Mimi Detweiler


(Ep 47 - "Growing Up")

Say, you remember my daughter, don't you?
Mimi, over here!
It's Kevin Ar-nold!
Great. The only thing worse than Detweiler was his kid - Mimi the tomboy. The one we called "The Stick".
mimi Kevin? Hi.
mimihi Do you like boating?
Did I like boating?
(Sound of a boat horn.)
Admiral Arnold to my close naval associates.


This is nice, isn't it?
Uh...yeah - nice.
Once I figured out what these big, wooden, sticks were for.
I can't believe I'm actually sitting here with Kevin Arnold!
Well, you were always kind of...my hero. Remember how I used to tag along after you? You must have thought I was a real pest.
And to think that my dad said you probably wouldn't be here.
Well...after the promotion and all. You know.
Oh! That. Sure.
Still, just to clarify the position...
What promotion?
The one my dad got. He's vice-president of the whole company now.
But hold on here! Detweiler?! Mr. "Dead Wood"?
I guess your father...took it pretty hard.
And suddenly, I didn't feel like boating anymore.
Uh...I think it's time we started heading back.
Uh, yeah, you know, it's getting kinda warm and...
We could go swimming!
Why not?
Well..we-we don't have our bathing suits or anything, and...and, besides -
Kevin, who needs a bathing suit?
And right at that moment I learned something.
(Mimi starts to lift her shirt.)
When it came to maritime operations...
(Kevin falls in the water.)
I was definitely out of my depth.

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