Inga Finnstrom


(Ep 85 - "Double Double Date")

(Kevin and Winnie are tryng to fix each other up with each other's friend.)
Winnie, this is Matt.
And this is Inga.
Yep, no doubt about it. This...was Inga.
Inga Hi. (Smiles.)
Hi. (Smiles.)
Hi. (Smiles.)
Hi. (Smiles.)
And with those polite formalities out of the way...it was time for the main event. Time to play...the dating game.
So, Matt. Um, how do you like McKinley so far?
Well, it's the kind of school...you'll never forget...forever.
(Kevin frowns and shakes his head slightly.)
So much for bachelor number one.
I know exactly what you mean. (Smiles.)
So. Inga. (Gestures.) Are you having fun in America?
Oh, ja. I like it. (Smiles.)
Yeah. Me too. (Smiles.)
Hey, Winnie - what are your three favorite activities?
Well, I like to read, I like to play tennis...and I love to dance.
Ja! Me too! (Nods.)
Oh, what a coincidence! (Smiles.)
It's amazing. (Frowns.)
OK, it was clear the time had come to dump the chitchat and get down to brass tacks.
(Kevin opens his mouth to speak.)
Sure, I'd love to. (Smiles.)
Great! (Smiles.)
Great! (Smiles.)
(Bell rings.)
So we'll talk later...(gestures)...I gotta get to class.
Me, too. Come on, Inga.
Winnie, wait!
Oh, yeah. Sorry, Kevin.
Hadn't we forgotten something here?
Inga - you wanna go to the dance with me? (Smiles.)
Ja, sure. (Smiles.)
(Winnie and Kevin smile at each other.)
Yes! And with those two words, the deal was sealed. Winnie and I were on our way to the spring formal...
Hey, guys! Why don't we double?
(Winnie and Kevin's smiles fade.)

(In Kevin's car on the way to the dance.)
How do you like school so far?
Oh, I like history, I like English. (Smiles.)
I like lunch, heh-heh. (Smiles.)
(Inga looks forward blankly, then to Kevin.)
It was a joke.
(Winnie laughs at Kevin exaggeratedly.)
Something funny?
So, Winnie...who are your three favorite movie stars?
Um...well, lemme see...
(Kevin snorts and smiles. Winnie looks embarrassed, and glances around.)
Never mind.
Oh, I love American music, especially The Beatles.
Really? Yeah, me too! (Smiles.) Hey, remember when the Magical Mystery Tour album came out?
I couldn't believe how many kids didn't understand it.
(Winnie giggles.)
Nothing. (Smiles.)
No, come on, something must be funny. (Smiles.)
Well, it's just...you didn't understand the album, either. (Smiles.)
What are you talking about?
You didn't even know who the Walrus was.
Well at least I don't buy every Donny Osmond album that comes out. (Frowns.)
(Winnie frowns and settles back.)
I don't listen to Donny Osmond.
Oh, come on - you have that huge poster of him hanging over your bed!
(Winnie and turns to Matt.)
It was a phase I went through - it was a long time ago...
It was last year!
And there, in a nutshell, you had it. The double-date from hell.

(At the dance. Kevin and Winnie frown at each other.)
By a half hour into the festivities...it was clear Winnie and I needed to be on separate continents.
So, uh, Inga. Do you wanna get some punch? (Smiles.)
Ja, sure. (Nods.)
Good idea! Let's all get some punch.
Not that getting away was that simple.
Matt, don't you and Winnie wanna go dance or something? (Gestures.)
Yeah, sure! Um...Winnie?
I'd love to.
(Winnie frowns at Kevin.)
(Winnie leads Matt away.)
So what are your five favorite songs?
(Kevin looks away and snorts, then smiles at Inga.)
Come on. Let's get a drink.
And finally, it seemed we were actually gonna have a chance to be alone. Get acquainted. Just me, Inga...
liberace (Paul approaches next to Inga, wearing a light-blue suit, with wide lapels.)
Hey, Kev, how's it going? (Smiles.)
And of course, Liberace.
Paul, this is Inga. (Gestures.) Inga, Paul.
Nice to meet you, Paul.
Yeah, I've seen you around school. You know, I think we have a class next to each other. I'm in history in 306, and you're, what, in English -
Beat it.
Oops. Gotta go. (Exits.)
After all, Paul understood. This date belonged to me. The girl, the body, the mind.
So, you come from a big city?
Inga Ja, very big.
Well, Don't you ever get lonely here?
Ja. Sometimes I get lonely. But then, I tell myself, "don't be lonely", and then I am not lonely. (Giggles.)
And I guess that's when it hit me. When it came to brains, this chick was a Swedish meatball.

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