Mr. Frace - Music


(Ep 10 - "Steady As She Goes")

(The kids are singing "Yellow Bird", and get out of sync. Mr. Frace bangs the keys in frustration.)
What's wrong with you kids? You forget how to sing since yesterday? Alright, we'll try something more contemporary.
(He jabs a finger at the kids.)
Page six, West Side Story.
(He flips his sheet music.)

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(Ep 39 - "Glee Club")

(Chorale music plays as the camera slowly pans various posters in the school hallway.)
The halls of RFK junior high often echoed with the sounds of music. The Kennedy Chorale. The Kennedy Madrigals. And of course, the Kennedy Now-Tones. They were all part of a long-standing family of song. But, as with every family, there was a skeleton in the closet.
(A classroom door opens, showing Mr. Frace playing scales on the piano as a group of kids sings along. The camera follows a tardy boy who enters and drops off his hall pass.)
The boys' eigth-grade glee club. The singing group from hell.
(Mr. Frace frowns and glances off.)
Oh, boy...
Twice a week, we transformed Mr. Frace's choir-room into kind of a chamber of musical horrors.
Oh, my gosh.
(The camera pans across the boys as they sing the scales.)
Randy Mitchell - baritone. Doug Porter - monotone. Paul Pfeiffer - no tone at all. And of course...me. Not that we didn't have heart. It's just that the thirteen-year-old-male voice isn't exactly designed for...well...for singing.

(Mr. Frace frowns and sighs, then stands and shakes his finger toward the kids.)
Hold that note.
(The kids hold the note. Shot through the venetian blinds as Mr. Frace approaches the window.)
Hold that note.
We weren't the stuff tabernacle choirs are made of.
(Mr. Frace peers out the window.)
So, out of a mutual respect for the arts...
(Shot through venetian blinds of a woman math teacher frowning toward the singing class.)
And humanity...
(Shot of Mr. Frace peering out the window, with the kids in the background.)
We'd reached an agreement.
(Mr. Frace snaps the blinds closed.)

We wouldn't push Mr. Frace...
(Mr. Frace turns toward the class.)
If he wouldn't push us.
(Mr. Frace gestures with both hands.)
Awright, awright - that's enough.
(The kids quit singing. Mr. Frace gestures.)
Just, uh...get out your books and study.
(The boys sit on the risers, and Mr. Frace sits at his desk.)
All in all, a pretty equitable arrangement.

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