"The Lost World"
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Ext. Night - The Drive-in

(Wide shot centered on a pickup truck at the drive-in, with "Planet of the Apes" on the screen behind it. The camera zooms in on the truck. Jackson Browne - "Jamaica, Say You Will" is on the radio :-)

I wanted to stay here, in this night, with this girl I just met - who cried when I told her I was leaving.

"Help me find a way to fill these lifeless sails"
"And stay until my ships can find the sea"

More than anything I'd wanted before.

"Jamaica, say you will"
"Help me find a way to fill these sails"

She was fun. She was soft.

"And we'll sail until our waters have run dry..."

I had known her only three days, and already I felt comfortable with her. I felt bad when she cried, but what could I do?

(Close shot through the windshield of the back of Kevin's head as he passionately kisses Cara.)

I wanted to tell her something to lift her spirits.

(Close shot through the side windows of the truck, as Kevin sits up a bit, into the frame. His hair is a little rumpled, and he pants a few times while looking softly at Cara off-screen.)

I wanted her to stop crying.

(Close shot of Cara from Kevin's perspective. She has moist eyes from crying. She is looking at the camera, and blinks a few times while she takes some breaths.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

Cara -

I wanted to tell her that I liked her, maybe even "liked" her.

(Shot of Cara, as the camera pans slightly to center on her heaving chest. Sound of a heartbeat.)

After all, I had a handful of good reasons.


(The camera quickly moves back to her face.)

OK, steady boy...

(Cara dries her eyes with her flannel shirt.)

This is the part where I always wake up - she's gonna tell me to get lost!

(Cara looks up at him softly. The camera drifts over again. Heartbeat sound increases.)



(The camera moves back to her face. Heartbeat abruptly stops.)

Do you want to find someplace?

(Shot of Kevin from Cara's perspective. He is mildly surprised.)

Find someplace?

Bear in mind I hadn't always interpreted women correctly in the past.

(Shot of Cara.)


(She pauses, then smiles.)

You know - just us?

(She holds his hand to her chest.)

I thought of...uncharted islands, uncharted planets. I thought...I thought... - what was I thinking?


I can get the key to the store room from Lori.


(Shot of Cara starting to reach for the door handle.)

(Close shot of Kevin.)

What about your brother?

(Close shot of Cara shaking her head.)

He doesn't ask too many questions.

(Twang of guitar.)

And with that, there didn't seem much else to say, but -


(Close shot of Cara. She smiles at Kevin.)

(Sound of the truck door slamming.)

(Cut to wide shot of Kevin and Cara standing next to the truck cab.)

(Close shot of Kevin and Cara smiling at each other. Cara looks over her shoulder toward her brother off-screen.)

Billy, we'll seeya later.

(Close shot of Kevin and Cara. She smiles at him, takes his hand and leads him out of the frame.)

(Wide shot from behind Kevin and Cara, as they walk toward the snackbar.)

As we walked hand-in-hand toward that island paradise, across that vast asphalt ocean of love - I suddenly felt...seasick.

(Cut to)

Snack Bar

(Shot of Kevin leaning back against the wall next to a door marked "STORE ROOM". Cara has her hand on his chest.)


(Cara walks away out of the scene. Kevin wipes his forehead.)

(Shot of Kevin from the opposite angle. He is looking down, and rubbing his palms together. He straightens up and smiles as Cara enters the shot from behind the camera and walks to the door.)

(She smiles quickly, leans out and looks past Kevin, then looks at the lock.)

(Very close shot of Cara's hand sliding the key into the door lock, then turning it.)

(Cut to)

Store Room

(Shot of the door as it inches open. It is dim, with some light coming in through a dirty window. Cara enters, followed by Kevin. They pause while Kevin closes the door quietly behind them. It is dark again. Sound of crickets.)

Any lights?

Uh...a string...uh...uh...I can't reach.

(Sound of Kevin banging the light fixture, then the "zzzp" as he pulls the string.)

(Cut to shot from ceiling as a weak light illuminates the small room. The light bounces around while the bare bulb stops swinging.)

(Shot of Kevin blinking in the glare, then looking around.)

I surveyed our paradise.

(Shot of boxes and "stuff". Sound of crickets.)


Well...it's not the Hilton...

It looks kinda...

But it works.

(Shot of Kevin looking at Cara in mild surprise.)

You mean...you...?

(Shot of Cara. She looks at Kevin for a moment, then glances away. She steps closer to Kevin, takes his hand, and looks up at him.)

Would it matter?




(Shot of Cara smiling, then giving Kevin a quick kiss, then starting to smooth out an area of boxes.)

(Kevin starts to move a box, but stops and looks at Cara off-screen.)

(Shot of Cara, with her back to the camera, making a little nest area.)

I couldn't help being nervous. This was, in a word, "it" - the big "it".

(Shot of Cara straightening the last of the pile, then turning around and sitting down on a box. She starts to take off a shoe. She pauses, then looks up suddenly at Kevin with a grin.)

Come here, you!

I figured it was too late to argue, even if I wanted to.

Lemme get something...

(Close shot of Kevin's pocket as his hand removes his wallet.)

(Close shot of the wallet as he opens it and takes out a "Red Chief Special" condom.)

(Shot of Kevin as he looks uncertainly at Cara off-screen.)

(Shot of Cara leaning back on her hands. She gives him a quick smile, then starts working on her other shoe.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling at Cara off-screen.)

(Shot of Kevin sitting next to Cara. She is wearing a T-shirt and panties, holding the condom package in her lap, and waits patiently for Kevin to undress.)

(Shot past Cara of Kevin as he kicks his shoes off and pulls off his shirt, then slides his pants down and off. He sits back up, smiles a bit at Cara, then looks down.)

I always sorta...skipped this part in my dream. I didn't quite know what to say or do next.

(Shot past Kevin of Cara as she gestures with the condom.)

Fortunately, Cara did.

You or me?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at the package.)


(Shot past Kevin of Cara.)

You know - put it on.

(Shot past Cara of Kevin taking the package and frowning.)

Great. A little late to read the owner's manual on this baby. I should have listened to Paul.



(Shot past Kevin of Cara as she leans forward and takes the package. She looks softly into Kevin's eyes and smiles.)

Let me.

(Cara kisses him once, and smiles again.)

(Shot past Cara of Kevin as he looks at her, a little surprised.)

(Very close shot of Cara's fingers gently tearing the package open. "Rrrrip".)

(Shot past Cara of Kevin leaning back, looking at her, a little more surprised.)


(Twang of guitar music.)

And for the first time in my life, sex was really...out of my hands.

(Shot from behind Cara as Kevin helps her remove her T-shirt.)

(Close shot of both as they kiss a little, then lie down and kiss softly. Their breathing increases. Increasing sound of heartbeats.)

(Fade to black for 3 seconds, with sound of loud heartbeats - faster, and faster!)

(Heartbeats abruptly end. Sound of a steam whistle.)

(Shot of Kevin just rolling onto his back, his head turned away from Cara toward the camera, and panting.)

Whoo-eey! I'd never felt anything like it! I'd spent so many restless nights dreaming of this moment - but, it was so much...more!

(V/O): Hey.

(Close shot of Cara lying on her side with her head propped on her fist, looking into the camera with wide, expectant eyes.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking into the camera. He is still panting.)


(Close shot of Cara.)

There's...a little more to it...than that.

(Twang of guitar.)

(Cara purses her lips together in a little smile.)

(Shot past Cara of Kevin looking a little surprised.)

More? There was more?!

Oh...I - I -

(V/O): It's OK, just relax a little.

(Close shot of Cara smiling.)

I'm not finished with you yet!

"Not finished"?

(Close shot of Kevin frowning slightly.)

What exactly did that mean - "not finished"?

(Close shot of Cara.)

I lifted this rubber outta the truck, so come on.

(Close shot of Kevin looking mildly surprised.)



("Love Song" - Bernie Taupin/Elton John plays in the background throughout:-)

(Close shot of them as they snuggle closer and start to make out again.)

(Close shot of the floor and side of the boxes. The four shoes and clothes are jumbled on the floor. Kevin and Cara are just out of the top of the frame. Some of the boxes start to bend and bulge, and shift slightly from the weight. Intermittent sounds of love-making throughout.)

"The words I have to say"
"May well be simple but they're true"
"Until you give your love"
"There's nothin' more that we can do"

(Close shot centered on the hanging light fixture. The door, left, and window, right, are small in the background. Kevin and Cara are hidden by the lightbulb.)

I learned a lot of things from Cara that night.

"Love is the openin' door"
"Love is what we came here for"
"No one could offer you more"
"Do you know what I mean?"
"Have your eyes really seen?"

(High angle shot from the opposite side. Half the shelves are visible in the background. Mostly floor, and the jumble of clothes in foreground.)

I learned about giving, as well as taking.

(Shot of Kevin kissing Cara's neck as she squeezes his shoulders.)

"You say it's very hard"
"To leave behind the life we knew"
"But there's no other way"
"And now it's really up to you"

(Shot from the floor toward the window. The camera pans away from Kevin and Cara. The camera pans across a shelf, and pauses on each box or object. The camera drops to the next shelf, and pans across it.)

"Love is the key we must turn"
"Truth is the flame we must burn"
"Freedom the lesson we must learn"
"Do you know what I mean?"
"Have your eyes really seen?"

I learned about sharing - not just popcorn, Milk Duds and the etiquette of prophylactic management.

(The camera continues to pan across and stops on the edge of light under the door.)

"Love is the openin' door"
"Love is what we came here for"
"No one could offer you more"
"Do you know what I mean?"
"Have your eyes really seen?"

(Close shot of Kevin kissing Cara's neck. She runs her fingers through his hair.)

But of hearts and souls.

(Close shot of the shoes and clothes.)

(The screen vignettes smaller and smaller to black as the music fades.)

"Do you know what I mean?"
"Have your eyes really seen?"
"Do you know what I mean?"
"Have your eyes really seen?"

(Cut to shot of arms reaching down for the clothes.)

(Cut to)

Drive In Lot

(High wide shot of the truck as the camera zooms in on it.)

(Close shot of the side of the truck as Kevin and Cara walk into the frame.)

Billy, we're back. We're gonna hang...up front.

(Wide shot of the truck, with the movie screen behind. "Omega Man" is playing on the screen. Kevin and Cara are sitting up on the front of the truck hood, sharing a cigarette. "Come Down In Time" Bernie Taupin/Elton John plays throughout.)

"In the quite silent seconds I, I turned off the light switch"
"And I, I came down to meet you, in the half-light the moon left"

I'm sorry I have to go back, Cara.

"While a, a cluster of night jars sang some songs out of tune"
"A mantle of bright light shown down from a room"

Yeah. Me too.

"'Come down in time', I still hear her say"
"So clear in my ear like it was today"

I mean, I just have hassles at home, and...

(Kevin looks off.)

"'Come down in time' was the message she gave"
"'Come down in time, and I'll meet you half-way'"

Me too.

"Well I don't know if I should have heard her as yet"
"But a, a true love like hers is a, a hard love to get"

I just...don't want to leave...

(He looks at Cara.)



"And I, I've walked most all the way, and I, I ain't heard her call"
"And I, I'm getting to thinking, if she's coming at all"

(Cara turns toward Kevin.)

And I don't want to stay.

"'Come down in time', I still hear her say"
"So clear in my ear like it was today"


"'Come down in time' was the message she gave"
"'Come down in time, and I'll meet you half-way'"

Well...this isn't the most exciting place in the world.


Speak for yourself.

And the people here are all old and...boring.

Yeah, well...

(Close shot of Cara looking up to the sky.)

Sometimes I wish I could just...travel to some...far off planet or something...and be in a whole different world.

(Shot past Cara of Kevin. He strokes her cheek and smiles.)

Know what I mean?

Yeah, I do.

And I did.

(Shot of them side-by-side. Cara looks off in the distance. She shrugs and flicks the cigarette away.)

I just wish I had a better life, I guess.

(Shot of them from Kevin's side. She turns toward Kevin and looks over his face.)

"There are women and women"
"And some hold you tight"


(Kevin puts his arm around Cara. She looks at him and smiles. They slide back against the windshield and snuggle closer.)

"While some leave you countin'"
"The stars in the night"

Nice night.


And it was. I could stay here...forever.

(Sound of the truck door opening.)

(V/O) Let's go, guys.

(Kevin and Cara look at each other and frown. They slide off the truck.)

(Cut to)

Night - On the Road

(Shot of Billy looking at Kevin.)

What's it gonna be, Collin?

What's left?

Beatles, or uh...Bread.



You got it.

(Close shot of Kevin gazing out the passenger window. The top of Cara's head is visible, leaning on his shoulder.)

("If I Needed Someone" George Harrison plays.)

"If I needed someone to love"
"You're the one that I'd be thinking of"
"If I needed someone"

We didn't talk much on the ride home.

"If I had some more time to spend"
"Then I guess I'd be with you my friend"
"If I needed someone"

I was kind of talked out, and Cara...

(Kevin glances down toward Cara and the camera pans to show her. She has her eyes closed.)

Well, I guess she was, too.

(Close shot of Kevin looking out the window.)

"Carve your number on my wall"
"And maybe you will get a call from me"
"If I needed someone"

(Shot of Billy watching the road, then looking at Kevin and smiling. He looks back to the road.)

(Shot through the windshield of the road. An approaching car passes. Music changes.)

("Wait" Lennon/McCartney plays.)

"It's been a long time, now I'm coming back home"
"I've been away now, oh how I've been alone"

(Shot from the side of the road of the approaching truck. The camera pans with it as it recedes down the highway.)

The closer we got to the lake, the worse I felt. Not just because I had to face my parents. But because I had to say goodbye to Cara.

(Shot through the windshield of Kevin and Cara. Kevin looks down at her. She still has her eyes closed.)

"Wait, till I come back to your side"
"We'll forget the tears we've cried"

(Shot of Billy from the passenger window as he looks toward the side of the road. The camera jiggles a bit.)

"But if your heart breaks, don't wait, turn me away"
"And if your heart's strong, hold on, I won't be late"

Cut to

Night - Lake Wennahatchee Campgrounds

(High angle, wide shot of the truck stopping in the gravel at the side of the highway, near a dirt road.)

"Wait, till I come back to your side"
"We'll forget the tears we've cried"

(Shot of Kevin, Cara and Billy through the windshield. Billy is looking at Kevin.)

There ya go. Good luck with your folks.


(Kevin looks at Billy, and then looks briefly out the window. He looks at Cara and gently strokes her cheek.)


(Cara opens her eyes slowly and blinks, then looks up quickly at Kevin.)

"I feel as though you ought to know, I've been as good as I can be"
"And if you do I'll trust in you, and know you will trust in me"

(Shot of the side of the truck. Kevin gets out, followed by Cara. She stretches, then looks back at Billy.)

Billy, give us a minute, OK?

(She frowns, then looks back at Kevin.)

OK. A minute.

"It's been a long time, now I'm coming back home"
"I've been away now, oh how I've been alone"

(Cara leads Kevin a few steps toward the rear of the truck.)

Here it was. The moment had arrived.



"Wait, till I come back to your side"
"We'll forget the tears we've cried"

(Kevin and Cara both look sad. They look away from each other.)

Cara, I - I had a really good time with you.

(He looks at her and smiles slightly.)

I mean, all of it.

Yeah, I know. Me too.

"But if your heart breaks, don't wait, turn me away"
"And if your heart's strong, hold on, I won't be late"

And...I want to tell you -

(Kevin moves closer to Cara. She puts up a hand.)

Don't say it.

(Close shot of Cara. She is on the verge of tears.)

(Close shot of Kevin. His eyes are filling up, too.)

Is this...it?

"Wait, till I come back to your side"
"We'll forget the tears we've cried"

(Shot of Cara as tears run down her cheek. She takes a step forward and kisses Kevin once, then steps back and looks at him.)

(Shot of them standing apart, then Cara hurries into the truck. She shuts the door and rolls down the window. Kevin moves forward, and puts his hands on the window frame.)

(Shot past Kevin of Cara looking at him.)

(Shot past Cara of Kevin looking at her.)


(Cara puts her fingers on his lips.)

(Close shot of Cara.)

Don't say it.

"It's been a long time, now I'm coming back home"
"I've been away now, oh how I've been alone"

(Cara shakes her head slowly.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Cara as the truck starts to pull away.)

(Shot from the street side of the truck as it pulls forward out of the scene. Kevin looks after it.)

It was the hardest goodbye I never said.

(Shot from behind Kevin of the truck disappearing down the road.)

(Wide shot from high above Kevin, standing at the side of the highway, facing the long-gone truck. He turns toward the dirt road, and starts to walk out of the shot.)

It was time to face the music.

(Cut to)

The Cabin

(Wide shot of the exterior of the cabin. The porch light and an interior light are on. Kevin approaches, then stops a few feet from the door.)

(Close shot of Kevin as he wipes his eyes, then brushes off his clothes. He sighs heavily, then walks to the door.)

Close shot of the screen door handle as Kevin's hand grabs it and pauses. He starts to pull it.)

(Wide shot of Jack and Norma at the dining table, holding cups. They look up suddenly at the sound of Kevin entering.)

(Cut to wide shot of the cabin and trees. Jack's indistinct voice can be heard occasionally.)

My parents were waiting for me to come home, of course. Dad, as usual, read me the riot act, and got closer to actually killing me than he ever had before.

(Close shot of Jack frowning and nodding.)

You got that, mister?

(V/O): Yeah.

You do?

(Close shot of Kevin looking off.)

Yes. I got it.

And then my mom summarized it all...

(Close shot of Norma looking toward the guys off-screen.)

By not saying a word.

(Wide shot of Kevin sitting next to the dining table, facing out, looking sad and miserable. Jack has his back to the camera, arms crossed, in the foreground. Norma slowly dries off the cups in the background.)

(Close shot of Jack frowning.)


By the time they were done telling me about family responsibility and "the way it's gonna be", they never really asked me about Cara.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Jack off-screen, then looking off.)

I was glad of that, because although she was the biggest thing ever in my life, I didn't want to talk about her.

(V/O): Now get to bed.

Cut to


(Shot of Kevin sitting on the edge of his cot.)



Wayne did.

You seem...troubled.

What's it to ya?

You just have...that look.

What look?

(Wayne swings an imaginary baseball bat.)

Stee-rike one!

(Wayne swings again.)



Strike three! You're outta here!

Knock it off! I don't want to hear it, OK?

Oooh! A little testy, eh? What happened, Kev? Another no-hitter?

For your information, I - we -

Oops! I should have stopped when I was down. Now he was going to kick me.

Yes? You were saying?


Nothing? You walk out on us. You come home at...1:00 AM. You get in enormous quantities of trouble - over nothing?

(Kevin gets up and paces.)

Nothing. Really!

Yeah. It looks like it. Come on, you can tell me - I'm your brother.

(Kevin stops pacing, and looks at Wayne.)


Yeah, I knew nothing happened.

Like I said, I really didn't want to talk about it.

OK. Cara and I...we, uh...

Yes? Please continue.

We did it in the store room at the drive-in.



I don't believe you.

And why not?

Cuz there's no girl on earth that would do it with you. Or hadn't you noticed?

(Drums: "Brrrp-Pshh!")

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Have it your way.

Tell you one thing, if it's true - which I don't believe - you have big problems. Tell 'em, Wart.

Heh-heh. Problems.

(Kevin sits down on the cot.)

Problems? What problems?

Yeah? Like what?




Winnie Cooper. My girlfriend - the love of my life. Well not actually "girlfriend" girlfriend. She was kinda like my best friend, except she was a girl. We kissed and stuff, that was about it.

Oh...and Paul.


And Paul?

He's your best knucklehead friend, right?

Yeah, what about it?

He knows Winnie, right?

Yeah, so?

You tell him - he tells Winnie - you're dead. Hahahahahh.

He wouldn't.




Suit yourself, Casanova!

Nothing like the comfort of a brother.



You, uh...think Mom and Dad know?

Nah, I don't think so. They probably didn't even have drive-ins when they were kids.

Well, that was a load off my mind.

You're not going to tell them, are you?

How much money you got, gonad?

Fifty cents. Why?

Well then, you have to wash my car.


You heard me! Wash my car - for a month.

No way!

And there you had it. I was being blackmailed - and for what?

Or be grounded for the rest of your pathetic little existence.

I'm going to bed!

Yeah? I knew nothing happened. Goodnight, Mr. DiMaggio! Sweet dreams. Eee-eeee!

(Close shot of Wayne making a face, then clicking off the lamp.)

(Shot of Kevin from above. He is looking up at the ceiling, with his arms hanging off the edge of the cot. The camera rotates slowly.)

Well, something had happened...something big. Only now, I wasn't sure about anything. The Wayner actually had a point. I loved Winnie - we had a past together. She was the first girl I ever kissed - the girl I wanted to marry. She would really be hurt if she knew about Cara, and she'd dump me for sure. But...Cara...had shown me a whole new world.

"There are women and women"

(The camera finishes one revolution. Kevin sits up in bed.)

"And some hold you tight"

(Close shot of Kevin as he rubs his chin, then flings back the covers and stands up. He sighs and looks toward the window.)

(Fade to)

Ext. Night - Arnold Cabin

(Wide shot of the cabin exterior. All lights are off.The camera rolls in close on Kevin's window. He holds the curtain back, peers out, then gazes upward.)

I just didn't know what to think anymore.

"While some leave you countin'"
"The stars in the night"

Fade to


Produced, written, directed, edited, scored, and foleyed by me:-)
Music off the Elton John "Tumbleweed Connection" and Beatles "Rubber Soul" CD's :-)
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