Mr. Cory - Science


(Ep 35 - "The Powers That Be")

Cornball or not, Gramps was a kindred spirit, a giver of gifts - a prince.
cory (Classroom.)
A potato!
(Mr. Cory stands in front of his desk, holding up a potato.)
On the face of it - an insignificant...pulpy tuber. But consider it.
(Mr. Cory stands next to a globe, with his hands on it.)
What does this potato...have to do with the course...of human events? Hands!
(No one raises a hand.)
Genetics! (Gestures.) The transfer...of traits...from generation...to generation - as we'll see from our project. Now...!
(Mr. Cory picks up some burlap sacks, and puts them on two of the front-row desks.)
Here we go! Let's pass them out. Pass 'em backwards!
What's he doing?
Got me...
Fact is, I was wondering what I was doing, sitting in Mr. Cory's classroom - when I could be home playing with a puppy.
For our homework, each of us will take our potato, put it into a glass...and log the data! Heredity - we'll learn from nature!

(Mr. Cory is cleaning his glasses slowly.)
Your dog ate your homework...
I-I know it sounds crazy, but...
Mr. Cory...I've know him for thirteen years. He doesn't lie about stuff like this.
Your dog ate your homework...

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