Fade to

Int. Kitchen - Adult Arnold House

(Wide shot from directly above Kevin, as he sits at the table, typing on and off, and sipping occasionally from a cup on one side of the typewriter. A photo album and yearbook are on the other side of the typewriter. The camera moves in very slowly.)

As I find myself nearing the end of my collection of childhood stories I've been working on for more than twenty years, I feel that I should tell one more - a kind of summary of the last half of my life, and the people and things from childhood that have carried on, or disappeared.

(Cut to close shot of Kevin as he leans back, sipping from the cup.)

After all, some important changes have taken place in my adult life - some good, some not so good.

(Kevin sets the cup down, and picks up the photo album.)

My project started out as a college writing assignment that I never finished.

(Close shot of the album in Kevin's lap, showing Norma and Jack, and a succession of baby pictures. Kevin's hand occasionally moves across them as he turns the page.)

I dusted it off, a little while after my dad died, and I decided to resume working on it - not for a grade, of course. I tape recorded the stories while I was alone on the road, working.

(Shot of Kevin smiling slightly as he looks at a few pages.)

Over last few years, I've been going through those hundred-or-so tapes, and have transcribed most of them to paper.

(Close shot of a page of smaller pictures, and one with an 8 x 10 photo of Jack.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at the album, smiling slightly.)

I've polished it here and there, or changed this-or-that, but the people...the places...

(Shot of the album in Kevin's lap as he closes it.)

They're pretty much how it was - warts and all.

(Shot of Kevin as he sets the album on the table.)

So, where was I?

(Kevin takes a deep breath as he glances away, looks back to the typewriter, and sighs heavily.)

Oh, yeah...

(Wide shot from behind Kevin as he resumes typing.)

Fade to

Ext. Cooper's House

(High wide shot of Winnie's house and the street. "Landslide" - Fleetwood Mac starts. Mr. Cooper is putting suitcases in the car out front. Kevin and Winnie are a little way down the sidewalk near the corner, hugging.)

"I took my love, I took it down"
"I climbed a mountain and I turned around"
"And I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills"
"'Till the landslide brought me down"

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie hugging. The camera circles around them slowly.)

The day had finally come. The girl almost next door wasn't just moving away. Winnie Cooper, the only girl I had ever loved, was going away - maybe forever.

"Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love"
"Can the child within my heart rise above"

We had pretty much said everything, the night before.

(Fade to panoramic shot of cars overlooking the point, with city lights below. Cut to close shot of Kevin and Winnie making out in the car.)

"Can I sail through the changing ocean tides"
"Can I handle the seasons of my life"
"Well, I've been afraid of changin'"

(They pull away slightly and look in each other's eyes.)

"'Cause I've built my life around you"

(Winnie rubs Kevin's ear, and they make out some more.)

"But time makes you bolder"
"Even children get older"
"And I'm getting older, too"

(Fade to high wide shot of Winnie's house and the street.)

But apparently, not quite everything.

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie as they kiss and nuzzle each other softly.)

(Shot across the car hood of Winnie's house, as Mrs. Cooper walks through the doorway, and down the walkway.)

MRS. COOPER: Winnie, it's time, honey!

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie.)

I wasn't going to the airport with the Cooper's.

(Kevin and Winnie pull apart slightly and frown.)

(Shot of from the back of the car toward the house. Mrs. Cooper stands on the sidewalk. Kevin and Winnie are in the background. Mr. Cooper closes the tailgate.)

MR. COOPER: I just need to close up the house.

(Mr. Cooper hurries toward the house.)

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie as they resume hugging.)

"Well, I've been afraid of changin'"
"'Cause I've built my life around you"
"But time makes you bolder"
"Even children get older"
"And I'm getting older, too"
"Oh, I'm getting older, too"

(High wide shot of Kevin and Winnie, the car and house. Mr. Cooper steps out and secures the front door. Kevin and Winnie slowly walk up the sidewalk, arm-in-arm, as Mr. Cooper approaches the car.)

"Uh-uh, take my love, take it down"
"Uh-huh, climb a mountain and turn around"

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie pausing next to the car. Winnie sighs and slowly releases her grip on Kevin, and slides into the front seat. Mrs. Cooper slides in next to her. Kevin closes the passenger door as Mr. Cooper gets in his side.)

"And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills"
"Will the landslide bring it down"

(Kevin and Winnie look each other and smile sadly. Winnie looks forward as the car starts to pull away.)

(High wide shot as Kevin trots to the corner, waving, as the car disappears down the street. He stands a few moments, looking after it.)

And then she was gone, leaving me with nothing but an empty world.

(Kevin turns and slowly walks up the sidewalk toward his off-screen car. He kicks a small rock.)

"And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills"
"Will the landslide bring it down"
"Oh, will the landslide bring it down"

(Kevin walks out of the shot.)

My life went on, somehow. But, we'll get to that.

Cut to

Airport 8 Years Later

(Shot of the waiting area as the Cooper's and Kevin stand and fidget expectantly at the tunnel exit.)

Finally, after eight years, Winnie was coming home. Well, to visit anyway.

(Shot of Cara sitting in a row of chairs, feeding the baby.)

Cara and I met her at the airport, with Winnie's parents, of course.

(Close shot of Kevin looking past the camera toward the tunnel.)

I was nervous all day. I didn't know what to expect - from me...from Winnie...from Cara.

(Kevin looks over his shoulder.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Cara and the baby.)

After all, these were the two women I loved.

(Shot of Kevin and the Cooper's, looking anxiously down the tunnel.)

And then...

(Close shot of Kevin recognizing Winnie, and smiling.)

("Winnie's Theme" plays. Slow-motion shot of Winnie approaching apprehensively up the tunnel, carrying a shoulder bag.)

She looked the same as ever.

(Close shot of Winnie pausing, then smiling broadly as she sees her parents and Kevin.)


(Close shot of Kevin smiling excitely.)

WINNIE (V/O): Hi-ee!

(Normal speed shot of Winnie as she runs up, drops her bag, and hugs her mom. Mr. Cooper smiles and looks at them.)

MRS. COOPER: Oh, honey!

(Close shot of them hugging. They both start crying. They pull apart, then Winnie moves toward her dad. Kevin is looking at them, and smiling. Winnie hugs her dad tightly.)

WINNIE: Daddy!

MR. COOPER: Gwendolyn...

(She squeezes him again, then relaxes. Mr. Cooper holds her arm as she pulls away. Winnie turns to Kevin and smiles. She wipes her eyes. Kevin opens his arms expectantly and smiles. Winnie smiles shyly and opens her arms slowly. They move closer slowly, then wrap their arms around each other and hug tightly.)

Then - after all the notes, the letters, the Christmas cards - she was in my arms again. It all came rushing back.

("Winnie's Theme" fades.)

(Fade to flashbacks.)

-(On the rock in Harper's Woods in Ep 1.)
-KEVIN: I'm sorry, about Brian. And I'm sorry about what I said today - it wasn't true.
-WINNIE: I know.
-(He puts his jacket on her. They kiss once and hug.)

-(Cut to the driveway in Ep 23.)
-KEVIN: Well? Did you show it to anybody?
-WINNIE: Show what?
-KEVIN: Well, the yearbook. (Gestures.) You know - what I wrote?
-WINNIE: Oh. (Frowns.)
-KEVIN: Yeah, well you can just forget about it, OK?! 'Cause I didn't mean a word of it! I mean, you can just rip out the page and throw it in the garbage because -
-(Winnie kisses him once, then pulls back. They look at each other a moment, then Winnie runs off.)

-(Cut to the bridge in Ep 40.)
-WINNIE: I really hated it.
-KEVIN: Winnie, why are you saying this?
-WINNIE: Because you're my boyfriend. Who else am I gonna say it to?
-KEVIN: So I'm your boyfriend. Except...you hated being there with me. Do I have that right?
-(Winnie looks off and nods.)
-KEVIN: And you hated being there with me, because you didn't want to kiss me. Do I have that right?
-(Winnie nods again.)
-WINNIE: I did want to kiss you. Just not then.
-KEVIN: Well then, when?!
-(Winnie kisses him.)

-(Cut to the parking lot in Ep 93.)
-WINNIE: Leave me alone, Kevin.
-KEVIN: Fine. You want to go home? Then go! But I'll tell you this - if you don't know how I feel about you, how much I care about you, then you don't know anything, OK? You're the only girl I ever think about. In fact you're the only girl I've ever cared about. The only girl I ever -
-WINNIE: Oh, shut up!
-(Winnie kisses him.)

-(Cut to the barn in Ep 115.)
-WINNIE: I don't want it to end.
-(Winnie opens the blanket, and Kevin moves closer. They kiss.)

(Fade to present.)

(Kevin kisses Winnie on the head. They separate enough to look at each other with misty eyes.)

And of course, there was only one thing I could say.

KEVIN: Come on, Winnie. I want you to meet my wife.

After all, I was married. But we'll get to that, too.

(Kevin pulls away, but keeps an arm on Winnie's back. He gestures toward the waiting area.)

(Shot from behind Cara as she stands up, holding the baby. Winnie and Kevin approach, smiling. The Cooper's follow with Winnie's bag.)

(Close shot of Winnie smiling at the baby and tickling him, and glancing between Kevin and Cara.)

(Wider shot of them as they all smile.)

WINNIE: It's nice to finally meet you. Kevin told me so much about you and little Jack.

That's right, I did. I sent pictures, too.

(Cara smiles.)

CARA: Likewise.

Cut to

Airport Parking Lot

(The group is walking toward the camera. The women walk ahead of Kevin and Mr. Cooper, trailing them with the bags. They approach the Cooper's car, and slow up.)

WINNIE: I know he'd love to come. Maybe...Thanksgiving? It's only a few months away...

CARA: Sounds good to me.

(Cara turns toward Kevin.)

CARA: OK, honey?

(Kevin approaches.)

KEVIN: What's that?

CARA: Thanksgiving. Our house? Winnie says she'll bring Pierre. (Smiles.)

(Shot of Winnie smiling.)

That would be Mssr. LeBlanc, Winnie's French boyfriend - the architect.

(Shot of Kevin nodding.)

I call him "Pete". I don't know if he likes it or not.

KEVIN: Yeah! You bet.

WINNIE (V/O): He would have come...

(Shot of Winnie and Cara. Winnie shrugs.)

WINNIE: But he just couldn't get free.

(Shot of Kevin as he smiles.)

KEVIN: Maybe round up some of the old gang. You know, Paul, and...

(Shot of Winnie and Cara.)

WINNIE: Carla, and...

KEVIN (V/O): Jeff...

CARA: More the merrier...

(Wide shot of all.)

KEVIN: Yeah...(Nods.)

WINNIE: That sounds good! (Smiles.)

And it did. After all, the girls were hitting it off - much to my relief, I might add. But why not? It had been ages.

(Mr. Cooper closes the trunk, then walks around to the group. He opens the passenger door, and looks at the group.)

MR. COOPER: Are we about ready?

(Winnie looks around and shrugs.)

WINNIE: I guess so...

(Close shot of Winnie as she bends close and tickles the baby's chin.)

WINNIE: Bye, bye! Bye, bye!

(Shot of Winnie and Cara as Winnie straightens up and smiles at Cara. Cara smiles.)

(Wide shot of all as Mr. Cooper holds the door open. Winnie turns to Kevin.)


(Kevin smiles at her.)

KEVIN: Yeah.

(They hug quickly. Winnie moves toward the open door. She turns to Kevin.)

WINNIE: Say hi to your mom for me. OK?

KEVIN: I will. I'll mention Thankgiving. Maybe she can fly out.

Mom sold the house and transferred to Alaska, near Karen, a few months after Dad died.

WINNIE: I'd really like to see her.

(Winnie gets in the front seat and slides to the middle.)

KEVIN: I'll tell her.

(Winnie smiles at Cara, and waves at the baby, as Mrs. Cooper slides in next to her. Mr. Cooper closes the passenger door, then walks around the car. He opens the door, then looks at Kevin.)

MR. COOPER. It was good seeing you again, Kevin. It's been a long time. Nice meeting you, too, Cara.

CARA: Thanks. You too.

(Kevin puts his arm around Cara, and smiles as the Cooper's car backs up. Cara waves the baby's arm.)

CARA: Say "bye, bye".

(The Cooper's drive off. Kevin waves slowly.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking after the car off-screen.)

(Shot of Kevin and Cara as she turns to him. He lowers his hand and looks at Cara.)


KEVIN: Sure. (Nods.)

And I was - or so I thought.

(Close shot of Cara as she frowns.)

CARA: Good, cuz you get to carry Jackie!

(Shot of both as she hands Jack to Kevin.)

CARA: Where's the car?

(Kevin kisses Cara on the cheek.)

KEVIN: Come on, this way. (Frowns.)

(Wide shot of them walking across the parking lot away from the camera, arm-in-arm.)

Fade to

Day - Arnold House

(Kevin is dumping some trash into the trash cans.)

Over the next couple months, I found myself thinking more and more about Winnie. Something was bothering me, but I just couldn't put my finger on it.

(Kevin walks back toward the kitchen door.)

Nevertheless, as Thanksgiving drew near, I was determined to take a positive approach.

(Wide shot of the kitchen from Kevin's perspective. Cara is bent over, checking the turkey in the oven.)

(Shot of Kevin pausing in surprise.)

(Closer shot of Cara from Kevin's perspective.)


(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

(Shot of Cara. A bit of "Jaws"-like music plays as the camera wobbles forward slowly, then faster, right up to Cara.)

(Shot of Kevin and Cara in profile as he grabs her around the waist, pulling her toward him.)

CARA: Oooh, Kevin!

(She turns around.)

CARA: You scared me!

(Kevin smiles.)

KEVIN: How's it coming?

CARA: Great. It's gonna be good! (Smiles.)

KEVIN: What's next?

CARA: Well, lemme see...

(Wide shot of the kitchen as Cara slides out of Kevin's arms. She closes the oven, then looks over the counter tops.)

CARA: I'll start veggies when some people get here, so...

(She turns around.)

Did I mention she was an excellent cook?

(Kevin scoops her up again and presses her against the counter.)

(Closer shot of both.)

KEVIN: Good, cuz I was thinking...

(He raises his eye-brows and nods at her.)

(She smiles, then purses her lips and shakes her head slowly.)

CARA: You silly boy!

(Kevin opens his mouth to speak.)

(Cara puts a stick of celery in his mouth and closes his jaw. She smiles.)

CARA: Go on, outta my kitchen. Git!

(Kevin pouts, then smiles. He shakes the celery at Cara. She spanks him as he exits, and smiles.)

(Shot from the living room of Kevin approaching.)

(Shot of Norma sitting on the couch with the baby.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: She's got it under control.

(Close shot of Norma. She smiles.)

NORMA: Good. Jackie and I have time to play, then.

(Wider shot of Norma and the baby on the couch. Norma wags the baby's foot.)

NORMA: Don't we?

(Wide shot of Kevin smiling as the doorbell rings.)

KEVIN: I got it.

(Kevin walks away from the camera to the door and opens it.)

(Close shot of the back of a man's head turning around quickly.)

KEVIN (V/O): Jeff!

(Jeff smiles.)

JEFF: Happy Thanksgiving, man.

(Shot of Kevin smiling.)

KEVIN: Thanks, you too.

(Wider shot as they shake hands. Kevin nods at the flowers Jeff is holding.)

KEVIN: For me? How thoughtful! (Smiles.) Come on in. You're the first one.

(Kevin backs up as Jeff enters, then shuts the door.)

(Jeff smiles as he pulls one flower out.)

JEFF: Actually, I better save one - for Natalie. (Gestures.)

KEVIN: Is she coming?

JEFF: She'll be by later. Family stuff.

KEVIN: Oh, good.

(Cara enters the living room from behind the camera.)

CARA: Hey, Jeff! (Smiles.)

JEFF: Hi, Cara! How are you?

CARA: Fine. (Frowns.) You...didn't bring Nat?

JEFF: She's coming.

CARA: Good. She's fun. (Smiles.)

(Jeff smiles, and hands the flowers to Cara.)

JEFF: Happy Thanksgiving!

CARA: How sweet, thank you. Lemme go put 'em in water.

(Cara exits past the camera.)

(Close shot of Jeff.)

JEFF: How'd you end up with her?

(Music - the last 30 seconds of "She's the One" - Bruce Springsteen.)

"Oooh, she's the one"

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Well...

(He looks off.)

(Fade to "flashback".)

-(Medium telephoto shot of Kevin and Cara each riding "Rent Me" jet-ski's. Life vests, cutoff's, tennis shoes on both. Kevin is a "rookie" on his knees. Cara is standing.)

"Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!"

-(Kevin crashes, and starts swimming after the jet-ski. He grabs the jet-ski as Cara circles past slowly, laughing and shaking her head. Closer shot as Kevin climbs on again, balancing on his knees, shaking his head.)
-(Cara rides by, talking and gesturing with one hand.)
-(Kevin lurchs off on his knees, out of the shot.)
-(Cara pulls a tight U-turn and guns it after Kevin, riding out of the shot.)
-(Shot of both riding toward the camera. Kevin is standing, but barely. Music ends as they pass close to the camera, spraying water onto the lens.)
-(Fade to shot of Kevin and Cara lying on a blanket, laughing and talking, sharing a picnic lunch between them.)

(Flashback fades. Close shot of Kevin shrugging.)

(Shot of Kevin and Jeff as they smile.)

KEVIN: Come on, say hi to my mom.

(The camera pans with them as they walk to the couch.)

KEVIN: Mom? Remember Jeff?

JEFF: Nice to see you again, Mrs. Arnold.

NORMA: Please, Jeff, call me Norma. Well, it has been awhile, hasn't it?

KEVIN: You know, Jeff tried blowing us up in science class once. (Smiles.)

NORMA: Oh! (Smiles.)

JEFF: Uh...I believe you did the pouring.

(Fade to flashback in science class.)
-KEVIN: We could put the whole thing in.
-(Jeff nods and gestures.)
-JEFF: You only live once. Right? (Smiles.)
-KEVIN: Here goes nothing...
-(Jeff watches Kevin pour a powder into a liquid. It foams and overflows. Kevin looks at Jeff in surprise. Sound of heavy bubbling. Mr. Clemens looking up from his desk. "Boom!" sound of an explosion. Cut to school hallway as Jeff and Kevin burst through the doorway and walk up the hall.)
-JEFF: I can't believe you just did that.
-KEVIN: Me?! It was you're idea. (Smiles.)

(Flashback fades to a shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Oh, yeah. You might be right!

(They smile. Jeff looks at the baby.)

JEFF: I see you've got the rug-rat duty.

(Jeff bends down and boxes at the baby.)

JEFF: Hey, squirt! Hey!

NORMA: Oh, no...It's the fun of being a grandma! Oops, I think he needs a new diaper!

(The camera pans with Norma as she carries the baby away toward the bedroom.)

(Shot of Kevin and Jeff. Jeff looks around the living room, then at Kevin.)

JEFF: The pad looks good. (Gestures.)

(The telephone rings. Cara's voice can be heard indistinctly in the background as she answers the phone.)

KEVIN: Thanks. But Cara did most of it.

Yep. I was king of the castle, but the queen did the decor - I call it "country rustic".

KEVIN: But with a kid and all...(Shrugs.)

(Shot of Cara leaning against the kitchen doorway.)

CARA: They're leaving Winnie's right now. Do we want them to bring anything?

(Close shot of Kevin turning over his shoulder.)

KEVIN: Maybe if they want to drink something in particular...

(Shot of Cara as she disappears into the kitchen.)

(The doorbell rings.)

(Wide shot of the living room as Kevin walks to the door and opens it.)

KEVIN: Hey, Paul! Good to see you! Come in!

(Closer shot of both as they shake hands, and walk toward the couch.)

PAUL: Hi, Kevin! Happy Thanksgiving!

KEVIN: Thanks! You too!

(Cara walks past the camera, looking down as she wipes her hands on a towel.)

CARA: They're gonna pick up Carla on the way.

(Cara looks up.)

CARA: Oh hi, Paul!

PAUL: Hi, Cara!

(Cara and Paul hug.)

KEVIN: I think we missed Paul when he was out last time.

CARA: Yeah, too bad.

(Cara pauses and sniffs.)

CARA: Oops!

(She hurries back to the kitchen.)

KEVIN: Come on in. Say hi to -

(Kevin gestures toward the living room.)

(Wide shot of the empty living room.)

KEVIN: Jeff's around here somewhere.

PAUL: Is that Carla, as in "Carla Healey"?

KEVIN: The very same. Hey, Paul, you're not sneezing.

(Kevin smiles.)

PAUL: Is she bringing somebody?

KEVIN: I don't know. I never really kept up - but Winnie has, I guess.

At one time, Paul and Carla were a couple...

(Fade to flashback at the dance.)
-(Paul throws his paper cup which hits Carla on the shoulder. She turns around. Kevin smiles at Paul.)
-KEVIN: Good job, Paul, look who you just hit.
-(Carla smiles at Paul. Paul looks off and squints, then looks surprised and starts sneezing.)
-KEVIN: Why don't you go over and ask her to dance? (Smiles.)
-(Paul sneezes. Kevin frowns.)
-PAUL: Is she looking over here?
-KEVIN: No, she's not looking over here.
-PAUL: Good. (Frowns.)
-KEVIN: She's coming over here.
-(Paul looks shocked as Carla approaches. Paul sneezes.)
-CARLA: Hi, Paul. (Smiles.)
-PAUL: Hi, Carla. (Frowns.)
-(Paul looks down. Carla smiles, then and sighs and looks down. Kevin glances at them. Paul swallows, then looks up.)
-KEVIN: Carla?
-(Kevin joins Paul's and Carla's hands together.)
-KEVIN: I think Paul over here has a little something to ask you.
-(Paul looks at Carla in surprise.)
-CARLA: OK! (Smles.)
-(Paul smiles as Carla pulls him onto the dance floor.)


(Fade to flashback of Carla and Paul standing face-to-face in the cafeteria.)
-CARLA: You rat!
-(Carla slaps Paul and stomps off.)

(Fade to present.)

KEVIN: You're not -

PAUL: Well...

(Paul shrugs.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Uh-huh.

PAUL (V/O): It's been a dozen years. Hey!

(Shot of Paul nodding.)

PAUL: I got the keg, and appurtenances thereto, by the way.

(Kevin looks surprised.)

KEVIN: "Appurtenances thereto"?

Paul had gone "Ivy League", remember.

PAUL: The pump and ice.

KEVIN: Oh, great. Hey, why don't you find something on TV, or put on some music? I gotta get Jack and my mom ready. She's baby-sitting at Wayne's.

(Paul exits toward the TV.)

PAUL (V/O): Do you have Atari?

(Kevin moves to the kitchen doorway and leans on his hands.)

(Shot from the kitchen as Kevin looks in at Cara.)

(Shot of Cara as she looks at him expectantly, licking something off her finger.)

KEVIN (V/O): You sure you're OK? With Jack?

She had never been apart from our child before.

(Cara nods.)

CARA: But I better go check. Stir this, honey? Just turn it off when it melts.

(Shot past Cara as Kevin moves forward to the stove, and Cara exits. Kevin stirs. Wayne enters the kitchen, opens the refrigerator, and removes a soda.)

WAYNE: Your friends are putting up the keg out back.

KEVIN: Oh, good. Winnie should be here any minute. Can you wait a little bit, so she can say hi to Mom?

WAYNE: Sure. No problemo.

KEVIN: Thanks for volunteering, by the way.

WAYNE: Hey, what's one more, huh? (Shrugs.)

That was true. Wayne and Tina had a boy and twin girls.

(Kevin smiles and exits.)

Yep. All-in-all, this was a pretty smooth start.

Fade to

Front door

(Kevin is opening the front door. Winnie, Pierre, and Carla are standing on the porch.)

KEVIN: Welcome! Or should I say - "bonjour"?

(Pierre and Winnie smile.)

KEVIN: Come on in, guys!

(Kevin backs up as they enter, then closes the door.)

WINNIE: Hello, Kevin.


(They hug quickly.)

WINNIE: Kevin, this is Pierre. Pierre, Kevin.

(Kevin and Pierre shake hands.)

I'd seen his picture, of course.

KEVIN: Hey, Pete! Happy Thanksgiving!

PIERRE: Thank you for inviting us.

KEVIN: Our pleasure.

(They all smile.)

CARLA: Hi, Kevin!

KEVIN: Hi, Carla. You look good. Contacts?

(Carla nods and smiles.)

CARLA: Yeah! Thanks!

(Kevin and Carla hug.)

KEVIN: Make yourself at home. Paul and Jeff should be floating around somewhere.


(Carla smiles and walks forward past the camera.)

(Cara enters the shot.)

KEVIN: Hi, honey. Pierre, this is my wife, Cara. Cara, Pierre.

(Cara holds her hand out. Pierre takes it, and bows slightly.)

PIERRE: Enchanteé.

(He releases Cara's hand.)

CARA: Nice to meet you. Here, lemme take your things.

(Pierre hands a bottle of wine to Kevin, then removes his coat, and hands it to Cara. Winnie hands her purse to Cara.)

CARA: I'll put these in the nursery.

(Cara exits.)

NORMA (V/O): Winnie!

(Winnie looks toward Norma off-screen, and smiles.)

WINNIE: Hi-ee!

(Norma enters the scene. Winnie and Norma hug.)

KEVIN: Mom, this is Pierre. Pierre, my mom, Norma.

NORMA: Hello, Pierre!

(Norma and Pierre shake hands.)

PIERRE: A pleasure to meet you.

KEVIN: Well, come on in. (Gestures.)

(Cut to shot of Winnie and Norma sitting on the couch, turned toward each other.)

WINNIE: I was so sorry to hear about Mr. Arnold.

NORMA: Well, thank you, Winnie. He was a good man.

(Norma smiles softly.)

WINNIE: I can't believe you moved to Alaska!

NORMA: Well, sometimes I can't believe it either, you know, all that snow and everything. It's really quite nice! But I have Karen and her bunch, of course, so that helps.

WINNIE: How is she? Did she come out with you?

NORMA: No, she didn't. She's pretty big...(gestures)...so she didn't think she should fly.

WINNIE: Oh, that's too bad.

NORMA: And, well, with everyone gone, the house was just too big for me, really. And, since we had an office in Anchorage, I put in for a transfer.

WINNIE: Well, I'm glad to hear you're doing OK.

(Winnie smiles. Norma pats Winnie's hand.)

NORMA: Thank you, honey. I am.

(Norma looks toward the camera and smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin holding the baby, and bouncing him gently. Cara sets a bag of baby stuff down next to him.)


(Shot of Winnie and Norma on the couch.)

NORMA: Well, Tina's expecting us, so...

(Norma and Winnie stand.)

NORMA: I just need to get my things.

KEVIN: I'll find Wayne.

(Kevin holds the baby straight out, expectantly. Cara and Winnie reach for the baby at the same time, and giggle.)

CARA: Go ahead. I need to check the kitchen.

(Cara smiles and exits away from the camera.)

(Kevin holds the baby out to Winnie. Winnie smiles and takes him.)

WINNIE: Ooh, you're such a cutie! Such a cutie!

(Kevin shakes his head and smiles as he exits past the camera.)

(Wide shot of Winnie standing next to the baby's bag, holding the baby on her hip, as Pierre walks from the hallway and approaches her. He puts his arm around her, and looks at the baby.)

WINNIE: Il est tres gentil, non?

(Subtitle on screen: "Isn't he cute?")

(Winnie smiles at Pierre, then at the baby. Pierre nods.)

(Close shot of the baby blowing spit-bubbles.)

WINNIE (V/O): Il ressemble á Kevin, exactement!

(Subtitle on screen: "He looks just like Kevin!")

Yeah. So they tell me.

Fade to

Dining Room

(Very close shot of Kevin wiping his mouth with a napkin.)

(The camera pulls all the way back across the table. Kevin and Pierre sit at opposite ends. (Kevin, Nat, Jeff, Winnie, Pierre, Paul, Carla, Cara) Most have finished eating, and are "letting it settle".)

(Cara rises and starts picking up some empty dishes and bowls.)

CARA: Anybody for coffee?

(Shot of Winnie and Pierre.)

WINNIE: I think we could use some, oui Pierre? Here, Cara...

(Wider shot of Jeff, Winnie, and Pierre, as Winnie stands up.)

WINNIE: Let me help you. You know, it is so great you quit smoking! (Smiles.)

(Wide shot of all as Cara and Winnie collect the dishes.)

She quit cold-turkey, when she found out she was prego. And, of course...

(Close shot of Cara as she frowns.)

CARA: Stinks, anyway.

(Wide shot of all as Cara and Winnie exit with dishes toward the kitchen.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking over his shoulder.)

As Cara and Winnie walked off together...

(Kevin looks forward and glances around the table.)

I couldn't help but think - maybe they would compare notes about me...get into a catfight...

(Sound of wild laughter in the kitchen.)

(Shot from next to Kevin as he looks past the camera.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of the kitchen doorway.)

Or, maybe not. Not that I was really worried.

(Wide shot of all as Kevin looks forward.)

I mean, we were all adults here, right?

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward the kitchen, then toward Pierre.)

KEVIN: Hey, Pete!

(Shot of Pierre looking toward Kevin.)

KEVIN (V/O): I got a story you might appreciate.

(Shot of Kevin glancing toward Natalie and Jeff off-screen.)

KEVIN: I was taking ninth-grade French, and...

(Kevin glances over his shoulder toward the kitchen, then back to Pierre off-screen, and leans forward.)

KEVIN: There was this girl...

(Fade to flashback.)
-(Kevin turns toward Madeline and stands up. There is a swell of music. Madeline turns to Kevin and speaks directly to him.)
-MADELINE: J'ai attendu toute ma vie pour toi. (Subtitles appear on screen: I've waited for you all my life.)
-KEVIN: Voulez-vous de beurre? (Subtitle: Do you want some butter?)
-MADELINE: A l'instant je t'ai vu, je su qu'il n'y avait personne d'autre. (Subtitle: From the moment I saw you I knew there was no one else.)
-KEVIN: Voulez-vous de beurre? (Subtitle: Do you want some butter?)
-MADELINE: Mon coeur est remplit de toi. (Subtitle: You fill my heart.)
-MADELINE: T'a pensé m'obsede. (Subtitle: You haunt my mind.)
-KEVIN: Voulez-vous de beurre? (Subtitle: Do you want some butter?)
-MADELINE: Kevin! (Fr. accent.)
-KEVIN: Madeline! (Amer. accent.)
-MRS. FALCINELLA: Kevin! (Amer. accent.)
-(Kevin turns around as the class laughs.)
-MRS. FALCINELLA: En français, s'il vous plait!
-(Kevin looks embarrassed.)

(Fade to present. Wide shot of all.)

KEVIN: Can you believe it? "Voulez-vous de beurre"...

(Close shot of Pierre chuckling.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling as he shakes his head.)

KEVIN: Jeez...

(Everyone laughs.)

(Shot of Paul and Carla.)

PAUL: She was bad news. (Nods.)

(Wide shot past the table as Cara and Winnie return. Winnie sits down. Cara stands next to Kevin.)

CARA: What did we miss?

(Shot of Kevin and Cara.)

KEVIN: Oh, I was just telling a story about French class.

CARA: Oh. You and your stories.

(She smiles and exits to the kitchen.)

(Close shot of Paul.)

PAUL: I'll tell you an embarrassing story.

(Wide shot of all turning toward Paul, as he finishes a forkful of food.)

(Close shot of Kevin glancing around the table, smiling.)

Yep, nothin' but smooth sailin' here.

(Shot of Nat and Jeff looking toward Paul off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin glancing around the table, smiling.)

This was goin' rather well!

(Shot of Carla and Paul.)

What was I worried about, really?

(Close shot of Paul as he looks at Kevin off-screen.)

PAUL: Remember the time you two stranded me at the drive-in, cuz I didn't want to double with Cara's friend?

(Close shot of Kevin looking surprised.)

Then suddenly, a warning flag went up.

(Wide shot as Cara returns with a pot of coffee and cups on a tray.)

CARA: Hey, I remember that. That was a long time ago.

(Close shot as Cara looks at Kevin and smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin glancing off.)

And here's why - there was just one little detail I had never mentioned to Winnie, which was -

(Close shot of Cara.)

CARA: We were what - like fifteen, honey?

(Shot of Kevin glancing toward Winnie.)

That would be it.

(Shot of Winnie looking at Paul.)

KEVIN (V/O): Uh, yeah.

(Close shot of Paul.)

And then, the Spanish armada sailed into town.

PAUL: That second night, you actually abandoned me at the drive-in, holding that stupid hot-dog.

(Shot of Kevin and Cara. He looks stunned, as Cara leans on his shoulder and smiles toward Paul off-screen.)

PAUL (V/O): You know...

(Shot of Nat and Jeff smiling.)

PAUL (V/O): I had to walk a mile before I got a ride back to the lake.

(Shot of Paul and Carla as he shakes his head.)

(Shot of Kevin and Cara. Cara smiles and looks down at Kevin.)

(Shot of Winnie. Her smile fades as she glances toward Kevin.)

(Close shot of Kevin as he glances toward Paul off-screen, worriedly.)

(Shot of Pierre, Paul, and Carla. Paul looks surprised.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking worried.)

(Close shot of Winnie as she turns toward Paul off-screen.)

WINNIE: The lake?


(Close shot of Kevin. Fade to atomic bomb explosion and rising mushroom cloud. Fade to shot of Kevin as he glances off.)

(Shot of Kevin and Cara. Her smile fades as she notices Kevin is uneasy.)

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Winnie, Pierre, and Paul.)

PAUL: Uh, yeah, Lake Wennahatchee. You been there?

(Winnie laughs and shakes her head. She pours some coffee, then looks down as she stirs it slowly.)

(Shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen and frowning.)

CARLA (V/O): Tell us about your wedding!

(Close shot of Carla smiling and nodding.)

(Shot of Kevin looking worried.)

I needed a break. Abandon ship!

KEVIN: Uh, honey, why don't you tell them? I gotta hit the bathroom.

(Wide shot of all as Kevin rises.)

She had been there. She could tell it. Gotta go!

CARA: Well, it was just a small outdoor ceremony...

(Kevin walks toward the bathroom.)

(Flashback to the wedding ceremony.)
-(High shot from behind the minister of Kevin and Cara, dressed up, in the middle, with family and a few guests in the background.)
-MINISTER: I now pronounce you...man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.
-(Close shot of Kevin and Cara kissing.)
-(Close shot of Norma smiling and crying.)
-(Wide shot of family and guests congratulating the newlyweds. Wayne throws rice.)
(End flashback.)

Cut to


(Close shot of Kevin looking at himself in the mirror, and frowning.)

I wasn't sure if what had just happened...happened. Still, I was going to have to make this right with Winnie.

Cut to

Living Room

(Shot of Kevin talking to a man wearing glasses, and gesturing with both hands.)

My new neighbor, Kyle. Kind of a funny guy. He flies airplanes.

KYLE: About 50 feet off the ground, it's on its side, you know, "knife-edge", and then...(gestures)...zzzzoooommmmm!

Well, model airplanes.

KYLE: But if you have a nice steady breeze, on a hot day, you can just chop the throttle, and hover.

(He demonstrates by swooping his hand in and holding it between them.)

KEVIN: Really?

KYLE: Yep. And if it's over-powered like mine, or has a big four-stroke, you can just...

(He rotates his arm and raises his hand vertically, demonstrating.)

KYLE:..."bzzzzzzzzz". (Smiles.)

KEVIN: Really?!

KYLE: You oughtta try it sometime.

KEVIN: Actually, I flew one for about eight seconds once. Crashed into a tree.

KYLE: Well, you shouldn't fly around trees when you're learning. And you really need to find someone to teach you.

KEVIN: Yeah, well, we just flew in front of his house.

KYLE: Really? Man, that's totally illegal.

(He shakes his head.)


KYLE: Noise, mainly, and safety reasons. You need to go to a designated field. Bummer there's only like three places in the tri-county area where you can fly.

KEVIN: Hmmm!

KYLE: Well, I'm gonna head out. Just thought I'd say hi. Let me know for Sunday or something. Bring the wife and kid if you want. There's picnic tables, water and porta-potties, and sometimes a hot-dog guy.

KEVIN: OK, maybe we will. Come back later if you want.

KYLE: Alright, maybe I will. Lemme take care of some stuff, first.

(Kyle exits.)

Finally. And now...

(Shot of Kevin turning around, and sipping his drink.)

(Shot of Winnie and Pierre looking at some pictures and knick-knacks on the mantle. Jeff enters from behind the camera.)

JEFF: Hey, Pierre, you up for some horse-shoes?

(Pierre looks at Winnie. She smiles.)

WINNIE (To Pierre): I'll be there in a minute. (Nods.)

PIERRE: I have never played. (Shrugs.)

JEFF: Ah...there's nothing to it. (Smiles.)

(Jeff looks toward Kevin off-screen.)

JEFF: Kev?

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Uh, maybe in a little while.

(Shot of Winnie, Pierre, and Jeff.)


(The camera pans with Jeff and Pierre as they walk toward the back yard.)

(The camera stops on the couch. Carla and Natalie are talking.)

CARLA:...but it's so hard to walk in them. And dancing's even worse.

NATALIE: I know what you mean. (Nods.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

(Shot of Winnie turning around, and making eye-contact with Kevin.)

Face it. It was time to sink or swim.

(Close shot of Kevin.)


(Kevin nods toward the front door.)

("Pretty Maids All In A Row" - Eagles starts and plays throughout in the background.)

(Close shot of Winnie as she nods.)

(Wider shot as they meet at the doorway.)

(Shot of Cara coming up the hallway, and slowing up as she looks toward the doorway off-screen.)

(Closer shot of Kevin and Winnie as he puts his hand on her back, guiding her through the doorway. He shuts the door behind him.)

(Close shot of Cara frowning.)

Cut to


(Shot of Kevin and Winnie. Kevin is looking down, then glances at Winnie.)

KEVIN: Uh, hi.

"Hi, there, how are ya?"


"It's been a long time"
"Seems like we've come a long way"

(Kevin is looking away, and fidgeting. Winnie is looking at him softly.)

"My, but we learn so slow"

KEVIN: Winnie...uh...I know you kind of blew off Paul's comment at dinner, but I want to explain.

"The heroes - they come and they go"

(Kevin glances off, then back. Winnie shrugs and shakes her head.)

WINNIE: Kevin, you don't have to explain anything.

"And leave us behind"

(Kevin faces Winnie and looks at her intently.)

KEVIN: Yes, Winnie, I do. I should have told you everything. (Nods.)

(Kevin sighs heavily, looks away, then back.)

"As if we're supposed to know why"

KEVIN: I saw her two times when I was with you. (Shrugs.)

(Winnie tilts her head.)


"Why do we give up our hearts to the past"

KEVIN: Yeah.

(Kevin looks down.)

KEVIN: The first time, on vacation, well, we sort of...hit it off.

(Kevin looks at Winnie.)

"And why must we grow up so fast"

KEVIN: The second time, the one you knew about, sorta, well...(shrugs)...I just had a wild hair, and I thought she was the solution. I made a fool of myself, and it was over. Really. (Nods.) I mean, she had a boyfriend, and everything.

WINNIE: Well, if it was over, how is it you're together now?

KEVIN: Well, it was just how I described it to you. (Nods.) We met by accident while I was on my route.

(Kevin shrugs and looks off.)

That was true. I had forgotten about her. Really. Watch carefully...

(Fade to flashback.)
-(Close shot of Kevin driving a car. He wears a business shirt and tie.)
-(Shot from Kevin's perspective of the dashboard, passenger seat, and floorboard. Kevin sets a tape recorder down on the seat, next to an aluminum clipboard holding paperwork. The bottom portion of the clipboard has "Kaiser Enterprises" printed in large blue letters. A couple of empty soda cans and some trash is on the passenger floorboard.)
-(Low shot from the seat of Kevin looking over the road, and turning the steering wheel as the camera shakes.)
-(Shot wide shot of a large wooden commercial building, painted light green, with "Anderson Agricultural" across the front, in black outlined white letters. Kevin's white car with "Kaiser Enterprises" on the door passes the camera and pulls into the parking area.)
-(Shot from the passenger window of Kevin parking the car, opening the door and stepping out.)
-(High shot from behind Kevin, as he opens the rear door and removes his jacket from a hanger. He closes the rear door, and puts on his jacket. An old maroon-and-white Ford pickup truck pulls in and parks two spots down, on the end of the row of parking spaces. Kevin leans into the front of the car and gets his clipboard.)
-(Kevin stands up and slams the door.)
-(A women wearing a baseball cap gets out of the truck and slams the door.)
-(Kevin glances toward the truck, then down at his clipboard as he slides a business card into it, and heads toward the building entrance.)
-(The woman follows right behind him.)
-(Close shot from behind Kevin as he pulls the door open, and holds it for the woman. The car and truck are in the background.)
-WOMAN: Hey.
-(The woman passes Kevin into the building.)
-(Close shot of Kevin in thought.)
- And that's when it hit me.
-(Shot of the car and truck from Kevin's perspective.)
- I knew that truck. And I knew that "hey".
-(Close shot of Kevin in surprise, looking after Cara off-screen.)
-KEVIN: Cara?
-(Close shot of Cara as she turns, looks at Kevin with surprise, and approaches.)
-CARA: Kevin?
-(She steps outside.)
-CARA: What are you doing here?
-KEVIN: Sales. What are you doing here?
-CARA: Stuff for horses I tend.
-KEVIN: Oh. Do you...want to get a bite to eat somewhere, after?
-CARA: Well...
-KEVIN: It's only gonna take me about fifteen minutes - half-hour max.
-CARA: I'd like that.
-KEVIN: Great.
-(They smile at each other.)

(End flashback.)

KEVIN: And we...sort of...rekindled the spark. (Gestures.)

Well...that was true, too.

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: I see. Why didn't you tell me?

(Shot of Kevin looking at Winnie.)

KEVIN: Winnie, I didn't know how to. Without hurting you. You're the last person I want to hurt.

"And all the wishing-well fools with your fortunes"

(Shot of both.)

WINNIE: Well, Kevin, we did decide to go our separate ways.

Fact! She did most of the deciding. Just thought I'd mention it.

KEVIN: I know. We did. But I, uh, never really...let you go.

"Someone should send you a rose"

WINNIE: Kevin, what do you mean? (Frowns.)

KEVIN: Winnie, you're...as big a part of me, now, as you ever were. At one time...you were everything to me. (Nods.)

'With love, from a friend'"
"It's nice to hear from you again"

(Winnie is slightly puzzled.)

"And the storybook comes to a close"

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I'll always treasure the times we had together, Winnie. We had some rough times...mostly my fault...but the good memories are the strong ones. You, and the others - but mostly you, Winnie...

(Shot of Winnie looking at Kevin.)

KEVIN (V/O): You were my childhood, and I...

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I didn't want to...give that up.

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Kevin, what are you trying to say?

I wasn't sure myself.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin.)

I felt like I was being torn apart.

(Kevin glances away, then back.)

KEVIN: Winnie, some of the best years of my life were spent with you.

(Shot of Winnie looking at Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: But...a long time has passed since we were together.

(Kevin looks off, then back.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie.)

KEVIN (V/O): I'll always love you...in my heart.

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: But at some point, we have to move forward in our lives.

"Gone are the ribbons and bows"

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie as she looks away.)

WINNIE: I see.

KEVIN (V/O): I realized when I saw you at the airport...

(Winnie looks at Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN:...that it really...was gone. You know, Winnie...

(Kevin sighs and looks away.)

KEVIN: It was hard to, uh, accept...that we wouldn't be together.

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie looking off.)

KEVIN (V/O): It was like, I mean...I would never have the one thing I was living for.

(Winnie looks at Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin looking at Winnie.)

KEVIN: It seemed like you were never coming back.

(Shot of Winnie. She sighs and looks off. She gets a little misty-eyed.)

(Shot of both. Long pause.)

WINNIE: Kevin, I don't know what to say.

"Things to remember, places to go"

KEVIN: Well, I just...don't want you to think...I don't love you.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I do, Winnie, but in a different way, now.

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie.)

KEVIN (V/O): You're my past - my wonderful past.

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: But my future is...with Cara.

(Kevin nods faintly.)

"Pretty maids all in a row"

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie as she pauses, then takes a step nearer. She reaches up and pulls Kevin's head closer, and softly kisses him on the eye.)

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin as they pull away slowly and look at each other.)

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, oooh."

(Kevin moves in slowly, kisses her eye, then pulls away.)

(They look at each other a moment.)

(Kevin quickly wipes his eyes and smiles.)

(Shot of both.)

KEVIN: Come on, let's get back to the party.

WINNIE: You go ahead. I'll be in...OK?

(Winnie smiles faintly. Kevin nods.)

OK! After that, I needed a break.

(Shot past Winnie as Kevin turns to go inside.)

WINNIE: Kevin?

(Kevin turns back to Winnie.)

And then...I got one.

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Cara's pretty wonderful, too, you know.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

Yeah, I did know. I just didn't say it.

(Close shot of Winnie looking softly at Kevin.)

I don't know why Winnie did - she didn't have to.

(Shot of Kevin looking at Winnie softly.)

But it made all the difference.

KEVIN: Thank you, Winnie. (Smiles.)

(Shot of both as they look at each other a moment.)

(Shot of past Kevin of Winnie, as Kevin turns and passes the camera. Winnie looks after Kevin, then turns around.)

Cut to

Living Room

(Sound of chat and laughter as Kevin walks across the living room.)

KEVIN: Hey, Pete! I think Winnie wants you.

(Pierre looks at Kevin.)

(Kevin jerks his thumb toward the door.)


(Pierre rises from the chair and exits toward the front door.)

KEVIN: Who needs more wine?

(Shot of Jeff and Natalie on the couch.)

JEFF: I believe we do.

(Jeff picks up the bottle.)

JEFF: Oops. It's empty.

(Jeff rises and motions Kevin toward the kitchen.)

Cut to


(Shot of Jeff and Kevin.)

JEFF: So. You guys spent like...five minutes out there.

KEVIN: Yeah.

JEFF: What's up?

KEVIN: We just...tied up some loose ends.

JEFF: Ah. Yes. The loose ends. (Gestures.) You got any more of that Chardonnay?

KEVIN: Yeah, I think so. You guys are staying over, right? We can shuffle the nursery around a bit.

JEFF: Thanks. We might need it. (Smiles.)

(Kevin frowns, then gestures in submission.)

(Shot past Jeff and Kevin as Paul enters the kitchen.)

PAUL: Hey, guys!

(He passes them on the way to the refrigerator.)

JEFF: Hey.

(Kevin looks over his shoulder at Paul off-screen.)

KEVIN: Well, it doesn't look like either of you are driving, tonight.

(Close shot of Jeff as he takes the wine.)

JEFF: I guess not. (Smiles.)

(Jeff exits to the living room.)

(Paul moves in front of Kevin.)

PAUL: Hey, Kev, I'm sorry if I said something I shouldn't have, before.

KEVIN (V/O): Nah, don't worry about it.

What are best friends for, anyway?

(Close shot of Kevin as he smiles.)

KEVIN: It's nothing. Come on.

(Shot from behind them as they exit to the living room.)

Cut to

Living Room

(Close shot of Natalie sitting on the couch. Jeff is filling her glass. She smiles.)

Fade to


(Wide shot of the living room. Jeff and Natalie are on the couch, watching TV. Kevin enters from the hallway.)

KEVIN: Where's Paul and Carla?

NATALIE: I'm not sure.

(Kevin walks to the back door and glances out.)

(Shot of the empty doorway as Kevin steps outside.)

(Shot of the front door as Pierre and Winnie enter, arms around each other.)

(Shot of the open back doorway as Kevin returns.)

KEVIN: They're out there!

(He jerks his thumb.)


KEVIN: Paul and Carla.

(Winnie smiles and starts to walk forward.)

WINNIE: You're kidding!

(Kevin blocks the door and smiles.)

WINNIE: I sure didn't see that coming!

(Kevin shrugs.)

KEVIN: Well, no...they're just talking - I think.

(Kevin smiles, then looks around.)

KEVIN: Where's Cara?

NATALIE: Bathroom. Ooh, me too.

(Natalie gets up and hurries toward the bathroom.)

(Fade to shot of Kevin adjusting the TV antenna. Jeff and Natalie are in the background.)

KEVIN: Any better?

NATALIE: Yeah. Right...

There! OK - now to find the wife.

(Kevin walks to the kitchen doorway.)

It was time to share a little quality time...

(He looks in, then turns around and frowns.)

Fade to

Kevin and Cara's Bedroom

(Shot of Kevin outside the bedroom door as he cracks it open and looks inside.)

Maybe sneak in a few smooches...

(Shot of Cara in a white nightgown. She is sitting in bed, knees up, with a pencil and paper.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Hey...(Smiles.)

(Cara looks at Kevin, then down.)

(Kevin frowns.)

KEVIN: Cara?

(Kevin steps inside, and closes the door part-way behind him.)

KEVIN: Honey, what's up?

(Kevin approaches, smiling.)

(Shot of Cara looking down, then glancing at Kevin.)

CARA: You tell me.

(Shot past Cara of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Cara, what...? (Shrugs.)

But right then...I knew what it was. What had been bothering me...

(Shot of Cara.)

Was bothering Cara, too.

CARA: Winnie.

(She turns her head away slightly.)


(Shot of both.)

KEVIN: Cara. Honey...

(Kevin takes the pencil and paper from Cara and puts them on the night-stand. He sits on the edge of the bed and holds her hands.)

KEVIN: We need to talk - really, I want a talk. But right now we've got a houseful of people. Can it wait a little while, please?

(Cara is still looking away.)

(Kevin moves in and kisses her on the cheek.)

KEVIN: I love you. (Smiles.)

(Cara shows no reaction.)

KEVIN: Cara -

(Kevin frowns, then pauses, and stands up.)

(Shot of Cara glancing up at him, then down.)

(Kevin exits past the camera. Cara watches him leave, then slides down into bed away from the camera and fluffs her pillow forcefully. She turns off the lamp.)

(Shot from behind Kevin in the hallway, looking in, then pulling the door shut. He turns around, frowning.)

Fade to

Living Room

(Kevin, Jeff, Natalie, Winnie and Pierre are sitting around the table, playing cards. Paul and Carla are watching TV on the couch in the background. "Try and Love Again" - Eagles plays in background through next few scenes.)

"When you're out there on your own, where your memories can find you"
"Like a circle goes around, you were lost until you found out"

JEFF: Threes are wild.

(Jeff deals the cards.)

"What it all comes down to"

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Cara apologizes for pooping out early. She had a long day.

(Wide shot as they study their cards.)

"One by one, the lonely feeling's gone"
"Day by day, they slowly fade away"
"Oooh, the look was in her eyes"
"You never know what might be found there"

(Shot of Winnie yawning, then smiling at Pierre.)

"She was was dancing out in time, and she the moves she made so fine"
"Like the music that surrounds her"

KEVIN: Gimme two.

"Should I stay or go, I really want to know"
"Would I lose or win, if I try and love again"

Cut to

Night - Arnold Driveway

Winnie and Pete weren't staying over, of course.

(Shot of Winnie and Pierre in their car in the driveway. Winnie waves as the car backs up.)

"Oh, ohohohoh, gonna try and love again"
"Oh, ohohohoh, I'm gonna try to love again"
"Oh, ohohohoh, I'm gonna try and love..."

(Shot of Kevin, Carla and Paul on the porch, waving and smiling as the car pulls away. They head inside.)

And Paul agreed to take Carla home, so, there was only one thing to say.

"Right or wrong what's done is done"
"It's only moments that you borrow"

(Close shot of the corner of the couch, as a blanket and pillow are set on it.)


(Wide shot of living room as Kevin stands next to the couch. Paul and Carla sit on the other end.)

KEVIN: For whoever gets the couch. It folds out. Uh, I'm gonna hit it. Seeya in the morning.

"But the thoughts still linger on"

CARLA: 'night, Kevin.

(Paul reaches for the blanket.)

PAUL: Seeya.

"For the lady and her song"

(Shot of Jeff in a chair, with Nat half-asleep, sitting on his lap.)

JEFF: Bye, guy.

(Kevin waves a little and heads toward the bedroom.)

"When the sun comes up tomorrow"

Cut to

Arnold Bedroom

(Shot of Cara lying in bed, curled up on her side facing away from Kevin. Kevin is behind her, looking over her shoulder.)

"Well, it might take years, to see through all these tears"
"Don't let go, when you find it you will know"

Of course, by the time I returned, she was asleep - or pretending to be. All I could do was...wait it out.

(Kevin frowns and leans back against the headboard, sitting on top of the covers.)

"Oh, ohohohoh, I'm gonna try and love again"

(Fade to high wide shot of Cara under the covers, Kevin lying on top of them. They face away from each other.)

"Oh, ohohohoh, I'm gonna try and love again"
"Oh, ohohohoh, I'm gonna try and love again"

(Shot from Cara's side of the bed. Sunlight is coming through the window blinds.)

"Sometimes when, sometimes when, sometimes you need a friend"

(Cara stirs awake, and gets out of bed.)

"Gonna try...Gonna try..."

KEVIN: Cara...

CARA: Gotta go.

"Gonna try, gonna try, gonna try, gonna try..."
"Gonna try, gonna try, gonna try, gonna try..."

(Cara walks past the camera toward the door.)

Well, there are priorities...

(Kevin watches her exit. Music fades out.)

(Fade to shot from the opposite side, of Kevin sitting on the bed as Cara returns. She sits on the bed with her arms around her knees.)

CARA: You said she knew about us.


CARA: You said you told her about us.

KEVIN: Uh...

(Kevin sighs and looks off.)

Why me, Lord? This was not gonna to be easy - for either of us. So just...tread carefully, young man.

(Kevin looks at Cara.)

KEVIN: I did tell her. About me coming up to see you the second time. (Shrugs.) She pretty much knew, anyway.

(Flashback to Kevin and Winnie arguing on the side of the road near the barn. Winnie is sitting on her suitcase.)
-WINNIE: I'm not crying. And I'm not a tramp!
-KEVIN: Hey, if the shoe fits, right?
-WINNIE: Oh, like you never looked at somebody else?
-KEVIN: What are you talking about?
-WINNIE: How about that girl last summer? At the lake!
-KEVIN: Who told you about that?
-WINNIE: You're so transparent.
-KEVIN: Oh, so this is some kind of a jealousy thing - is that it?
(End flashback.)

KEVIN: I didn't think it was necessary to mention the other time, after all...

(Flashback to the drive-in.)
-KEVIN: Look, I want to stay. You know that - you gotta know that, more than anything! (Softly.): I'm sorry.
-(Cara turns and looks at Kevin as a tear rolls down her cheek.)
-CARA: I'm not.
-(They look at each other a few moments.)
-(Close shot of their hands as she takes his, and they look some more. She puts his hand on her heart.)
-(Kevin pauses in mild surprise, then moves closer and they kiss a long time.)

(Fade to present.)

(Cara looks down.)



CARA: I was expecting to see wings and a halo.

(Kevin looks surprised.)

KEVIN: What?! (Frowns.)

CARA: The way you describe her in your stupid stories.

(Kevin is momentarily speechless.)


(Kevin glances away, then back.)

KEVIN: Cara, those stupid stories are from my life! It's just a silly project I started in college, anyway.

CARA: I never believed it all until last night.

KEVIN: What about last night?

CARA: It's pretty obvious...

KEVIN: What's obvious?

OK - so I was blind. But what was she getting at?

(Cara is looking down.)

CARA: You still love her.


KEVIN: Cara!

(Kevin frowns and shakes his head.)

KEVIN: It's not like that.

(Kevin moves closer to Cara and holds her. She turns her head away. Kevin is looking at her as she turns back, almost crying.)

CARA: I don't want you to leave me, like -

KEVIN: Honey!

(Kevin smiles and shakes his head slowly.)

KEVIN: I'm not going to leave you like he did, OK?

(Kevin nods faintly.)

(Cara looks away.)

KEVIN: Cara, listen. This is what I wanted to tell you last night. Yes, Winnie and I had something special - but that was a long time ago, OK?

OK! So I'm not a poet. But give me credit for tryin'.

KEVIN: Cara, I'm not with her - I'm with you.

(Kevin shrugs and sighs.)

KEVIN: Yes, OK, maybe she was bothering me...

(Cara glances away, then at Kevin.)

"Maybe"? Who was I tryin' to kid?

KEVIN: But...I was starting to feel guilty. Not because I wanted to leave you for her. But because I realized...I had never let her go - Cara, I want to stay with you. I want to be...with you. I told Winnie that, last night. I'm sorry...

(Kevin glances away.)

KEVIN: It's not a very good excuse.

(Wide shot from Cara's side as she looks away.)

CARA: I better check on breakfast.

(Cara rises and exits. Kevin looks after her and sighs.)

Or, maybe not a very good excuse at all.

(Kevin leans against the headboard.)

Well, this was going great - not!

("Songbird" - Fleetwood Mac starts in the background.)

Face it. I...was in hell.

(Kevin closes his eyes.)

Why did I have so much trouble with women?!

"For you, there'll be no more crying"

(Kevin looks toward the window and frowns.)

"For you, the sun will be shining"

Fade to

(Close shot of Kevin sitting up and looking toward the doorway.)

"And I feel that when I'm with you"

(Wide shot of Cara standing in the doorway looking at Kevin.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Cara.)

(Close shot of Cara.)

"It's alright, I know it's right"

(She enters and closes the door behind her, then approaches the camera.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking up at Cara off-screen.)

"To you, I'll give the world"

(Cara, shown from the waist down, enters the frame, and pauses.)

"To you, I'll never be cold"

(Kevin looks up at Cara uncertainly.)

"'Cause I feel that when I'm with you"

(She hitches up the side of her nightgown, swings a leg over Kevin, and sits on his lap.)

"It's alright, I know it's right"

(Cara puts her hands on Kevin's shoulders.)

CARA: No one's up yet.

"And the songbirds are singing, like they know the score"

(Cara leans forward and kisses Kevin once, then sits up, looking at him.)

CARA: How about you?

"And I love you, I love you, I love you"

(Cara smiles softly.)

"Like never before"

(Kevin reaches up and pulls her forward. They start kissing softly, then more passionately. They roll over, and look at each other, as Kevin strokes her hair and face.)

"And I wish you all the love in the world"
"But most of all, I wish it from myself"

(Closer shot of both.)

KEVIN: I love you, Cara. Forgive me?

CARA: Promise me...

"And the songbirds keep singing"

(Kevin glances over Cara's face.)

"Like they know the score"

(Close shot of Cara looking at Kevin.)

And I did.

"And I love you, I love you, I love you"

KEVIN: I'm all yours, Cara. (Nods.)

"Like never before"

(Cara smiles.)

KEVIN: You're stuck with me.

"Like never before"

KEVIN: And you better get used to it.

(Cara pulls Kevin to her. They kiss softly.)

"Like never before"

(Music ends.)

(They smile softly at each other.)

And that morning, the weight was lifted from my shoulders.

(Fade to black.)

(Fade to shot of Kevin lying on his back, eyes closed. Cara lies on her side, a leg draped over him, and a hand on his chest.)

(Sound of tapping on the bedroom door.)

PAUL (V/O): Hey, guys?

(Kevin and Cara look at each other and sigh.)

KEVIN: Coming!

(Cara slides under the covers, as Kevin stands up. He brushes his hair back with his hand as he cracks the door open.)

(Shot from behind Paul.)

KEVIN: What's up?

PAUL: The girls are gonna start breakfast. You coming out? It's nine o'clock.

KEVIN: Uh, yeah. We'll be out in a few.


(Paul exits past the camera as Kevin closes the door.)

(Shot of Cara as Kevin walks past the camera to the bed. He bends over Cara and kisses her.)

KEVIN: Come on, honey. Let's get a shower.

And life seemed wonderful again. So of course - it couldn't last.

Fade to

Noon. Arnold Backyard

(Shot of Kevin, Jeff and Paul standing next to Carla, who is in the swing.)

JEFF: OK, then. We all agree on "E.T."?

(General nods of agreement.)

(Shot of Cara at the back door, looking out.)

CARA: Honey?

(Shot of Kevin turning toward her expectantly.)

CARA (V/O): Honey, there's someone at the door for you.


(Shot past Kevin of Cara.)

CARA: They wouldn't say. Some old friend.

(Cara shrugs.)


(The camera pans with Kevin as he approaches, smiling.)

Hmmm. I had so many friends.

(Cara steps outside as Kevin enters the house.)

(Shot of Paul, Carla, and Jeff starting to smile and walking toward the house.)

(Cara winks, gives the "thumbs up" sign, and smiles at them.)

(Shot of the living room. Kevin is at the door in the background, as Cara, and others slowly gather behind him.)

Let's see...who could it be?

(Close shot from behind Kevin as he opens the door.)

(Close shot of the back of a head of long brown hair.)

Could it be?!

(The head turns around quickly. "Da-da-dum!" It is Becky Slater. She glares at Kevin.)

Becky Slater?!

(Close shot of Kevin. He looks stunned, and drops his jaw.)

(Cara and the others are trying not to laugh, behind him. Natalie joins the group and holds Jeff's arm.)

(Fade to flashback.)
-KEVIN: Becky, we have to break up. I still like Winnie Cooper. We can still be friends, though.
-BECKY: Oh, yeah. "Friends"?! I'll give you "friends!"
-(Becky slugs Kevin, and stomps out.)
-(Close shot of Kevin's face as he lies on the floor.)

(End flashback.)

(Fade to shot of Kevin smiling nervously.)

(Shot of Becky glaring at Kevin.)

KEVIN (V/O): Becky! Hi!

(Fade to flashback.)
-KEVIN: Look, Becky, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that we broke up, I'm sorry about the whole thing.
-BECKY: Yeah?! Are you sorry you just used me to get to Winnie?! Are you sorry you just pretended to like me the whole time when you really just liked her?! Cuz, you know, I really think that's a terrible thing to do to a person.
-KEVIN: Look. I really liked you. I really like you a lot.
-BECKY: Well, whoop-dee-doo.
-KEVIN: Well, what do you want me to say?! Does it make you feel better making my life miserable?!
-BECKY: Yes, it does.
-KEVIN: So, what are you gonna do? Go around and make everyone hate me forever?
-BECKY: No, if you got some horrible disease, or got into a really bad accident, I'd probably stop.

(End flashback.)

(Fade to shot of Becky.)

KEVIN (V/O): Uh, what brings you here?

(Fade to flashback.)
-(Theme from "2001" plays as Kevin jumps up and down in victory, with his arms up.)
-KEVIN: Ughhhhh...
-(Becky retracts her fist from Kevin's stomach. Kevin collapses. Becky and other girls smile and giggle as they walk away.)

(End Flashback.)

(Fade to shot of Becky. She smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin looking at her expectantly.)

(Close shot of Becky. Ominous music plays as she starts to cackle, then raises a knife over her head.)

(Shot past Becky of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Becky! No!

(Close shot of Becky smiling as she swings the knife down.)

(Close shot of Kevin recoiling. Music ends. Cara and the others burst out laughing.)

(Shot past Kevin of Becky at the doorway, holding a cellophane-covered plate, with the knife sticking in it. Winnie appears from around the corner of the house, and approaches, doing a little tip-toe dance, and laughing.)

BECKY: Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a cheeseball.

(Becky holds the plate out toward Kevin. Kevin is motionless, and stunned.)

(Everyone laughs hilariously.)

(Wide shot as Kevin turns toward Cara and the others. He looks at them, puzzled. Cara approaches, still giggling, and holds Kevin's arm.)

(Kevin turns toward the door. He looks at Becky, then to Winnie, who is just behind her, smiling.)


(Winnie shakes her head and smiles.)

(Shot of Jeff and Natalie smiling.)

JEFF: That was beautiful, man!

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: You guys...set me up.

(Kevin glances from face to face.)

KEVIN: You all...set me up.

(Wide shot as everyone nods.)

(Shot past Kevin of Becky.)

BECKY: Don't worry, Kevin. I got over it a long time ago.

(Becky kisses Kevin on the cheek.)

KEVIN: Oh. Well...I'm glad - I think.

BECKY: I just couldn't resist the opportunity.

(Kevin frowns, then smiles.)

KEVIN: Well, do you want to come in? We're getting ready to go see a matinee. Maybe you ladies want to join us?

BECKY: Well, actually, Winnie and I are running around, catching up. But thanks, anyway!

(Becky smiles, and slowly backs up.)

BECKY: Hi Carla, Hi Paul. Carla, I'll call you later!

(Shot of Carla and Paul.)

CARLA: Great!

BECKY (V/O): Oh, Kevin?

(Shot past Kevin of Becky and Winnie.)


BECKY: I just thought you might like to know...


BECKY: I work for the Internal Revenue Service. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: Becky! (Frowns.)

BECKY (V/O): Your ass is mine!

(Shot past Kevin of Becky and Winnie. More wild laughter as they hurry away toward their car.)

BECKY: Bye-eeee!

(Shot of Kevin in the doorway. He smirks and nods, then gives the women a little wave.)

(Close shot from behind Kevin as he turns toward Cara and the group. He glares at them.)

(Wide shot of all as the group laughs.)

PAUL: That in itself was worth the trip.

(Carla nods and smiles.)

KEVIN: Paul, this was your idea?

PAUL: Well...not exactly.

(Paul glances toward Cara. Kevin frowns, and nods his head at Cara.)


CARA: Yep.

(Shot of Kevin and Cara as she moves closer and hugs Kevin. Kevin holds her.)

CARA: And honey?

KEVIN: Yeah?

(Cara pulls back slightly, looks up at Kevin, and smiles.)

CARA: Don't ever forget it.

(Kevin looks surprised, then smiles.)

KEVIN: I won't. Trust me.

(Kevin smiles. They kiss once, then separate. Kevin frowns in thought.)

KEVIN: But how? You never knew Becky.

CARA: Well, I asked Paul to help me this morning.

(Close shot of Paul as he beams.)

PAUL: And I had an idea!

(Wide shot of all.)

(Kevin smirks at Paul.)

KEVIN: Thanks, Paul.

CARA: But Winnie tracked her down.

(Close shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: I see...(Nods.)

Winnie. What a girl.

JEFF (V/O): Hey!

(Shot of Jeff and Natalie.)

JEFF: We need to get there early. The lines are like a mile long. (Gestures.)

PAUL (V/O): Let's boogie, then!

(Shot of Paul and Carla.)

PAUL: Do we want to take two cars, or cram into one?

Fade to

Ext. Day - Movie Theater

(The group is waiting in the long movie line.)

Well, the wait lasted longer than the movie, but we didn't care. After all, we had nowhere to go.

(Shot of Kevin standing behind Cara, as they lean on each other, and the others walk away.)

We held the spot, the others hit the mall.

Cut to

Int. Theater

(Shot of Kevin and Cara, and Jeff and Natalie, snuggled together in the darkened theater, watching the movie.)

(Close shot of Kevin as he glances to the row in front of him.)

(Shot of Paul and Carla sharing popcorn and watching the movie.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling, glancing at Cara, then back to the screen.)

We hadn't been to a movie since - I don't know when. It felt good just to sit and relax, and not have to worry about -

CARA (V/O): Jackie's diapers.

Cut to

Int. Late Afternoon - Arnold Kitchen

(Cara is at the open refrigerator, Kevin leans back against the sink.)

CARA: Make sure you get 'em all.

KEVIN: Right. (Frowns.)

(Shot of Cara closing the refrigerator and setting a bowl on the counter.)

CARA: They don't grow on trees.

KEVIN (V/O): Right.

CARA: And don't forget his clothes.

(Shot of Kevin. He smirks.)

KEVIN: Yes, dear.

(Shot past Kevin of Cara as she turns around, frowning.)

CARA: On second thought, maybe I should go.

(Shot past Cara of Kevin as he sighs.)

KEVIN: Cara, I can handle it, OK? (Smiles.)

(Shot of both.)

CARA: OK. (Smiles.) Still, I better call and tell 'em you're coming.

(Kevin sighs.)

KEVIN: Alright. Back in a jiffy.

(Cara smiles. Kevin kisses her on the cheek, and exits toward the camera. Cara looks after him and frowns.)

CARA: And no speeding!

KEVIN (V/O): Yes, dear.

Fade to

Int. Dusk - Arnold Living Room

(Music "I Wish You Peace" - Eagles starts and plays in the background throughout.)

(Shot of Kevin sitting on the arm of the couch, with Cara half sitting on his lap, holding Jack.)

(The others are milling around, collecting their things.)

"I wish you peace when the cold winds blow"
"Warmed by the fire's glow"

KEVIN: It was fun, guys.

CARA: Yeah.

(Cara and Kevin stand up. They all head to the doorway, and file out.)

Cut to

The Sidewalk

"I wish you comfort in the lonely time"

(Shot from overhead of the street, and parked cars. Kevin, and Cara with Jack, stand on the sidewalk together, with the others around them, chatting.)

"And arms to hold when you ache inside"

(The camera starts to zoom in slowly on the group.)

At some point on the rocky road of your life, you may find yourself wondering if you made the right choice, the right decision - if you did "the right thing".

"I wish you hope when things are goin' bad"

That's only natural.

"Kind words when times are sad"

You may wonder, somewhere along the line, what if I had chosen "X" instead of "Y", said "yes" instead of "no", did "this" instead of "that"?

"I wish you shelter from the ragin' wind"


CARA: Don't be strangers.

"Coolin' waters at the fever's end"
"I wish you peace when times are hard"

(Cara hugs Carla, then Natalie.)

You may ask yourself - "Am I really happy?"

JEFF: Well, we'll seeya! Thanks.

(Close shot of Kevin, Jeff, and Paul exchanging handshakes.)

"A light to guide you through the dark"

KEVIN: Our pleasure.

CARA: Yeah.

(Jeff and Natalie exit toward their cars.)

"And when storms are high and your, your dreams are low"

(Shot of Paul smiling.)

PAUL: I had a great time.

(Shot of Carla smiling.)

CARLA: Me too!

(Shot of the four of them.)

KEVIN: Uh-huh.

(Paul shakes his head faintly. Carla looks down, then up.)

KEVIN: Take care, guys.

PAUL: I'm at my parents' a few more days, so we'll do something.

KEVIN: You bet.

"I wish you the strength to let love grow on"

(The camera pans with Paul and Carla as they walk away.)

(Close shot of Kevin and Cara on the sidewalk, with the house in the background. They smile and wave.)

I have been fortunate, in occasional times of stumbling darkness and despair, to have good friends and family, who were willing to put up with me, to take me as I am, to show me the path to the light.

(Sounds of slamming car doors.)

For those people, I am eternally thankful. And grateful. And lucky.

(Shot of Jeff driving past. Jeff honks. Natalie follows.)

(Shot of Paul and Carla at his car, as Paul opens the door for her.)

(Close shot of Kevin and Cara smiling at each other.)

KEVIN: Come on.

(Kevin puts his arm behind Cara as they turn. Cara hands the baby to Kevin. He puts Jack on one hip, and puts his arm around Cara. They slowly walk up the driveway toward the door. The camera rolls with them.)

And in times of introspection - of soul-searching, of insecurity, of doubt - sometimes I think of my father, and something he told me a long time ago, when I was a boy.

"I wish you the strength to let love flow"

(The camera stops rolling forward as Kevin follows Cara inside, and closes the door.)

(The camera slowly rises and pulls back, showing more and more of the house. 0:30 instrumental portion.)

He said to me...

JACK (V/O): Ya know, Kevin, you can't do every silly little thing you want to in life. You have to make your choices...you have to try to be happy with them.

(The camera continues to rise. The neighborhood and street comes into view.)

By the way, I bought the house...for a buck.

Fade to

Int. Eve. Adult Arnold Kitchen

(Wide shot of Kevin at the table, typing.)

And today, with my wonderful wife and sons, and bills and dry-rot, and good friends near and far, I can only say this - I wouldn't trade them for the world. I've made my choices...and I am happy.

(Music to foreground.)

"I wish you peace when times are hard"

(Kevin sighs, then puts his hands behind his head and leans back.)

(Cara enters the shot, and rubs Kevin's shoulders as she looks at the typewriter.)

"A light to guide you through the dark"

(She sits on Kevin's lap, and he puts his arm around her. Cara looks at him.)

CARA: Can I?

"And when storms are high and your, your dreams are low"

(Cara nods to the typewriter. Kevin looks surprised, then nods.)

(Cara smiles, then types briefly. She smiles at Kevin, then walks past the camera.)

"I wish you the strength to let love grow on"

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Cara's addition, then smiling.)

(Very close shot of the page.)


"I wish you the strength to let love flow on"

(Close shot of Kevin looking up, and smiling at Cara off-screen.)

(Wider shot of Cara doing the dishes, with Kevin in the background, looking at her. A small boy hurries through the shot with his arms raised, screaming, followed by a slightly bigger boy.)

"I wish you the strength to let love glow on"

(Shot from Kevin's perspective of Cara. She pauses, then turns toward Kevin and smiles.)

"I wish you the strength"

(Wide shot of Cara at the sink, turned toward Kevin. Kevin is in the background, smiling at her.)

"To let love go"

(They look at each other a moment, then Cara turns back to the dishes, still smiling.)

Fade to


Written, produced, directed, edited, scored, and foleyed by me.
"E.T." and "Atari" by Shane Hill. Chardonnay by Emily.

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