Mr. Katz - Social Studies


(Ep 6 - "Dance With Me")

(Shot of a picture of beached whales on a projection screen, and a wooden pointer tapping it.)
They're called dead whales, people. My question to you is - why?
(Kevin is sitting next to Lisa Berlini.)
I felt sort of weird talking to Winnie about Lisa...But I'd forgot all that by social studies. The lights were dimmed for a slide show on pollution. And I was within striking distance of the best-smelling head of hair in the seventh grade.
(Mr. Katz stands next to the screen, holding a pointer.)
Where have all the flowers gone?
(Mr. Katz points to the image of a freeway cloverleaf.)
How many roads must a man walk down?
The time was right for the most intimate form of communication known to twelve-year-old man...inter-classroom note writing.
(Kevin passes a note to Lisa: "Pretty interesting stuff huh?")
(Lisa passes a note to Kevin: "Tell me about it.")
(Kevin passes a note to Lisa: "At least we won't have any homework.")
In a note you could say anything you wanted to. Lines I would have choked on under the glare of fluorescent lights were coming out like poetry with the venetian blinds drawn.
(Lisa passes a note to Kevin: "I hope you're right.")
(Kevin passes a note to Lisa: "Are you going to the dance on Friday?")
(Lisa passes a note to Kevin: "Maybe...")
The signs were there. She wanted me. It was time to throw caution to the wind.
(Kevin passes a note to Lisa: "Want to go to the dance with me?")
The problem is excess. We keep pushing, pushing, and it always ends up by us going one step too far.
Dear God, he was right. What was I thinking? I mean, one lousy phone call, a couple of notes and suddenly I'm asking her to the dance? It was all happening too quickly. I wanted that note back.
(Lisa passes a note to Kevin: "OKAY." The "O" is a smiley-face.)
Then again, why stop when you're on a roll?
Lights, please.

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