Ep 51 - "It's a Mad, Mad, Madeline World"

(Extreme close-up shot of a shiny silver bracelet as an engraving tool spells "Kevin Arnold" on it.)

You start out life with a clean slate. Then you begin to make your mark. You face decisions, make choices. You keep moving forward. But sooner or later there comes a time where you look back over where you've been. And wonder who you really are.

Fade to

Int. Day - Arnold Basement

KEVIN (V/O): Wow!

(Close-up shot of Winnie's hands holding an ID bracelet in an open display case.)

(Shot of Winnie smiling.)

WINNIE: You like it?

(Shot of Winnie smiling.)

KEVIN: I love it!

(Shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: Honest?

Winnie Cooper and I knew who we were.

(Winnie smiles.)

A couple.

(Shot Winnie and Kevin facing each other on the couch as Kevin examines the bracelet.)

Together. Forever.

WINNIE: Look on the back!

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin turning the bracelet over and reading it.)

KEVIN: "Love, Winnie".

(He smiles at Winnie.)

In a world full of twists and turns...

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie looking down and smiling.)

We found our way.

WINNIE: Happy anniversary! (Smiles.)

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking at her.)

KEVIN: Thanks...

(Kevin looks toward the bracelet, and then frowns.)

KEVIN: What anniversary?

(Shot past Kevin on Winnie looking down and smiling.)

WINNIE: It is a year ago tonight that you wanted to ask me out, but you didn't.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking thoughtful.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie frowning.)

WINNIE: You don't remember?

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking off.)

KEVIN: Uh, well...

(Close shot of Winnie looking hurt.)

Of course we had our occasional misunderstandings.

(Close shot of Kevin looking down.)


(Kevin looks at Winnie.)

KEVIN: Oh, sure, I do.

(Kevin frowns and shakes his head.)

KEVIN: It's just...

(Kevin glances off.)

KEVIN: I thought that was tomorrow night. (Nods.)

(Close shot of Winnie.)

WINNIE: No, tomorrow is the anniversary when you told Paul that you really liked me. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin hesitating.)

KEVIN: Oh right. (Frowns.) I always get those two mixed up.

(Shot Winnie and Kevin facing each other on the couch.)

Somehow we always managed to work things out.

KEVIN: Tell ya what...

(Close shot of Kevin smiling at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: We should celebrate. How about the movies, tomorrow night?

(Close shot of Winnie looking at Kevin off-screen.)

WINNIE: Great! (Smiles.)

(New shot of their faces coming about 6" together. They smile.)

Yep. We were solid, and nothing could come between us. Not time, not distance...

Fade to
Int. Day - Classroom

(Shot of Madeline standing, talking with a girl off-screen and smiling.)

Not even raw temptation.

(Shot of Kevin approaching his seat as the bell rings. He looks toward Madeline off-screen.)

(Close shot Madeline smiling at a girl off-screen.)

Madeline Adams. On the first day of school she kissed me...

(Shot of Kevin standing, looking at Madeline off-screen.)

Unexpectedly and without provocation...

(Shot past Kevin of Madeline and a girl as they talk.)

Full on the lips. Not that it bothered me exactly.

(Shot of Kevin standing, looking at Madeline off-screen.)

Still, I made it a point to keep my distance.

(Shot past Kevin of Madeline and the girl.)

In fact, I hadn't said a word to her since.

(Madeline approaches Kevin.)

MADELINE: Hi, Kevin! (Smiles.)

(She walks past the camera. Kevin turns slowly after her.)

KEVIN: Uh...

(Kevin looks after her, and starts to sit down.)

(Shot from in front of Kevin as he misses the chair and falls down.)

At least not an intelligible word...

(Kevin gets into his seat.)

(The bell rings again. Kevin looks toward Madeline off-screen.)

MRS. FALCINELLA (V/O): Assez-vous, s'il vous plait!

(Shot of Madeline sitting.)

(Shot of Mrs. Falcinella excitedly waiting for the class to settle down.)

MRS. FALCINELLA: Bon jour, la classe! (She gestures.)

(Shot of Kevin and others students.)

CLASS: Bon jour, Madame!

(Shot of Mrs. Falcinella smiling excitedly.)

MRS. FALCINELLA: Class, today, we are going to be starting a new unit in French. (Gestures.) La cuisine.

(Wider shot of the class which shows no reaction.)

(Shot of Mrs. Falcinella.)

MRS. FALCINELLA: (Brightly): Cooking!

(Close shot of Kevin rolling his eyes and looking off.)

CLASS: Uhhh...

(Shot of Mrs. Falcinella.)

MRS. FALCINELLA: Now, for your homework, you and a partner will prepare an authentic French dish at home...

(Shot of Kevin looking idly bored, then looking toward Madeline off-screen.)

MRS. FALCINELLA (V/O): And you'll bring it in here...

MRS. FALCINELLA: and tell us how you made it...(raises finger)...En français! (Smiles.) Eh, c'est bien?

(Shots of different students. They are expressionless.)

You could say this for the teachers at RFK...

(Close shot of Kevin rolling his eyes and sighing.)

They never ran out of bad ideas.

(Shot of Mrs. Falcinella holding a Tupperware bowl.)

MRS. FALCINELLA: Now, to keep it fair I've put all your names into this... mixing bowl here. So, we will be choosing our partners "simplement au hasard". Marcia?

(Mrs. Falcinella holds the bowl out as Marcia takes a piece of paper from it.)

(Close shot of Kevin tapping his book with his pencil.)

Great. Homework wasn't bad enough.

(Shot of Mrs. Falcinella and Marcia.)

MARCIA: Harold Gartner (Gruntner).

(Shot of Kevin tapping his book with his pencil as students continue to pick names.)

Cooking wasn't bad enough. On top of it all, we were forced to put ourselves entirely in the hands of...

MADELINE (V/O): Kevin Arnold!

(Close shot of Kevin. Madeline is out-of-focus in the background. Kevin looks up slowly. The focus changes to Madeline as Kevin quickly turns toward her.)

(Close shot of Madeline looking at Kevin off-screen.)

(Shot of Kevin looking over his shoulder at Madeline.)

Imminent disaster!

RANDY (V/O): You dog!

Cut to
Int. Day - Cafeteria

(Shot of Kevin, Paul and Randy sitting at a table.)

RANDY (To Kevin): She picked your name?

(Close shot of Randy looking toward Paul off-screen.)

RANDY: I don't believe it. (Shrugs.) He gets all the luck!

(Close shot of Paul looking toward Randy off-screen.)

PAUL: Come on! It's just a homework assignment.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Randy off-screen.)

PAUL (V/O): What's the big deal?

(Close shot of Randy looking toward Paul off-screen.)

RANDY: Are you kidding? He's gonna be in her house, after dark?

(Close shot of Paul looking toward Randy off-screen.)

RANDY (V/O): Anything can happen!

(Paul frowns slightly and looks at Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin glancing off.)

Which, as it happens, was exactly I'd been afraid of.

(Kevin turns toward Randy off-screen.)

KEVIN: Knock it off, will ya?

PAUL (V/O): Look, Mitchell...

(Close shot of Paul looking toward Randy off-screen.)

PAUL: For your information, Kevin has a girlfriend. He's practically married.

(Shot of Randy and Kevin.)

RANDY: Yeah, right.

(Randy turns toward Kevin.)

RANDY: I want a full report - including details.

(Randy takes his tray and exits.)

(Shot past Kevin of Paul looking after Randy off-screen.)

PAUL: Some guys!

(Paul looks at Kevin.)

PAUL: What an imagination! (Nods.)

(Shot past Paul of Kevin looking after Randy off-screen.)

KEVIN: I know what you mean.

(Kevin looks toward Paul and smiles.)

PAUL (V/O): I mean, just because...

(Close shot of Paul looking toward Kevin off-screen.)

PAUL: She's attractive and she has a nice figure and she...

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Paul off-screen.)

KEVIN: Paul!

(Close shot of Paul looking toward Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Paul off-screen.)

(Close shot of Paul looking toward Kevin off-screen.)

PAUL: I just don't see what the big deal is. (Shrugs.)

(Wide shot from behind Paul as he stands and exits with his tray. Madeline slowly approaches from the rear.)

Of course, Paul was right. There wasn't a big deal at all.

(Close shot of Kevin resting his head on his fist as he looks at his food.)

Certainly no reason to be concerned - except for some reason...

MADELINE (V/O): Kevin?

(Shot from behind Kevin as he looks over his shoulder at Madeline off-screen.)

(Close shot of Madeline smiling slightly at Kevin off-screen.)

(Shot of Kevin looking over his shoulder at Madeline off-screen.)

I was.

(Close shot of Madeline looking at Kevin off-screen.)

MADELINE: Do you mind if I sit down? (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking off.)

(Wide shot of both at Madeline crosses behind Kevin.)

(Shot past Madeline of Kevin as she sits down.)

KEVIN: Uh...Eh...

(Kevin glances off uncomfortably.)

MADELINE: I thought maybe we should talk.

KEVIN: Really?

(Shot past Kevin of Madeline nodding.)

(Shot past Madeline of Kevin looking at her.)

Well, maybe this would clear some things up. Like about what happened that first day.

(Kevin glances off.)

About why she kissed me.

(Kevin looks at Madeline.)


(Shot past Kevin of Madeline looking at him.)

MADELINE: About what to cook.

(Shot past Madeline of Kevin looking at her.)

KEVIN: Cook...

(Shot past Kevin of Madeline looking at him.)

MADELINE: I was thinking chocolate mousse...If that's alright with you?

(Shot past Madeline of Kevin glancing off, then looking at her.)

KEVIN: Oh, yeah, yeah, sure.

(Kevin glances off again, then back.)

KEVIN: Except - you see...

OK, since she wasn't going to bring it up, I'd have to.

(Kevin shrugs and frowns slightly.)

KEVIN: It's just...

MADELINE: That's a lovely ID!

KEVIN: What? (Frowns.)

(Shot past Kevin of Madeline looking at him.)

MADELINE: Was it a gift?

(Shot past Madeline of Kevin glancing at his bracelet.)


(Kevin looks at Madeline.)

KEVIN: Yeah. Kinda. (Nods.) From my girlfriend. Winnie Cooper. (Nods.)

(Shot past Kevin of Madeline smiling and nodding as Kevin looks at the bracelet.)

KEVIN: For our anniversary.

(Madeline glances at the bracelet.)

MADELINE: It's lovely. (Nods.)

(Kevin looks toward her.)

MADELINE: She must be very special.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at her off-screen.)

KEVIN: Yeah. (Smiles.)

(Kevin looks toward his bracelet.)

KEVIN: Yeah, she is, kinda.

(Close shot of Madeline looking at the bracelet.)


(She shakes her head and shrugs slightly, then looks at Kevin off-screen.)

MADELINE: You were saying?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at her off-screen.)

KEVIN: Oh, that.

(Kevin glances off.)

KEVIN: Well...

(Kevin glances toward Madeline off-screen.)

But suddenly I felt foolish.

(Close shot of Madeline looking patiently at Kevin off-screen.)

Here she was, complimenting my girlfriend...

(Shot past Madeline of Kevin looking off uneasy.)

And I was suspicious? Shame on me!

(Kevin looks at Madeline and shakes his head slightly.)

KEVIN: Nothing. It's nothing.

(Shot past Kevin of Madeline.)

MADELINE: Well then...(gestures)...shall we meet tonight at my place?

(She frowns and wrinkles her nose slightly.)

MADELINE: Say seven-thirty?

(Shot past Madeline of Kevin looking off uneasy.)

KEVIN: Uh. Sure...(Nods.) That will be fine. (Smiles.)

(Shot past Kevin of Madeline looking at him.)

MADELINE: Thirty one Vernon Drive. (Smiles.) I'll see you then.

(Shot of both as she stands up and exits. Kevin looks after her.)

And that was that. We had a good conversation. Straightened things out.

(Kevin smiles slightly, forks some food, and looks after Madeline off-screen.)

Cleared the air. No problem.

Cut to
Int. Evening - Pizza Barn

(Close shot of Winnie frowning at Kevin off-screen.)

WINNIE: Tonight?

(Close shot of Kevin.)

One problem!

(Kevin frowns slightly.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie as they sit at a table.)

WINNIE: I thought we 're going to the movies tonight.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin as he looks off worriedly.)

Oh my gosh!

KEVIN: Oh...

(Kevin looks at Winnie.)

KEVIN: We are. I, I mean...(frowns)...we were.

(Close shot of Winnie frowning slightly at Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: I mean...we are.

(Kevin frowns and shakes his head slightly.)

KEVIN: It's just this thing came up in French, I mean.

(Close shot of Winnie looking concerned.)

WINNIE: What kind of thing?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: Well, it's cooking. You know...

(Kevin frowns and shakes his head slightly.)

KEVIN: I'll just cancel it.

(Close shot of Winnie looking at Kevin off-screen and shaking her head.)

WINNIE: Don't be silly. I won't hear of it. (Nods.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie looking at him.)

WINNIE: We had the same kind of assignment like last week. And I know a bunch of people are counting on you. (Nods.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

The thing is she was being so sweet about it, so innocent...

(Kevin glances off.)

(Close shot of Winnie smiling and nodding slightly at Kevin off-screen.)

WINNIE: Don't think you can fool me, Kevin Arnold.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen slightly surprised.)

KEVIN: I beg your pardon?

(Wider shot of them sitting at he table.)

WINNIE: You'd do anything to get out of doing your homework. But I think this is important.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Winnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: You do? (Nods.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie looking at him.)

WINNIE: School comes first. (Nods.) We'll just go another night.

(Shot past Winnie of Kevin looking at her.)

(Shot past Kevin of Winnie as she puts her hand on his wrist.)

WINNIE: I'm sure if I were in the same situation, you would say the same thing. Wouldn't you?

(Close shot of Kevin looking down.)

Maybe so, maybe not.

(Kevin glances off.)

What could I say, except of course...

(Kevin looks at WInnie off-screen.)

KEVIN: OK, you win. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Winnie smiling at him off-screen and sighing slightly.)

Cut to
Ext. Night - Madeline's House

(Shot of Kevin pushing his bicycle up the driveway. A dog is barking.)

(Wide shot past Kevin of the house.)

Winnie was right. Love was love...

(Shot of Kevin looking toward the house off-screen.)

But school was school. Kinda like the separation of church and state.

(Wide shot past Kevin of the house as he parks his bike and walks toward the house.)

It was time to put social interest aside and concentrate on academics.

(Close shot of the door-knocker as Kevin's hand grabs it and knocks three times.)

(Shot from behind Kevin.)

It was time to study French.

(The door opens, revealing Madeline, holding a mixing bowl.)

MADELINE: Bon jour, Kevin. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Madeline off-screen, slightly surprised.)

(Close shot of the mixing bowl as the camera pans up Madeline. She has tied her white blouse up, revealing her stomach. The camera pans up to her face as she looks at Kevin off-screen.)

In our underwear.

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Madeline off-screen, slightly surprised.)


(Close shot of Madeline looking at Kevin off-screen.)

MADELINE: Oh, this...

(She looks down at her clothes ans smiles self-conciously.)

(Shot past Kevin of Madeline as she smiles at Kevin.)

MADELINE: I am sorry that I'm such a mess. But I really didn't have a chance to get fixed up.

(She nods and tilts her head slighty.)

(Shot past Madeline of Kevin as he looks off.)


(Kevin looks at Madeline.)


(Shot past Kevin of Madeline as she looks at Kevin.)

MADELINE: And...since it is school night and we'll be cooking, I figured...(shrugs)... why worry about clothes?

(She shakes her head.)

(Shot past Madeline of Kevin as he looks off.)

KEVIN: Oh, uh...

(Kevin looks at Madeline.)

KEVIN: Sure! (Smiles.)

Sure, that explained it.

(Kevin glances off.)

Why worry about clothes?

(Shot past Kevin of Madeline as she smiles broadly at Kevin.)


(She hands him the bowl and a whisk.)

MADELINE: You just stir and leave everything else to me. (Nods.) OK?

(Shot past Madeline of Kevin nodding at her as he starts to whisk.)

And even so...

(Kevin glances down at he bowl.)

A little voice inside was telling me to watch my step...

(Kevin look up.)

(Close shot of Madeline smiling at Kevin off-screen.)


(She moves aside.)

(Shot past Madeline as Kevin steps inside, and walks past her looking uneasy.)

I guess little voices don't speak French.

Cut to

The Kitchen

(Close shot of a measuring cup as Madeline fills it with milk. The camera pans with the cup as she holds it up.)

MADELINE: Le lait.

(Shot past Madeline of Kevin looking at it.)

KEVIN: Le lait.

(Shot past Kevin of Madeline as she pours some sugar into another measuring cup.)

MADELINE: Le sucre.

(Shot past Madeline of Kevin looking at it.)

KEVIN: Le sucre.

(Kevin watches Madeline set the sugar down on the counter.)

Besides, once we got started...

(Close shot of Madleine as she picks up a cookbook and flips a couple pages.)

It was pretty clear what was gonna happen.

(She looks at Kevin off-screen.)

MADELINE: La mousse. (Smiles.) C'est bon?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Madeline off-creen.)

We were gonna cook!

(Music "Hey, Good-lookin'" starts.)

(Shot of Madeline cracking an egg into a bowl.)

(Shot of Kevin cracking an egg, which runs down the side of the bowl.)

"Say hey, good-lookin'"

(Shot of Kevin looking toward Madeline, who laughs.)

"Whatcha got cookin'?"

(Very close shot of Madeline cracking another egg.)

(Shot of the bowl of eggs as milk is pour into it.)

"How's about cookin' something up"

(Close shot of Madeline's hands as she tries to open a jar.)

"With me..........?"

(Kevin's hands take the jar from her. The camera pulls back slightly as Kevin opens the jar, sending some flour flying. Madeline put her hands up, startled.)

"Hey, sweet baby"

(Close shot of Kevin smiling.)

(Close shot of Madeline looking serious as she holds out a spoon.)

"Don't ya think maybe"

(The camera pans across to Kevin, who is pouring a bottle of vanilla into the spoon.)

"We can find us"

(Shot of the bowl of eggs as Kevin uses a hand-beater in it.)

"A brand new recipe..."

(Close shot down on a pan of chocolate as Madeline stirs it and adds chunks of chocolate.)

"I got a hot-rod Ford..."

(Fade to same shot of the pan as the chocolate is melted.)


(Fade to the same shot as Madeline adds some chunks of butter.)

We were really getting to work here...

(Fade to same shot as Madeline stirs the pan.)

Rollin' up our sleeves...

(Shot of the pan as the camera moves up to Madeline and Kevin. Kevin is loosening his bracelet.)

Moppin' our brows...

(Close shot of Kevin taking off his bracelet.)

Removing our bracelets...

(Kevin sets the bracelet on the counter.)

(Close shot past Madeline of Kevin as she carefully dabs his face with a towel.)

Who would have thought that homework could be so much fun?

"Hey, good-lookin'"

(Low shot of Madeline and Kevin leaning toward each other over the bowl.)

"Whatcha got cooking...."

(Madeline touches her lips with her fingertips, then mouths "Voila!")

And by the time the smoke cleared...

(Shot of Madeleine carrying some glassware across the kitchen.)

(Close shot of Kevin smiling as he watches her off-screen.)

We were acting like old friends.

(Madeline holds up the bowl and turns and smiles toward Kevin off-screen. Music fades.)

MADELINE: It looks like this all turned out pretty well. (Nods.) Oui?

(Shot of Kevin sitting in a chair as he looks at Madeline off-screen.)

KEVIN: Yeah, not bad. (Smiles.)

The fact is that I was a little ashamed of myself...

(Shot of Madeline crossing the kitchen.)

For having thought that...

(Shot of Kevin looking at Madeline off-screen.)

Well, you know.

KEVIN: It's kind of funny, isn't it?

(Madeline looks at Kevin.)

MADELINE: What's funny? (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Madeline off-screen.)

KEVIN: Oh, well, you know, how you and me were paired up. (Smiles.)

(Close shot of Madeline looking toward Kevin off-screen.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Madeline off-screen.)

KEVIN: It's kind of a...coincidence. (Smiles.) You know?

And then...

(Close shot of Madeline frowning slightly toward Kevin off-screen.)

It happened.

MADELINE: What makes you think it was a coincidence?

(Close shot of Kevin looking at Madeline off-screen. He is at a loss for words.)

(Close shot of Madeline approaching the camera.)

KEVIN: Oh, well...

(Kevin glances off.)

KEVIN: You picked my name and...

(Shot of Madeline removing her apron.)

(Shot of Kevin looking uneasy.)

(Shot of Madeline as she sets the apron down and looks at Kevin.)

(Shot of Kevin looking uneasy.)

KEVIN: Uh, I think I better go.

(He stands up.)

MADELINE (V/O): Come on!

(Shot past Kevin of Madeline approaching him.)

MADELINE: We haven't even tasted it yet.

(Shot of Kevin nervously taking his apron off.)

KEVIN: No, no, I...

(Shot past Kevin of Madeline. She licks her finger and smiles.)


(Closer shot of Madeline smiling at Kevin.)

(Close shot of Kevin looking toward Madeline off-screen.)


MADELINE (V/O): Go ahead...

(Madeline's outstretched finger moves toward Kevin's mouth. A little "dream" music plays.)

(Close shot of Madeline as the lighting changes to a darker, dreamy, fuzzy shot of Madeline.)

MADELINE: Taste it!

(Close shot of Kevin looking at her finger and shaking his head.)

(Close shot of Kevin in profile with Madeline's finger an inch from his mouth.)

KEVIN: I-I gotta go.

(Shot past Madeline of Kevin as he runs past her and the camera. She turns after him.)

Cut to
Ext. Night - Residential Street

(Close shot of Kevin hurriedly riding his bicycle.)

Everything was a blur. My mind was racing. I wasn't quite sure what had happened. All I knew was that I had gotten out of there just in time. With nothing lost.

(Kevin looks at his wrist and realizes the bracelet is gone.)


(Kevin looks up and rides into a bush.)

But everything.

Fade to
Ext. Day - Residential Street

(Kevin is riding his bicycle.)

There is nothing like an early morning bike ride to clear your head. I knew I was out that day looking for something. It could have been my ID bracelet - except I already knew where that was.

(Shot of small group of kids as Kevin rides up.)

So, maybe I was looking for something else.

(Winnie is standing at her bus-stop with two other girls. Kevin stops. Winnie turns to him.)

WINNIE: Kevin?


(She approaches him.)

WINNIE: Kevin, what are you doing here?

KEVIN: I - I was just riding my bike. Guess I got a little lost.

Which was true in more ways than one.

KEVIN: Oh, I was thinking about you.

Which was true, too.

(Winnie smiles and shrugs.)

WINNIE: Well, that's nice.

And it was nice. It made me feel sure again.

(Winnie smiles.)

Made me feel brave.

WINNIE: So, how did it go last night?

(A flashback of the scene from previous night: MADELINE: Taste it!)

Made me feel like throwing up.

(Kevin looks away a bit guiltily.)

KEVIN: Uh, yeah, it went OK. Just a lot of cooking more or less. (Smiles.)

WINNIE: What did you make?

(Kevin tries to sound nonchalant.)

KEVIN: Nothing special. Just, you know, chocolate mousse.

WINNIE: Oh, that sounds delicious! (Smiles.)

KEVIN: Probably. (Adds hurriedly) But I-I didn't taste it!

(Kevin looks at Winnie intently.)

(Winnie notices the bracelet is missing.)

WINNIE: Kevin, where is your bracelet?

And right about then I had a choice. I could be a man, and tell her everything...

KEVIN: I never wear it when I'm riding.

Or I could be a worm, and tell her nothing.

(Winnie's school bus approaches from the back.)

KEVIN: I wouldn't want anything to happen to it.

WINNIE: But you'll wear it tonight, right?

KEVIN: Tonight?

WINNIE: Our movie night.

KEVIN: Oh, yeah! Of course!

(Winnie is relieved.)

WINNIE: Great. So, I'll see you then!

(Winnie kisses Kevin on the cheek.)

WINNIE: You're the best.

(She walks to the bus.)

But I didn't feel like the best.

(At the bus, Winnie turns around and looks softly at Kevin.)

I felt more like...

Cut to
Int. Day - Classroom

(Close-up of Madeline's face.)

MADELINE (brightly): Mousse au chocolat. Voila!

(Kevin stands next to Madeline, in front of the class. She presents the bowl. Kevin looks uncomfortable. The class and Mrs. Falcinella applaud.)

And the worst thing was I was getting applause for it.

MRS. FALCINELLA: Très bien! Très bien! You two obviously work very well together.

(Madeline smiles.)

If only she knew.

(Kevin looks apprehensive.)

(The bell rings. The students start to get up.)

MRS. FALCINELLA (V/O): Merci, à bientôt!

(The class is leaving, as the teacher wraps up her things. Kevin looks at Madeline.)

OK, then. No use dawdling. Make this short and sweet.

KEVIN: Madeline?

(Madeline looks at him.)

KEVIN: I think I lost my ID at your house last night.

MADELINE: Yes, I know. (Nods.)

KEVIN: It's just...I need it. I have a date.

(Madeline looks at Kevin. She is not smiling.)

(Shot of Kevin.)

KEVIN: With Winnie. At the movies. Tonight.

(Another shot of Madeline.)

KEVIN: In town. With Winnie.

Did I say - "with Winnie"?

(Madeline looks at Kevin. She is nodding faintly, and biting her lip.)

MADELINE: Of course, you can have it back!

(She shrugs and smiles. She walks to her desk to get her purse.)

There, a done deal. Over and out.

(Madeline slowly looks in her purse for the bracelet she knows is not there.)

MADELINE: Only...(She shakes her head.) I'm afraid I didn't bring it with me.


MADELINE (Smiles.): So, I guess we have a problem here. Don't we? (She nods her head.)

(Kevin looks puzzled.)

KEVIN: What do you mean?

(Shot of Madeline.)

MADELINE: Well, you'll have to come over to my house tonight and pick it up.

(She raises her eyebrows.)

MADELINE: What time shall I expect you?

(Shot of Kevin hesitating.)

Fades to
Int. Day - Science Classroom

(Shot of a close-up of a fly in a spider's web. Shot of a spider.)

MR. CANTWELL (V/O): Behold. The hunted, struggling against hope. Behold the hunter...

(Shot from behind, over Mr. Cantwell's shoulder, of the class watching the film.)

MR. CANTWELL:...mandibles dripping. A sad and macabre dance of death.

(Shot of Kevin and Paul at a table.)

MR. CANTWELL (V/O): Whatever can Miss Spider be thinking?

(Kevin is fidgeting.)

I wasn't sure. But I had a pretty good idea.

PAUL: Kev? You alright?

KEVIN: Sure. Fine.

But I wasn't. I needed help. Guidance.

KEVIN: I lost my ID bracelet!

(Paul turns in concern.)

KEVIN: The one Winnie gave me. I'm seeing her tonight...

PAUL: You lost it?!

(Kevin tries to be casual.)

KEVIN: Oh...I left it somewhere.

PAUL: Where?

KEVIN: Just somewhere...

Heck. No need to delve into the details for a little crummy advice.

KEVIN: So, what do you think I should do?

PAUL: There is only one thing to do! (Gestures.)

As if I didn't know what his answer would be - Be truthful! Be honest!

PAUL: Get another one! (Shrugs.)

KEVIN: What?!

PAUL: Consider the alternatives!

(Shot of Kevin thinking.)

MR. CANTWELL (V/O): Death.

(Shot of the film. The spider has nearly completed his meal, the fly.)

MR. CANTWELL (V/O): Dismemberment. Total extinction.

Cut to
Int. Day - Jewelry Store

(Shot of the clerk looking at Kevin off-screen.)

(Shot of Kevin at the counter.)

KEVIN: Excuse me. Sir? I need an ID bracelet. Do you have any?

JEWELER: Yes, over here, please.

(He leads Kevin to another display.)

Now this was the ticket. Why hadn't I thought of this before?

JEWELER: Solid sterling, hollow or chrome plated? Bevelled, rounded or squared?

(Kevin looks puzzled.)

KEVIN: How much are those?

(Kevin points to a case with a SALE sign, behind the jeweler. The jeweler turns to case. Close-up of hands removing the box from the shelf.)

JEWELER: Nine-seventy-five.

KEVIN: That's the one.

JEWELER: Anything else?

KEVIN: Yeah, I need it engraved. Cheap.

(Jeweler gives Kevin a blank look.)

Heh, it was only for one night!

JEWELER: Write down the name you want. (He smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin starting to write.)

Fade to
Int. Night - Kevin's Bedroom

(Camera is outside, looking in at Kevin as he combs his hair in front of a mirror. The camera moves closer to the window. Kevin opens the box and looks at the new bracelet.)

And finally things were back to normal. Sure, I made a few missteps. But now everything was gonna be fine. I acted in the nick of time.

(Close-up shot of the box as Kevin opens it.)

Covered my tracks. Reclaimed the good name of...

(Shot of the name engraved on the bracelet: "KEVIN AMOLD".)

Kevin Amold?! A fungus in the Petri dish of life?

KEVIN: Oh my gosh!

I'd fallen victim to a fatal combination - poor penmanship, haste and a nearsighted jeweler.

(Kevin compares the engraving to his original which could be read as "Amold".)

KEVIN: Oh my gosh!

(A hand grabs the bracelet.)

WAYNE: Kevin Amold? Eehhhhh...

(Wayne falls on his back and laughs hysterically.)

WAYNE: Kevin Amold!

(He hands the bracelet back.)

And that's when I knew. There was only one thing to do and only one way to do it.

Fade to
Ext. Night - Madeline's House

(Kevin stands in the driveway, holding his bicycle. It is dark, a similar situation as in the earlier scene.) ("Jaws"-like music plays.)

The moment had come. I was gonna ask, and, if necessary, demand that she give my bracelet back!

(Kevin puts the bicycle to the side and walks to the door.)

This was what I should have done all along. Heck, I was no mold, I was Kevin Arnold.

(Kevin approaches the door.)

I knew what I wanted.

(He knocks three times.)

I knew exactly what I was gonna say.

(He knocks three times again.)

And I was gonna say it...

(He knocks three times faster once again. Nobody opens the door.)

Right to her front door.

(He turns around and hesitates in thought.)

Fades to
Int. Night - Movie Theatre

(Close shot of Kevin and Winnie watching the movie. Sound of an airplane engine is heard.)

Movie dialog:
1: Now I'm out of runway.
2: Think of what this baby costs!
1: I'm thinking of this planeload of people. This runway is the only hope they've got.

(Shot of Kevin. He looks uneasy.)

There is nothing that compares to a good movie. The plot...

(Winnie eats some popcorn.)

The music...the total darkness.

(Shot of Kevin's arm covered by his jacket and a variety of candy. The camera pans up his arm to his face.)

So far that night I'd kept Winnie from noticing the bracelet I wasn't wearing. But I knew sooner or later...

KEVIN: Winnie?

(Winnie turns.)

I was gonna have to come clean.

KEVIN: Want to have another licorice whip?

(He offers her the plastic bag.)

Or delay as long as I could.

WINNIE: No, thanks.

KEVIN: How about some Milk Duds?

(He holds out a box to Winnie.)

WINNIE: I'm fine. Really. (She smiles.)

(Shot of Kevin fidgeting.)

OK, I was chicken. I needed time. Time to think.

(Kevin turns around to speak again to Winnie.)

Time to plan.

(Kevin sees Madeline entering.)

Time to bid life goodbye.

(Madeline looks at Kevin as she slowly makes her way down the main aisle.)

(Kevin looks worried.)

(Madeline makes her way across the row of seats behind Winnie and Kevin.)

MADELINE (to other people): Excuse me, sorry. Excuse me...

(Madeline takes a seat just behind Winnie and Kevin. Winnie has not noticed. Kevin starts to breathe heavily.)

(Winnie turns to Kevin in concern.)

WINNIE: Kevin, are you alright?


WINNIE: You're all sweaty. Are you sick?

KEVIN: Uh, I...well...

WINNIE: Maybe we should leave.

But at that moment I knew leaving wouldn't solve the problem.

(Shot of Winnie and Kevin, with Madeline behind them.)

There was no escape from this. I had reached the dead end.

(Shot of Kevin turning toward Winnie.)

KEVIN: Listen Winnie, we have to talk. About my bracelet. You see, I, I kinda...

(Shot of Winnie and Kevin sitting in near-profile. A hand reaches out between them.)

MADELINE (V/O): Excuse me.

(Shot of Madeline holding the bracelet.

MADELINE: I think you dropped this.

(Winnie turns and takes the bracelet out of Madeline's hand.)

WINNIE: Thank you!

MADELINE: It's very nice.

(Winnie and Madeline nod in agreement.)

WINNIE: I gave it to him.

(Winnie looks at Kevin.)

MADELINE: Well, it must be nice to have someone you love like that.

(She nods her head slightly.)

(Madeline stands and exits.)

(Winnie and Kevin look at bracelet.)

WINNIE: That was so nice of her, wasn't it?

(Kevin stares straight ahead.)

Fade to
Int. Night - Kevin's Bedroom

(Shot from outside through Kevin's window. Camera zooms up to window. Kevin sits on his bed, fingering the bracelet.)

Life is a series of twists and turns. Things don't always turn out the way you have expected. Still, that night I knew I turned a corner. As for the future I wasn't worried.

(Shot changes to inside. Kevin is holding the bracelet.)

I had my girl, had my good name back, and I was gonna keep it locked on.

(Kevin puts the bracelet on.)


(Kevin looks at the bracelet as it slides off and falls to the floor.)

Fade to

Supporting Cast
Madeline Adams - Julie Condra
Mrs. Falcinella - Julie Payne
Mr. Cantwell - Ben Stein
Randy - Michael Tricario

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