Mark Kovinsky


(Ep 50 - "Cost of Living")

(In the cafeteria with Paul and Doug.)
Whoa! Check out Kovinsky!
(Kovinsky is standing next to a couple of girls, as he holds his jacket open.)
Mark Kovinsky. The Howard Hughes of RFK.
(Kovinsky lifts a girl's hand and kisses it.)
He had more money than General Motors. Naturally, we all admired him.
I hate him.
(A girl touches Kovinsky's jacket sleeve.)
That jacket must have cost a fortune.
What I wouldn't give for that wardrobe. (Nods.)
On our allowances? Forget it!
Facts were facts. In macro-economic terms.
Five bucks a week just doesn't go as far as it used to.

(Another day, in the hallway with Paul.)
I can't believe it! I practically rebuilt the whole house!
Well, how much did he pay you?
That's not the point! The point is...the guy's bustin' my hump! (Nods.)The point is, that -
(Kovinsky approaches behind Kevin, smiling. He spreads his jacket and puts his hand on his hips.)
You're working for your dad, huh?
(Kovinsky brushes some lint of his jacket shoulder.)
Diamond Jim Kovinsky himself.
Kovinsky - what do you know about it?
(Kovinsky looks at Kevin.)
I started out the same way you did...buckin' for allowance, workin' for peanuts...and then one day, I woke up.
What's your dad do?
kovinsky None of your business. (Frowns.)
A workin' man...(Nods)...Mine too.
Yeah. So? (Shrugs.)
So...(Smiles.) Who says you have to be like your dad?
Adolescence is filled with great moments of revelation. This...was one of them.
(Kovinsky snaps a $20-bill open in front of Kevin.)
Where'd you get that?
On the eighteenth green at the Whispering Grass golf course. (Smiles.)
You made twenty bucks caddying? (Frowns.)
Cash tip. Not bad for four hours in the fresh air. You've got two choices, Arnold. Be like your dad...or be your own man. Seeya.

(Kevin has signed up to be a caddy. After not getting chosen to caddy, he is at the vending machine, repeatedly pressing the button, as Kovinsky approaches.)
It was beginning to look like I was gonna lose money on the day.
Arnold! What are you doing here?
Oh! I, uh...
I get it. (Smiles.) You're waiting for the big one, aren't ya? Remember that twenty-dollar tip I told ya about? Well...(points)...that's the bag.
(Shot of the bag. Sound of a singing chorus, and five notes of "We're in the Money" plays as a glints of light beams off the clubs.)
And suddenly, I knew. That bag was destined for just one pair of shoulders.

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