Becky Slater


(Ep 10 - "Steady As She Goes")

Hi, Paul. Hi, Kevin.
Oh. Hi, Becky.
Hi, Becky.
You want to hear something?
I don't care.
(To Paul): I know someone who likes you.
Big deal. Well, who is it?
Well, I can't tell you her name. But her initials are C.H.
"C.H." - "C.H."- "C.H."?
(Paul "thinks".)
Big mystery here. Carla Healy - she was the only female in Paul's life who wasn't a blood relative.
If you're interested, she'll be at the skating rink tonight. (Smiles.)
Thanks, I'll keep it in mind. (Frowns.)
See you guys later. (Exits.)

(At the skating rink, Kevin feigns an injury. Winnie has skated up to him. Kevin thinks she is going to ask him to skate with her.)
D-do you want to...(long pause)...do you want to...skate...(another long pause)...with Becky Slater?
This is so embarrassing. Becky Slater, she kind of asked me if I'd ask you.
(Kirk skates by and grabs Winnie by the arm, taking her away.)
Kirk! (Laughs.) Wait, I'm gonna fall!
It's hard to describe what I was feeling at that moment in time. Humiliation? Sorrow? Or was it more...intense hostility!?
(Kevin heads out on to the ice and approaches Becky.)
Becky1 Becky Slater?! Weeks of waiting in the wings, and all I get is Becky Slater?! I'll give you...
Becky Slater!
You wanna go steady?
Let's skate!
My first steady girlfriend.


(Cafeteria. Kevin and Winnie sit side-by-side.)
Well, I suppose you could say that going steady with Becky Slater had gotten me closer to Winnie Cooper.
(The camera pulls back to include Kirk and Becky.)
Although not quite the way I'd pictured it.
(To Winnie, through Kevin): Did you hear about Susan and John Rodgers?
What about them?
Supposedly, Susan thought she saw John and Gina together, you know, like together. But they weren't together together, they were just studying together. But Susan might break up anyway.
No way!
I don't know - that's what I heard.
I - I can't believe it!
She's been giving him the silent treatment, so he's been spending a lot of time with Jessica, you know, like talking and stuff, but I mean...
Sitting there wedged between my dream girl and my significant other, one thought kept rolling back and forth through my mind - "Dear God, what have I done?"
(Kevin looks toward heaven. More chat and laughter. Kevin laughs, pretending to enjoy the conversation.)
I didn't know this girl. I didn't want to know this girl.
Hey, Kev-Bo, check it out.
(Kirk opens his lips to reveal the skin of an orange wedge covering his teeth. He grunts like an ape. Kevin laughs half-heartedly.)
Anyway, I couldn't believe it.

(Dinner table.)
Whatever happened to Winnie Cooper? I thought you were -
Look, I said it was no big deal! She's just a stupid girl that I met at the skating rink. And I didn't even know her. OK? She's just one of Winnie Cooper's stupid little friends, and I'm gonna break up with her as soon as I get the chance. OK?! Are you all satisfied now?

(Becky tosses a note on Kevin's desk: "Kevin + Becky" in a heart.)
Well, it seemed simple enough in theory.

(Kevin hands books to Becky, to put in her locker. Becky is talking nonstop. She spots someone, waves, and drags Kevin off.)
I'd just kill off the relationship before it got out of hand.

(School steps. Becky talks nonstop to friends, and puts her arm around Kevin.)
And yet I couldn't seem to find the appropriate time. It was always one thing or another.

(Kevin and Becky are at a skating rink table. Becky blows the sleeve off a straw.)
Before I knew it, Becky and I had been going steady for a whole week. That's nearly six months in adult years.
What'll it be, kids?
I'll have a Coke and some fries.
I'll just have some of his.
Woof! This chick was gettin' in deep. First she splits your fries. Next thing you know, she'll be moving her textbooks into your locker.
(Kevin looks uncomfortable as Becky looks him over.)
Kevin? Is something wrong?
What do you mean?
I don't know. It's like we don't talk anymore.
"Anymore"? This was the first conversation we'd ever had.
Are you mad at me or something?
No. Not really. I don't know.
Don't be a coward. Break it off clean. One shot behind the ear. She won't feel a thing.
(Becky snuggles closer.)
I'm really glad we're going steady.
Look, Becky, we have to talk.
(At exactly the same time, not hearing Kevin): Winnie! Over here!
Hi, you guys. Have you seen Kirk around? I was supposed to meet him here.
I don't think he's here. Why don't you sit with us?
I don't know.
(She looks at Kevin.)
Hey, hey. What's this? The physical contact too much to take?
I don't think I should. But if you guys see Kirk, will you tell him that I'm looking for him?
No sweat, right Becky?
Sure you don't want some fries?
No, thanks. I'm not hungry.
Well, take this.
(Kevin feeds a fry to Becky.)
And this.
(Kevin blows a sleeve off straw. Kevin and Becky laugh.)
You guys make a really cute couple.
Boy, was she steamed. It's not the same without little Kevin Arnold to kick around anymore, is it?
(Kevin watches Winnie as she walks away. Becky snaps her fingers in front of Kevin's face.)
Anybody home?
I asked if you like ketchup on your fries.
Sure, whatever you like.
(Becky noisily squirts ketchup.)
You're so weird sometimes.

(Kevin sees Kirk and Winnie kiss in the hallway.)
And so it finally happened. My poor twelve-year-old heart finally crumbled into a little pile of dust, and blew away. It was over. I was never gonna to get her back. It was time for a little self-respect. It was time to let go. Time to move on. After all, who needed women? Who needed friends? I'd just walk alone from now on. Yep, that was me, Kevin Arnold - lone wolf.
(Kevin looks up and howls to the sound of a wolf. Cut to the bus area. Kevin see Becky.)
There was just one loose end I had to tie up.
For your information, I don't like Winnie Cooper.
Tell me about it.
Alright, I used to like her. But I don't anymore.
Yeah, sure.
I don't!
likeme Do you like me?
I don't even really know you.
Well, I don't know you, and I like you!
It's just this whole stupid going steady thing. I didn't even want to go steady.
Well then, why did you ask me in the first place?
I don't know, it -
(The bus pulls away.)
Wait!! Great, there goes my bus.
Standing there alone with Becky, I felt a warmth - an attraction, a tenderness - for another girl for the first time since I lost Winnie Cooper.
You're such a jerk. Thanks for nothing!
(Becky starts to walk away.)
(Becky keeps walking. Kevin follows.)
How are you gonna get home?
How do you think?
Well, do you want me to walk with you? It - it's on the way and stuff.
Don't do me any favors!
(Kevin holds Becky's arm and stops her.)
I want to.

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(Ep 11 - "Just Between You and Me, and Kirk and Paul and Carla and Becky")

couch ("Star Trek" is on TV.)
- CAPTAIN KIRK: There she is. That's the one. What have you done with Spock's brain? What have you -
(On TV, an alien woman presses a button on her armband, and the Star Trek men fall, and writhe on the ground.)
- CAPTAIN KIRK: Ahhhhhhh!

(Kevin hesitantly puts his arm around Becky.)
When you're twelve years old you've got a lot of strange new territory to explore. For Paul and me, that meant the basement with Carla Healey and Becky Slater. Paul and I weren't the world's greatest make-out experts, but I figured all I had to do was wait for the sign from Becky.
(A commercial comes on TV. Becky turns to Kevin and kisses him.)
sign That was the sign.
(Both couples are kissing as the light clicks on. Norma and Wayne start to come down the stairs with laundry. The couples straighten up. Paul flips his glasses on as Carla reaches for cookies on the table. They all sit back, and "act casual".)
Hi, Mom. So, you're doing laundry! (Gestures.)
Yeah, I thought I would.
(Wayne puts a towel on Kevin's head.)
You're folding, Kevin.
(Norma takes the towel off Kevin's head, and peers at Kevin's neck.)
Kevin, what's that on your neck?
neck (Kevin gets nervous, and casually covers the hickey with his hand.)
Mom, be cool.
Oh this? It's - it's - it's a bug bite!
Ugh, it was embarrassing for everyone.
Almost everyone.
(Wayne pushes Kevin's head over to look at the hickey. Kevin struggles futilely.)
I don't know, Mom. Looks to me as though it just might be...a monstro-hickey. A love bite. A big...juicy...lip burn.
(Wayne stands up and smiles.)
But that's just a guess.
(Wayne makes kissing noises. Norma hands the laundry hamper to Wayne.)
Take this upstairs!
(Wayne exits making kissing sounds. Norma inspects the seating arrangements of the kids.)
Why don't you kids come upstairs and watch TV?
Uh - Star Trek's almost over.
As soon as it is.
(Norma goes upstairs.)
(CAPTAIN KIRK on TV): "Dr. McCoy, Engineer Scott, and myself were taken prisoner inside a highly complex civilization..."
A bug bite?
Well, what did you want me to say? (Gestures.)
givebite I'll give you a bug bite.
(Becky giggles, and wrestles with Kevin, then kisses his neck. Carla wrestles with Paul and kisses him.)
Wait. Get off! Becky!
No, no!
And so the days passed, carefree and lighthearted. Paul and I seemed to have found a truce in the war of the sexes. Everything was simple and fun.
("Star Trek" - An alien woman presses a button on her wristband. The men are driven painfully to the ground.)
In other words, it had to end.

(Over the previous few days, Kirk has had Kevin try to find out if Winnie likes Kirk. They are in the hallway as Carla approaches.)
Hey, Kevin! Becky Slater wants to know if you're mad at her.
Becky! Poor little Becky. In all this confusion I'd forgotten all about her. But now there was only one thing to do. I had to tell her the truth, and not through any go-between but face-to-face, like a man.
(Kevin walks into a classroom.)
Friends Oh, God. Look at her. Poor sweet flower of a girl. God I hated to hurt her. Well, just get it over with.
Becky, we have to break up. I still like Winnie Cooper. We can still be friends, though.
Oh, yeah. "Friends"?! I'll give you "friends!"
(Listen to that line.)
(Becky slugs Kevin, and walks out.)

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(Ep 17 - "Nemesis")

(In Miss White's English class.)
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."
Becky17 (Becky glares at Kevin.)
What do you think the poet is trying to say?
(Becky whispers something to Winnie, and Winnie looks at Kevin with a disapproving look on her face.)
I don't know why, but ever since I'd broken up with Becky Slater, I felt uneasy whenever I saw her and Winnie together.
Throughout literature, we see images of women as avenging harpies driven by mad fits of jealous rage. In Greek mythology, there's Aphrodite, whose insane jealousy of Helen of Troy triggered a war which led thousands of men to gruesome, agonizing deaths.
(Kevin looks nervously toward Becky.)
I started to think...a dumpee could really do a lot of damage to a dumpster.
(Winnie turns toward Becky, who leans over whispers something.)
A girl like Becky Slater could -
But is this a fair portrayal of women? Or, does it say something about men's fears and insecurities?
(Winnie raises her hand.)
I don't think women are like that. I think most women, when their feelings are hurt, just get really sad.
God, she was beautiful. And she was right. I wasn't being fair to poor Becky. After all, I was the one who had hurt her. And the sad thing was I liked Becky. I really did. We'd really had some laughs together.
(Fade to flashback in the Arnold Basement. Becky is sitting on the couch, laughing. Kevin stands up.)
So we were at the dance, right? And Paul - you should see Paul - he's doing the swim with Carla, you know? Only he's so nervous he's swimming like a sea monkey. He's like -
(Kevin begins moving his arms in swimming motions, and making funny noises. Becky continues laughing.)
And then Carla? You know, she's like standing there, like staring at him, and she's dancing like one of her feet has fallen asleep, but she can't decide which one, so she's like..."well, is it this one...(shakes a foot)...or maybe it's this one (shakes the other foot)...or this one..." She's like dancing in Jell-O. She's like...
(Kevin makes more funny motions and noises, and Becky continues laughing.)
Kirk McCray, he's the best. Alright, here.
(Kevin turns up his collar, puts his left hand on his hip, begins snapping his fingers with his right hand, and speaks in a funny voice.)
"Hi. I'm Kirk McCray. If I'm gonna dance, I have to be very, very careful. 'Cause if I move too fast, girls are known to drop dead right down on the dance floor. Huh! (Points to the floor.) Ooh, there goes another one. Sorry, pretty baby."
(Becky laughs hysterically.)
(She throws popcorn at him.)
Oh, and then there's Winnie. There's always Winnie, you know? She's like the ultimate Miss Priss. She walks up to you like this...
(He speaks in a high-pitched voice.)
"Hi, Kevin. Hi, Paul."
(He returns to his normal voice and laughs.)
You wanna look at her and say, "What's the matter, Winnie, forget to take the hanger out of your shirt?"
(Becky is still laughing hysterically.)
Oh, and then when she dances, it's like, the Bride of the Mummy does the pony. You know, she's all...
(Kevin starts dancing funny. Becky is still laughing hysterically.)
Kevin, you're so mean!
(Kevin continues dancing funny, and Becky continues laughing. Flashback ends. Kevin is sitting at his desk and has a rueful look on his face.)
Whoo-boy, I guess it was sort of mean. Some of those remarks were the kind of things that might look bad out of context.
(Becky whispers something to Winnie. Winnie turns and gives Kevin an angry look.)
Why do you think the scorned lover seeking revenge is such a recurrent theme in literature?
(Becky raises her hand.)
I think revenge is just a natural part of life.
(She turns and looks directly at Kevin.)
When someone does something bad to you, you feel like doing something even worse back to them.
(She looks at Miss White.)
That's just normal.

(Another day in the hallway.)
Hi, Becky!
(Becky turns to face him, and starts putting on her coat.)
I just wanted to let you know that I'm really sorry things worked out the way they did. But, I'm really glad we're friends now. I really am. And, I just want you to know that I, I think you're great. Really great! (Smiles.)
Thanks! (Smiles.)
Oh, you know, Winnie wanted me to say hi to you if I saw you. She's still sick, you know.
Oh, I know. (Frowns.) The poor thing. I'm gonna stop by and visit her on my way home from school today.
Great! That's really great! Maybe I'll see ya there. (Smiles.)
Maybe. (Smiles.)
(She walks away.)
See ya!
(Becky looks back and waves.)
See ya!
(Kevin looks after her, smiling.)
What a girl! I'd completely misjudged her, she wasn't holding a grudge against me, she was my friend. I had so many friends.

Hey, Slater!
As I approached my nemesis, a million thoughts raced through my mind. Who was Becky Slater? What did she want? Why did she have to have such a good memory?
(Kevin stops in front of Becky and they try to stare down each other.)
I felt sorta like Clint Eastwood confronting my mortal enemy.
Well, that was about the extent of my Clint Eastwood. Let's face it, if you're not gonna shoot somebody in a situation like this, all you can really do is - complain.
Why are you spreadin' all those stories about me all over school?
I never said anything that wasn't true! (Frowns.)
Well...you know...some people think that...if you can't say something nice, then you shouldn't say anything at all.
Oh, great - suddenly you're Mr. Nice Guy. Well, excuse me - I didn't know.
Look, Becky, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that we broke up, I'm sorry about the whole thing.
Yeah?! Are you sorry you just used me to get to Winnie?! Are you sorry you just pretended to like me the whole time when you really just liked her?! 'Cause, you know, I really think that's a terrible thing to do to a person.
Look. I really liked you. I really like you a lot.
Well, whoop-dee-doo.
Well, what do you want me to say?! Does it make you feel better making my life miserable?!
Yes, it does.
So, what are you gonna do? Go around and make everyone hate me forever?
No, if you got some horrible disease, or got into a really bad accident, I'd probably stop.
Well, good. Somethin' to look forward to.
Look. Just tell me one thing - why didn't you tell Winnie what I said about her? Or are you just waiting for the perfect moment to completely ruin my life?
What kind of person do you think I am? (Frowns.)
A vengeful harpy driven by mad fits of jealous rage.
I mean, Winnie's my friend. I would never tell her anything like that. It would hurt her too much.
So, you mean you're...not gonna tell her?
'Course not!
At that moment, I found myself wishing it was possible to like two girls at the same time. Winnie would always be the love of my life, but that Becky was really somethin'. Sure, she had her flaws, but you know what? The girl had heart.
Of course...(smiles)...I told Paul and Carla, and Kirk and Eric and Wendy and Cindy, and Kathy, well, Kathy Bedlow and Kathy Sifuentes, and Tony and Bob and Sheila, and Nancy and Tom and Beth and that whole group, and Rodney the janitor, and...(continues in background.)
My head started to spin with the implications of what Becky was saying. Suddenly, I felt really...really...sick.

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(Ep 37 - "St. Valentine's Day Massacre")

(Kevin is waiting near a locker to retrieve a valentine put into it by mistake.)
This whole thing was just a little mix-up.
(Kevin is looking after Tony Barbella as Becky approaches the locker and starts to dial the combo.)
Any rational human being could understand that.
(Kevin turns around.)
Unfortunately, this was no rational human being. This was...Becky Slater.
(Music of doom plays as Becky slowly turns toward Kevin.)
A face from my past.
-(Flashback to Ep 10 - "I'll give you friends!".)
Uh...Hi, Becky. (Smiles.)
What do you want?
Well...there's this...thing...in your locker.
"Thing"? (Frowns.)
Yeah, well...it's not supposed to be in there, and...well, I kind of need it back. (Smiles.)
What kind of thing? (Frowns.)
Um...it's a...(nods)...valentine.

(Listen to that line.)

A valentine?
Yeah...except, it's not...
ohlook (Becky opens her locker, and smiles slightly as she puts her books in it.)
Oh, look!
Becky - you have to gimme that.
I don't have to give you anything. (Smiles.)
(Becky closes her locker then walks up the hallway. Kevin shakes his head, then follows her.)
Oh, Becky - come on! (Gestures.)
Bye, Kevin!

It wasn't fair - Paul was getting chocolates, while all I was getting was -
Kevin, may I sit down?
Becky Slater, out for blood.
Sure, what was it gonna be - blackmail, extortion? The way she was holding that note, you could tell she had one thing on her mind.
Kevin, I forgive you.
(With narrator) What?!
I didn't know you had been carrying the secret around for so long! (Smiles.)
(With narrator) Huh?!
To think...(sighs)...all this time you've been suffering! (Smiles.)
Becky, we have to talk. (Frowns.)
I know...(Smiles.)
You haven't told anyone about this, have you?
Oh please, oh please, oh please!
Of course not.
kiss Good. Now listen -
(Becky kisses him.)
I wanted you to be the first to know! (Smiles.)
(Kevin looks around the cafeteria as kids start to whisper. He sees Winnie chatting with friends.)
The first maybe, but not the last.
(Kevin stands up.)
Where are you going?
(Kevin hurries off.)
First things first. Right now I had to beat the rumor-ripple to Winnie Cooper before she got the wrong idea.
(Kevins trips over Curtis and falls.)
(A girl approaches.)
Kevin? Winnie has a message for you.
She does?
I hope you and Becky will be very happy together.
(Cut to outside on a bench. Kevin is frowning.)
Let's see now - where were we?
Oh yeah - love.
Hi. (Smiles.)
Yep. My valentine had had exactly the right effect - on exactly the wrong person.
I think it's so romantic we got back together on Valentine's Day. Don't you?
I mean who would have guessed in a million years that it would happen today? Would you?
Susan Beecham's having a party tonight. (Smiles.) It's couples only. I thought you could pick me up around eight...
Becky, stop! (Frowns.)
Oh, yes! (Smiles.)
I had to put an end to this. In no uncertain terms.
I...I...(flashback to "friends?")...can't make it...to the party.
Why not?
Well, my family...always has this...big, huge!...Valentine's Day...dinner.
A Valentine's dinner? (Frowns.)
Oh, yeah - it's kind of a tradition in my house. You know, relatives come, mom cooks. Stuff like that. (Nods.)
Yeah. We all stand around the piano...singing Valentine's Day carols...
Well...(sighs)...OK. If you have to be there.
Oh, I do. (nods.)
Who needs a stupid party, anyway? (Frowns.)
Huh? (Frowns.)
I'd be happy to come! (Smiles.) Seeya tonight! (Winks.)
And suddenly, I'd gone from "head-over-heels" to "in-over-my-head".
Winnie? We have to talk.
I told you - there's nothing to -
Just listen to me, OK? ...Look -
Kevin? (smiles) What time should I be there, tonight?
I'll leave you two alone.
Kevin? What was that all about?
I have to talk to Winnie!
Kevin? I don't understand.
graceful Becky, that valentine wasn't for you!
Look, I'm sorry, but -
(Becky looks at Kevin cooly.)
(She hands the valentine to Kevin.)
I can be graceful about this. (Exits.)

(Outside school with Hobson.)
Man, what are you so miserable about? (Frowns.)
Hobson, she walked out of my life! (Frowns.)
Like I said - what are you so miserable about? Hey, think of it this way - now you can hang out with me!
I don't think so. I...kinda want to be by myself.
Man, your hopeless. (Exits.)
And there you had it. Nothing left to do but wander home and help mom baste the old Valentine goose. After all, my story was told - it was all over.
(Shot of a bicycle pulling out, and sound of a bicycle bell.)
Well, almost over.
(Becky rides on a collision course toward Kevin.)
This is what she meant by "taking it gracefully"?
helpup (Kevin dives out of the way. Becky swerves and crashes into Hobson.)
I guess it was sort of a low moment - for me at least. For Craig and Becky, however, it was a match made in heaven.
You OK?
I could use some help getting up.
In a way, it was a perfect ending to a perfect Valentine's Day.

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(Ep 40 - "Night Out")

(Robbie Hudson is inviting "new couples" - Becky and Hobson, and Winnie and Kevin - to his famous make-out party.)
So. Ya in?
(Becky smiles.)
Of course they are! All the other couples are going...
I can't believe he invited us, can you? Isn't this amazing?
Of course...
It was quite an honor. There was just...one little detail...
(Winnie looks worried.)
Isn't that the party where they...
You mean, where they make out?
Well, what's the big deal? You guys make out, don't you?
And that was the one detail.
Of course we do.
room There, of course we did - I knew that! Only we hadn't yet...in real life.
Well, then...you're going to love Robbie Hudson's.
See, he's got this room downstairs, and, uh...
We got the picture, Hobson!
Great, then it's settled.
What could we say, except...
(K & W): Ho-kay...

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(Ep 48 - "Ninth-Grade Man")

(Kevin has just had an incident with Barbella.)
After all, no sense letting one gorilla ruin my whole day. I had places to go. Things to do. Lockers to find...
(Fade to the hallway as Kevin is trying to find an empty locker. He opens a locker and smiles. Shot from the other side of the locker door as it is slapped shut.)
People to meet.
locker This is my locker.
Becky. Hi!
Becky Slater. Once my Nemesis, but now just a good friend.
I hate you, Kevin!
What? Why?
As if you didn't know!
But -
Don't play dumb with me, Kevin. You introduced us.
That answered that. With just one little question...
What is she talking about?
Craig Hobson. Didn't you hear? He dumped her. Then he left for military school.
This is your fault! But I don't get mad - I get even!
Kind a like having your own personal welcome wagon waiting at the door.

(In the cafeteria.)
Come on, Kev. It's not so bad. Things will work out.
Yeah, it's easy for you to say.
Still, maybe Paul had a point. The day was only half over.
(Kevin holds up a half-full milk container.)
Maybe it was the matter of seeing the glass half full...
(Becky takes the milk container from Kevin.)
Or half empty...
(Becky pours the milk on Kevin's tray, shakes the container and hands it back to Kevin.)
Or completely empty.
I hate men.

(Kevin is running laps in street clothes.)
Well, think of it this way. Every cloud has a silver lining. The way this day was going, I was probably better off being alone.
(Kevin runs alone out of the curve onto the straight, then sound of running hoofs, followed by a herd of girls in PE uniforms trotting onto the track behind him. Kevin looks over his shoulder as he runs.)
And suddenly I knew what Custer felt like. Great Sitting Bull herself - and she was gaining on me. Instinctively I knew - this was a challenge, a test - and I was up to it. Sure, it was dumb. But at that moment, all I knew was - I had to win! I pulled up even. I pulled ahead. As we rounded that final turn, I felt like I had wings. Sure, maybe I couldn't find a locker. Maybe I was stuck in shop. But I was gonna beat this girl. I was gonna win this race. This was going to be a massacre!
(Theme from "2001" plays as Kevin jumps up and down in victory, with his arms up.)
Heh-heh. No hard feelings, huh "Slates"?
(Becky retracts her fist from Kevin's stomach. Becky and the girls smile and giggle as they walk away.)

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(Ep 56 - "The Candidate")

Everybody know politics is a dirty business. Yet our greatest national heroes have always been politicians. Maybe there's a reason for that. Maybe it takes a certain kind of person to get down in the mud, and come out with the bricks of statecraft. After all, in America, they say any kid can grow up to be president. What they don't say...is how.
(Cut to the cafeteria. Shot of a small circular ribbon reading "Becky Slater". Some marching drum music plays. The camera pans across a large banner reading "Vote for Becky Slater".)
In nineteen-seventy, politics was alive and well at RFK junior high.
(Becky walks toward a small group of students.)
OK, everybody.
(She hands a shoebox to another girl.)
Fan out.
(The group disperses.)
Becky Slater's campaign for student council president had all the earmarks of a political juggernaut. Man-power...funds...
(Kevin looks at a well-made button.)
Not to mention people who could draw straight.
This is a disgrace.
An outrage! The nominations haven't even closed yet, and she's giving out buttons.
Paul, calm down.
An election with just one candidate - how could this happen?!
(Randy looks at Paul.)
It's simple. It's Becky Slater. Nobody's stupid enough to run against her.

(Pizza Barn with Winnie and Paul.)
Kevin, you didn't tell me you were running for election! (Smiles.)
(Kevin frowns at Paul.)
Hey, I just mentioned it.
Yeah, well, forget it. I'm resigning tomorrow.
Oh, that's too bad. I think you'd make a wondeful student-council president.
Look, Winnie -
Well, why not? We believe in you...
That's what I've been telling him.
Great. The support of a trusted friend wasn't bad enough - now I had the love of a good woman to go with it. This was getting intolerable.
Once and for all...it's a bad idea. I mean, give me one good reason why I should put myself through something like that.
Uh, Becky...
congrats I just came over to offer my congratulations.
Well, actually -
I must say, I'm looking forward to running against you.
You are?
This is gonna be fun.
What do you mean by that?
I'm gonna chop you up into little pieces, Kevin. I'm gonna destroy you.
Think of it this way...I always knew you were a loser - now, everybody else will, too. Good luck! (Exits.)
And right then, I had my first taste of what motivates all really successful politicians - revenge.
What would I have to do?
Leave everything to me. I'll organize a campaign meeting.
Isn't this exciting?
We'll get the best minds at school behind you.

(Cafeteria with Randy, Paul and Doug.)
We'd been out-manned, out-gunned, out-cheerleadered...out-Slatered. Not that we were ready to throw in the towel.
That's it - I give up.
He's right. She's got better posters than us, better volunteers than us, and better snacks than us.
So? We're not doing so badly. Considering.
Considering what?
I-I just think we have to be patient, that's all. Sooner or later, people will notice us.
(A girl approaches.)
Excuse me. You're Kevin Arnold, aren't you? The one who's running for student-council?
Yeah! Yeah, kinda.
Well, I just wanted you to know...you left these on the bus.
(The girl puts Kevin's posters on the table. Kevin sets them on a chair.)
OK, so Rome wasn't built in day. I still think you're the right man for the job.
Paul, please, don't give me that. There's no way we're gonna win this thing!
Facts were facts. It was time to face the truth. Take my medicine like a man.
And the doctor was in.
I just dropped over to see how things were going.
I'll handle this. For your information, Becky, our campaign is going quite well.
Really?! That's odd. I didn't realize Kevin was still in the race.
Hey, we're doing OK!
(Becky sits on Kevin's posters.)
Maybe you'd like me to throw some votes your way - just to make it exciting.
He doesn't need your votes, thank you very much.
Well, don't say I didn't offer.
poster (Becky stands up. The posters are stuck to her dress.)
And that was that. It was hopeless. This race was over.
(Kids start to laugh and point at Becky.)
Except, maybe it wasn't.
(Kids continue to laugh at Becky. She is bewildered.)

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(Ep 68 - "Graduation")

(In the hallway.)
It was time to move on. Time to bid goodbye to old times.
(Becky bumps into Kevin. He drops his books.)
Bump Watch it, Kevin!
Old nightmares!
What did I ever do to you?!
As if I had to tell you. (Walks away.)
On the other hand, maybe some things went beyond simple farewells.


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