Sandy Tyler


(Ep 75 - "Triangle")

(Wayne and Sandy approach Kevin near the busses.)
Hey. Kev...how's it going?
Hi. (Smiles.) How ya doin'?
(Sandy glances down toward a book Kevin is holding.)
thick "Scarlet Letter", huh? Yeah, we read that last year.
Yeah. It's really...(Gestures.)
Yeah. It's really thick. (Smiles.)
And stupid. (Giggles.) I mean, the lady is tempted once by love, and she's made a complete outcast.
(Wayne looks off and sighs.)
I think the town over-reacted. Right, Wayne?
(Wayne looks at Kevin and smiles, then turns toward Sandy.)
It was amazing.
Well...we better get goin'. Come on.
(Wayne and Sandy start to walk away.)
By some fantastic stroke of cosmic luck, my brother had found paradise. A girl with charm. A girl with style.
(Cut to dinner.)
dinner A girl...who used her silverware.
This is great, Mrs. Arnold. (Smiles.)
Yes, it's, uh...superb. (Smiles.)
Oh, well...thank you.
Needless to say...
(Jack looks at Norma and mouthes "superb?")
It was a shock. I was shocked...Dad was shocked...
(Sandy looks at Wayne and giggles.)
Only my mother seemed to have expected this.
So...how did you two meet?
Lemme tell. (Giggles.) I was running to class...and I tripped on the stairs, and I was falling, and all of a sudden...
(Wayne looks toward Norma and smiles as Sandy gestures.)
There was Wayne. (Smiles.)
Lucky me.
(J & K): I'll say.
(Jack and Kevin look at each other.)

(Kevin finds Sandy and Wayne in the basement watching TV.)
Hi! (Smiles.)
sitdown Sorry...(gestures)...I didn't know anyone was down here.
It's OK. Come on...sit down.
Yeah. (Frowns.) Join us.
Talk about your warm welcomes.
No, thanks. (Frowns.) I got a lot of stuff to do.
Kevin...sit down. We're watching "Sonny and Cher".
Well...(gestures)...maybe for a second.
(Wayne and Sandy separate slightly, and Kevin sits next to her. They look toward the TV and laugh. On TV, Sonny looks out toward the audience. Cher has a "I know better" look.)
Being...being sexy is not that big of a deal.
How would you know?
(The audience laughs, as do Wayne, Sandy and Kevin. Sandy looks at Kevin, then Wayne.)
OK...best comedy team...
Abbott and Costello. (Gestures.)
Laurel and Hardy. (Smiles.)BR> Martin and Lewis.
The Three Stooges. (Giggles.)
(Wayne does a little hand-waving "Moe" imitation. Sandy laughs and taps him on the head.)
Good stuff.
I couldn't believe it. My brother, Wayne, was actually being funny. And charming.
Uh, I think I gotta go to the can. (Frowns.)
(Wayne exits over the back of the couch. Sandy and Kevin look at the TV and giggle.)
They are so good together.
Let's hear it for Sonny Bono's little finger.
I - I think it's because they're so in love.
Yeah, you can tell. (Gestures.) I mean, they really like being around each other.
(Sandy takes a handful of popcorn from the bowl in her lap.)
And suddenly...I felt very relaxed with her.
(Kevin takes a handful of popcorn.)
Maybe because it was I didn't have to ask her for a date.
Do you think...there's one special person for everyone?
I don't know. I think you can be happy with lots of people. But...there's probably one person out there.
Yeah...(giggles)...that's what I think, too.
But...who knows if you're ever going to find that person? I mean, my girl could be in Alaska for all I know. (Smiles.)
Yeah. (Giggles.)
It was a heavy conversation.
That's easy - you're short.
(Sandy and Kevin laugh, as does the TV audience.)
Oh, I love it when she makes those "short" jokes.
kiss Yeah, it's funny. (Smiles.)
I don't think she's trying to be nasty or anything.
No! No...you can tell...(gestures)...she's just...being funny.
(Cher starts singing "I Got You, Babe". Kevin and Sandy reach for the popcorn, and look at each other.
Sandy leans closer and they kiss briefly. They pull apart and Sandy straightens up. Sound of the basement door opening.
Sandy and Kevin somberly look toward the TV and separate slightly as Wayne approaches and kneels behind them, looking at the TV.)

miss Did I miss anything?
(S & K): No.


(Kevin feels guilty about the kiss. He approaches Sandy standing in profile at her open locker.)
It was time to talk this out. Privately. One on one.
Hey, Sandy. (Smiles.)
(Sandy turns toward him, slightly surprised.)
Hi, Kevin. (Smiles.)
(She closes her locker, revealing Wayne on the other side of it.)
(Wayne puts his arm around her.)
Hey. (Smiles.) How ya guys doin'?
Well...(frowns)...I better...(nods)...go to class.
(Kevin walks toward the stairs.)
And that was that. The whole thing had meant nothing at all. In which case I felt relieved. I felt happy.
(Kevin hurries up the stairs as the bell rings.)
I felt completely ticked off.
(Sandy follows onto the middle landing.)
Oh. Hi.
We need to talk.
Yeah. Right. I mean, last night...
We kissed.
Yeah...(nods)...we kissed. And, I don't know if that meant anything or not.
Did it mean something to you?
Yeah, it meant something.
It meant something to me, too. It's just that, uh, Kevin...I'm dating your brother. (Smiles.)
Yeah, I know.
(Sandy sighs and glances off.)
And it makes me feel creepy. I've done some strange things in my life, but, uh...(smiles)...going out with two brothers...
(She shakes her head slightly.)
It was weird. Here she was, baring her soul to me...and all I could think about was...what other strange things?
The thing is...I like Wayne. I mean, he's so...he's so...he's so basic.
Yeah. (Nods.) He's...basic. (Nods.)
(Kevin frowns and shrugs slightly.)
And he's real nice.
It's just that I don't know what happened last night. You seemed so lonely.
And...we were watching "Sonny and Cher", and...they were together, and...we kissed. It was almost like Sonny and Cher kissed. This is a dumb conversation, huh?
It's just all too crazy. (Smiles.)
Yeah...it is...
Yeah, I think it would be best if we could, uh...just be friends.
You're right. (Nods.) I think friends is...definitely the way to go. (Nods.)
Yeah. (Giggles.)
(She smiles and leans forward, and they kiss briefly.)
Was that a friendship kiss?
bleachers Yeah. (Smiles.) We should definitely just be friends. (Nods.)
(They kiss again. Kevin puts his hands on her shoulders. Fade to the bleachers. They have their arms around each other as they kiss.)
For the rest of the day...we were friends...all over school.
(Fade to a courtyard. Kevin and Sandy sit on a bench as they kiss. Cut to the janitor's closet. The door opens, and Sandy puts her hand on his shoulder and kisses him. He steps through the doorway. Inside, they back up against a wall and kiss.)
janitor Sure, I knew it was wrong, but...I didn't care.


(Kevin is riding with Wayne and Sandy to the dance. "If" - Bread plays as Wayne's car turns into an empty parking space.)
I was lower than a cretin. I was lower than subhuman. I was yeast.
(Wayne turns to Sandy and sings (badly) along with the radio.)
"If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't I paint you..."
(She smiles slightly. Kevin looks at Wayne and speaks softly to himself.)
Don't do this.
"The you I've grown to know..."
As I sat there, feeling the romance in that car...I knew I'd been kidding myself. I could never go through with this.
Hmmm...let's boogie.
Wayne? Let's just stay in the car a minute. I-I need to talk to you.
Unfortunately, Sandy could.
Uh, yeah! (Smiles.) Let's all stay.
(Sandy looks over her shoulder at Kevin.)
car Kevin, I need to talk to Wayne alone.
Well, I don't mind staying. Really.
He likes hangin' around me. (Smiles.)
(Kevin stands up, hops out, and walks away. Sandy turns toward Wayne.)
(Kevin turns over hs shoulder and looks at them.)
I couldn't hear what they were saying. But I didn't have to. I knew what it meant.

(Later at the dance, Kevin talks briefly to Purdle and Ricky, whose dates have just walked away, probably not to return. Kevin sees Sandy alone in the distance.)
Well, I'll see you guys later, OK?
(Kevin approaches Sandy.)
justdid You can't break up with Wayne.
I just did. I had to.
What'd he say?
Well, he felt bad. So did I.
Does he know? About us?
(She shakes her head.)
We shouldn't have done this. (Frowns.)
Kevin, I really want to be with you. (Frowns.)
(Sandy sighs and looks off. Kevin looks over his shoulder in the general direction Sandy is looking and sees Wayne sitting in the bleachers, sipping from a cup and looking down.)
I gotta go talk to him. (Gestures.)

wave (Wayne "explains" why he broke up with Sandy. Kevin looks at Sandy in the distance, who waves slightly at him.)
As I sat there...listening to my brother's pain...and the lies he told to cover it...I didn't know what to do.
(Sandy looks off.)
I knew I wanted to be with Sandy.
(A guy approaches and taps her on the shoulder.)
end Holding her in my arms...
(She glances at Kevin, then says something to the guy.)
Dancing with her.
(They start to dance.)
But in the end...I stayed with my brother. Because, after all...he was...my brother.

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