(Ep 87 - "Lunch Stories")

(At lunch, Wayne grabs Kevin's soda.)
I need this, OK?!
Buy your own!
It's not for me! It's for...him.
forhim (They look at a large, long-haired guy sitting alone at a table, hunched over some food.)
We called him "Maniac". You know the type. You never knew where he came from, what he was thinking...how many family members he might have killed...
(Nerd-Boy sets his tray down, and starts to pull out a chair. Maniac looks at him. Nerd-Boy walks away.)
Some guys bet me twenty bucks I couldn't find out Maniac's real name. Heh-heh.
And you think a can of soda is gonna do it?
Nah-nah-nah. It's just the ice-breaker.
You're out of your mind.
Hey. For twenty bucks, I'd lick the paint off our house with my tongue.
(Wayne laughs as they look at each other.)
I got news for ya. A year later - he did it, for ten.
(Maniac is chewing some chicken as Wayne approaches.)
Ah! Here we are.
(Maniac looks up as Wayne takes a seat opposite him.)
Hi! You don't know me, but, uh, I'm Wayne Arnold, and...you would be?
(Wayne holds his hand out. Maniac looks at him.)
(Wayne sets the soda down and slides it forward.)
Bottoms up! Heh-heh.

mess (Wayne and Maniac are at the table. Food is scattered all around Maniac's tray.)
So, I...notice you eat alone all the time. Bet you'd like some friends. Heh.
(Maniac is holding a Twinkie, poking it with a large pocket-knife.)
Hey, I got an idea! Maybe if I...knew your name, I could introduce you around, you know...get to know some people. (Gestures.)
(Maniac looks at Wayne, and pokes his Twinkie.)
So, you have any hobbies?
(Some Twinkie falls onto Maniac's tray.)

Look! I'll level with you. I made a bet for twenty dollars, that I could find out your name. Now, I'll give you...
(Maniac looks at him. Wayne pulls a bill from his pocket and spreads it on the table.)
Ten bucks right now...
(Wayne frowns and points. Maniac looks at him.)
If you will just tell me your name! Please!
(Wayne bites his nails and glances around.)
(Wayne pauses, then looks at him and frowns.)
Excuse me?
My name's Florence.
(Florence slowly grabs the money.)
killyou Florence. Well, thanks a lot! (Smiles.) I'll never forget this, Florence! Hee.
Just one thing.
(Wayne sits again.)
If I find out you told anyone, I swear I'll kill you.
(Florence frowns and flips open his knife, and sticks it in the table. Wayne frowns.)

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