Mr. Clemens - Chemistry


(Ep 107 - "Unpacking")

(In chemistry class.)
Chemical interaction. If the solution turns blue, it's base...
(The students look bored.)
By the middle of junior year, life at my school was becoming...routine.
Carefully, OK...(nods)...add twenty milligrams of reactant...to the solution.
(Mr. Clemens returns to his desk as students turn to their experiment. Kevin and Jeff ultimately add too much reactant and cause an explosion.)

(Winnie is berating Kevin in the library.)
It didn't seem fair. I was taking all the heat, for a guy...
clemens (Cut to chemistry class. Mr. Clemens stands next to Kevin.)
Ah...we seem to be missing Mr. Billings today.
Who wasn't even around.
Mr. Arnold, I'll assign you a new lab partner today - try not to blow him up.
(Kevin nods and smiles as Mr. Clemens walks past him.)

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