne walks off.)

And not only that, he'd moved into new digs.

(Shot from the bottom of the basement stairs as Wayne descends.)

(The camera pans with him as he walks across the room.)

His own personal, customized, rat's nest.

(Wayne flips on the radio which plays some loud rock-and-roll, and flops onto his back on the bed.)

He was happy as a clam in mud.

(Shot of Norma standing near the table, and Jack sitting, as they look at each other. Wayne's music can be heard. Norma turns to Kevin off-screen, and gestures with both arms.)

NORMA: Well, I...guess it's only three for dinner. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin at the open refrigerator.)

KEVIN: Nah, actually, I gotta go. (Frowns.)

(Close shot of Jack as he turns away from the TV and looks down.)

JACK: Go where?

(Close shot of Kevin.)


(He walks past the camera.)

(Wider shot of Jack as Kevin walks past the camera.)

JACK: Out?

KEVIN: You know - out. I got things to do.

(Close shot of the keys on the table. Jack snatches them away as Kevin reaches for them. The camera pans up to Jack, frowning.)

JACK: What kind of things?

(Close shot of Kevin leaning on the table frowning at Jack off-screen.)

KEVIN: Things, Dad. (Nods.)

(Shot past Kevin of Jack.)

JACK: Well, then...drive carefully.

(Shot past Jack of Kevin as he takes the keys and nods.)

KEVIN: Right, Dad. (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Jack, as Kevin walks away. Jack looks up.)

JACK: Don't get into trouble.

(Shot of Kevin at the open door, putting on his jacket.)

KEVIN: Right, Dad!

(Kevin steps out.)

(Close shot of Jack looking at Kevin off-screen.)

JACK: And be home by eleven.

(Jack glances at Norma off-screen, then back to Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin at the door. He pauses and looks over his shoulder.)

There it was. The boundless trust...

(Kevin glances at Norma off-screen.)

Of parents who loved me.

(Kevin glances at Jack off-screen.)

KEVIN: Thanks.

(Kevin past outside.)

It was touching.

(Kevin pushes the door closed.)


Cut to

Night - The Point

(Shot of a darkened car as a couple kisses.)

Mountain View Drive.

(The camera pans across.)

Also known as "the point".

(The camera stops on a couple in a VW bug. The girl slaps the guy.)

GUY: Hey...

(The camera pans across.)

The final battlefield in the war between the sexes.

(The camera stops on Kevin and Winnie who are kissing.)

Not that I had those kind of problems - I had Winnie.

(Winnie pulls back.)

WINNIE: Wait! I love this song. (Smiles.)

(Winnie adjusts the radio. "Cherish" plays.)

(Shot from Winnie's window. They look at each other and Kevin smiles. They move close to kiss again.)

(Shot from Kevin's window.)

WINNIE: Wait! (Frowns.) Can we roll down the window a little? (Smiles.)

(Shot from Winnie's window as Kevin looks at his window, takes his arm from around Winnie, and rolls down the window.)

(Shot of both through the windshield. Kevin turns back to Winnie, puts his arm around her, and moves in to kiss.)

(Shot from Winnie's window.)


"Wait!" It was kind of her motto.

(Close shot past Kevin of Winnie smiling.)

WINNIE: I have to get something from my purse.

(Winnie frowns and turns away as Kevin takes his arm off her.)

You had to hand it to Winnie.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin. They are both looking toward her purse.)

When it came to safe sex, she was ahead of her time.

(Shot of Winnie's hands reaching around in the purse.)

She came armed with every device known to modern woman, including...

(Shot from Kevin's window as Winnie turns toward him smiling, holding up a pack of...)


(Shot from Winnie's window as Kevin takes a piece of gum.)

Course, in retrospect, I really admire her restraint.

(Winnie looks down as she put the gum back in her purse, and Kevin looks off.)

In retrospect.

(Kevin frowns, turns to Winnie and gestures.)

KEVIN: Look, Winnie, are we really going to keep doing this?

(Shot from Kevin's window as Winnie frowns.)

WINNIE: Doing what?

(Shot from Winnie's window as Kevin glances off and back.)

KEVIN: Well...ya know, starting...stopping. (Nods.)

Mostly stopping.

(Shot from Kevin's window as Winnie looks at Kevin.)

(Shot from Winnie's window of Kevin looking at her.)

KEVIN: Don't you think it's time we went a little further?

(Shot from Kevin's window as Winnie leans forward slightly and looks at Kevin.)

WINNIE: What exactly do you mean - "further"? (Frowns.)

(Close shot past Winnie of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Well...

(He glances off and frowns, then looks back.)

KEVIN: You know. I...we...(Smiles.)

(Close shot past Kevin of Winnie as she smiles.)

WINNIE: Kevin...

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking at her.)

And that was the great thing about the girl.

(Winnie shakes her head slightly as she smiles.)

WINNIE: You know your car smells like pork lomein? (Nods.)

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking at her.)

Her sense of smell.

KEVIN: Yeah. (Smiles.) I knew that.

(Winnie giggles and settles back. Kevin glances off.)

And there ya had it.

(Wide shot from behind the row of cars. The lights of the city are in the background, as the camera rises.)

I was living in a world where "go" meant "stop". Where "yes" meant "no". While out there, in the real world...

(Music stops.)

Cut to

Ext. day - NORCOM Lot

(Wide shot of an aluminum-sided building. Two men in hard-hats talk at one side, and two other men are walking, as Wayne pushes a large mail-cart across the asphalt. Sound of a steam-whistle.)

Things were happening.

(A forklift drives across the shot.)

Things that mattered.

WART (V/O): Hey, Wayne!

(Wayne pauses.)

Things that made men out of boys.

(Close shot of Wart dressed in a soldier uniform, standing near a fence, smiling. He salutes.)

(Close shot of Wayne smiling and clapping his hands together.)

WAYNE: What's up?

(Very high shot as Wart and Wayne approach each other across the asphalt.)

WART: Hey, man!

(They shake hands and hug.)

Cut to

Int. Day - Arnold Living Room

(Shot of Wart standing in the living room, holding his hat.)

NORMA (V/O): David! Look at you!

(Shot from behind Wart of Jack, Norma, and Kevin.)

JACK: Wart! Heh-heh.

(Jack walks forward smiling, and holds his hand out.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective as Jack and Wart shake hands.)

JACK: It's good to see you!

WART: Thanks. It's good to be back. (Smiles.)

(Jack puts his hands in his pockets, and Wart looks at Norma.)

(Norma approaches Wart.)

NORMA: Look at all those medals. Were you wounded?

(Norma touches one. Wart shrugs and smiles.)

WART: Ah, it's nothin' really.

(Shot of Kevin looking at them off-screen, as Wayne approaches behind him, and gestures with a bottle.)

WAYNE: Yeah, Mom - he's fine. (Nods.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of the group.)

WART: Yeah! (Smiles.)

(Kevin glances over his shoulder at Wayne, then forward again.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of the group as they turn toward Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin glancing over his shoulder at Wayne, then forward again.)

It was awesome. Wayne's pal, Dave Wirtshafter...

(Close shot of Wart looking down.)

Had left for Vietnam a goofy kid...

(Wart looks up.)

And he came back...a hero.

(Wart smiles and looks down, then up.)

JACK (V/O): So...

(Shot past Wart of Jack and Norma. Kevin is in the distance, and Wayne in at the kitchen counter.)

JACK: Was it bad?

(Close shot of Wart as he shrugs.)

WART: Well, you know...(Smiles.)

(Wart looks toward Kevin off-screen and nods.)

WART: Hey, man! You haven't changed a bit! (Smiles.)

(Shot past Wart of Kevin, and Wayne in the kitchen, popping the cap off a bottle. Kevin approaches.)

KEVIN: Yeah! Well, uh....I got my driver's license! (Smiles.)

(Kevin raises his finger.)

KEVIN: On the first try. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Wart.)

WART: That's great! (Smiles.)

(Shot past Wart as Kevin smiles.)

KEVIN: Yeah...

(Kevin's smile fades slightly as he glances at Wart's medals, then off.)

(Close shot of Wart smiling and glancing down, then toward Jack off-screen.)

JACK (V/O): Well...we're all very proud of you, son. Very proud.

(Shot past Wart of Norma, Kevin and Jack as Wayne approaches behind them.)

WAYNE: Yeah! And hey!

(Wayne gestures at himself.)

WAYNE: I got a new room in the basement. It's really cool - you wanna see it? (Smiles.)

(Wayne holds a bottle out toward Wart.)

WART (V/O): Yeah, sure!

(Wart walks past the camera and takes a bottle. He follows Wayne as Jack pats him on the back.)

WAYNE: Alright!

But this much was clear...

(Shot of Wayne and Wart passing the camera, as Kevin looks over his shoulder after them.)

While the rest of us...

(Kevin glances at Jack, who is still looking after Wayne and Wart.)

Were playing with Tinkertoys and riding bikes...

(Kevin approaches the camera.)

This guy had been there, earning his stripes.

(School bell rings.)

Cut to

School Hallway

(Shot of the school mascot walking toward the camera, which rolls back.)

Taking risks.

PAUL (V/O): That's pathetic.

(The camera rolls back slightly then stops as the mascot walks past it. Jeff, Paul and Kevin have their backs to the lockers, looking at the mascot.)

PAUL: Look at that. (Frowns.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of the mascot walking away as others look at him.)

KEVIN (V/O): What happened?

JEFF (V/O): They gave him back.

(Shot of Jeff and Kevin.)

KEVIN: Well, that's good, right?

(Kevin shrugs and looks at Paul off-screen.)

JEFF: No, they kept his armor, man.

KEVIN: Oh...

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: Oh, fine. Be that way!

(Shot from behind Paul of Jeff and Kevin.)

PAUL: I'm just saying someone ought to do something about it.

(Paul closes his locker, turns around, and walks past the camera. The camera moves in slightly.)

JEFF: Yeah, ya know, I mean...(gestures)...he's right. We could write a letter, or something...

(Kevin gestures as they look at each other.)

KEVIN: We should file a complaint. (Nods.)

JEFF: Yeah, knight-napping.

(Jeff taps Kevin on the arm and laughs.)

KEVIN: Or we could steal their owl. (Smiles.)

(Kevin turns toward his open locker.)

(Close shot of Jeff smiling at Kevin off-screen.)


(Close shot of Kevin as her looks over his shoulder.)

JEFF (V/O): Ah, no...

(Shot of Kevin and Jeff looking at each other.)

JEFF: Forget it, man. (Gestures.) We don't even know where they keep it.

(Ricky is a few lockers past them, blocked by his open locker door. He stands up and moves the door.)

RICKY: Hey, I know where they keep it!

(Jeff and Kevin turn toward him.)

RICKY: I got a friend who goes to Central.

(Shot of Kevin and Jeff looking at Ricky off-screen.)


(Kevin and Jeff look at each other.)

Cut to

Ext. Night - Central High School

(Shot of the front of the school.)

And so...

(The front door opens as Kevin and Jeff exit. Sound of a hooting owl.)

That night, thanks to fate...

(Close shot of Ricky sitting in the back seat of Kevin's car looking toward them off-screen as he opens the door and steps out.)

And Ricky Holsenbach...

RICKY: Guys? Is that you?!

(Shot of the building as Jeff and Kevin trot toward the camera, holding the owl cage between them.)

I saw my chance to go to war.

(Ricky walks past they camera as the approach.)

KEVIN: Put this in the back.

(Kevin and Jeff hand the cage to Ricky.)

(Low shot through the cage bars of Ricky looking a little scared.)

RICKY: Holy cow!

(Shot through the bars of the owl on a perch.)

Sure, maybe it was crazy.

(Close shot of Kevin. He glances at Jeff off-screen, then the owl off-screen.)

KEVIN: Forget it.

(Shot of the three of them as Kevin takes the cage.)

KEVIN: I'll do it myself.

(He hurries out of the shot toward the back of the car.)

But in some way...

(Ricky looks at Jeff.)

It was absolutely necessary.

(Shot of Kevin holding the cage and opening the trunk.)

(Kevin pauses and looks past the camera toward the school.)

(Shot of the building as a guard steps out, shining a flashlight.)

GUARD: What's goin' on out there?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at the guard off-screen. The owl hoots.)

GUARD (V/O): What's going on out there?! Put that cage down!

(Shot of Jeff and Ricky hurrying to the car.)

JEFF: Come on - let's get out of here, man!

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Jeff and Ricky off-screen, as a light shines in his face. He looks toward the guard off-screen.)

(Shot of the approaching guard, shining the flashlight into the camera.)

GUARD: Do you hear me?!

(Close shot of Jeff leaning out the passenger window.)

JEFF: Come on! Let's go! Kev! Let's get outta here!

(Shot of Kevin standing at the rear of the car, holding the cage.)

GUARD: Put that cage down!

(He looks at the cage and drops it, then runs out of the shot.)

(Shot of the approaching guard shining his flashlight.)

(Shot of Jeff and Kevin. Jeff hides his face with his collar as Kevin starts to car.)

It was heady.

(Shot from behind the car. The trunk is still up as Kevin drives off, without lights.)

It was wild.

GUARD (V/O): Stop!

It was...

(The camera lowers to street level, showing the owl inside the cage.)

A total fiasco.

Fade to

Int. Day - Restaurant

(Shot past the cash register of a waiter behind the counter.)

WAITER: Al! More fries!

(The man moves toward the register. The camera moves behind the counter and pans with the waiter.)

The next day...

(Jeff and Kevin are sitting at the counter as the waiter punches the register buttons.)

While the rest of the world was chowing down on french fries...

(The register pops open, and the man reaches in the drawer.)

(Shot from the opposite angle of Kevin and Jeff.)

I was eating crow.

KEVIN: I don't believe it. (Gestures.) How could I blow it like that? I mean, we were there - we had it! (Gestures.)

(Shot from behind the counter as they look at each other.)

KEVIN: And then...I mean, I blew it! Right?

JEFF: Right.

(Jeff turns forward and looks at his bowl of fries.)

Fact! The great owl heist had been a bust.

KEVIN: Hey, aren't you going to say anything? (Frowns.)

(Shot from Kevin's side as Jeff points.)

JEFF: You got some ketchup on your shirt. (Smiles.)

(Close shot past Jeff of Kevin looking at him, then glancing off.)

WAYNE (V/O): Hey!

(Wayne walk behind Kevin and slaps him on the back, and leans toward him.)

WAYNE: I hear you blew it last night, huh, big guy?

(Wayne frowns and sits next to Kevin.)

(Close shot past Wayne of Kevin looking at him and frowning.)


KEVIN: What?

(Shot past Kevin of Wayne.)

WAYNE: Oh, it's all over town. (Gestures.) Some bozos tried to...raid Central High. (Smiles.)

(Shot past Wayne of Kevin and Jeff.)

KEVIN: What makes you think it was me?

(Jeff looks at Wayne.)

(Shot past Jeff of Kevin and Wayne.)

WAYNE: Oh...

(Wayne looks off, then back.)

WAYNE: Intuition.

(Wayne nods and gestures.)

WAYNE: Plus the guard said he...saw a car with...some stupid dragon painted on the side! Heh-heh.

(Shot past Wayne of Kevin and Jeff.)

WAYNE: Nice going, "Double-Oh-Seven".

(Wayne musses Kevin's hair, picks up Kevin's drink.)

WAYNE: Thanks.

(Wayne walks away.)

(Shot from Jeff's side as Kevin turns toward him, frowning.)

KEVIN: Perfect!

(Kevin looks off.)

(Close shot of Kevin glancing off, frowning, then looking down as he cleans the ketchup from his shirt.)

I was on my way to becoming the town laughing-stock.

(Kevin frowns and looks over his shoulder.)

As opposed to, say...

(Shot from Kevin's perspective as Wayne sits next to Wart at a window booth. Two other guys sit opposite them, and two others face them in the next booth.)

The local hero.

GUY1: So, what was it like?

GUY2: Was it scary?

WART: Well, you know...(shrugs)...it wasn't really much.

(Wayne frowns and looks at the guys.)

WAYNE: Are you kiddin'? This guy was everywhere!

(Shot of the four other guys.)

WAYNE: Tell em, Wart.

(Shot of Wart and Wayne.)

WART: Well, I spent a little time in *Ple Ku*, and *Kwan Tri*...

(Shot of the four other guys.)

WART (V/O): And down in the delta.

(Shot of Wart and Wayne, as Wart looks toward the guys off-screen.)

WART: Hey, but I did my R and R in Hong Kong (Smiles.)

(Wart looks at Wayne nods.)

WART: Hah, that was somethin'! (Smiles.)

WAYNE: Yeah, that was somethin'.

(Wayne glances around, and leans forward confidentially.)

WAYNE: There was this place...(Gestures.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking over his shoulder, frowning.)

Look at that. The way my brother was grand-standing...

(Kevin glances forward, then at his shirt as he wipes it.)

You'd think he'd been driving a tank...

(Kevin glances toward Wayne off-screen.)

Instead of pushing a mail-cart.

(Shot of one guy, and Wart and Wayne, as Wayne laughs.)

(Shot past Wayne of the four guys.)

GUY4: So'd you kill anybody?

(Guy1 looks over his shoulder at Guy4.)

(Close shot of Wart looking at him off-screen and hesitating.)

WART: What? Uh, no.

(Wart frowns and looks down. He frowns again and shakes his head, then looks at the guy off-screen.)

WART: Nothin' like that.

(Shot of the four guys.)

WAYNE (V/O): Yeah? What are you talkin' about?

(Shot of Wayne and Wart, as Wayne smiles.)

WAYNE: It was nothin' like that.

(Wayne and Wart look at each other, and laugh a little.)

(Shot of the four guys.)

WAYNE (V/O): OK, everybody - show's over. Heh.

(Shot of Wart as Guy1 walks across the camera.)

WAYNE (V/O): Bye, bye now. Have fun. Don't forget your homework.

(Close shot of Kevin turning around as the guys exit behind him.)

WAYNE (V/O): Don't stay up too late. Tell your sister I say hi.

(Shot of Wayne and Wart, as Wayne moves to the other seat, then put his arms on the table.)

(Wart is looking down, stirring his drink. He looks at Wayne.)

WART: Hey, you know, I was thinkin'...(Frowns.) Maybe I ought to change out of my clothes. Get into my civvies. Right?

(Shot past Wart of Wayne.)

WAYNE: Yeah, alright. (Nods.) And I'll pick you up tonight - we'll go to the game.

(Shot past Wayne of Wart.)

WART: There's a game?

WAYNE: Yeah! (Shrugs.) It'll be fun - we'll goof it. (Smiles.)

(Shot past Wayne of Wart.)

WART: Alright - sure! (Smiles.)

(Wider shot of them as Wayne picks up Wart's hat.)

WAYNE: Lemme try this on.

And of course, I guess it was only fair.

(Wayne puts on the hat and salutes.)

(Shot of Jeff and Kevin as Paul approaches.)

After all, in life...some guys get the glory...

(Paul stands between Kevin and Jeff.)

PAUL: Hey, Kev...heard you guys blew it big-time last night.

(Paul takes one of Jeff's fries, and turns away.)

(Shot from Jeff's side as Paul walks away past Kevin. Kevin and Jeff look at each other.)

While some guys end up with nothing but...a kick in the pants.

(Jeff gestures and looks at his fries. Kevin looks off.)

(Sound of a sports whistle.)

Cut to

Ext. Night - Football Stadium

(Slow motion shot from the ground of the football on the tee, as the kicker kicks it.)

(Close shot players on the sidelines cheering. The camera pans across other players and coaches clapping.)

(Wide shot of the cheering crowd in the stands.)

Homecoming night.

(The camera pans down to the McKinley mascot, dressed in his suit-of-armor, holding a lance vertically.)

The big game.

(He turns and paces off, pumping the lance up and down.)

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie walking up the steps toward the camera.)

Everyone who was anyone was there.

PAUL (V/O): Hey, guys!

(Winnie and Kevin pause and look toward Paul off-screen.)

(Shot from behind Kevin and Winnie of Paul pointing at his watch.)

PAUL: You're late!

(The crowd sits down.)

WINNIE: Yeah, well...we had to park...

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie. Kevin is looking at her.)

WINNIE: Kinda far away.

PAUL (V/O): Where?

(Kevin glances toward Paul off-screen, then Winnie.)

WINNIE: The baseball field.

(Kevin looks off.)

PAUL (V/O): At least you're here...

(Shot from behind Kevin and Winnie of Paul looking toward the field off-screen.)

PAUL: And it's gonna be a great game.

(Paul looks at Kevin and Winnie.)

PAUL: Except for half-time...

(Paul looks off and waves his hand.)

PAUL: When they fly that stupid owl around the stadium.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning at Paul off-screen.)

KEVIN: Paul...

(Close shot of Paul looking at Kevin off-screen.)

PAUL: Oh. (Smiles.) Right. (Shrugs.) Sorry. (Laughs.)

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie as Winnie walks past the camera. Kevin galnces around, frowning.)

Yeah...this was some fun. Boola-boola.

(Shot from behind Kevin of Winnie and Paul.)

WINNIE: Kevin? Aren't you gonna sit?

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Uh, no, thanks. (Gestures.) I'm gonna get us some sodas.

(Kevin turns and walks down the steps.)

Figured I had all night to be laughed out of town.

(Shot of the steps behind the stands as Kevin walks down, and to guys walk up.)

Might as well fortify myself with a cold one.

(Sound of the cheering crowd. The camera pans with Kevin as he walks onto the wide walkway. Kevin turns as a passing guy bumps into him, and he looks off and takes a fews steps, then pauses.)

(Wide shot of the crowd under the bleachers. Wart is standing next to a pole, looking down.)

KEVIN (V/O): Wart!

(Wart looks up and smiles.)

WART: Hey! How you doin'?

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Wart off-screen.)

KEVIN: Good. (Smiles.)

(Wide shot of Wart.)

KEVIN (V/O): Good.

(Kevin walks past the camera.)

WART: Boy. Sure is crowded, isn't it? (Smiles.)

KEVIN: Yeah...

(Wart looks around.)

WART: Lotta people.

(Some people walk by.)

GUY: Hey, Wart!

WART: Hey...

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Wart off-screen.)

The funny thing is...out of uniform...

(Close shot of Wart looking at Kevin, then glancing around.)

He looked like the old..goofy...Wart.

WAYNE (V/O): Gangway, scrote!

(Close shot of Kevin as Wayne barges past him.)

KEVIN: Watch it, butthead! (Frowns.)

(Shot of Wart, Wayne and Kevin.)

WAYNE: Hey! (Points.) It's "Mr. Butthead" to you, OK?

(Wayne and Wart look at each other and chuckle.)

SPEAKER (V/O): Murderer!

(Close shot of Wart looking off.)

WART: What was that?

(Close shot of Kevin looking from Wart off-screen to Wayne off-screen.)

WAYNE (V/O): Uh...

(Shot past Kevin of Wart and Wayne. Wayne looks toward Kevin.)

WAYNE: Nothin'.

(Wayne looks at Wart, glances at Kevin, then looks at Wart.)

WAYNE: Hey, forget it - it didn't mean anything, OK?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Wart off-screen.)

KEVIN: Yeah...They probably just...

(Kevin shakes his head slightly.)

WART (V/O): Yeah, sure.

(Shot past Kevin of Wart and Wayne.)

WART: Hey, listen - I'm gonna take a walk, OK?

WAYNE: OK, well I'll go with you. (Gestures.)

WART: Nah, that's OK. Um, I'm gonna check out the old school. I'll be back. (Gestures.) Really - save my seat! (Smiles.)

(Wart exits past the camera.)

(Kevin and Wayne look after him off-screen.)

WAYNE: Yeah, OK, well...(gestures)...I'll seeya there!

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Wart walking away under the stands, and then past them.)

What the heck. You had to figure where he'd been, the guy could take care of himself.

(Shot of Wayne and Kevin. Wayne punches Kevin on the shoulder and exits.)

Besides, no sense letting a few rotten apples...

(Kevin looks toward Wart off-screen, then glances around.)

Spoil the whole night.

(A Central student walks past the camera and pauses next to Kevin, and taps him.)

GUY: Catch any owls lately? (Laughs.) "Hoo-hoo".

(Kevin looks over his shoulder as the guy walks toward the game.)

(Kevin looks forward and frowns as more Central students make owl sounds.)

Cut to

Concession Booth

(Close shot of the counter as Kevin's hand slaps some coins down. The camera pans up to Kevin.)

KEVIN: Two colas - and hold the wisecracks.

(Shot from behind Kevin as the man sets two cups in front of Kevin.)

Course, looking back, I was being childish. Thin-skinned.

(Kevin picks up the cups, turns, and walks toward the camera.)

Over-sensitive. Sixteen.

(Kevin and the knight mascot collide.)

KNIGHT: Hey, excuse me!

(Kevin frowns. The camera pans with him as he walks to another counter.)

All I knew was, I was fed up.

(Kevin sets the drinks down and pulls a couple straws from the dispenser.)

With football...with stupid mascots...

(Sound of an owl hooting. Kevin looks up.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning, and turning to look past the camera. The owl hoots again.)

And that's when I heard it.

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of a bus parked nearby.)

Cut to

The Bus

(Shot from inside the bus of the side door as Kevin approaches.)

(Kevin slides the door open. The camera moves back as Kevin climbs the steps and looks toward the rear of the bus.)

It was almost too good to be true.

(Kevin smiles.)

As if I'd planned it.

(Kevin looks over his shoulder, then back.)

Even though I hadn't.

(The camera rolls back as Kevin moves forward.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of the owl in a cage. The camera "walks" closer.)

(Shot through the cage of Kevin looking at the owl.)

We stood there - eye-to-eye.

(Close shot of the owl through the cage.)

It was like he knew me.

(Close shot of Kevin. He looks over his shoulder, then back. He takes of his jacket, wearing his striped soccer shirt underneath.)

KEVIN: Here, boy. You're comin' with me.

(Shot of the owl in the cage.)

I had only one thought.

(Kevin's hand slowly opens the door.)

I wasn't gonna blow it this time.

(The camera moves closer to the owl.)

Cut to

Baseball Field

(Wide shot of Kevin running toward the camera, between two cars parked at the edge of the field. The stadium is in the background. Sound of loud crowd cheers. The camera pulls back past his car as Kevin approaches, smiling.)

KEVIN: Yes, yes, yes!

(Kevin leans against his car, cradling the owl in his jacket. He looks toward the stadium.)

I made it out to the baseball field in about two minutes flat.

(Kevin looks forward.)

KEVIN: I did it.

(Kevin looks at the owl.)

(Close shot of his jacket as he opens it slightly, and the owl peeps out.)

The thing is, I had no plan.

(Shot of Kevin looking over his shoulder, away from the stadium.)

No idea of what to do next.

(Kevin turn back and looks toward the stadium.)

It didn't matter.

(Kevin looks forward and sighs.)

All I knew was...

KEVIN: I did it.

(Kevin smiles and looks down at the owl off-screen.)

I'd seen my chance - I'd taken the risk.

(Kevin looks forward. Sound of the cheering crowd.)

(Kevin looks down again and smiles.)

I'd earned my stripes.

(Kevin looks past the camera, and straightens up slightly.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Wart in the distance. He is sitting on a bench wearing only boxers. He has his elbows on his knees, and is looking down.)

(Shot of Kevin looking at Wart off-screen.)

KEVIN: Wart? (Frowns.)

(Kevin stands up.)

KEVIN: Wart? Is that you?

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Wart.)

KEVIN (V/O): Wart!

(Shot of Kevin approaching the camera.)

KEVIN: Hey...

(Kevin looks over his shoulder toward the stadium, then back.)

KEVIN: This is perfect! (Smiles.)

(He points at the owl.)

KEVIN: I got it.

(Kevin trots a couple steps forward.)

KEVIN: I got their mascot. I got the owl. (Smiles.)

(Shot of Wart about 20 feet away, sitting as before.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

And I guess that's when I saw it clearly.

(Close shot of the grass and Wart's empty shoes. The camera across his neatly folded clothes.)

He was sitting on that bench...

(The camera pans up Wart's legs and stops on his head and arms.)

On the third-base line. And his clothes were in a little pile on the ground.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Oh, God.

WAYNE (V/O): Wart?

(Kevin looks over to Wayne off-screen.)

(Shot of Wayne behind a chain-link fence, looking at Wart off-screen.)

WAYNE: Wart?!

(Wayne hesitates, then looks toward Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Wayne off-screen.)

(Close shot of Wayne as he pushes the gate open and enters.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Wart as before. Wayne approaches from the background, and walks over to Wart.)

WAYNE: Wart, whatchya doin', man?

WART: Nothin'.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at them off-screen.)

(Closer shot of Wayne and Wart. Wayne walks closer, and points.)

WAYNE: Hey, man...it looks like you lost your clothes.

(Close shot from Wayne's perspective of Wart looking down, as tears drip off his nose. He hesitates, then nods slightly.)

WART: I know.

(He hesitates, then snorts, then turns and looks toward Wayne off-screen.)

WART: Nothin' seems to fit anymore.

(Close shot of Wayne frowning and looking down. He looks toward Wart, then down again.)

(Close shot of Wart looking down.)

(Close shot of Wayne looking at Wart off-screen, then unbuttoning his shirt.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at them off-screen.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Wayne and Wart, as Wayne pulls off his shirt. Wart is looking down.)

WAYNE: Here ya go...

(Wayne holds his shirt out.)

(Shot past Wayne's arm and shirt of Wart, as he looks at the shirt.)

(Shot of Wayne holding out the shirt, looking at Wart off-screen.)

WAYNE: Wear mine.

(Shot past Wayne's arm and shirt of Wart, as he looks at the shirt. He glances between Wayne and the shirt, and starts to cry. He rises.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective as Wart stands up and hugs Wayne. Wayne puts his arms around Wart.)

WAYNE: It's OK. It's OK...

(Shot of Kevin looking at them off-screen. Snuffy's "Growing Up" plays.)

They say men are children. But, sometimes...

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Wayne and Wart hugging.)

Children are men.

(Shot of Kevin looking at them off-screen. The camera moves in very slowly.)

Maybe that's where the confusion lies.

(Kevin glances off, then back.)

All I knew was...that night...the world seemed suddenly very big. And I felt very small.

(Kevin glances down at the owl off-screen, then back to Wart and Wayne off-screen.)

So I did what I could.

(Shot of Kevin kneeling down, and setting the jacket on the grass.)

(Close shot of the open jacket, and the owl peeking out. The owl flies off.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking up as the owl flies past him.)

(Slow motion close shot of the owl in flight. Sound of the cheering crowd.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking up.)

Cut to

Football Game

(Shot from behind the Owl's team of the McKinley team breaking the huddle and approaching the line-of-scrimmage.)

(Shot down the line-of-scrimmage as the teams get set.)

CHEERLEADERS (V/O): Touch down, touchdown. We want a - touchdown!

(Close shot of the quarterback looking off.)

(Shot of the goalpost as the owl lands on it. The scoreboard in the background indicates - 9:55 left in the 3rd quarter, first-and-ten, 7 to 6, McKinley leading.)

1972 was a crazy time.

(Close shot of the quarterback getting set.)

QB: Three!

(The QB drops back to pass. The camera moves forward. The QB passes, and gets hit.)

(Shot of the crowd standing and watching the pass off-screen.)

(Shot of #85 catching the pass, and the other players running toward him as he celebrates.)

Kids played football...drove cars...

(Shot of the crowd. Some hold up signs.)

Went to school...

(Shot of #85 getting lifted onto the shoulders of his team-mates.)

Celebrated life.

(Close shot of the owl on the cross-bar. It takes a few steps, flaps its wings a few times, then rests.)

Cut to

Night - Baseball Field

(Wide shot across the field. The stadium is in the far background. Kevin's car is in the center.)

(Wart and Wayne walk past the camera toward the car. Wayne puts his arm around Wart, who is wearing Wayne's shirt.)

(Kevin walks past the camera, following them.)

While soldiers - heroes...their brothers, struggled to find their way home from war.

(The camera rises slowly as they pause at the car. Wayne holds the back door open as Wart gets in. Wayne closes the door, then opens the front door and gets in, as Kevin gets in. Fade to black as Kevin starts the car and turns on the headlights.)

Fade to

Night - Kevin's Bedroom

(Shot of the dark wall. The camera pans down to Kevin, asleep in bed.)

And young boys watched, and grew wiser...in their dreams.

(The camera pulls back slowly past the window frame.)

Fade to


Supporting Cast
Jeff - Giovanni Ribisi
Ricky - Scott Nemes
Wart - Scott Melville

"Cherish" - The Association

Snuffy's "Growing Up"

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