Cindy - 100


(Ep 100 - "Wayne and Bonnie")

(Kevin and Jeff are sitting apart from Winnie and her friends, in the diner.)
Ah...I'm gonna get another drink. You want a rootbeer, or something?
Yeah, sure, thanks.
The thing was - seeing Winnie over there didn't make me angry or mad. I just felt...very, very, lonely.
(The girl in the booth behind Kevin turns toward him.)
Excuse me. Can I borrow your ketchup?
Uh, sure...
Oh, and do you have any napkins I can borrow?
Sure. Want my fries, too?
Just a couple...(giggles)...I can't believe I said that!
No. No - it's fine, really. Want some? Here...
Thanks, uh...
My name's Kevin.
Hi, I'm Cindy.
I haven't seen you around school.
Oh, we just moved into town.
Well, how do you like it, so far?
Well, it's kinda lonely.
"Lonely". That was certainly something I could understand.
Well...maybe it'll get better.
Really? Thanks for saying that.
(She turns back.)
Funny thing was, this was the first pleasant conversation I'd had with a a girl in weeks.
(Winnie and friends walk past, and she frowns at Kevin.)
And somehow, sitting there, this whole situation became unbearable. I just knew I needed someone to talk to.
Excuse me.
(Cindy turns.)
Would you like to -
Go out on Sunday afternoon? (Smiles.)
Great. (Smiles.)

(At the picnic.)
Kevin, if you were an animal, what animal would you like to be? You can be any animal you want.
What animal? (Frowns.)
I bet you'd make a good bird - I can see you flying around...(twirls)...and looking at everything...
Yeah, I-I guess, uh...a bird...sounds OK.
Look there's some swings over there - you want to try 'em out? Lets go try 'em out?!
Uh, uh, why don't you go ahead. I'll be right over.
OK, neat. See you soon, "Mr. Bird"...Bye!
Somehow in the cold light of Sunday, Cindy's chirpiness was becoming too chirpy. Worst of all, I missed Winnie more than ever.

(Kevin has had a conversation with Wayne. Cindy trots up from the swings as Wayne walks off.)
Kevin? I have an idea...let's see who can eat our hotdogs the fastest!
(Kevin looks off.)
(Cut to Kevin and Cindy carrying things toward the car.)
I think I like the hamburgers a little bit more than the hotdogs - but I'm not sure. I could have liked the hotdogs more.
By the end of the picnic, I couldn't wait to get home...make my escape. Face it - this whole thing had been a disaster.
(Kevin opens the trunk. He overhears Wayne and Norma argue.)
Oh, look! A stuffed bear - it's adorable! He's so cute and cuddley...
Cindy, it's just a bear! Will you forget about it? (Frowns.)
Don't have to be such a grouch. (Frowns.) You sound just like my brother. He's in high-school, too.
Wait a minute...
Wait a minute. Where do you go to school? (Frowns.)
What...grade are you in?
Seventh. Does it matter?
Well, yeah, it does. (Gestures.)
I was afraid you'd say that. (Frowns.)
Why don't you take the bear? I don't want it.
Thanks!...(hugs the bear)...I'm gonna name him "Kevin"! (Smiles.)
And there you had it. The perfect end to a perfect day.

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