Mr. Finora - Typing


(Ep 75 - "Triangle")

(At dinner, with Wayne's girlfriend, Sandy.)
Yep - Wayne was really improving himself socially.
(Wayne burps, then covers his mouth. Cut to typing class. Shot of a long row of students' hands as they type.)
Not to mention academically.
(Mr. Finora walks up the aisle, looking exhausted.)
Don't look at the keys, don't look at the keys, don't look at the keys, don't look at the keys, don't look at the keys...
(Kevin is looking at his book while typing. Mr. Finora pauses in front of him.)
Excellent technique, Mr. Arnold.
(Kevin looks up from his typewriter.)
Thanks. (Smiles.)
Not you. (Frowns.)
(Wayne leans out slightly from the seat behind Kevin and looks at Mr. Finora.)
Thanks. (Smiles.)
Let's face it. The guy was on a roll.
finora (Mr. Finora puts on his glasses while looking at Kevin.)
Let's see your work, Mr. Arnold.
Whereas for me...
(Mr. Finora removes the paper from Kevin's typewriter.)
The story of my life read more like...
(Kevin shrugs slightly.)
I didn't look at the keys. (Smiles.)

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