Episode 69 - "Looking Back"

(Note: Many scenes omit some lines, and have a different narration, compared to the original episodes.)

(Music "Come Softly To Me" - The Fleetwoods plays.)

Fade to

(Clip of president-to-be Eisenhower raising his arms and smiling at the Republican National Convention.)

(Clip of delegates on the convention floor.)

(Clip of a man kneeling next to his son on a tricycle as his wife and daughter pass by.)

(Clip of several girls skipping rope on the sidewalk.)

Once upon a time...life was simple.

(Clip of two young boys and one young girl sitting in a wagon as it is pulled slowly.)

Cars were big...

(Clip of a group of girls spinning hula hoops inside a large building. A large US flag is in the background.)

Gas was cheap...front lawns...

(Clip of Micky Mantle speaking, then resting a bat on his shoulder and looking off.)

Were green. And everybody...

(Clip of Jackie Robinson (?) signing a baseball.)

Liked Ike.

(Clip from 1950's TV show "Sky King" of an airplane flying low and passing the camera. The words "Sky King" are on the screen.)

(Clip of the Lone Ranger riding Silver up a small hill.)

(Clip of a Groucho Marx commercial for a De Soto and Plymouth dealership.)

(Clip of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy waving to a crowd.)

The good guys were good...

(Clip of Nikita Kruschev at a podium, frowning and gesturing with his fist.)

And the bad guys were bad.

(Clip of the first dog in space, Laika, as two men put a helmet on her.)

You knew where you stood.

(Clip from the "Ozzie and Harriet Show" as Ricky throws a football toward the front door.)

(Ozzie opens the door and gets hit in the stomach with the ball.)


(Clip of Superman jumping and taking off.)

(Clip of roller-skating car-hops carrying trays toward the camera.)

In nineteen sixty-eight...

(Clip of a beauty pageant winner smiling as a crown is placed on her head.)

Something happened.

(Clip of Marilyn Monroe smiling and waving.)


(Clip of a woman smiling and making a fist. She punches her fist out dramatically. Music ends.)


(Clip of a nuclear explosion and rising mushroom cloud.)

Fade to

Int. Day - School Hallway

(From Ep 48, shot of Kevin walking up the hallway, with his clothes all messy after getting slugged by Becky.)

I turned twelve years old. I entered junior high school.

(The image freezes with a "click". "For what It's Worth" - Buffalo Springfield plays through the next few scenes.)

That was me. And these were my times.

Fade to


(Shot of the front of the school, and busses.)

(From Ep 1, shot of Kevin and Paul walking on the sidewalk.)

The three years between nineteen-sixty-eight and nineteen-seventy-one, I went to school.

(The camera pans with them. A man is working on the school sign in the background.)

Here. Robert F. Kennedy junior high.

(Shot from the top of the building steps as Kevin, Paul, and Wayne approch in the center of a crowd of students.)

Through those portals lay a world the likes of which we'd never seen before.

(The school bell rings.)

Cut to

Gym Class

(From Ep 2, wide shot from behind the boys sitting on the floor of Mr. Cutlip writing on a blackboard in the background.)

The world of...

(Shot of Paul and Kevin in the group of kids, as they nudge each other and smile.)

Higher education.

(Close shot of Mr. Cutlip underlining the words "FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM". The music fades.)

(Sound of some boys giggling. Mr. Cutlip turns toward the class and frowns, pointing with the chalk.)

MR. CUTLIP: Now if I...

(Wide shot of all the kids sitting on the floor, as they straighten up.)

MR. CUTLIP (V/O): Hear any giggling...

(Close shot of Mr. Cutlip frowning at the boys off-screen.)

MR. CUTLIP: If I see any smirking, this class is over. (Pause.) Do you read me people? (Pause.) Over!

(Shot of Paul and Kevin in the group of kids, looking at Mr. Cutlip off-screen.)

(Shot of Mr. Cutlip looking at the kids off-screen as he tosses the chalk up and catches it.)

Sex-ed class - seventh grade.

MR. CUTLIP: Now. The female reproductive organs...look like this.

(Mr. Cutlip turns toward the blackboard.)

(Shot of Paul and Kevin in the group of kids. Paul smiles excitedly and gestures.)

PAUL (Whispers.): Alright! (Smiles.)

(Shot of Mr. Cutlip as he draws. He pauses, then turns away from the board, picks up a paper, frowns at it, looks over his shoulder at the kids off-screen, then resumes drawing.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling, then looking at Paul off-screen.)

KEVIN (Whispers): I know...

(Kevin looks at Mr. Cutlip off-screen and smiles.)

(Shot of Mr. Cutlip turning away from the blackboard, revealing his drawing.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at the drawing off-screen, and frowning.)

Unfortunately...it looked more like...

(Close shot of the drawing.)

A cow's head to me.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning at the drawing off-screen, then shrugging.)

MR. CUTLIP (V/O): Now...who can tell me...

(Shot of Mr. Cutlip standing at he chalkboard, holding a pointer.)

MR. CUTLIP: What these...(points)...are?

(He turns toward the class off-screen.)

(Wide shot of the boys as one raises his hand.)

MR. CUTLIP (V/O): Yes.

(Close shot of the boy.)

BOY: The ears? (Shrugs.)

(The camera pans over to Kevin who looks from the boy to Mr. Cutlip off-screen.)

Apparently, I wasn't alone.

(Shot of Mr. Cutlip frowning at the boy off-screen, and tapping the pointer in his palm, then turning toward the board.)

MR. CUTLIP: The...ovaries.

(Mr. Cutlip writes "OVARIES" next to the drawing, then turns toward the boys.)

MR. CUTLIP: The ears would be...

(He looks at the drawing, then taps above the top of the board.)

MR. CUTLIP: Up here.

(He looks toward the boys off-screen.)

(Close shot of the boy frowning slightly at Mr. Cutlip off-screen.)

BOY: Uh, why don't you draw the whole lady? So we know where everything goes. (Shrugs.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul gesturing and smiling excitedly as the class agrees.)

KEVIN: The whole lady...

(Kevin smiles at Paul.)

PAUL: Yeah, the whole lady...(Gestures.)

MR. CUTLIP (V/O): Alright.

(Shot of Mr. Cultip frowning as he turns back to board, picks up the chalk and begins to draw.)

(Shot of Kevin smiling at Paul off-screen.)

(Shot of Mr. Cutlip drawing on the blackboard, then turning toward the class. He frowns as he steps aside to revealing the drawing.)

(Shot of Kevin frowning.)

(Shot of Mr. Cutlip at the chalkboard.)

The fact was...the teachers I had at RFK...

(Mr. Cutlip adds the woman's hair.)

Ranged from the ridiculous...

Cut to

Miss White's Classroom

(From Ep 37, shot of Miss White's legs as she stands on a ladder in her empty classroom.)

To the sublime.

(The camera pans up her legs to her face, accompanied by soaring chorus voices. She is pinning something on the bulletin-board.)

(Close shot of Kevin at the door, looking at her off-screen.)

(Close shot of Miss White turning a little dizzily, and looking at Kevin off-screen.)

MISS WHITE: Hello, Kevin. (Smiles.)

(Music fades.)

(Wider shot of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: Hi, Miss White.

Cut to

Music Class

(From Ep 38, close shot of Miss Haycock's mouth as she sings.)

MISS HAYCOCK: Fwa...fwa...

(The camera pulls back as Miss Haycock gestures.)

MISS HAYCOCK: Fwa...to sustain the note...

From the exasperating...

MISS HAYCOCK: We simply let the air flow out gently...

Cut to


(From Ep 1, shot past Kevin of Mrs. Ritvo frowning at him.)

To the intimidating.

MRS. RITVO: Kevin Arnold.

(She puts her hand on her hip.)

MRS. RITVO: You're Wayne's brother, aren't you? (Frowns.)

(Shot past Mrs. Ritvo of Kevin looking up to her.)

KEVIN: Well...

(Shot past Kevin of Mrs. Ritvo looking at him.)

MRS. RITVO: You've got a tough row to hoe young man...

(She leans slightly closer and frowns.)

MRS. RITVO: A tough row to hoe.

Cut to

Science Class

(From Ep 34, shot of Mr. Cantwell at the table as he takes off his protective hood.)

From the ineffectual...

MR. CANTWELL: Do not try this at home. (Frowns.)

Cut to

Math Class

(From Ep 25, shot past Kevin of Mr. Collins at his desk.)

To the indecipherable.

(Mr. Collins looks up.)


(Shot of Kevin looking at Mr. Collins off-screen.)

KEVIN: Um...I have a question about my quiz.

(Shot past Kevin of Mr. Collins looking over the quiz, then at Kevin.)

KEVIN (V/O): About the grade...(Nods.)

(Shot past Kevin of Mr. Collins looking at Kevin, slightly puzzled.)

(Shot of Kevin looking at Mr. Collins off-screen.)

KEVIN: Well, it's a "D". (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Mr. Collins looking at the quiz.)

MR. COLLINS: Yes, it is.

(Shot of Kevin looking at Mr. Collins off-screen.)

KEVIN: Well, I...think it might be wrong.

(He smiles and shrugs slightly.)

(Mr. Collins puts on his glasses, rests his forehead against his hand and studies the quiz.)

MR. COLLINS: You're right...

(Shot of Kevin looking at Mr. Collins off-screen and smiling.)

(Shot past Kevin of Mr. Collins marking the quiz.)

MR. COLLINS: Number five should be...minus one-half...that's half off...this is a "D" minus.

Not that I didn't learn anything from my teachers.

(Mr. Collins hands the quiz to Kevin.)

MR. COLLINS: Thank you for calling that to my attention.

(Shot of Kevin looking at his quiz.)

KEVIN: Oh...

Cut to

Ext. Day - Arnold House

(Shot of the house and driveway.)

It's just that, as with most adolescents...

Cut to

Int. Day - Arnold Kitchen

(From Ep 19, shot of Kevin leaning against the doorway, looking at Norma off-screen.)


(Shot of Norma as she turns on the garbage disposal.)

My real education began at home.

(Shot of Kevin looking toward Norma off-screen.)

From my family.

KEVIN: Mom?!

(Close shot of Norma flipping off the disposal and looking at Kevin off-screen expectantly.)

NORMA: Yeah?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Norma off-screen.)

KEVIN: I-I was just asking about where our family came from. I mean...(shrugs and frowns)...what are we?

(Shot of Norma pausing.)

NORMA: What are we? (Frowns.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Norma off-screen.)

KEVIN: Yeah, you know...like, Paul's Jewish...and Winnie's Irish...so...(shrugs)...what are we?

(Close shot of Norma frowning and looking off, then glancing at Kevin off-screen.)

NORMA: Oh, well Gosh, Kevin...

(She frowns and looks off again.)

NORMA: That's...kinda hard to...well, well...(shrugs)...lemme see.

(She looks at Kevin off-screen.)

NORMA: Jack's mother is Italian - well, actually she's half Italian...(nods)...cuz her mother's Romanian, and then...

(Norma looks off, then back.)

NORMA: His father's Polish...

(She looks off.)

NORMA: I'm pretty sure about that.

(She looks at Kevin off-screen.)

NORMA: And then my great-grandfather came over from Scandinavia...

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Norma off-screen.)

NORMA (V/O): Came over a long time ago and married my great-grandmother...

(Kevin starts to look a little disappointed.)

(Close shot of Norma looking at Kevin off-screen.)

NORMA: Whose parents were Welsh. But of course, she grew up in Ohio - before they moved to Detroit.

(Norma glances off, and back.)

(Close shot of Kevin glancing off.)

My mother instilled in me a deep appreciation...

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Norma off-screen.)

For the importance of family. And knowing your roots.

(Kevin glances off and sighs.)

(Close shot of Norma looking off in thought.)

NORMA: Or was it Norway? (Sighs.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Norma off-screen.)

Then, of course...

Cut to

Int. Day - Arnold Kitchen

(From Ep 27, shot of the door as Jack enters after work, jacket over his shoulder and carrying his briefcase.)

There was my father.

(Kevin steps in front of Jack.)


(Shot of Kevin's hand on the counter.)

(The camera pans up to Jack.)

KEVIN (V/O): We've gotta talk!

(Close shot of Jack frowning.)

JACK: Huh?

(Shot of Kevin looking up at Jack off-screen.)

The man who'd taught me the intricacies of progressive parenting.

KEVIN: Can you think of one good reason why I shouldn't be able to play football with the other guys?

(Shot of Jack frowning.)

(Shot of Kevin looking up at Jack off-screen.)

KEVIN: I mean I bet you played football without any equipment when you were a little kid and I've been playing for a very long time now...(glances at Norma)...and nothing's ever really happened...

(Shot of Jack listening patiently.)

(Shot of Kevin looking up at Jack off-screen.)

KEVIN: And the guys are really counting on me to play tonight.

(Close shot of Jack. He nods slightly.)

JACK: So...

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: So, can we play or not?!

(Close shot of Jack. He tilts his head and raises his eyebrows.)

JACK: Sure! Go ahead.

(Jack walks toward the kitchen. Kevin smiles.)


(Shot of Jack pausing in front of Norma as she hands a drink to him.)

NORMA: I don't think it's a good idea, Jack.

(Jack walks toward the living room, holding his finger out.)

JACK: You heard your mother.

(Close shot of Kevin frowning. Sound of a sliding closet door.)

Cut to

Int. Day - Karen's Room

(Shot of a large Jimi Hendrix poster on the closet door as it slides open.)

(Karen moves into the shot and looks at the camera.)

KAREN: I'll tell ya what to do.

(Shot of Paul, Kevin and Winnie sitting down, looking at Karen off-screen. Kevin smiles and looks at Winnie, then back to Karen.)

My sister taught me the concept of independence.

(Close shot of Karen looking at them off-screen and shrugging.)

KAREN: This is a democracy, isn't it? (Nods.)

(Shot of Paul, Kevin and Winnie. Kevin nods.)

(Close shot of Karen looking at them off-screen.)

KAREN: Then exercise your rights!

(Close shot of Winnie frowning slightly.)

WINNIE: But how do we do that?

(Shot of Karen as she ducks down behind her bed.)

KAREN: Simple.

(A wig gets thrown into the air.)

KAREN (V/O): There's a planning board meeting every Sunday night, downtown.

(Close shot of Karen looking at them off-screen. Some fife-and-drum music starts.)

KAREN: You should demand...to be heard.

(Karen stands up.)

KAREN: You should fight...(gestures)...for what's important! (Frowns.) You have to take action! (Gestures.) Kevin - we are the people!

(Close shot of Winnie looking at Karen off-screen.)

WINNIE: I think we should do it. (Nods.)

(Close shot of Paul looking at Karen off-screen.)

PAUL: Yeah...

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Great!

(He rises.)

KEVIN: Let's go! (Smiles.)

(Music ends.)

KEVIN: Can you give us a ride?

(Close shot of Karen frowning at Kevin off-screen.)

KAREN: Not me...

(Close shot of Kevin frowning.)

(Close shot of Karen.)

KAREN: I got a date.

(She turns and slides the closet door closed, and exits.)

Cut to

Int. Day - Kevin and Wayne's Room

(From Ep 4, close shot of Kevin sitting on the bed, looking at Wayne off-screen.)

KEVIN: This Louis guy's a major butthead! (Gestures.)

(Shot of Wayne and Kevin as Wayne flips to the centerfold of a Playboy magazine.)

And, by accident of birth...ladies and gentlemen, my brother, Wayne.

(Wayne reaches for a pair of scissors.)

A pillar of support in times of crisis.

(Wayne starts to cut the centerfold.)

WAYNE: So, he's a butthead. It's just Karen...

(Twang of Snuffy's guitar.)

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne as Wayne continues to cut the page, and Kevin looks off.)

KEVIN: So, he said stuff to Mom. (Gestures.)


KEVIN: And he's a radical! You know...(nods)...like at college...(Gestures.)


KEVIN: And he and Karen are lovers.

(Close shot of Wayne pausing and looking up.)

KEVIN: (V/O): And I'm not sure if Karen knows about this...

(Wayne begins to "think".)

KEVIN: (V/O): But he's got another love named Marissa.

WAYNE: Whoa!

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Wayne off-screen.)

WAYNE (V/O): Two lovers?

(The camera pans with Wayne as he stands up.)

WAYNE: You know, I bet they do it in the microbus.

(Wayne turns and looks at Kevin off-screen.)

WAYNE: I mean, I swear I saw it rocking back and forth before.

(Shot of both as Wayne points excitedly at Kevin.)

WAYNE: You know what we could do?! We could drill a hole in it! And set up a camera!

(Wayne puts his hand on Kevin's shoulder and walks behind him.)

WAYNE: You know, I bet sometimes, when he's doing it with Karen, he shouts...

(Wayne hugs Kevin.)

WAYNE: "Oh, God! Marissa! Oh God! Oh..."

(Wayne makes kissing sounds as Kevin frowns.)

Cut to

Int. Eve. - Kevin and Wayne's Room

(From Ep 14, low wide shot of the door as Wayne pushes it open with his foot, holding a vacuum-cleaner, and wearing a kid's plastic fireman's hat.)

WAYNE: Hampster patrol!

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Wayne off-screen.)

KEVIN: Stay outta here, Wayne!

(Shot of Wayne in the doorway.)

WAYNE: "Stay outta out of here, Wayne!"

(Wayne pulls the vacuum inside and switches it on, and points with the hose.)

WAYNE: Your mother told you to be sure to clean up after those little devils...

(Wayne smiles and laughs, then starts forward.)

(Shot of Kevin as he rises to intercept Wayne.)

KEVIN: Wayne, gimme that!

(Wayne laughs.)

(Shot of Wayne with Kevin on his back.)

KEVIN: Wayne! Get out of here!

WAYNE: Work, work, work. It's all I ever do around here.

KEVIN: Get out of here!

(Shot of Paul trying to grab the vacuum.)

WAYNE (V/O): Just tryin' to help...

(Shot of the floor and the hose passing over it.)

(Shot of Kevin on top of Wayne.)

KEVIN: You're gonna hurt them!

WAYNE (V/O): Now, would I do somethin' like that? I'm just tryin' to...

(Shot of the floor and the hose passing over it, then under the bed. The vacuum sound changes.)

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: No! Wheezer!

(Shot of Wayne, Kevin and Paul as kneels down and looks under the bed.)

(Shot of Kevin and Wayne as Wayne reaches over and shuts off the vacuum.)

Cut to

Int. Eve - Kitchen Table

(From Ep 12, shot of Kevin and Wayne as Kevin flings some mashed potatoes onto Wayne with his spoon.)

(Close shot of Jack turning toward Wayne off-sceen.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Norma off-screen as Wayne grabs his shirt.)

(Close shot past Kevin of Wayne.)

WAYNE: Tonight? (Nods.) Why you sleep, pal!

(Close shot past Wayne of Kevin. He smiles half-heartedly.)

All-in-all, I guess you could say my family was...

Cut to

Int. Eve - Living Room

Kind of a proving ground for the lessons of life.

(Kevin is looking at his notepaper.)

KEVIN: Dad...

(Kevin turns toward Jack off-screen.)

KEVIN: Have you ever thought about your life? (Frowns.)

(Shot past Kevin of Jack. Jack pauses thens turn to Kevin and frowns incredulously.)

JACK: Huh?

(Kevin looks off.)

KEVIN: I mean, if you had to write about it, what would you say?

(Close shot of Jack frowning and looking off.)

JACK: I get up at five in the morning. (Nods.) I fight traffic.

(Jack raises his eye-brows.)

JACK: I bust my hump all day...(frowns)...I fight traffic again. Then I come home. (Nods.)

(Jack looks at Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking off.)

(Close shot of Jack looking at Kevin off-screen and smirking.)

JACK: Then I pay my taxes.

(Jack glares at Kevin off-screen.)

JACK: "The End".

(Jack frowns and growls as he rises.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Jack off-screen, and smirking, then glancing off.)

I learned a lot of things from a lot of people.

Cut to

Int. Day - Classroom

(From Ep 11, shot of Kevin and Becky facing each other.)

BECKY: "Friends"?! (Frowns.)

(Shot past Becky of Kevin frowning at her.)

(She punches Kevin again in the stomach.)

(Shot past Kevin of Becky.)

BECKY: I'll give you "friends." (Frowns.)

(Becky slugs Kevin on the chin.)

(Shot past Becky as Kevin falls to the ground. She turns and stomps of past the camera.)

(Close up from above as Kevin rolls onto his back, flopping his arms out and frowning, slightly dazed.)

Too bad I never learned to deal with the opposite sex. I really didn't understand girls.

(The camera moves in slowly as Kevin glances around, frowning.)

I mean - and let me be absolutely clear about what I mean...

(The camera is quite close to Kevin.)


(Fade to shot of Winnie, Carla, and Becky, dressed as Star Trek women, as they take a step forward.)

KEVIN (as Captain Kirk): Spock, where are we?

(Close shot of Paul looking toward the girls off-screen.)

PAUL (as Spock): It appears, Captain, that we are on an alien planet, inhabited by...

(Shot of Winnie, Carla, and Becky, dressed as Star Trek women.)

PAUL (as Spock, V/O): Strange beings with long hair and...

(Shot of Paul looking toward the girls off-screen.)

PAUL (as Spock): Very short skirts. (Smiles.)

(Shot of the "women".)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul as Kevin takes a step forward.)

KEVIN (as Captain Kirk): Who are you?

(Kevin hurries forward.)

KEVIN (as Captain Kirk): What do want from us? (Gestures.)

(Close shot of Winnie as she looks down.)

(Close shot of a three-button armband on Winnie's wrist as she presses it - "boi-oi-ing".)

(Shot past Winnie of the guys as they writhe in pain and fall to the ground.)

KEVIN (as Captain Kirk): We're men! Men!

(Shot of Winnie looking at them off-screen.)

(Shot from above of Kevin, lying down with his eyes closed. The camera moves in slowly.)

Cut to

Ext. Day - Driveway

(From Ep 23, shot through Kevin's diving mask of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Hi, Kevin.

(Wide shot of Kevin and Winnie, with the garage in the background. Kevin sits up, facing away from her, and slides the mask on top of his head.)

KEVIN: What are you doing here?

WINNIE: I was just taking a walk.

(She looks toward her house.)

WINNIE: It's a little hectic at my house right now.

(She looks quickly behind her at the garage.)

(Close shot of Kevin still sitting, looking down.)

WINNIE (V/O): Do you need any help with this?

KEVIN: No, that's OK. I can handle it.(Gestures.)

(He stands and walks over to her as the camera pulls back a little.)

KEVIN: It's part of my "really neat summer".

(He makes a face and gestures with both arms.)

(Close shot of Winnie.)


(She looks down.)

WINNIE: Well, maybe we can talk about it tonight. At the party.

KEVIN: Yeah, well I don't think I'm gonna be there.


(Shot of Kevin looking expectant.)

KEVIN: Well? Did you show it to anybody?

(Close shot of Winnie. She has a blank look.)

WINNIE: Show what?

KEVIN: Well, the yearbook.

(Close shot of Kevin taking a few steps nearer, and shrugging his shoulders.)

KEVIN: You know - what I wrote?

(Close shot of Winnie frowning.)


(She glances away.)

(Close shot of Kevin. He is getting agitated.)

KEVIN: Yeah, well you can just forget about it, OK?! 'Cause I didn't mean a word of it! I mean, you can just rip out the page and throw it in the garbage because -

(Shot of Kevin and Winnie from over Kevin's shoulder. Winnie takes Kevin by the shoulders and kisses him on the mouth. The kiss is shown in slow-motion.)

(Shot from behind Winnie. She pulls away and Kevin stares at her, wide-eyed and dumbfounded.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie lookin blankly at Kevin for a moment, then turning away quickly.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking after her.)

(Shot of Winnie running down the driveway.)

Let's face it - women were an enigma. But, in a lot of ways...

(Close shot of Kevin looking after her.)

So was life. And I was only in junior high.

Cut to

(Clip of Richard Nixon at a podium.)

NIXON: And this is the place to be alive.

(Clip of a convertible car driving by slowly with about 7 or 8 people in it. They wave at the camera. "My Generation" - The Who plays.)

In the years between...

(Clip of a group of demonstrators walking in a street. The nearest one wears a gas-mask and looks at the camera.)


(Clip of two National Guard personnel, with the Capitol building in the background.)

And nineteen-seventy-one...

(Clip of several people in the street, with a large US flag.)

A lot of people were...

(Clip of National Guard (?) personnel rushing a crowd of demonstrators.)

(Clip of a different fight between police (?) and demonstrators.)

(Clip of Muhammed Ali sparing in a boxing ring.)

Tuning in, turning on...

(Clip of Bob Dylan, wearing dark glasses.)

And dropping out.

(Clip of a man waving a large US flag.)

(Clip of a row of about thirty National Guard personnel advancing across a large grass field.)

(Clip of John and Yoko Ono sitting up in bed as their child climbs in between them.)

(Clip of a young woman looking at a photograph (?). She has "Love" painted on her forehead in red.)

(Clip of a group of people seated around a kneeling women, who is demonstrating yoga (?).)

(Clip of hundreds of Navy academy cadets (?) holding up their white hats.)

(Clip of the four Beatles animatedly gesturing and smiling at a news conference.)

As for me...

(Clip of a baseball team members running onto the field toward the pitcher and celebrating.)

I was busy just trying to survive junior high school.

(Clip of the Saturn rocket rising past the camera.)

And it wasn't easy.

Cut to

Int. Day - Kevin's Bedroom

(From Ep 1, close shot of the cover of the book "Our Bodies, Our Selves".)

I probably wouldn't have made it without my best friend - Paul Pfeiffer.

(The camera pulls back to show Kevin and Paul sitting on the bed looking at the book.)

PAUL: Holy cow!

KEVIN: Try not to drool on it, OK? If Karen finds out I have this, she'll kill me. (Gestures.)

(Sound of a knock on the door.)

(Shot of the door as Norma opens it and looks in.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul looking at Norma off-screen with surprise, as Paul tries to hide the book by sitting on it.)

(Close shot of Norma looking them off-screen.)

NORMA: Paul, your mother called. She wants you to come home right away.


(Shot of Paul and Kevin as Paul stands and walks past the camera.)

(Shot of Paul walking through the doorway, then pauses and turning toward Kevin off-screen.)

PAUL: Well, I guess I'll see you at bus-stop.

(Close shot of Kevin nodding at Paul off-screen.)

KEVIN: Yeah...(Smiles.)

(Close shot of Paul turning to leave, then pausing and looking at Kevin off-screen.)

PAUL: Last night I had a dream that...when I got to school I realized I had no clothes on.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Paul off-screen.)

KEVIN: If you're naked when you get to bus-stop, I'll tell ya. (Nods.)

PAUL: Thanks.

(Paul turns to leave.)

Cut to

Int. Day - School Hallway

(From Ep 17, close shot of Kevin anxiously glancing over his shoulder.)

Paul and I were inseparable.

(Close shot of Paul at his locker.)

PAUL: I don't wanna talk to you!

(He slams his locker, and turns his back on Kevin.)

KEVIN: Paul, look...

(Kevin walks over to Paul, who turns back around to face him.)

KEVIN: I know I hurt your feelings and I'm really, really sorry. And I'm gonna make it up to you really, really soon.

PAUL: I said I don't want to talk to you!

(He turns his back on Kevin again. Kevin walks away while Paul's back is turned, and disappears around a corner.)

PAUL: Anyone that could be so mean that -

(He turns around again, and looks after Kevin.)

PAUL: Hey, where are you going?!

(Kevin stops and comes back around the corner.)

KEVIN: Oh, I'm gonna be right back, and then you can be as mean to me as you want.

(Kevin walks around the corner again.)

PAUL: Hey, wait a minute! (fuming) Fine, go!

(Paul turns away and shakes his fist in frustration.)

Cut to


(From Ep 21, shot of Kevin and Paul approaching, carrying trays. Paul looks at Kevin and gestures with his elbow.)

PAUL: Heidi wore perfume today - the kind I'm allergic too. But when I sneezed...she said "gezhundheit".

(They approach a table.)

PAUL: She could have just said "bless you", but she gave it to me...in German.

(Paul makes a fist and smiles. Kevin sighs and smiles.)

KEVIN: You're an animal, Paul. (Smiles.)

PAUL: Yeah...

(Paul passes behind Kevin.)

PAUL: I'm gonna go get an ice-cream sandwich. Gotta keep up that strength!

Cut to

Int. Day - Kevin's Bedroom

(From Ep 29, shot past Paul of Kevin frowning heavily at him.)

It was a relationship based on mutual support.

KEVIN: Well, at least I'm not an ugly four-eyed jerk that nobody likes!

(Shot past Kevin of Paul looking at him a moment, then frowning and throwing his cards down, then turning toward the camera.)

(Shot of Paul passing the camera, and Kevin behind him.)

(Shot past Kevin of Paul stepping through the doorway, and raising both fists.)

PAUL: Total butthead!

(Paul exits.)

(Shot of Kevin looking after him off-screen.)

KEVIN: Loser!

(Sound of the front door closing.)

(Kevin frowns, then kicks his dresser, and swats something laying on top of it. He picks up a book and 45 RPM records, then flips them toward Wayne's bed.)

OK, so we had the occasional difference of opinion.

Cut to

Ext. Day - The Curb

(From Ep 7, wide shot of Kevin and Paul sitting on the curb in front of Kevin's house, looking at baseball cards. Music "Here Comes The Sun" - Richie Havens plays though the next several scenes.)

Somehow, we always managed to find our way home to each other.

PAUL: No, it's not, it's red. Look at the Orlando Cepeda, they're both the same.

We didn't really have a choice in the matter.

KEVIN: No way, but that's like practically maroon!

PAUL: But it's the same team.

Like it or not, we were friends.

WINNIE (V/O): Hi, you guys.

Paul, me...

(Winnie approaches them, wearing glasses.)

Not to mention, Winnie Cooper.

(Shot of Winnie walking toward the camera.)

(Close shot of Kevin and Paul. They glance up at Winnie off-screen, but are disinterested and look back at the cards.)



(Close shot of Winnie. She looks at Kevin and Paul off-screen, uncertainly.)

WINNIE: Are you guys mad at me?

(Close shot of Paul and Kevin. Paul looks at Kevin, then they both look up at Winnie. Paul looks back at his cards. Kevin glances down, then back to Winnie.)

KEVIN: What do you mean?

(He looks back at his cards.)

(Close shot of Winnie. She is hesitant.)

WINNIE: Well, yesterday in the hall...

(She glances between Kevin and Paul.)

WINNIE: You just looked like you were mad at me.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie, then his cards.)

KEVIN: I don't know what you're talkin' about.

(Close shot of Winnie. She looks at Paul off-screen.)

(Close shot of Paul turning and looking at Winnie off-screen.)

PAUL: Yeah. Me neither.

(Paul turns back to his cards.)

(Shot of Winnie. She looks a little sad.)

WINNIE: OK. Forget it.

(Winnie turns and slowly walks away toward her house.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul glancing at each other, then Paul looks after Winnie off-screen.)

PAUL: Hey, Winnie!

(Shot of Winnie turning around.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul.)

(Paul is momentarily speechless, and looks off in thought and sighs. Kevin watches him.)

PAUL: How come you're wearing your glasses?

(Shot of Winnie looking puzzled.)


(She starts to slowly walk toward Paul and Kevin.)

(Close shot of Paul, as Winnie just appears at the edge of the frame.)

PAUL: How come you're wearing your glasses?

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Oh, I lost one of my contacts. I look so stupid in these things.

(She adjust her glasses, and looks embarrassed.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking directly at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: No you don't.

(Shot of Winnie looking puzzled.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: You look good.

(Shot of Winnie. She is expressionless.)

(Shot of Kevin and Paul. Kevin gestures.)

KEVIN: I'm serious! You look much smarter.

(Shot of Winnie smiling.)

KEVIN: In fact, Paul and I were just saying the other day how dumb you look in contacts.

(Paul grins and nods his head, and looks up at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: Weren't we, Paul?

(Shot of Winnie smiling.)

WINNIE: Oh, yeah. Tell me about it.

KEVIN (V/O): No, really!

(Shot of Kevin and Paul. Paul is looking at Kevin.)

KEVIN: I'm surprised your teachers haven't started grading you down just because you look dumb.

(Shot of Winnie smiling.)

WINNIE: Oh, you're one to talk!

KEVIN: Hey, I'm just being honest. (Gestures.) I would not lie about a this. Paul, would I lie about this?

(Paul turns toward Winnie off-screen, and shakes his finger at Kevin.)

PAUL: I've known him for twelve years and he would not lie about this. You definitely look stupid in contacts.

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: You guys! (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Winnie.)

KEVIN: Who's gonna tell you these things, if not your friends?

(Close shot of Paul smiling at Winnie off-screen.)

(Close shot of Winnie smiling at them off-scren.)

But of course, Winnie and I were more than friends.

Cut to

Int. Afternoon - Kevin's Bedroom

(From Ep 17, shot of Winnie wearing Kevin's jacket, and speaking in a deeper voice.)

WINNIE: "Hi, I'm Kevin Arnold. And I'm really nice to people's faces, and then I cut them down behind their backs!"

(Changes to her normal voice.)

WINNIE: Oh, are you sick?! Here, I'll take care of you!

(She sits down roughly on the bed, and starts bouncing up and down.)

KEVIN: Winnie...

WINNIE: What's the matter - stomach feeling a little queasy is it?! Feels like the least little thing might set it off?!

KEVIN: Ugh...Winnie, please...

WINNIE: Maybe I should get you something to eat! How about some...cole slaw?! Liver?! Fried squid?!

Cut to

Ext. Night - Winnie's Front Door

(Shot from Ep 36 as Winnie opens the door and smiles.)

WINNIE: Kevin!

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: Winnie? I just want you to know that...I know...

(He smiles broadly and nods.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie. She frowns slightly.)

KEVIN: You don't have to say anything.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin as he smiles and nods.)

KEVIN: Just...know that I know. OK?

(Kevin smiles and nods.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie. She frowns slightly.)

WINNIE: Know what?

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: Winnie! (Gestures.) Paul told me! And I'm glad he did -

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie looking a little shocked.)

WINNIE: Paul told you? (Frowns.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Well, yeah! Isn't that great?! (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie frowning.)

WINNIE: Paul told you?!

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: He says you're crazy about me!

(Shot from behind Kevin as Winnie slams the door.)

(Close shot of Kevin frowning and sighing slightly.)

Cut to

Skating Rink

(From Ep 10, shot past Kevin of Winnie at the edge of the skating rink. She mouthes something.)

"Little darlin'"

(From Ep 23, shot of Winnie writing in Kevin's yearbook.)

(From Ep 33, shot of Winnie looking over her shoulder and mothing "Hi" as she waters the lawn.)

"I see ice is slowly melting"

(From Ep 2, shot of Kevin and Winnie facing each other in the street, with Paul in the background.)

(Kevin mouthes "OK, well...bye! (Smiles.) See you tomorrow.")

"Little darlin'"

(Winnie mouthes "OK, bye.")

(Kevin takes a step toward Paul and looks over his shoulder at Winnie and mouthes "Bye", then trots toward Paul.)

(From Ep 57, shot of Winnie crying and mouthing "Yes, it has".)

"It seems like years"

(From Ep 17, shot of Winnie looking at Kevin in class.)

"Since it's been clear, oh"

(From Ep 9, shot of Kevin and Winnie facing each other. She smiles and turns away.)

"Here go the sun"

(From Ep 23, shot of Winnie sniffing and looking off, then mouthing "A saddle!")

(From Ep 6, shot of Kevin and Winnie dancing slowly.)

"Hmmm, here comes the sun"
"And I say, it's alright"

Fade to

Ext. Day - The Street

(From Ep 1, wide shot of the empty the sidewalk and street as Kevin walks past the camera. The music fades.)

Listen to this part.

Those years were like a long journey for me.

(Fade to telephoto shot of Kevin approaching the camera up a sidewalk. Snuffy's guitar starts.)

Looking back, it was a time when we were still very small. And the world seemed very big.

(Fade to another shot of Kevin walking across a dirt road.)

And I think about those days again and again...whenever some blowhard starts talking about the anonymity of the suburbs...

(Kevin steps off the road, and into the field.)

Or the mindlessness of the TV generation.

(Shot of Kevin climbing up the side of a small rise, approaching the camera.

Because I know I'll never forget those times...

(He slows up and looks past the camera.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Winnie sitting on a large rock next to a big tree.)

Those years of wonder.

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Winnie off-screen.)

(Close shot of Winnie looking toward Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin hesitating, then approaching the camera.)

(Close shot of Winnie looking at Kevin as he passes the camera and approaches her.)

(Winnie looks forward.)

(Kevin sits next to her and hangs his head.)

(Kevin looks up and sighs, then turns to Winnie.)

KEVIN: I'm sorry.

(Winnie looks at him.)

KEVIN: About Brian.

(Winnie looks forward as Kevin looks down.)

KEVIN: And I'm sorry...about what I said today.

(Winnie puts her legs down and looks at Kevin. Kevin looks at her and shakes his head.)

KEVIN: It wasn't true.

WINNIE: I know.

(She looks off, hunches up and sighs as Kevin looks down moment. He looks at Winnie as she puts a knee up again. He looks at her a few seconds, then look away as she turns toward him. Winnie looks off again.)

(Snuffy's guitar ends. Music - "In My Life" starts.)

(Kevin removes his jacket and places it around Winnie's shoulders. She holds the jacket as he puts his arm around her shoulder.)

(They sit a few seconds looking off, then at each other. They slowly move in slowly and kiss. The camera pulls back.)

"There are places I remember"
"All my life, though some have changed"
"Some forever, not for better"
"Some are gone, and some remain"

(They pull apart, then hug.)

Fade to

(From Ep 24, shot of the Arnold's around the campfire.)

"All these places have their meanings"

(From Ep 54, slow motion shot of Paul smiling and giving Kevin the thumbs up sign.)

"With lovers and friends"

(Shot of Kevin smiling at Paul and giving him the thumbs up sign.)

"I still can recall"

(From Ep 35, shot of Albert smiling and holding his arms out as Kevin and Wayne hug him.)

"Some are dead and some are living"

(From Ep 62, shot of Jack smiling at the waitress, then glaring at Kevin.)

"In my life"

(From Ep 24, shot of Kevin and Teri kissing, then pulling away.)

"I've loved them all"

(From Ep 49, shot of Kevin and the guys in sihouette, walking down the road.)

(From Ep 32?, shot of Mr. Collins writing on the board.)

(From Ep 14, shot of Wayne doing his swivel dance in the kitchen.)

"But of all"

(From Ep 52, shot of Debbie looking up to Kevin in the hallway.)

"These friends"

(From Ep 58, shot of Kevin and Jack hugging in the garage.)

"And lovers"

(From Ep 44, shot of Norma wearing a black dress and pearls.)

"There is no one"

(From Ep 18, shot in slow-motion of Winnie in her field-hocky uniform, shaking her head as her hair flies.)

"Compares with you"

(From Ep 23, shot of Miss White smiling and tilting her head.)

"And these memories"

(From Ep 37, shot of Barbella at his locker, frowning at Kevin.)

(From Ep 53?, shot of Mr. Cutlip holding a ball in front of himself, then throwing it at his chin.)

"Lose their meaning"

(From Ep 2, shot of Paul zipping up his polo shirt over the book "Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask".)

(From Ep 34, shot of Linda adjusting her goggles as she winks and smiles at Kevin.)

"When I think of love"

(From Ep 42, shot of Kevin running the bases and smiling.)

"As something new"
"Though I know I'll never"

(From Ep 21, shot of Margaret holding her pigtail and smiling.)

"Lose affection"

(From Ep 38, shot of Jack holding Kevin around the neck and rubbing his head.)

"For people and things"

(From Ep 46, shot of Karen raising her hand and giving the peace sign.)

"That went before"

(From Ep 12, shot of Norma crying and turning to jack as they hug.)

"I know I'll often stop and think"

(From Ep 20, shot of Karen hugging Kevin at the hill.)

"About them"
"In my life"

(From Ep 35, shot of Kevin and Jack walking Buster on the sidewalk.)

"I love you more"

(From Ep 24, shot of Kevin walking, with the Ferris wheel behind him.)

(Shot of Wayne, Karen, Norma and Jack at the water's edge.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at them off-screen.)

"Though I know I'll never lose affection"

(Shot of the Arnold's as Kevin runs after them and hops on Jack's back.)

"For people and things that went before"

(Fade to shot of Kevin and Winnie hugging on the rock.)

"I know I'll often stop and think about them"
"In my life I love you more"

Fade to

"Come Softly To Me" - The Fleetwoods
"For What It's Worth" - Buffalo Springfield
"Here Comes the Sun" - Richie Havens
"My Generation" - The Who
"In My Life" - Lennon/McCartney > Judy Collins
Note: Judy Collins' lyrics vary slightly from the original version.

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