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All these photos are copyrighted by me (except the aerial photo).
I'm not the first to have photos or mention the street names.
Just remember real people live there, so be courteous if you visit.

Here's the neighborhood layout.

This is the "Arnold" house at 516 University Ave, in Burbank.
I assume the missing lamp-post at the corner of the yard was part of the set.
No house on the street had a post there. 8/7/99.

As of 11/16/03 the house has been repainted in beige. This is from May 07.

This angle shows the second window on the side of Kevin's room.
It was only shown in a few episodes.

Diagonally across the street at 525 is the first "Cooper" house.
This angle is similar to that in Ep 46 - "Moving",
where Kevin sees Winnie in the front window. 8/7/99.

This angle shows the front door better. 8/7/99.

This is from May 07 and shows the second story of the house next door.
It was clearly shown as a single story in Ep 2 - "Swingers".
The second story was under construction in Ep 26 - "Wayne On Wheels".
The front of the house has undergone some remodeling,
and there is a curved walkway from the northern corner of the grass to the porch.

Looking northeasterly, the houses are a bit hard to make out,
but I wanted to show the slope of the street.
It doesn't look as steep in the show, at least to me, as in real life.
In this section of the neighborhood, the streets run southwest to northeast.
The neighborhood is only about 2 miles off the end of the east-west runway
of the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena airport. 8/7/99.

Looking southwesterly, the Cooper house is visible on the right.
The Arnold house blends in with the backround on the left. 8/14/99.

In Ep 110 - "Eclipse", the gang went to an observatory.
Here it is, the Griffith observatory, looking in a southerly direction.
If you walk around the building, from the elevation of 1,134 feet,
you can look out over the whole Los Angeles basin.

If you turn about 90 or 120 degrees to the right, you see the "Hollywood sign" below the towers,
which was visible (though very small in the background) in the episode...a major boo-boo.

John Burroughs high school was used for some shots of "RFK" junior high.
This is the front of the building on Clark Ave, facing northerly, as in Ep 21 - "Square Dance", and others.
Above the door, the name appearing in red, and the seal and words "California Distinguished School",
were removed for the show, I guess. (The seal may have been added after the series ended.)

As of May 07, the front has undergone a facelift and has some arches added.
The metal brackets on the walls were gone, too.

If you continue along the sidewalk to the left, you come to this corner at Clark Ave and N. Parish Place,
shown in Ep 10 - "Steady As She Goes" and Ep 18 - "Fate".
In "Steady As She Goes" the trees are mostly gray sticks,
due to the time of the year. There is a group of "temporary" buildings (trailers?) on the opposite corner
and surrounded by the chain-link fence you see here. Also, the middle sign saying "Police Vehicles Only"
seems to be a recent addition. Note the metal angle-brackets bolted onto the low wall at the edge of the grass.
Every similiar type of wall at the school has these, which are probably used to keep bikers/skateboarders off them. 8/14/99.

In May 07, the wall has changed.

If you go around the corner to the right, you will see this entrance.
I'm not sure if it was used in the series, but it certainly seems possible, so I include it here.
Note that the white sign next to the door says "Metal Detection Equipment Used In This Facility".

The team name for Burroughs HS is "Indians".
The backside of the bleachers of their stadium says "Welcome to Indian Country".
This shot was taken from near third base of the baseball field, looking out past center field.
This field was not the one used in Ep 42 - "The Unnatural".
Kevin and Jack's homers would have gone into the tennis courts at the left in the photo, not the street as in the episode.

A similar shot was used in the early part of Ep 18 - "Fate", when Winnie tells Kevin to beat it.

This is the second "Cooper" house at 501 Tufts (the street sign is visible in Ep 66 - "The Accident"),
just around the corner on the next street over from the first "Cooper" house.
As I drove up and parked, a man exited and walked to his new blue pickup truck parked on the street
at the left side of the house. I waited until he drove off to get out and take the picture. Photo taken 1/13/01.

58end 68lawn

From May 07.

These businesses on Las Tuņas Blvd in Temple City are in the opening of Ep 101 - "Kevin Delivers" as Kevin drives past them.
The reddish Wushu in the middle has had a facelift.
He pulls up at his workplace, Chong's Chinese restaurant. I believe the entire restaurant facade was just placed up to these businesses.
The steps on the left, the tiled roof, stonework and sign on the right are unmistakable.
Still on Las Tuņas Blvd, this where Kevin's car is towed away.
The trophy store at the right side of the photo seems to be new. Next to the trophy store is a very small "oil paintings" shop,
then "Tru-Care medical supplies", which seems to have replaced the business which had the "Temple City" sign on the front in the episode.
I think it may have been the "Temple City Camera" store, which is located across the street.
Also across the street is a "99-cent" store, which I think the pizza guy drove past as Kevin's car got towed away -
at least the windows are the same, and the awning seems to match. The telephone booth Kevin was using
to talk to Winnie was nowhere to be found. Also, notice that the tree is taller than the building,
whereas in the episode, it was to the bottom of the hardware sign. Photo taken 1/13/01.

Looks like McVey's is out of business as of May 07, and the carpet store is now Avant.
(Per the map on 12/23/17, McVey's was remodeled and now is Xiang Yung Gourmet,
and the trophy store is now CiTiEmporium. Avant is still there.

A block or so away from the businesses above is this intersection of Las Tuņas and Camellia,
which I believe is the location where the pizza guy was pulled over by the cop.
Of course it was dark in the episode, but I think they cropped the scene at the mailbox and bank sign.
I think the trees match in spacing, although they are obviously taller now.
It did not seem to fit looking down the street in the other direction.
Also in the episode was the street sign for Kauffman Av, which is the next street down from Camellia. Photo taken 1/13/01.

The Culver theater at Washington Blvd and Duquesne was used in Ep 88 - "Carnal Knowledge".
It was built in the '40's as a tri-plex, and was last used in 1989. It was damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake,
which dislodged some asbestos ceiling material. After having the separating dividers removed,
turning the theater into a single large-screen facility, it remains nearly abandoned awaiting renovation.
Just off to the right is the Sony Pictures Group marble-and-glass headquarters.
Paramount Studios is a bit farther down the street. Photo taken 1/13/01.

(As of May 07, the "Culver" signs have been replaced with "The Kirk Douglas Theatre",
though it still says "Culver" on the vertical sign).

This is on the Santa Monica pier used in Ep 24 - "Summer Song",
looking toward land, from about 3/4 of the way out.
I could not get a decent shot approximating the final scene of the Ferris wheel behind Kevin,
due to having to shoot into the sun. The bumper cars are between the Ferris wheel
and the roller coaster behind it - unfortunately they are under a roof,
making the photo shadowy and dreary, so I'm not putting it up :-)

Past the blue building is Playland arcade. Although it says "skeeball & prizes",
I did not see the skeeball games - but I didn't look super hard, either.
It was mostly electronic games, like big play-stations that you sit at, noisy and crowded...

I kept an eye out for the stuffed-animal claw machine, but did not see it anywhere :-) These photos taken 1/13/01.

This is the location used for the ending scene of Ep 93 - "Broken Hearts and Burgers",
and the interior shots as well, I think. It used to be "Smokey Joe's" barbeque cafe,
until "Hugo's" bought it in 2000. If you look closely at the ending scene in "BH&B"
you will see the name "Smokey Joe's" on the awning behind Kevin and Winnie.
Interestingly, the opening shot is of a different restaurant (plain glass windows, front diagonal parking)
which was the same as in the opening of Ep 86 - "Hero" (even has the same "Go Knights" banner).
In the final exterior shots, the windows had white grillework over them. Photo taken 1/13/01.

I went back for this wider shot on 2/3/01. At the end of "BH&B", when Winnie walks out onto the sidewalk,
the large blurry white rectangle in the background is the "specials" sign for "Whole Foods" market, seen here.
I'm standing next to a tall medical center, and next to it on the corner is the "Chevron" gas station
briefly seen as the camera pans around Kevin and Winnie as they kiss.

This is Rae's diner at 2901 W. Pico, at Yorktown, in Santa Monica.
It was used in Ep 86 - "Hero", Ep 94 - "Homecoming", Ep 100 - "Wayne and Bonnie",
Ep 106 - "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Rolling Stones", and maybe some others.
When I was there, around noon on a Saturday, it was packed, so I did not go in.
(Went back on a Sunday in March of 2002. Sat at the middle of the counter and watched the cook
as I ate my mediocre, reasonably-priced omelette.)

I found these interior pix on a Japanese website. Notice the angled beam near the window,
which sets off the small brick area in the back where Winnie and friends sat in "Wayne and Bonnie",
and Kevin & Co sit in "L&G...TRS". That same beam is in the background behind Jeff in "W & B".

And of course the sign is shown in "Hero".
Incidentally, other than the amusement park at Santa Monica pier, this location is the farthest from the 'hood (so far).
I took the exterior shot on 2/3/01.

On the opposite side of the street from the "Cooper's" second house,
on the uphill corner, is the "Pfeiffer" house at 536 Tufts St.
For some reason, in Ep 111 - "Poker", the address near the door is shown as "537". Taken May 07.

This approximates the shot when Jack and Kevin drive by after the Pfeiffer's buy a John Deere lawn-mower.

This is similar to the angle in the night shot when Kevin visits Paul after the Pfeiffer's lose their investment.
The small signs in the yard are ads for political candidates. These photos are from 2/3/01.

This strip of businesses in the 2100 block of N. Glenoaks Blvd was used as Kevin and Jeff
enter Jeff's "hometown" in Ep 107 - "Unpacking". In reality, it is about a mile or so from the 'hood,
and Kevin is driving toward his own house :-) Starting from the left, the "Academy of Health & Discipline"
martial arts place seems to be new, although the same ratty sign is above the building.
"Ambassador Beauty College" is now "Elegante Beauty College". The "Next Door Deli" seems to be about the same.

I don't know what is sold at "Madlen's Specials", but John seems to be a busy guy,
running both "John's Shoe Repair" and "John's Cleaners". Next is "V and A Flooring and Window Coverings",
then "Art's Haircuts", and finally, an empty store. Incidentally, the scene just prior to the scene
of them driving past these businesses was first used in Ep 92 - "Back to the Lake"
(the car drives away from the camera toward a cloudy sky...) Photos taken 2/3/01.

These are from 12/06/2014. Everything is different...except the ratty sign on the roof :-)
hood1 hood2

This is St. Casimir's church at Griffith Park Blvd and St. George St in Los Angeles.
It was used in Ep 41 - "Faith" as the church Norma went to when she lit the candles for the astronauts.
However, I think it is far too small to be the church used as the interior,
and it did not have the same windows. 2/24/01.

Directly across the street on the right is the athletic field for John Marshall High School,
which was used as Paul's "Allenwood Academy" in Ep 79 - "Pfeiffer's Fortune".
You have to go around the corner to get this shot. Most of it is three stories high,
although this central section went an additional floor. Marshall High was the 1995 US champion
in the Academic Decathlon. 2/24/01.

And from May 07.

Jim's drive-thru at 8749 E. Valley Blvd in Rosemead was used in both Ep 73 - "Frank and Denise" and Ep 74 - "Full Moon Rising"
yet it was supposed to be a different restaurant.
"Jim's" has changed the exterior look since the series, most notably the addition of the blue awning across the front
of the building and down the center aisle of outdoor tables, as well as adding the white awning feature around the roof-line.
In "Frank and Denise", the name was "Fatso's" and featured a large cartoon-like mannequin in the drive-thru lane.
Although the drive-thru function still exists (as shown here), it appears "Fatso" himself was a prop.
Note the blue and red horizontal lines on the side of the building, because they are important, later.

This is a boring shot, but shows the general lay-out of the drive-thru (and missing "Fatso").
The house and apartments in the background are the same. Notice that the blinking lights in the shape
of an arrow on the corner of the building seem to have been a prop, or at least were removed during remodelling.

In Ep 74 - "Full Moon Rising", the guys arrive at "Zesty's" at night, and view it from this basic angle.
Again, the whole roof decor was different, and this angle conveniently hides the drive-thru feature.

Remember the blue and red stripes? Well, here they are again, although the blue looks black, here.
This is the area where Kevin orders the food, then is discovered by Cindy.
I could not get over to show the nearer pick-up window, because the white object at the right of the
shot was in the way. I'm not sure what it is, but had a locked door facing the windows, and covers
over the former service window located there. I ate a cheeseburger and shake at the empty table you see here.

From that vantage point, looking across the street through the central tables,
you can see "Kim Pharmacy" and other businesses, which show up in some reverse shots in the episodes.
Actually, this was my first clue to locating the restaurant.

From 12/6/2014. The blue awning is gone, and the drive-thru goes the opposite direction.
Order at the right rear corner.
Pick-up at the left rear corner. I ate inside today. The bag of small fries is huge.

I still don't know where the exterior shot for the opening of Ep 86 - "Hero" was taken.
Although it was supposed to be "Fatso's" as well, it doesn't match "Jim's" lay-out...

In Ep 57 - "Heartbreak", the group goes to a natural history museum.
The interior was shot at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History.


In Ep 2 - "Swingers", there is a funeral for Brian Cooper.
It was shot at the Los Angeles National Cemetery.
The opening shot was very nearly identical to this one.

The ceremony was performed near this monument.

In Ep 81 - "Grampa's Car", Kevin and Albert stop here after the diner on the way to Albert's house. In Ep 92 - "Back to the Lake", Kevin and Paul find Cara working here.

In real life it's one of the best motorcycle hang-outs, on Mulhulland Dr west of Cornell.
Luckily, the rain kept the crowd away on this day.

The house from Ep 97 - "Sex and Economics" in the 4200 block of Warner Av in Hollywood.

Jack and the boys go to this driving range in Ep 45 - "Daddy's Little Girl".
It is across the street from the De Bell golf course, on a hillside a mile from the house.
The dividing guards were not in the episode. The yard-markers are missing here.

Even the (different) soda machine is here.

Rosemead high school was used as McKinley high school, prominantly shown in Ep 71 - "Day One".

It was also widely used in Ep 73 - "Frank and Denise". The sign in the center was redressed with a different banner.

Just 2 blocks from Pasadena city hall is the store from Ep 72 - "The Hardware Store".

The railroad-crossing markers on the street, and the tracks just this side of the single-story building with the yellow awning, are long gone.

At the end of Ep 104 - "New Years", Kevin and Winnie find Wayne at this laundromat.

Some reverse shots of Wayne show this commercial strip across the street through the window. After Kevin and Winnie kiss and walk toward the door, a large "market" sign is reflected in reverse on the glass - it looks to be gone now and is not the same as the one on the left.
Opposite Laundry

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