(Ep 74 - "Full Moon Rising")

(Ricky has just gotten his driver's license.)
And there you had it. Rising up above us was the dawn of a new era. An era of freedom. An era of adventure. An era of fun.
And my mom said I can have the car Friday night!
An era of bad timing.
Friday night? This Friday night?
What's wrong?
I told ya - I got a date!
Look, you can have a date any Friday night.
What am I supposed to do about Cindy?
Easy. Dump her.
I can't do that!
Kevin! This is everything we ever dreamed of! We're talkin' us - the guys, in a car! Don't you get it? This is cool!
And of course, faced with logic of that caliber, there was only one thing to do.
(Cut to biology class.)
grandmother Your grandmother?
Uh, yeah. I'm such an idiot I completely forgot she was coming to visit.
Oh! Well...
You know, she hasn't been well. She's got this bad, uh...liver!
So her, you know, so her, liver has been acting up.
Maybe I was nervous because I was dissecting a frog, but the word "liver" seemed to pop up frequently.
rain Anyway, my mother wants us all home Friday night, to be with my grandmother, and her...liver.
Maybe I could take a rain-check?
Sure! That'd be great!
Great. (Smiles.)
There. Artfully done. Now there was nothing standing between me, the guys, and the open road.


(Ricky is driving the guys around, looking for girls.)
So, where are they?
Hmmm. Good question.
(They pull up at a diner.)
Fortunately, there was an answer - Zesty's - the place to go for burgers, fries, and...
Whoa! Check out the hooters!
Man, can't take you anywhere...
Still, the fact remained, if it was girls we were looking for...
OK, we found them.
Now what do we do?
Hmmm. Good question.
(Kevin orders food at the window.)
Four chocolate shakes, two onion rings, two fries, and extra ketchup.
And there was nothin' left to do but stand around, look good, and get noticed.
(Cindy approaches.)
Kevin? Hi!
What are you doing here?
Somehow, I had a feeling "checking out the hooters" wasn't gonna fly.
Getting shakes. See, here they are!
Oh...is your grandmother here?
My grandmother?
Oh! No! She's back at home because of...
...her liver. Yeah, I'm - I'm just here with...my cousins. And we have to get back with the shakes. Look - they're melting, see?
Well, if you're with relatives...I guess I'll see you on Monday?
Uh, yeah! Monday!
After all, no reason to dally.
Seeya later.
heyhey The best thing to do was amskray before she discovered who my cousins -
Hey, hey, hey! Ba-by...!
Really were.
Hey, Kevin? Who's the fox? Owwwwww!
Introduce us, man!
Yeah. Come wait over here - we got room!
revoked She didn't actually say anything - her face did all the talking.
Looking good!
It said my rain-check had been revoked - permanently.
(Kevin hesitates, then walks away. Cindy looks after him, unhappily.)

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