Eddie Pinetti


(Ep 18 - "Fate")

scourge Eddie Pinetti. The scourge of RFK junior high. He gave new meaning to the word "mean".
Not that Eddie had any particular reason for being rude, insensitive and sadistic. It was kinda...who he was - a bully. Eddie was a force of nature.
Like tornados...or flash electrical fires. Or fate! That was it. Fate.
Maybe I knew even before it happened...that I...had an appointment with destiny.


I was in a bad mood. I had been laughed at, mocked...my self-image was getting tarnished...and that's where Eddie Pinetti stepped in - like fate.
(Kevin sees Eddie rummaging in Winnie's locker.)
(To himself): Hey, that's Winnie's locker!
True, it was Winnie's locker. However, you'd have to be a moron to point that out to Eddie. Right?
Hey! Pinetti! That's not your locker!
No kidding!
(Kevin approaches Eddie.)
Hey! I said - that's not your locker!
So, you...shouldn't...(shrugs)...go in it, then. That's all.
I "shouldn't", huh?
So in other words...you have a problem with this? (Frowns.)
Now at this point, I all I had to do was just say - "nice, talkin', Eddie", and split - no harm done. Right?
Yeah, I got a problem. (Nods.)
I give up!
Sure do! You know what your problem is? Me!
Well no turnin' back now. Time to test the old theory...Stand up to a bully and he'll back down.
I'm not afraid of you.
Yes, you are.
(Mr. Diperna approaches.)
justtalking I never thought I'd be happy to see Mr. Diperna.
What's going on here?
Uh...we were just talking.
Just talking?
OK - things were under control now. If he'd just leave well enough alone...
Pinetti, I'm getting pretty damned...sick and tired of you.
Maybe you should apologize.
What was he doing?
Apologize to Arnold!
Uh, uh, really...that-that's not necessary -
Apologize, Eddie. Say you're sorry.
I'm sorry, Arnold.
I could feel his eyes - like hot coals.
Doesn't that feel better, Eddie? Alright, everybody, back to business! I'll be keeping an eye on you. Both of you.
Then it was over. It happened so fast I hardly had time to think about why - all I knew was...Eddie was definitely not feeling better.

(In class, after Kevin almost gets in a fight with Eddie in the hallway. Paul glances worriedly toward the doorway.)
(Eddie approaches behind Kevin and grabs his shoulders.)
Guess who.
(Kevin looks forward in resignation as Eddie pushes Kevin down, bends over Kevin's shoulder and smiles at him.)
It's Eddie. Pinetti!
The door was open, so I thought I'd pay you a little visit. You know, I've been thinkin' about ya, Arnold.
Really? (He smiles timidly.)
Thinkin' I'm gonna remove your tonsils with my bare hands.
Yeah...(smiles.)...I was just telling him that.
Shut up!
(Eddie looks at Kevin.)
You're scared...aren't ya?
Scared? Me? Nahhhhh.
Even though my feet were sweating...and my cheek was starting to twitch.
Everybody was watching. I had to do something - so I did.
(Kevin dumps a pan of papier-maché goo on Eddie's hand.)
(Kevin looks worried.)
(The boys glance toward Mr. Diperna in the doorway.)
Aren't you in the wrong room?
(Eddie bends closer to Kevin.)
Later, Arnold...when Diperna's not around. You're gonna be...glue. (Exits.)
Nice! Nice image.
I can't believe you did that!
Neither could I. But I had. So maybe there was a - a reason. Some kinda message in it all.

(Kevin and Paul see Eddie and Winnie in the hallway.)
shoulder Wait a minute - wait a minute!
Paul, what's he doing with her?
We don't know, we don't care.
Paul, the guy's putting his hands all over her!
Even worse - she seemed to like it! This didn't make sense, unless -
(Paul stops Carla who is walking by.)
Carla, what's going on with them?
You mean, Winnie and Eddie?
likes "Winnie and Eddie". The sound of it made my heart sink.
They've been going out since last week. Didn't you know that?
But... why?
I don't know. Because she likes him.
And suddenly I heard the tumblers clicking into place.
Holy cow!
Suddenly I understood everything. The reason...the message fate had sent me loud as a brass band. The message that said -
Face it. You're doomed!

(Eddie corners Kevin in the restroom.)
Where you been Arnold? I haven't seen ya around the last couple days.
W-well...I've...been kinda busy. Haven't I, Paul?
(Paul is being held in a headlock by one of Eddie's buddies. Paul holds up his finger.)
I-I can vouch for that, personally. Owwwwwww!
You know, it seems like you've been avoiding me. Is that so?!
That was totally untrue. I'd simply found a new route to school. And a new locker, and a broom closet on the second floor.
Look, uh, c-could we talk?
About what?
I think he wants to give you money. Right, Kev? Ow!
Um, well, I've been kinda in a bad mood. And I-I was wondering if we could forget about the whole thing?
Well, this was encouraging. An appeal to reason, and Eddie was responding!
You want to forget about it, huh?
Uh, yeah...kinda...if-if it's OK with you?
And for just a moment, a look of respect crossed Eddie's face. Mutual respect.
(Pinetti hits Kevin.)
Now, I had never been hit before - I mean, really, really, hit. And ya know what? It hurt. Really, really, hurt.
Eddie Pinetti never forgets! Think about it, Arnold. Know somethin'? Winnie Cooper was right. He really is a jerk!

jocks The next few days were about as fun-filled as they come.
You had to hand it to old Eddie.
He really had a sense of humor.
The worst thing was - I was beginning to accept it.
I didn't like myself much.


(Winnie has told Kevin that her relationship with Eddie is none of his business.)
And then, fate took one final turn.
(Winnie enters the hallway, followed by Pinetti and his friends. She is wearing her field-hockey uniform. Eddie holds her hockey stick, and is poking at her with it, trying to flip her skirt. Kevin and Paul watch from a distance.)
Cut it out. Stop it! Cut it out, Eddie! Knock it off!
Come on, you like it!
I don't like it!
I didn't like it much either. Even though it was really none of my business anymore.
(Winnie hops around as Eddie tries to flip her skirt. She grabs the stick, and runs out. Eddie smiles and shakes hands with his buddy.)
Come on, let's go - she's OK now.
But on the other hand...
Hey! (Frowns.)
(Kevin approaches Eddie.)
What did I have to lose?
Hey, look who's here. It's the twerp!
Except parts of my body.
What's the matter, Arnold? You need another delivery of jock straps?! (Smiles.)
OK, very funny, Pinetti!
Eddie didn't know it but I'd formed a plan.
Look -
(Eddie shoves Kevin in the chest, then glances at his friends and smiles.)
Eddie and I were going to have a little talk - about fairness, about right behavior, about...chivalry.
(Eddie pushes Kevin again, and his friends laugh.)
Hey! Come on!
(Eddie shoves him a few more times.)
But then...something inside me...
(Eddie bends closer to Kevin's eye-level, and smiles.)
Snapped. From deep inside I felt...rage! Not just for me, but for every kid who had ever been picked on...
(Eddie looks slightly puzzled.)
(Kevin winds up his punch.)
For every kid who'd gone home ashamed.
hit (Eddie's eyes get wider.)
I put every shred of dignity and self-respect I had into that punch.
(Kevin swings at Eddie and hits him on the shoulder. Eddie's buddies laugh.)
(Eddie smiles.)
My aim was bad. Even more unfortunately, Eddie's wasn't.
(Eddie pushes Kevin and he falls onto the floor. His buddies grab Paul.)
fight (Eddie sits on him and punches Kevin repeatedly.)
Those next ten minutes were...kind of a blur.
Still, as Eddie worked out his deep-seated feelings of inadequacy, I began to realize something. Sooner or later this would be over. And I...
Would survive.
Hit him, Eddie!
Stop it! Let him go!
(Eddie finally gets uo, breathing hard. He looks at Kevin and sneers.)
You're pathetic, ya know that? (Exits.)

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