Trivia Answers


1. What is the "battle-cry of the fourteen-year old"? "Why us?" (From Ep 47 - "Growing Up")
2. What is "one of the most grueling rituals of childhood"? Picking teams. (From Ep 15 - "Loosiers")
3. What are "the three laws of junior high school"? A. For every action, there's a reaction. B. Avoid trick questions. C. Don't write anything you can't erase. (From Ep 22 - "Who's Woods Are These?")
4. What is it that "red-blooded teenagers did best"? Turn on each other. (From Ep 106 - "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Rolling Stones")
5. What was "the biggest mistake any kid ever made"? Hayley Green's speech about her nose. (From Ep 109 - "Nose")
6. What is "the nightmare of family togetherness." New Year's Eve. (From Ep 104 - "New Year")
7. What are "two glorious words that separate the men from the boys"? "Why not?" (From Ep 35 - "The Powers That Be")
8. What is "the nightmare of American adolescence"? The scholastic aptitude test. (From Ep 102 - "The Test")
9. "When you're thirteen years old", what is "the last thing you want to have to think about"? Your life. (From Ep 41 - "Faith")
10. According to adult Kevin, what is the vice-principal's job? Crushing individual spirit. (From Ep 33 - "Rock 'n Roll")
11. When Kevin looked Paul in the eye, what did he see? A knee-jiggling, spaghetti-slurping, gum-cracking twerp. (From Ep 29 - "Odd Man Out")
12. What is "the question you hoped they'd never ask"? I'm not that bad, am I? (From Ep 15 - "Loosiers")


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