Jessica Thomas


Ep 80 - "Road Test"

(Driver's ed. Kevin has just parked the car, missing the space.)
He missed it! Hahhahahaha...
Good, Arnold. Maybe the next time we can try parking the whole car. Heh-heh!

(In the hallway.)
It was clear if I was going to pull out of this, I had to re-establish my territory, assert my masculinity. The question was - how?
Hi, Kevin!
Jessica! Hi!
Jessica Thomas. Just the kind of woman that could turn a man around.
Hi, I was wondering if I could borrow your bio notes...from yesterday?
And I had something she wanted.
Sure! So, you, uh...busy Friday night?
Maybe...maybe not.
Well, there's a dance...want to go?
I'm not big on dances.
Or...we could ditch it.
I might have plans.
jessica Cancel 'em.
OK, it was a risk, but -
Alright. I will!
So, Friday then?
Yes! I saw the mountain...and I took it.
So pick me up at eight? You can park the car out front.
And honk?
Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!

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11/15/14 10:10