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(Ep 48 - "Ninth-Grade Man")

Is there a teacher here?
Ah, yeah, Nestor. But you don't wanna talk to Nestor.
Of course I did. After all he was a teacher, an employee of the public school system.
Where is he?
Over there!
(Mr. Nestor is in the midst of some students, preparing to lift a band-saw to show his strength. Kevin joins the circle of students.)
Awright. Let's go. I got it. It's up. It's up. It's clear!
(Students clap as Mr. Nestor sets the saw down.)
Awright, bulletheads! Get back to it.
Uh, Mr. Nestor?
Hi. I am Kevin Arnold.
That so?
Yeah. I wanna speak with you about my schedule.
nestor Schedule? Hah?
Uh, yes, Sir. About this class.
This class? Hah?
Well, I think, possibly, there's been a mistake.
Mistake? Hah!
OK. So far, so good. So far as I could tell.
Yeah, well. The fact is that I'm not very good in industrial arts.
(Mr. Nestor is looking at an off-camera student with a power tool.)
I think I'd be better at something like, uh, chemistry, or, uh...
Masha! Your eyes...
(He points to his eyeglasses.)
Watch your eyes! Bullethead.
(To Kevin): Oh, where were we?

Well, as silly as it sounds, uh, I think they've got the wrong Arnold.
Wrong Arnold? Hah?
Uh, right. So...
(Mr. Nestor looks at a student sitting next to them.)
Burber! No, no. Not the screwdriver, the chisel!
(Mr. Nestor looks at Kevin.)
FONT COLOR=RED>Idiot! So, you want out? Is that it?

Kinda. I mean if that would be all right with you.
Okay. I'll let you out.
There. Finally!
There's only one thing though.
(He starts to kneel and raise his arm.)
You gotta arm wrestle me for it!
Uh-huh. Things were starting off with a bang. And it wasn't even lunch yet.

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(Ep 61 - "Buster")

Trouble was, in order to ignore the problem...
(Buster barks.)
You had to ignore Buster.
(Buster barks. Jack frowns and tosses his bacon down. Wayne happily eats.)
You had to be the village idiot.
(Buster barks. Kevin, Jack, and Wayne stand up. Buster barks.)
My family was stymied. Trouble is, the only way out...
(Buster barks.)
Was the skilled hands of a surgeon.
(Kevin frowns.)
(A power-saw cuts off a rectangular piece of wood, which falls next to a circular piece. Cut to shop class. Mr. Nestor hands the saw to Kevin.)
OK, bullethead - you try.
(Kevin takes the saw, and starts to cut.)
Not like that! Your fingers! You want to cut something important off?
I'm sorry. I guess I just got distracted.
Distracted? Hah? What about?
Well...see it's my dog. He's been acting up. You know...barking...eating shoes...
Barking? Hah? Oh...I know that problem! Know it well.
Hold on here - was this a man who could help? A man with a little field-experience? Maybe even a man with a solution?
Do you have a dog? (Smiles.)
Oh, had. "Smokey". (Smiles.) Ah, he was a real pal. Saw me through some tough times, that little devil. He had three legs, ya know. He hated the first Mrs. Nestor. No - you can't buy loyalty like that, anymore. Ah, there's nothing I wouldn't do for that little fella.
And for one second, I coulda kissed the guy.
So how did you keep him from barking?
We had him fixed!
(Nestor pounds a nail.)

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