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(Ep 94 - "Homecoming")

The dreams of the '60's were battling a new decade.
(Black-and-white clip of a U.S. flag and a poster reading "No Surrender". Chants of the crowd.)
And things were happening everywhere.
(Black-and-white shot of students in a classroom. The shot fades to color.)
Well, almost everywhere.
Open your books to chapter six...
(Students start to open their books.)
Section thirteen.
(Shot of Mr. Deeks standing behind his desk, leaning on his outspread arms. A large globe is next to him, and a map of Europe is on the wall behind him.)
The rise of post-agricultural Europe.
Eleventh-grade. The no-man's land of public education.
Now! Who can tell me another name...for this era?
(The students look bored.)
How about...The industrial revolution?
(A boy raises his arm.)
Oh! Oh! The industrial revolution? (Smiles.)
It was grim. In the war between the board of education and the class of '74...
(Kevin looks toward the window.)
Things had pretty much reached a stand-off.
Mr. Arnold!
For most of us.
How about you?
Not that I'd been neglecting my studies. I'd been studying a lot.
Do you have anything to contribute?
Uh, yeah!
(He reaches for his wallet.)
(He pulls out his wallet, flips it open, and glances toward the teacher.)
How much did you have in mind?
deeks (He looks at his wallet. The class laughs. Kevin glances toward the class and chuckles as he closes his wallet.)
I'd been studying to be a wise-guy.
I'll be expecting a 10-page report from you on Monday. (Frowns.)
Although not very sucessfully.
(Kevin frowns and looks off as he puts his wallet in his pocket.)
OK...so my act needed work.

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