Mr. Skenk - Social Studies


(Ep 18 - "Fate")

(Kevin and Winnie have had an argument. Now in class, Mr. Skenk is in front of the blackboard, holding a pointer in both hands.)
The...root causes of war. Who can name a few?
(Carla raises her hand.)
"Not a nice person". That phrase rang in my head like a gong. How could she say that?! More important - how could I convince her she was wrong!
Kevin! The...root causes of war - name one.
(Kevin spins a pencil and glances toward Winnie.)
I think, uh, uh...a root cause of war...is, uh...misunderstanding!
(Winnie shifts in her seat.)
You know...(gestures)...war starts when people don't understand each other. Or-or when they hear...false information.
(Winnie drums her pencil and shifts in her seat.)
Or, or, something like that.
You're referring to, say...different cultures?
Sure. (Nods.)
Hey, I was cookin' here! I was sounding...philosophical...smart...nice.
Elaborate...please. (Frowns.)
Well...say there's this culture that's good. And there's this second culture that's also good. But then this third culture comes along...and tells the first culture that the second culture said something bad about them, when they didn't really mean it. And then, when the second culture tries to apologize, and the first culture won't even listen to to 'em.
(Winnie bangs her fist and sighs. Kevin shouts in her direction).
And pretty soon, everything gets misunderstood and out-of-control! And it's not fair, because - !
(Sound of class laughter.)

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